The Sixteen's Choral Pilgrimage: The Queen of Heaven

Music, Classical and opera

The Sixteen chior directed by Harry Christophers presents its most far-reaching Choral Pilgrimage tour yet, encompassing 35 concerts around the UK and Ireland, performing glorious music in churches and cathedrals for which it was written. Includes a new version of Allegri’s 'Miserere' and music by Palestrina and MacMillan. (The new Allegri 'Miserere' draws on original source material to show how the piece has evolved over the centuries into the work audiences know today.)

Plainsong  -  'Regina caeli'

Palestrina  -  Kyrie from 'Missa Regina caeli'

MacMillan  -  'Dominus dabit benignitatem'

Allegri       -  Miserere

MacMillan  -  'Videns Dominus'

Palestrina  -  'Stabat Mater'

Palestrina  -  'Regina caeli'

Palestrina  -  'Vineam meam non custodivi'

MacMillan  -  'O Radiant Dawn'

Palestrina  -  'Pulchrae sunt genae tuae'

MacMillan  -  'Miserere'

Palestrina  -  Agnus Dei I-III from 'Missa Regina caeli'


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