London’s best karaoke nights

Rock the mic like a boss at one of these pitch-perfect singalong events

Jayne Savva

Karaoke has come on leaps and bounds during recent years. Whether you want to test your rap skills in front of a crowd, sing boozy anthems with a crowd or just scream Bon Jovi lyrics, there’s a singalong event waiting for you to own it. So find your perfect track from our list of best karaoke songs and take your pick from London's best karaoke nights below.

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Shane C

Wow, I have to agree. It's a clear fail to leave off an icon like Quint. It's a night like no other at the Star of Kings. I've never had so much fun putting a bag on my head as well

Will H

MAANNN - Karaoke Rumble at Star of Kings, Kings Cross not on this list?! Best Karaoke I've ever been to and hilarious to boot! And I won the golden mic!

Tyrone A

Very surprised Quint Fontana's night at The Star of Kings hasn't made this list. The most original karaoke night I've ever been to. Unpredictable, funny and audacious. Sort it out, TO! 

Adam C

It seems as though all the karaoke across London has been considered. I am very surprised when I read this article that Karaoke Rumble wasn't on the list. I thought that would have been a no brainer. It's a bit like looking going on IMDB and the Shawshank Redemption not being in the top 10 of films!

Elizabeth G

Disappointed to see Quint left off the list. Get yourself down to the Star of Kings for the Karaoke Rumble and a good laugh.

Paul D

Well, well, well Quint Fontana's night is not on the list and may I add my voice to the other people and say that it should be on here, without a doubt! I'm saying this even though he's tried to get my entire family into his bed and that he also still owes me a fiver from 2008.

Anastasia P

Quint should be on the list - great night out with friends & colleagues!

Mark D

Although I was not so keen on Quint Fontana himself, especially after I suggested he wasn't as great as he thought he was and he literally pissed in my face, the night Karaoke Rumble itself is absolutely cracking. Easily the best karaoke night in London, if not the UK. 

Fanni V

Even here in Hungary everybody's really disappointed about Quint Fontana is missing from the list. How could that happen that even we know he has the best show there and TimeOut doesn't? The Karaoke Rumble is very much recommended for anyone who wants to have a great time like I had on my first night in London.

Dan G

Totally agree with the many comments about Quint Fontana's Karaoke Rumble at the Star of Kings, Kings X - a brilliant mix of karaoke and stand-up. A mate of mine had been banging on for ages about how good the craic was and, when I finally pitched up last month, I found out he wasn't lying. Didn't muster the guts to sing myself, but had a bloody good time cheering/booing those that did, as well as laughing myself stupid at Quint and his 'pop pals'.

Kathryn H

Can't believe Quint Fotana didn't make the cut - outrageous!

jennifer H

Can't believe Quint Fontana's Karaoke Rumble didn't make the list. It's original, it's excruciatingly funny, it's clever: a great night out. Firmly in the diary for the last Thursday in the month to get the next fix of hilarity.

Beth K

Agree with the previous comments - can you add Quint Fontana's night to the list?  Love it, great fun and promised laughter!

Alistair B

Personally I hate karaoke...however Quint Fontana's night is spiggin awesome and has made a karaoke lover out of me. Brilliant, hilarious and downright stupid - if you haven't been get yourself along. I have sung 3 times and been booed off twice - a good return from a non believer like me.

Katie O

Quint Fontana's night in Kings Cross is like no other, comedians come as superstars singing classics like clowns whilst Quint has a breakdown and abuses his assistant! 

Seb B

Its ridiculous that Quint Fontana's Karaoke Rumble isn't on this list. I mean the man is a terrible human being but my God does he put on a show

Mike L

cant believe Quint Fontana's Karaoke Rumble in Kings Cross has been omitted? Its rammed every month and the cream of the stand up comedy world do battle as famous pop stars in a sing off...

Jason B

It's a shame the critics couldn't look a little further afield than central London. there are quite a few really good Karaoke's just a little further afield and still in London. The Gallery (now called Kelly's) is on The Hendon way practically opposite Hendon Central station and does a late Karaoke from 10-1am every Tuesday. Its a great bar, and the sound is aaaawwweeesome!