CITY OF LONDON FESTIVAL Britten's 'The Prodigal Son'

Music, Classical and opera

Britten's 'The Prodigal Son' is performed by Mahogany Opera

Aurora Orchestra chamber ensemble under 
Roger Vignoles, with James Gilchrist (tenor), 
John McMunn (tenor), 
Lukas Jakobski (bass), 
Rodney Earl Clarke (bass), 
Samuel Evans (bass). Directed by Frederic Wake-Walker.

The biblical story of the son who squanders the generosity of his father but is forgiven.

Britten's 'Church Parables' are performed at Southwark Cathedral where they were first seen in London under the direction of the composer. These new productions merge East with West: Japanese Noh with Medieval Western iconography ('Curlew River'), Balinese dance drama with stained glass ('The Burning Fiery Furnace') and Middle Eastern Sufism juxtaposed with the work of Rembrandt and Bosch ('The Prodigal Son'). 


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