Time Capsules: Florilegium and Arakaendar Bolivia Choir

Music, Classical and opera
Florilegium and the Arakaendar Bolivia Choir directed by Ashley Solomon unveil a programme of seventeenth and eighteenth-century works that lay hidden away for two centuries after the Jesuit missions in Bolivia were closed around 1767. Brentner's 'Gloria et honore'; Sonata Chiquitanas No XVIII (anon); De Araujo's 2 Villiancicos: 'Si el amor'; and 'Al Llanto mas tierno'; Zipoli's Toccata in D minor; Bassani's Missa Santa Ana; and Missa San Xavier; Salve à 8 (anon); 'Stella Coeli' (anon); 'Eia Fidelis' (anon); Balbi's 'Sonata Chiquitanas' No IX; 'Cantemus Domino' (anon); and Zipoli's 'Te Deum laudamus'. (Note: at 6.30pm Father Piotr Nawrot, the Jesuit Polish priest responsible for discovering and editing much of this music, talks about the programme with Florilegium director Ashley Solomon.)


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