Bogan Bingo

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Bogan Bingo

Bizarre and boozy alternative bingo night

Think bingo is boring? So do this lot, which is why they created a brilliant, bizarre, boozy and unashamedly silly alternative. Two 'Wayne's World'-styled hosts throw serious shapes to the likes of Bon Jovi and 'Eye of the Tiger' while calling the numbers. There are numerous prizes to be won, including the coveted Bogan Bingo lunch box, plenty of classic '80s pub rock and floods of stonewashed denim.


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I'd be lying if I said this wasn't the best night of my life-it well and truly was. I frequent The Slug pretty regularly, singling it out as my favourite venue in London. £2 pints? Yas. £2 jager bombs? Double yas. Bogan bingo does not disappoint. There are actually some amazing prizes amongst the hilariously random prizes you can win (such as a watering can with Toadfish Rebechi's faceon it). On the night I went, you could win a trip for two to Morroco! The hosts are incredible and they really get everyone involved plus you can't beat the classic Aussie songs played throughout the night. A few tips: wear something you don't mind getting covered in bingo marker and wear your worst shoes as they will get ruined by a mysterious liquid coating the floor. 

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Bogan Bingo is the best of fun - as long as you can accept it for what it is. 

It was first recommended about a year ago and a group of us finally went along for the absolute roller coaster of an evening that it is. Think long, communal benches and tables, cheap-ish (for London, anyway) drinks but served in plastic cups, and bingo. Throw in a little bit of right-on-the-wire humour, some great, some embarrassing prizes and amazingly cheesy music, and you have yourself a night of Bogan Bingo. 

I don't want to give too much away, but if you are looking for a night of laughter with friends I can't recommend coming here enough. Stay until the end of the night and continue the party with more fantastic 80's hits when they clear the tables away.

Overall, a brilliant night and I can't wait to go back!  

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This night was absolutely amazing, I went in unsure of what to expect as I have been to one of these 'fun' bingo beforehand and it wasn't very good. The presenters are so witty and inappropriate that it makes the whole night, and although very few people actually win everyone feels included. Th prices range from things like a cereal dispenser to a trip to Egypt (which somebody actually won!) they have lip synch battles and insult basically everyone so its great. The only downside is that people are incredibly squished in the tables, but it's part of the atmosphere.

It's all too easy to forget why you chose and continue to choose to live in London... particularly when your face spends a considerable amount of time nestled in the sweaty armpit of a financier on the Northern Line tube. However, a night like Bogan Bingo serves as the perfect reminder of why you put up with sky-high rent, astronomical air pollution and cranky commuters. Between belting out classic 80's rock & 90's pop tunes, drawing obscene tattoos on your compadres in red dab (Aussie for marker) and crumbling to your knees in an effort to win the coveted title of air-guitar hero, Bogan Bingo is a night you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Amidst calling out bingo numbers and distributing prizes of varying degrees of value (highest: a trip to Morocco, lowest: Bogan branded bubble wrap) the two mulleted hosts serve up some comedy just ironic enough to make you chuckle rather than cringe. 

A sure-fire winner for an office party or group night out.

Disclaimer: Not suitable for the easily offended or embarrassed!

Amazing! I had heard about this a year ago and only finally went when I was dragged along. I can honestly say expectations were well and truly exceeded! Highly, highly recommended!!

Absolute must do!!! Grab a group of friends, don your bogan daggy duds and get ready for some fun. I laughed from start to finish

Brilliant night! I enjoyed it so much I have booked the act for my birthday party next year! I can't wait, my friends are going in to be in for a big surprise (except that I keep telling them about it because I am rubbish at keeping secrets!)

I thought i was going to die from laughter! Great night out. classic tunes. perfect comedic timing. so highly recommended! Get a photo with the will treasure it for life. It goes straight to the pool room. It is probably the best and funniest night out ive had in London. forget any other comedy shows. Bogan Bingo is the answer. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE bogan bingo - even though I didn't win any prizes, I did get to have my photo taken with these fine bogan-men and my friends found my air guitar attempts almost as funny as their commentary. Go along, you WON'T be disappointed!

I've seen these guys a couple of times and they are a great night out! I laughed till I cried then I laughed a little more. Leave your bingo wig at the door, this is a unique take on a classic.

Went years ago and won a £50 bar tab on my first time, great fun and totally cheap!

Have been four times, and can't wait to go again. Great evening for groups. Have taken a dozen people (antipodes and others) and all of them have loved it

A night for the young (or not so young) and the restless. Can't wait to go again!

One of the best nights out in London. Would definitely go again - it's hilarious.

Ripper night! Walked away with a 69% accurate pregancy test - WINNING! Leave your PC pants at home....they won't be welcome.

I won a photo of a smoking baby, which has been life changing. If you don't enjoy yourself you're probably a d*ck.

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I’m going to have to disagree with everyone on this one…

First off, if you want to play bingo, this might not be the place for you. You can indeed win a great trip to somewhere exotic, but as the main focus isn’t playing but laughing, very little time and effort is actually spent on the game.

As for the atmosphere, it was too trashy for my taste. If some people do appreciate that kind of banter, I’m afraid I don’t find it endearing enough to let me stay there all night. Sure enough the 80s cheesy music is fun, but between unappropriated jokes and women asked to show their boobs for a free drink, I didn’t enjoy the vibe.

And finally, sitting on very packed benches, with only a very limited drink and food menu, and very average food, Bogan Bingo definitely isn’t my cup of tea.