Brixton Beach Boulevard

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Brixton Beach Boulevard
Ross Silcocks

A big, bold new summer pop-up hits Brixton for 14 weekends of daytime parties on a rooftop beach. Miami circa 1982 is the inspiration and cocktails, DJs, retro film screenings, food stalls and live sports broadcasts are all on the cards, so slick back that hair, pull on a white tuxedo and hope for some suitably tropical weather.


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It's my second visit to the Brixton Beach and once more it was amazing.

Thursday eve/night it's free entrance and the best place to go after work and enjoy a few drinks and yummy food - imagine Camembert cheese on top of fries 😋 or yummy burrito or if you prefer an awesome Mac and Cheese. All this with a few beer and frozen cocktails.

If you haven't been go while the British Summer allows it.


I went to Brixton beach few days after being back from Summer holidays and I must say that was a lovely transition!
For few hours you feel transported out of London, feet in the sand, enjoying cocktails and great food.

I agree with the reviews below, prices are very reasonable for London!
We tried few bits from Mac to the Future and it was really really good! (rich but tasty!)
I am now dying to go for a Disco Yoga session...

Staff Writertastemaker

Went on a week night and was pleasantly surprised with the space (it wasn't too busy which helped, not sure id risk it at the weekend tbh).

The space was kitch and fun and colourful and lots of instagram ops (come on I know thats what you really wanna hear about). The food stalls were great, we tried a range and they were all on the americana side (no veg in sight) but delicious and affordable.

Well made, strong and cheap (for london) cocktails!

Worth a visit and fun with a group.

I checked this out last Saturday afternoon which was luckily a very sunny day in London. We saw on their website that for £3 you can buy tickets which guarantees you entry, so we decided to do this as we had a friend visiting and so didn’t want any problems. We turned up about 2pm and there was a good atmosphere, but it was by no means as busy as I was expecting.

We walked straight in and could have easily not had advanced tickets, but I imagine this was just lucky timing and of course it just depends how busy they get. For specific events and in the evening you do need to pay for entry so if you are planning on going you may as well sort your tickets in advance for ease.

There is a full on sandy floor (so think about footwear!), palm trees, deck chairs and everything you can think of to give it the full beach look and feel. There was a live DJ and plenty of food stalls to please all tastes. Mac ‘n’ cheese, Burgers and nacho’s were just a few of the dishes I saw on offer and they all looked really good.

The bar offers your standard drinks (beers, spirits and mixers etc) as well as a selection of fun beachy cocktails such as pina coladas.

Like I say, we were there in the afternoon, so the vibe was very laid back and chilled. Perfect for a few Saturday afternoon tipples in the sunshine.

We left at about 6pm, by which time it was really starting to fill out. People clearly arrive then ready for the night ahead, so there was that crossover mix of casual people who had clearly been there since it opened at 1pm, and people who were only just starting their night out.

There aren’t that many seats, so be prepared to stand, or prop yourself on a pretty pastel coloured barrel!

It is the perfect alternative to POP Brixton if you’re looking for something with a similar offering but a fun, summer twist. I am sure I will return at some point during the summer.


In need of a holiday but can’t find the time or money? Want to feel the sand between your toes and the dulcet beats of all your favourite 80’s classics? Feel like indulging in decadent food and uplifting cocktails?

Then look no further, my friends, for Brixton Beach Boulevard has it all!

Tucked away behind Brixton train station, you’ll find two handsome Miami police officers stand guard at the entrance of this hidden city retreat.

Strewn across the sandy landscape are deck chairs, parasols and green foliage that you can pretend are palm trees.

There is also a lifeguard hut that provides a steady stream of rescuing tunes that will save you from any holiday blues.

The food choices available range from chicken burgers to mac and cheese (woo!) and also fries with unusual toppings, I wanted to try the steak frites but unfortunately they were not open the night I went. Naturally, I then opted for Mac to the Future, The DeLorean specifically! It comes in what you might think is a small pot but it is very filling and the herby breadcrumb topping is a great.

Can’t wait to go back now that the sun has come out and upon hearing that Friendly Fires will also be performing there!

This is a good space to go immediately after work for drinks. Will get too busy after 7/8pm so best to get down early. It could do with more seating space but staff were friendly and food on offer was very good.

The music was really fun, but a little loud for my ears and I had to shout across the picnic bench.


Hidden away round the corner from the station, it would be easy to overlook this place. It's entry is a inconspicuous door with a few security guards, and all of a sudden, you're looking at loads of sand, cheesy but fun beach decor and a pretty great environment. 

There are 2 bars, the best drinks of which were the Tropical red bull cocktail or the pina colada (the bartenders didn't seem to know how to make the other ones on the menu). 

I wasn't expecting the food to be particularly great to be honest, but actually, it was incredibly good. Big shout out to The Other Side for their fried chicken burger which was one of the best I've had in London, especially with the honey butter dripping down the side! I tried the macaroni cheese stall which was pretty damn good as well! 

All in all, the Beach Boulevard is a great venue to come along with a group of friends to enjoy a nice summer day. But the only problem is, you and a hundred others will likely have the same opinion. Get there early, claim your bench/seats, and just relax out to the DJ's and the atmosphere!


As I’m from a tropical country, I was quite hesitant about this ‘beach pop-up’. Fortunately, I was happily surprised. It helped that they chose a 1980’s Miami theme, where some tackiness and falseness are actually welcomed. There area is rather small – I guess during the weekends it can get a bit crowded; I was there on a Thursday –, but it does create a ‘beach party’ vibe (although the music was a little too loud for my taste). There are just a few options of street food, but mostly reasonably priced. The options for drinks are plenty! 

I would not get a long commute to get there – it is not that unmissable – but for people who live or work in the area, that’s definitely a fun (and different) evening. 


"If only there was a beach in London" is not really something I have found myself wishing this summer due to the weather not really being up to scratch. However I thought I would trundle along to the beach in Brixton the other Thursday evening (free entry), because it sounds interesting, and maybe the weather would cooperate on this particular day I decided to go. It didn't, but that's not really Brixton's fault, and everyone at the beach boulevard did their best to make this not matter. Particularly the two Miami Vice slash Miami strip club policemen and the group of girls on the sand dance floor bravely sloshing their frozen margaritas in time to the 80s beats. There's a good selection of frozen drinks if you do make it on a hot day, as well as beer and cider on tap and a all the standard spirits and mixers, so you won't get thirsty. There was also good tunes and good fried chicken and the party atmosphere meant I easily made some friends. For me though, there is just something very sad about being on a cold beach. Even using the Rise filter on Instagram couldn't make the surroundings look warm. I'd go back again, but only when summer actually arrives.


This pop up is one that I definitely took a shine to as soon as I first heard about it, with cocktails and street food on a rooftop beach, not to mention the 80s theme, this definitely sounded right up my street (or should I say Boulevard!). Although I must admit I had been putting off going in the hope of some better weather, as whilst BBB may have perfected an atmosphere reminiscent of Miami with the summer we’ve had you can bet your bottom dollar the weather would tell a different story! At long I’m pleased to finally be able to say I attended, although with some fellow Tastemakers for an event last week and took Throwback Thursday to a whole new level!

Brixton Beach Boulevard is conveniently located right next to the railway station and just a short walk away from the underground, although blink and you’ll miss it – we initially wasn’t sure whether it was located within the Pop Brixton project, I’ve seen others have said this too, so don’t make our same mistake! Look out for the pastel pink coloured mural of a beach scene with ocean, parasol, palm trees and the logo on the wall next to a staircase – there was also two “American Cops” who wouldn’t look out of place in a Magic Mike style strip show (oi oi!) standing about outside to welcome business as well as very friendly male and female doorman.

It was free entry which I think was very good, especially given that the food and particularly the drink offering were on the more expensive side. It also struck me quite quickly that there wasn’t all that much choice for food, we were limited to just 3 resident eateries to choose from: Other Side, Mac to the Future and Nanny Bill’s, there was also a spot for Lucky Pierre which unfortunately was closed. I decided on the honey butter chicken burger (£7) with seasoned chips (£3) from Other Side –after keeping an eye on what other people were eating this in particular caught my eye (and nose as it smells amazing!), and I’m pleased to report it tasted as good as expected. Though the service was slow and a bit frustrating to be honest, the person in front of my order the same thing as what I wanted but I had to watch as theirs was prepared before being able to place my order, I couldn’t help thinking it would have been so much more efficient if they’d taken my order too and prepared together rather than one at a time. This caused queues to form even though it was a not-so busy Thursday evening, so I think there would be quite a wait had it been a busier Friday or Saturday. After my burger and chips I was rather craving something sweet, other than a cocktail, and was disappointed that there wasn’t anything to satisfy this – an ice cream, cake, dessert etc. would have gone down well, I think they could be missing a trick here. So wasn’t bad, but I think this place could do with a bit better service and a few more food outlets. The cocktails were very bad value for money in my option, priced at £7 and served frozen like a slushy in small plastic cups didn’t go down too well with me – the pina colada tasted weak and the strawberry daiquiri was on the stronger side, but both were tasty enough it was just the price tag that I think would leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth.

The amenities were good but not great: adequate seating including benches and deck chairs, a TV showing a live match of the euros which proved popular, DJ blasting out 80s anthems at the right volume level so that it doesn’t take away from still being able to hold a conversation and I also feel the need to point out that the toilet facilities although basic were clean and pleasant – something I feel from experience can be a bit hit and miss at popups like this. Whilst it was not the warm sunny evening I had hoped for it was at least dry – I am curious to know what happens when the unpredictable British summertime strikes with rains but thankfully didn’t have to find out! So I would recommend checking the weather before planning to attend. Of an evening it did get rather chilly as you’re very much exposed so I did think blankets/heaters wouldn’t have gone amiss, I think that would have been nice touch – it’s the type of little thing that for me gives somewhere an edge to make a difference of being worthy of a 5* review.


Firstly just a note to say, don't make the same mistake we did and try to take children in the evening. They are allowed in until 6pm only (think this could be made clearer on the website etc).

After being turned away on our first visit, we decided it looked fun so we would return.. And we were very glad we did! This is a really fun venue, the sand is lush and so smooth on the feet. Lovely to be able to feel like you are walking on the beach in central London! The cocktails and food are delicious and fairly reasonable for city prices. The Miami style Police Offficer “Bouncers” are a nice touch too. Great music and atmosphere for a unique night out.


This is one for you folks that can't take a spontaneous summer vacation to *insert your dream beach/ party island/ summer destination* at the moment, who knows London can be as fun! 80's music, pastel-themed, street food, cocktails; for £7, you are able to get a good beach experience! Yes it is quite pricey, but fret not, entry is free on certain days at certain times, you just have to check their website for details! :)

Food wise, although there aren't a lot of options, they are really good ones! The Other Side's fried chicken bun was just on point. Mac to the Future (new to the street food business I presume) serves really good Mac and Cheese with pancetta, top that off with a sprinkle of mi
xed herb breadcrumbs and it's just DELICIOUS! Curly fries from Nanny Bill's was really good as well, too bad my tummy can't fit more, or I'll definitely try their burgers out.
Now to the bar, they've got more than enough options! But seriously, nothing can top frozen cocktails on the beach, especially if it's a good sunny day! I absolutely loved the frozen pina colada!

Downside: entrance fee (check free entry timings), lack of heaters, lack of food selections (Pop Bri
xton does it better)
Go on a sunny day though, I can’t guarantee a wet beach will be as fun! :P


Growing up in a Greek island makes me very familiar with the term 'beach' (a term totally opposite to 'London') which is why I didn't keep my hopes up with that one. I must admit I was wrong - the venue is absolutely gorgeous with some nice sand underneath your feet and other beach-like stuff such as beach seats, awesome music and some good selection of delicious cocktails in a reasonable price comparing to other places. I won't complain once more for the weather but well, if the sky was a bit more clear, it would be even better! The food was great too. Mac and chese is not my favourite dish but the one with pancetta was great, and so were the fries from Nanny Bill's. The buttermilk fried chicken burgers were simply delicious! We went on a Thursday and it was not busy at all but I am not sure how nice would it be on a really busy day because the venue is relatively small! Definitely is worth a visit! Free entrance on Thursdays!


This place feels a long flight away from the world of Brixton below. I was lucky with the weather but I wouldn't fancy spending the evening here in the rain. I sampled food from most places to make sure that I was getting a proper cross section of what was on offer. The burger was good, elevated by the immense bacon jam on it that I would happily eat with a spoon. The mac and cheese provided the cheese carb overload that you want from this dish. My favourite food, by far, was the fried chicken it was amazing and super juicy. The drinks were good but nothing special. All in all a lovely break from the norm, bring on the sunshine. 


Think it's too cold for the beach? Think again. Tucked away on Pope's Road is Brixton Beach Boulevard; with a sign so unassuming that you'd walk past it 3 times (like I did). As you walk up the concrete stairs to the rooftop beach, you are immediately transported back to the 80s with the Memphis-inspired patterns on the walls. Once you're at the beach, you're greeted with deck chairs-aplenty, barrel drums in pastel colours to be used as a table, and an undercover bar, with additional seating and TV which was showing the football during my visit. Frozen cocktails are served from this main bar and a separate bar and appropriate considering the venue. I managed to have the strawberry daiquiri, which tasted like the alcohol was pretty minimal and a frozen margarita which had sherbet added to increase the sourness. At £7 a go, you probably won't stick to these all night, but it is worth having one to get to you into the Miami Vice mood. Food wise there are 4 different huts to choose from; all with different menus. You can choose from fried chicken, mac n cheese or burgers. I opted for the 'Honey Butter' chicken burger which included salad, a rasher of bacon and honey butter, of course. The chicken was crispy and juicy and just the right amount of hot sauce - which was minimal for my delicate palette but just enough to take the edge off the heavy butter. Past the main bar is additional seating; suited for large groups or reservations, and a large club decked out with neon lights as you would expect it to be for an 80s theme. The DJ on the main beach was ok but could probably do with learning how to press the 'sync' button on his CDJs. The music selection was at first great and he warmed up the crowd nicely with funk and disco from the likes of Candi Statton and Michael Jackson. As the evening went on, the music eventually moved onto more 80s cheese, which isn't to everyone's taste and it seemed only the really drunk crowd was enjoying it. One thing that I thought was lacking for such an outdoor venue were heaters. Given the current state of our so-called summer, adding these around would maybe encourage customers to stay longer, as come 9.30pm my hands and feet had turned blue so I thought it was best to go home and warm up! Other than that, I'd love to go back at the weekend when it is (hopefully) nicer weather and there are more well known DJs to keep me there all day!


Not to be confused with the other street food offering in Brixton, Beach Boulevard is a fantastic throwback to all things 80's. There are even a couple of 80's Malibu cops hanging about outside which helps if you're struggling to find it (as I was). Set above a parade of shops, the floor is covered in fluffy golden sand with deck chairs and tables adorning the big top bar. There are even a few TV screens around to catch some sport, if you've been dragged here against your will ;) The selection of drinks is top notch, with frozen cocktails as well as normal ones, but at £7 a pop and served in a little plastic cup, they're not cheap! 

Food wise there are only a handful of stalls, each offering there own delicacy. I would HIGHLY recommend the mac 'n' cheese pop from Mac to the Future, and pay the extra to have crispy pan fried chorizo on top! I do think there should be a few more places to eat, as the area itself if quite large. I can imagine that when it gets really packed of a Friday/Saturday night, the queues for food will be pretty hefty!

All in all a great place for an evening of summer sun, 80's pop powerhouses and frozen cocktails - just make sure you bring a jacket, it's London after all! ;)


This is a fun concept, delivered with panache and which works fantastically; provided the sun's got his hat on! Rise up above the grotty market streets of Brixton to a beach 80s themed beach oasis. Seemingly openly taking it's cue from the Secret Cinema's 'Back to the Future' production, (one of the food vendors is even called 'Mac to the future'!) it all works nicely and while on a much smaller scale is done equally well. The similarity continues with roaming actors, whose general tomfoolery adds to the fun factor.

The street food is a fairly standard offering, it's not bad but equally not cheap, with little change from £15 for a burger and fries if you go for the premium option! One total win however is the slushy frozen cocktails. There are a few varieties but they also offer a mix of two which is awesome and they certainly don't skimp on the alcohol. There's a DJ pumping out a crowd pleasing mix of 80s tunes as well as a bit of funk, house and soul, across the beach from a hut and the fun moves indoors to a neon after hours nightclub area when the sun goes down.

For an immersive style experience this isn't bad, and if you're in luck with the weather you should be in for a memorable night.


So the entrance for this place isn’t obvious so much that I accidentally stumbled into Pop Brixton after passing a fairly discreet mural sign. Actually it might be better looking out for the guys dressed as policemen likened to the ones from George Michael’s Outside video if you get lost.

A large adult sandpit beachy dining playground area welcomes you as soon as you are led upstairs with a DJ rocking out classic dance worthy 80s and 90s tracks with the trains from nearby Brixton station scuttling by slightly overhead. Cost of drinks and food seemed decent. Food outlets: there weren't many and not much choice but maybe because it was a thursday night. There was quite a lot of seating and I liked the way the area was decorated and styled. Also there was a sheltered area near the bar to escape from any unexpected showers if needed. I enjoyed some tasty croquettes and curly fries from Nanny Bills and a frozen slushy strawberry daiquiri cocktails. A few TV screens near the bar are available for watching big sporting events as well. Further in there is a small club that hosts many late night antics once you have a few drinks in you. This would be a great venue for catching up with a large group of friends on a long hot balmy summer evenings if you are living close by, I can imagine that this would be really nice when lit up after sunset. Worth a visit if you happen to be in the vicinity.


What a great pop up venue. When we arrived we were greeted by the world's most friendly door staff who didn't make me feel like a criminal when patting me down. We then walked up the stairs to the beach. A sandy oasis with a DJ and deck chairs with a main bar and food pop up stalls. We had some frozen margaritas and a toasted Mac and Cheese sandwich but also on offer were burgers, squid and other tasty savory snacks. They even had the football on in the covered bar area on large HD screens. The only thing missing was the weather.


I feel quite sorry for London summer pop-ups. A strong concept, great food and gorgeous themed sets give Brixton Beach Boulevard the potential to be a must-see destination, but we're seriously lacking in the sunshine department. Determined not to be put off, we stopped by to sample the Cubano sandwich from the Miami Bass truck, supposedly the sandwich from the movie Chef. Some classic Hawaii Five-O style tunes were playing, and the drinks were flowing, but this really is a venue that's reliant on the weather. 


Amongst the numerous pop-ups in London, this is definitely one of the top options. Small entrance fee, sand everywhere and a nice beach vibe, it’s a great place to hang out.

The music is exceptionally good. With a crazy retro playlist, the 80s are definitely back. Some staff members are also dressed up to spice up the LA beach atmosphere even more. A great, great ambiance.

The only downside is the food/drink offer. The frozen Pina Coladas are exciting for sure, but with only one bar, it is sometimes difficult to get your drinks. As for the food, it was great quality – I especially liked the ‘Mac to the future’ stand. Unfortunately, there’s very, very, very few options for allergy-sufferers or veggies/vegans. Shame!

Now, just waiting for the sun to show up. :)


Just off the Electric Avenue ( Eddy Grant's song Electric Avenue playing in your mind already? Anyone? Ok just me than ) .. you can stumble on small slice of Malibu beach. What a lovely place this is! With painfully grey summer we are having in London right now, places like Brixton Beach are more than welcome! Even the security guard was funny and bubbly and made me laugh. They do pat you down and check your bags which I found a bit strange, but oh well… When you walk up the stairs, the view makes up for it!

Best way to describe Brixton Beach would be sandy little rooftop, with amazing food stalls, very chilled out crowd and 80’s music. They were even 2 uniformed policeman representing Malibu police (apparently).

Nanny Bill’s Mac’n’ Cheese balls was something I was most looking forward to and I wasn’t disappointed. They were delicious, and they do a veggie version with pea and mint which was incredible as well plus people working there were the friendliest bunch.

I highly recommend BB to everyone, anything that brings some 'beachy' feeling into our lives is worth trying!


Brixton Beach is exactly what London needs for the anticipated "hottest summer on record". I love the rough-around-the-edges feel of Brixton, but once you climb the set of stairs to this golden sanded paradise, you're transported to a whole new world. The tunes from the live DJ are silky smooth, the beer is chilled and the food is plentiful. A particular highlight is the backdrop of the railway arches with the train whizzing pass every few minutes. The only suggestion I will have is to add a food stall with something more on the healthy/green side. I loved my MacDaddy Burger and the best Mac 'n' Cheese I have ever had, but would have been nice to have a salad to accompany the spread.


Brixton Beach?!! What a surprise!!

Its extremely beach like! With tons of sand, beach chairs and summer vibes you feel as if you've been transported to the sunny shore of Havana Beach!!

There are cocktails,frozen cocktails,juiciest chicken burgers known to man and tons and tons of Mac & cheese. All are fantastic but I have to criticise the cocktails.... Bad value as they're all mostly juice or watered down by ice.. £7? Stick to wine or beer and you'll be fine! If you're used to drinking good cocktails give these a miss.

There's a discoooooooo too!! Great atmosphere and a great time otherwise


A rooftop beach isn't the first thing I'd think of when I think of Brixton but as uses of space go it's a pretty good one.

There are certainly much worse ways to while away a Sunday afternoon sitting in a man made beach, listening to a good DJ (Yoms, if you must know) and drinking slightly expensive cider.

If you arrive before 4pm entry is free. Seats are sparse but staff are attentive and I did notice them carry out some benches for a group of people.

There is also plenty of food options so you don't ever have to leave.

You will be searched on entry and made to dispose of any contraband.

Shovels and spades are optional-plastic pint classes make great sandcastles.


You want to escape London for a day and the train is too expensive? No worries! For £5 you can lay on the beach!

Brixton Beach Boulevard makes you believe you are outside of the city during a few hours. I really enjoyed the frozen Pina Colada, and when you are not busy taking the sun, you can try to defeat your friend or a stranger at some funny games the team I proposing!

Wait for a sunny day to go there, cause I doubt a wet sand is this nice!


Went to the Brixton Beach Boulevard over the bank holiday week. The concept is fun and it's quite easy to feel like being at the beach especially on a sunny day. As soon as you passed the main entrance you are back in the 80's with a pastel retro decor, great music and a crazy team of actors organizing funny games. We arrived there early afternoon and it was quite pleasant to enjoy the sun with a refreshing frozen cocktails and some snacks from the street food vendors. I would recommend this summer pop up as a quirky day or/and night out. 


Great idea. The frozen cocktails are amazing. Great food choice. My favourite was LUCKY PIERRE. Fun private hire rooms. Brilliant night out. Not too sure how much protection there would be if it rained. Wear shoes appropriate for the beach!