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Studio 338

Nightlife, Clubs Greenwich Peninsula
3 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

UPDATE: A fire broke out in Studio 338 on Aug 8 2016. Staff member Tomas tragically died in the blaze. The club management plan to rebuild the venue. And are also opening new venue The Bridge in Bow.

Proving that Greenwich can rave just as hard as the rest of London is Studio 338, a sprawling club that combines the best elements of underground industrial venues with slicker super-club vibes. So whereas the nearby O2 is happy to flex its credentials as a location for arena rock and stadium dance acts, Studio 338's multi-million pound refurb turned it into a far, far hipper destination, attracting dedicated dancers from across London and beyond.

World-class house and techno DJs – from the underground side of things – regularly spin sets at S338 (think along the lines of Kevin Saunderson and Marc 'MK' Kinchen) at nights like Half Baked, Cirque Du Soul and the parties form Manchester clubbing institution Sankeys (hosted exclusively at the Greenwich venue), and another big draw is the all-night terrace, allowing punters to do a bit of alfresco raving even in the unlikely event of rain appearing in London: the terrace is covered, of course. Luckily, the inside of the club is just as appealing, leaning towrads the industrial but colourful vibe beloved of many of Berlin's top nightspots.



Address: 338 Boord St
SE10 0PF
Transport: Tube: North Greenwich
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3 out of 5 stars

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3 of 3 found helpful

We had massive issues with the security at Studio 338 as well.
we felt under a climate of fear since our arrival.
They aren't following any professional regulation and they search for random reasons to attack regular customers.

They repeatedly called in their right to act as they wish in their premises. 
Never seen anything like that before

2 of 2 found helpful

Why is Timeout promoting such a racist club? Last Saturday two of my black teetotal  friends were refused entry a few days ago despite being dressed the same way as other clubbers, were not told why and didn't even get their money back. They have left messages which have been ignored. The club's Facebook page is full of similar complaints - so why is Timeout promoting this Club?

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I agree with Bana A below, the management of the place and the security staff are just a bunch of heaters, I just feel like sharing the experience that me and 6 friends had at this place in occasion of the CREW LOVE gig held on Saturday 13th of June 2015.

I truly hope that they will be stopped from this unlawful misuse of their right to refuse entrance.

None has rights to be offensive and aggressive to anyone especially towards sober and well mannered paying customers. 

7 of us had to leave the club because of the outrageous behavior of the club staff. 

We bought the tickets in advance on Resident Advisor to celebrate my friend's b-day and we were really looking forward to enjoy some good music in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. 

From minute 1 the PR at the entrance and the bouncers have deliberately abused their power towards us, my friend didn't have her ID with her so she had the entrance refused, fair enough, she decided to make the effort to go back home to pick her document up, so the other friend who was supposed to join us later could meet her to get to the club together; 

At this point the 2 of us who made it through the security searches at the entrance, were called to get out from the PR girl as my friend didn't have her ID,  we found this very unusual and the attitude of the girl left us speechless, but we decided to get in anyway as between the 7 of us we spent £210 for the tickets and we really wanted to enjoy the night; 

so really politely 4 of us made the second attempt to get in, but as the PR girl refused the entrance, the bouncers wouldn't let us in. 

Eventually they changed their mind and we got through the fences, we got searched, we had our tickets scanned and we entered the club waiting for the others to join.  

In the space of not even one hour the 4 of us who got in, had to leave as the management were refusing entrance for - no reason - to the other 3 including the friend who went home to pick up her ID. 

The security and the house doctor publicly humiliated and verbally harassed my other friend who was carrying regular medications prescribed by her GP in her handbag. They shouted at her and insulted her, causing a her panic attack, the girl was left in tears, by then the evening was spoiled  so we decided to leave the club, we asked advice to the police and reported the situation straight away as we have never experienced such a treatment in a London Club or nowhere in the civilized world. 

We are now campaigning on websites where the club is listed and on social media, trying to get at least a refund for our tickets,as they don't seem to be very responsive...or reasonable.

 If you found yourself in a similar situation at this club, please help to spread the voice and tell everyone that this is THE WORST CLUB IN LONDON, it's really a shame because the place has really got a huge potential...if only was under a different management....

2 of 2 found helpful

WORST CLUB EVER!!! Shockingly racist security and management!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!

2 of 2 found helpful

Simply a shit, the security staff was the worst i have ever see in my life and already at the entrance they spoiled my night in that "club". 

1 of 1 found helpful

The security are rude, militant and over the top. This venue is a sweaty green house by day and a putrid pit by night and as I got an ear infection. It's a massive shame because there are some seriously good line ups from some of the UKs best labels but there's no way you could pay me to go back to this club. Diabolical. 

1 of 1 found helpful

Great spot. Security very tight but solid and good guys they have to do what they're paid for Most of those complaining are drug dealers and thieves who never get in. I personally go down to the studio almost every weekend never had a problem yet.

1 of 1 found helpful

By far best club in london, they keep the crap out and it shows as the vibe inside the venue is unreal. Im addicted to this venue it gets better and better. Staff are friendly, bouncers are firm but polite!!

1 of 1 found helpful

What a nice club security are always friendly there always enjoyed on that lovely terrace. xxx

1 of 1 found helpful

Fantastic place at its top level. Security, music and soundsystem - 10/10. 

Can't wait to pop in again!!

1 of 1 found helpful

London always needed something like this  amazing club .

1 of 1 found helpful

one my favourite , can't get better than that.

1 of 1 found helpful


1 of 1 found helpful

Great venue with friendly staff and a lovely terrace . Best in London.

2 of 3 found helpful

The only club I've ever been to which allows you to purchase an Early Bird ticket months in advance (November in my case) and then decides on the door, once you've passed through extensive security, that the price you paid for said early bird ticket (£10) no longer applies, and you have to pay an extra £15 (With no justification). I swallowed it... This time and this time only, as my friends and I had waited a long time to see the DJ's that night.

Absolute rip off, Total sham, joke of a club. Far, Far removed from the likes of much more decent clubs both in London and Europe which could demand a higher door fee than this place and have every right to do so, but they don't.... On the basis that they have respect for the Music and respect for the people that come to enjoy their club. £5 for a 330ml bottle of Beer, £2.50 for water.
The only highlight of the night was the Music. I can't fault the artists!

The sooner places like this close, the better!
1 of 2 found helpful

One of the best venue's in London so far with a beautiful terrace lovely bar staff and security are very well behaved , i will defiantly visit studio 338 again in very near future 10 out of 10 !!!

In absolute disbelief about this club & their "door policy". I think this is the only place that lets people purchase tickets months in advance and then refuses on the door to let them in with no valid explanation. Apparently the security did not like my boyfriends look - and as I could watch from the outside the look of many others either. But as I hear about this club the crowd is meant to be very dodgy and aggressive. How ironic to refuse a peaceful couple inside who just wants to have some nice night out together. We are working in the music scene, my bf is photographer of the kind of parties this venue throws, we are going clubbing since years not only in London - never ever experienced something like it. Also I cannot even contact the place to bring this subject up either give them a revue on their facebook page - absolute joke and very very shameful!


Studio 338

Had the great misfortune of visiting this place for the infamous ‘Giant Cheeseboard’ event in December. Situated right next to busy by-pass and nestled between abandoned and pulled-down warehouses, the location has a post-apocalyptic feel about it. Upon entering this feeling certainly doesn’t go away. The staff are clearly all on day-hire as no-one seems to know who’s in charge or where things are.

The event itself is the worst organised and conceived I have ever been to in London or anywhere else. Huge queues due to overselling tickets. Minimal amounts of supermarket cheese - not the ‘artisan’ promised - and tepid, low-alcohol mulled wine and cider. It really was a bad as you have read about.

To make matters worse the organisers have now gone into hiding and continually pass the buck through social media as to who was responsible for this farce.

I am not surprised to see that this place burned to the ground in only 2016 and the lessons around safety have clearly not been learned. Steer well clear - this is definitley not worth travelling out to.

Went to their burger and shake festival yesterday. Well....

Queued for ages to get past the over enthusiastic security staff. So enthusiastic that they were quite preoccupied with organising the contents of my handbag than getting through the swarm of ravenous party goers. Security staff appeared to believe that James Bond was a documentary and so disarmed my friend of her deadly biro. Phew! She then tried to confiscate my DIABETIC friend's insulin (and it's accompanying paraphernalia), and her (potentially life-saving) glucose sweets. Luckily the paramedic (who was chief ID checker) was more sensible. Chewing gum was confiscated, and hay-fever spray sprayed on my friend's arm to prove that she wasn't about to wage chemical warfare at a burger and shake festival.

The frisking I got gave my breasts the most action they've seen all year. I thought about going back round for a second go.

Salivating as we walked into the arena, we looked around in anticipation, expecting burgers galore. There were burgers, that much is true... We joined our respective queues, eagerly clutching our tokens in our little mitts. 'Burger and chips please,' requested rosie-cheeked revellers. 'Full size?'


'£10' Disappointed eyes stare downwards at the vouchers.

'You get a little one for that.'

'Can I have chips?' This causes for conferring amongst the staff. It is decided that chips may be bought for £3. Hoorah!

We find a spot to sit, in the sweltering midday sun, beating down upon us as though in the savannah. But with less shade. None to be precise.

Suspicious, we note that milkshakes are conspicuous by their absence. We scurry to the only bar that seems to be serving and waft our tickets at the bar maid. 'You can use that later,' she says. We ordered soft drinks at a cost of £3 for a flat, half empty glass of pop, and £3 for a bottle of water that is 25p in Costco. A tad over priced. There were no milkshakes.

The cavalry arrived in the form of an ice cream van (Mr Whippy, no cheap wannabes for these guys!). Bored of waiting for him to manoeuvre the van into the small space, we left to be ripped off elsewhere instead. Which meant fighting our way through the hoards of innocent people, unwittingly heading towards their doom.

Not wanting to miss out on any goings on, we eagerly followed the comments on Facebook from the hardcore partygoers. No longer accepting vouchers for burgers, milkshakes in the form of Nesquik (banana), and ice cream man (or lady, let's not be sexist) not taking the vouchers.

So, in conclusion, the 'Best Shakes in London' is banana Nesquik. Which I think came as a surprise to us all.

Of course, now all parties are passing the buck and blaming one another for how terrible it was, and seem to have no interest in refunding those who fell victim to the false advertising. And yet there are different events reviewed below, with equally glowing reviews...

security are rude and aggressive and to top it off they hold scam events like shake your patty where your ticket should include a free slider and a gourmet shake when in reality there was no free slider, the milkshake was a small glass of nesquik and they sold us out of date drink!

I booked tickets, I was really looking forward to to the Space fiesta, until I read all these bad reviews, and then I was really nervous. Security was tight, as it should be, for safety of the patrons. You will not get in without ID, and you will not get in if you have a criminal record, they check a database. We saw some one turned away as he had a GBH conviction. The search was quite normal. But once inside, everything was chilled. The security was decent, one guy even danced with us everytime he passed the stage. Drinks were London prices, (as expected) The sound system was ok, not brilliant, the bass escaped (but they wet renovating the roof when we went) there was no hassle in the toilets, even if you wanted to visit the cubicle often. We had a great time. Just play it smart if you don't want to security hassles.

Warning to all those attending studio 338 events in the near future, last night at the cocoon on the beach events my friends and I were treated with absolute disrespect after being turned away for no reason at all. We were spoken to in a rude tone and told many excuses as to why we were not allowed in such as looking too young even though we all had valid ID's. The security were very abrupt and aggressive towards us including the girls we were with. The management told us we would gain a refund but looking at other reviews it looks as if studio 338 are scamming many people by turning them away even for no reason despite the people having valid ID's and tickets. We will never attend this venue again and will sell all future tickets we have for this venue

As most clubbers know, the London party scene is one of the best in Europe and the most famous DJs come and play regularly. Being a fan of techno music, I go out from time to time and listen to my favourite DJs.

Unfortunately, the whole experience can easily be ruined when:

a) the crowd is not there for the same reason (i.e. they have no interest in the music itself)
b) the venue is in a poor state
c) the sound system is of low quality
d) the event is oversold, which means the venue will be overcrowded

and most importantly


I would like to detail on the last point, which is the main reason why I will not return to Studio 338.

I last visited this venue on the May Bank holiday weekend (28th of May, to be precise) for a party I thought I would enjoy. The music wasn't my style but I was with my friends, the crowd was lovely, the place not too busy, so I decided to stay and enjoy the experience as much as I could.  

The music and the poor sound system, I can deal with on a good day but with the UNHUMAN staff, not so much!!! The staff at the bar is rude, they can't be bother to give you the slightest smile, even though they charge ridiculous money each time you order ANYTHING on the menu. Ok, the price list has nothing to do with them BUT the managers can train the bartenders to be polite, friendly and make an effort to make the PAYERS happy (if they actually cared about the customers, obviously).

I saved the 'best' for last: the biggest problem this venue has is with the BOUNCERS. They are incredibly aggressive, racist, offensive, disrespectful, vulgar.. oh, the list can go on and on. This is the ONLY reason why I refuse to ever go back to this club. Although I am aware that the managers will take no action after I write this review, I will say that I have been treated inhumanly by the bouncers and everyone I spoke to that visited this place, had the same problem at some point. When the party finished, they kicked us out from the venue, which is not pleasant but understandable. After that, they (literally) pushed us away from the PAVEMENT next to the venue, which is PUBLIC SPACE (unless they bought the bus stop?!?). One of them swore at me for no reason (I was walking towards the taxi that was waiting for me, not saying a word and I was told to f off), at which point I looked back and decided not to reply because reacting to something like that would have only caused more swearing to flow towards me (which continued anyway). After that, another few customers and I were pushed forward (I repeat, IT WAS PUBLIC SPACE) and I continued keeping my mouth shut hoping not to cause any more verbal or physical abuse to come my way, as the bouncer seemed to be very irascible and the last thing I wanted was to bear any more of that. I felt HUMILIATED, ABUSED and was left in complete DISTRESS after this unfortunate event.

And before you assume that I was intoxicated with who knows what, I would like to add that was 100% sober! I will not detail on the reasons.

No refurbishment and improvement to the venue itself will make up for the fact that the staff is completely out of order and treats their customers in such a poor manner!!!   

I am aware that no action will be taken because the club has no interest to do so, I will be replaced as a customer in no time but the managers should be aware that a clubbing experience is enhanced immensely when the staff is courteous, considerate and treat us with the respect we all (as human beings, not to mention PAYING customers) deserve.

I do NOT recommend this place and definitely will not visit place again.


One of the best party spots in London. It is quite easy to get to, on 02 peninsula and I've never had a bad night at this place! What makes it so different is the spaciousness and openness of the place, glass roof and outdoor terrace with stage. Terrace has great food stalls during day parties. There is good variety of DJ's coming from all around the word, each party has a theme and decor is always on point. Studio 338 is definitely one of the go- to places for the summer for everyone who is missing Ibiza :)

The club should have it's license revoked. I witnessed Asians and Blacks turned away. Sound-system was overrated, the drinks were over-priced and the doormen were idiots and aggressive. The vibe was sterile, despite the DJ line up. Horses for courses, but this club is not for me. 

By far the best ,

I have to disagree with some of you i'm black and i go to this club all the time i don't have a problem getting in .


Every time I leave this place I promise myself I won't return but the amazing line ups keep dragging me back. Studio 338 has so much potential to be the next super club of London but one fundamental thing lets them down: sound. Despite updating their speakers recently, acoustics on the main terrace evaporate through the greenhouse-style roof which leads to overcrowding at the front of the dance floor as people are desperate to be able to hear the music better. All this achieves is disgruntled party goers and the ability to hear everyone's conversation who is within a 5 metre radius.

Luckily the Loft Bar manages to deliver the punchy bass lines loud, proud and without the persistent elbowing and pushing.

What also lets this place down is the pricing. It has never been cheap but just recently their prices have increased further much to customers' disgust: £6.50 for a small bottle of beer/cider and £4 per item in the cloakroom and this is on top of your ticket price which can be anything up to £40.

Word is they are investing more money into a new roof to improve the sound issues but will we have to wait and see. For now I will carry on with my love hate relationship with this club.

Very disappointed, turned down on the door even though we purchased ticket in advance the reason for that being that our group of 7 was apparently to big and got told with abusive language to leave by the woman on the door. Definitely won't be coming back!! As it was a complete disaster!


I searched for Studio 338 as I think it's an amazing venue and I had a really good time at an event here last year, shortly after the refurbishment and new opening. 

It was so much fun to party till dawn and see the sun coming up through the roof at some point.

It's a shame people have had such bad experiences here, not sure I want to come back now...

Brought a ticket and traveled for 4 hours to not get let in because and i quote 'the promoter is a plonker and he over sold tickets / let to many people in on the guest list and then sold to many tickets to people paying on the door' one of the big cheif security men said this. While we were standing there being told no some guy wandered out and got two girls from the crowd of people who couldnt get in, walked them straight in the front door infront of everybody which is just taking the piss. Alot of people are complaining about the security but I thought they were ok the ones i spoke to were anyway. Never going back now on the case to get my ticket refunded but I don't think that's going to happen. NEVER GOING BACK EVER 

Went along to hospitality mid summer barbecue on June 21 I was really worried about the security after reading the horrendous of reviews on here however i had no issues with security they were really firm but polite so I wouldn't worry too much about that. However let's talk about the venue ....

it is basically hotter than the sun , I don't mean that in a complimentary way . I mean it's like dancing in a greenhouse come steam room. Whoever thought that a glass roof with 3000 people dancing underneath it was a good idea is a mental. we were literally drenched in sweat - the only option to cool off was to go outside where it was raining . Oh yes then the ceiling starts to drip on you. I swear some excellent antibiotics could've been grown under that roof during that event. This was a daytime and evening event and the day we went was overcast and cloudy, apparently when it's sunny it's even worse it cooled a little in the evening but still I wouldn't risk it .

Don't be fooled by the pictures this is no Ibiza style club. The terraces area is basically like a carpark so don't get too excited, drinks also served from plastic bottles of Coke and lemonade similar to your parents barbecue . No issues with that if you're paying prices to match that but you're not.

This isn't a review of hospitality events the music was brilliant and so was the sound system but I would deafly not return to this venue. Sort out your aircon and ventilation studio338

Had my hen night at studio 338 i would recommend this place to anyone who hasn't been there really cool space. 👍

Sound system good - 7/10 ...decor 7/10... drinks cost 1/10.... £2.50 for a half a plastic cup of lemonade... £15 minimum spend on card

You know when geezers open up London latest club, soundsystem 8/10, decor 6/10, drinks cost 3/10......they are 15 years too late with studio 338. If it still there in 18 months, ill be surprised.

0 of 1 found helpful

I've bought a ticket for Saturday's 27/09 party. The security does not speak English. Almost strip searched at the entrance. When asked "why can not have chewing gums?" the security answered: "...yyyyyyy one minute...yyyyyyy" and finger pointed to the outside. I have stopped asking questions as he became nervous and I did not want to take a risk to be thrown away.

Later, about 21:40 me and a group of my friends were staying in a smoking area and suddenly the security approached one of us and said: "move". My friend simply asked: "where do you want me to move?" and that was his last word at the party as the security simply opened an evacuation door and throw my friend away. I was staggered. Went to the crew manager and asked "what was that? why my friend was thrown away with no reason?" - no answer at all. I told her (the security manager) that my friend is ill and this may be his last party and she just told me:" I'm not buying your story. Good bye" and I was also removed from the venue. Why should I lie? I am 38 years old and have been on many parties and visited many venues but this experience was the worst of all. Such a nice place ruined by pseudo- professional crew especially the manager. The earpiece with cable does not make you professional same as running boots won't make you Ussain Bolt. I'm sure not everyone was so unprofessional as spoken with other security officer and he spoken well English and went in to speak for me to the manager to let me back in but she just refused. 

Prices from space - a plastic bottle of koppaberg (not even a half a liter!) £5.50 corona beer £5.

Just shame. I doubt this club is going to last long.

Very disappointed, never will go there again. Strongly avoid.

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