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Pickle Factory
Image: Justin De Souza

So you’ve never been to... The Pickle Factory?

Everything you need to know about the intimate music venue near Cambridge Heath

Written by
Kyle MacNeill

In a nutshell...
A stripped-back blank canvas of a venue, painted every week with a palette of bass and good vibes plus splashes of spilt booze. It may not be a pickle factory any more, but it’s still a place to relish (sigh).

Where is it?
You’ll find it opposite its big sister venue, Oval Space, off Hackney Road, tucked behind the towering cylinders of the nearby gasworks. It’s a few minutes from Cambridge Heath station – giving enough time to take the perfect zoom-in of your e-ticket barcode (like the sad person you are).

What’s the vibe?
Intimate, dark and minimal. It’s a small, perfect venue that removes all distractions from the music. The vision of the club is to focus on the sound. Photography isn’t allowed on the dancefloor, but the idea is that you’re so immersed you won’t feel the need anyway.

What makes it a great venue?
As with Oval Space, The Pickle Factory’s calendar fills up with progressive and exciting acts all year round. But its size gives it some advantages over its bigger neighbour. The front row of the crowd is so close to the DJ you can practically hear the cue channel coming through their headphones. And its capacity of 200 gives it a house party feel that means a) you don’t lose your pals, and b) you can have repeat DMCs (deep meaningful conversations – duh) in the smoking area with your new best mates.

What’s the booze situation?
It’s edging towards the expensive side: a fiver for a beer, seven quid for a spirit and mixer. But then, this is east London, so you can’t be expecting to cop drinks for coppers.

What’s coming up there soon?
Nights to keep an eye out for include the first set from new resident Jane Fitz (Friday April 28), an extended set from techno icon Helena Hauff (May 5) and an evening of warm house with the New Business family (May 27). You can’t say they don’t treat us.

What’s on at The Pickle Factory?

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