Murail's 'Les Courants de l'espace'

Music, Classical and opera

Members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Clément Power, with Tristan Murail, ondes Martenot, and musicians from LPO Foyle Future Firsts. Tristan Murail's 'Les Courants de l'espace' for ondes martenot, synthesizer and small orchestra; and Per Norgard's 'Voyage into the golden screen'. Plus, new works by current members of the LPO Leverhulme Young Composers programme – Mark David Boden, Laura Jayne Bowler, David Curington and Hollie Harding. (Murail's masterpiece is a rich, orchestral palette of ever-changing sound images, shimmering between moments of haunting simplicity and passages of swirling density.)

Murail himself plays the , a pioneering electronic instrument whose other-worldly sounds are transformed to produce complex, fluctuating atmospheres which are directly mirrored in the harmonies of the orchestra as it sweeps towards its dramatic conclusion. This is the first UK revival for over 25 years - essential listening and an unmissable experience.


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