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Free classical music in London

Forget shelling out for pricey recitals: some of the capital's best classical concerts don't cost a penny

The Proms in full swing!

London’s many classical music venues regularly offer free concerts or performances where a small donation is requested. Discover free classical concerts, opera and more with our regularly updated guide.



You're all moaning about not being able to find FREE music events on a FREE website. "That's" what happened to the magazine, and that's why it's now a website with no one to write content. No one, including you lot, want to pay for anything...you're still happy to moan though...

Claire H

I'm not quite sure what's happened to this area of the website but, yes, there are plenty of free lunchtime classical concerts on in London. May I draw people's attention to one by Tredici Chamber Choir on 10 July at St James's Piccadilly on July 10 at 1.10pm? The programme is as follows and it will be repeated on Sunday July 19 at 4pm at St George's Bloomsbury;

Fri 10 July at 1.10pm, St James’s Piccadilly, Mayfair, W1J 9LL.  Piccadilly Circus tube: 2 mins
Tredici Choir
Richard Thomas, conductor
Gabrieli - Angelus ad pastores ait
Mouton - Nesciens Mater
Ramsey - How are the mighty fallen
Gretchaninov - Kheruvimskaya Pesnya (Op.29)
Sviridov - Liubov sviataya (Sacred Love)
Vaughan Williams - Mass in G minor

Also Sun July 19 at 4pm, St George’s Bloomsbury, Bloomsbury Way, WC1A 2SD.Holborn tube: 5 mins


with a retiring collection in aid of each church


Arthur v

The London Symphony Orchestra was performing in the middle of Trafalgar Square yesterday, but you're right Time Out, such a tiny event isn't worth mentioning anywhere on this site.

Frances I

Rhinegold run a series of free classical concerts; six a year. In an informal environment, and you get a free glass of wine too! 

Next one features soprano Carolyn Sampson on Wednesday 29 April. Conway Hall; drinks reception at 6.15pm with concert at 7pm.

Search for 'Rhinegold LIVE' for more info. 

Alastair R

Here are two Free recitals, one lunchtime in the city, the other evening in Richmond, being given by David Szilasi a 17 year old Hungarian piano virtuoso.

His first public engagement is this Saturday 25th April 19.00 hrs  the venue is:

St Mary Magdalene,
Paradise Road

The recital is free. The programme is Scriabin, Brahams and Liszt.

The second performance is on Tuesday 28th April 13.10 to 14.00 hrs by the Tower of London.

All Hallows By The Tower
Byward Street

I hope this helps address the shortage of information elsewhere.

Tony B

This is a hopeless section of your website with almost zero information. I cannot believe that there are so few free lunchtime concerts . There a scores ( no pun intended ) of undergraduate and new pro musicians playing all over London in Churches and other various slightly less well known venues for free. I agree with one of the other comments -  "Free classical " means you don't pay for it so why advertise major classical events on this section. 

Suzanne B

Please please bring back the magazine. It was the only comprehensive listing in town. Website is SO irritating and useless

Aodan G

Dear Staff

I used to love the classical music section of timeout. Now I cant find anything. Such a shame.  Please improve it



it is tragic what happened to Time Out. And farcical: why bother putting up a website that doesn't deliver? Content doesn't write itself - what happened to the writers who used to do such a brilliant job when TO was still a paper? as I am forced to select a 'star' above, all I can say here is that TO in its current format doesn't deserve a single one.

Jean Hill

Very disappointing. I can't believe there are just no free lunchtime concerts next week.

Jean Hill

Very disappointing. I can't believe there are just no free lunchtime concerts next week.

Jean Hill

Very disappointing. I can't believe there are just no free lunchtime concerts next week.

Jean Hill

Very disappointing. I can't believe there are just no free lunchtime concerts next week.

Jean Hill

Very disappointing. I can't believe there are just no free lunchtime concerts next week.


where's the list of what's on?


Rubbish information, and it's not free when you have to buy a ticket!


I struggle to find free classical events, no logic in the set up of this website, I`m very disappointed.


I so miss the old Time Out. Listings here are almost useless and frustrating to navigate through.


Time Out has bombed. This site is useless. I was looking for lunch-time classical concerts but to little avail. The old website and magazine used to have everything I wanted to know. That's all gone. I used to subscribe to the magazine in its previous format. What we have now is a shadow of its former self. Incidentally, I discover from another website today that St Luke's Old Street has an excellent piano recital at lunch-time. Nowhere to be found on Time Out. A sorry state of affairs.


rubbish new site! pointless. what was the point. nobody wanted it to change. difficult to understand and use. bring back the old site now!!!!

Christian Wainwright

Another useless and unnecessarily discombobulated load......Time Out mag. of old was miles better than this soup of non information.....bring back the old Time Out Magazine on the shelves and leave that freebie imposter where it belongs...on the tube station floor.

chris purchase

another lost soul, blundering around the site, desperately searching the classical music listings... and failing

Mark Andrews

I can't find any free classical music listings. Old website was so much better - bring it back! This is excrement. Absolutely trash.

Robert Stevens

New website so much harder to use than the old. I cant find the info im after at all. A shame.

Dave Currie

Really poor. I was looking up classical music events for 'today' . There were 347 listed I went through nearly 100 and had yet to find one listing which had an event today.

Claire JM

I enjoyed the old print copy of Time Out. I don't get the free copy of Time Out because I don't live in London and only visit the capital occasionally. Navigating through the online edition is tricky and finding the classical music section was almost impossible with lots of false leads. It's all a bit clunky. Flipping though a magazine I often came across unexpected gems that I wouldn't have seen without a paper copy. I am disappointed.

Elizabeth Ainslie

PLEASE bring back the real magazine! We are frequent visitors from the US, who love London and all there is to see and do here, but we have no regular computer access in London. We now see much less than we used to, because of the difficulty of finding a free WiFi location and lugging our Kindle to it and negotiating this advertisement-filled website. I'd pay £20 for a simple hard copy for a week, full of listings by subject and date, with information about times and telephone numbers and nearest tube stop. Can't you at least make this option available to us at some price?

david lipsey

I used this site the whole time. Now you can find almost anything on it except what you want: listings of classical concerts. It was bad enough losing the magazine: this is an elaborate way of laughing at those who used to rely on you. David Lipsey The Lord Lipsey

R Waight

This is useless. Can't find classical music or art. The site was great until a few weeks ago. Now it is absolutely impossible to find anything.


Is this site for real? utterly useless. Ever since Time Out became a tissue thin free rag , information on everything going on in London is not the only thing to hit the floor. I'd pay a fiver to have the old mag in my hand. A real bad move.......not even half a star.


I couldn`t find any information relating to classical music events, It takes much longer to find any information on free events.