Exhibition #3

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Art col 2092 Blake Punch & Judy.JPG
Courtesy of the Museum of Everything. Photo Christoffer Rudquist Handpainted Punch and Judy puppets c. 1920
Now extended. What makes the show successful is its sheer, overwhelming strangeness, particularly when the focus is on the macabre Victoriana of Walter Potter. These anthropomorphic animals, which put the whole slew of contemporary taxidermy artists to shame, also chime with the mesmerisingly trippy, erotic embroideries of Ted Wilcox and the intricate variety of fairground-art by the Carter family of carnies. Ultimately, the entire exhibition conveys a wondrous sense of the carnivalesque – not simply in terms of the objects' provenance, but as a spectacular celebration of the diversity and eccentricity of British visual culture. (GC)


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