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The hosts with the most: Dennis, Brixton

Thinking of making some extra cash by sticking your gaff on Airbnb? Here’s what you can learn from the city’s superhosts. This week, a neat flat in the heart of the action in SW2

By Time Out in association with Airbnb

Having lived in Brixton for 25 years, Dennis is more aware than most of the huge changes in the area. Following the departure of a long-term lodger, Dennis put his flat’s spare room on Airbnb, and has since helped hundreds of visitors make the most of his uniquely buzzy corner of the city.

What has your experience of hosting been like?
‘I’ve been surprised by how popular my listing has been – I guess it helps that I only live three minutes’ walk from Brixton tube station! I’ve met some really nice people – I’ve even been taken out to dinner by a few guests and went to the movies with another.’

How has the extra cash come in handy? What have you spent it on?
‘It helped me pay off my mortgage last year, and I was also able to put some money towards getting some fancy hi-tech lighting installed throughout my home.’

Who sets the rules in your home?
‘Me! I have very clear house rules and I set check-in and check-out times to suit my schedule. I also set my own rates, get support from my local Airbnb Home Sharing Club and I've had round-the-clock assistance from the staff at Airbnb. Also, Airbnb’s host guarantee means there’s no need to panic if something gets damaged by guests, as you can submit a claim for the cost.’

What tips do you have for people new to hosting?
‘Take great pictures of your home and make sure it’s spotless. To help you get started, research other local listings and set lower rates until you get a couple of positive reviews.’

Dennis’s local picks

‘I always tell guests to visit Brixton Pound Cafe. The food is great, you pay what you can afford and you can buy Brixton’s local currency, the Brixton Pound, too.’
77 Atlantic Rd, SW9 8PU

Brixton Village Market is home to one of London’s most vibrant restaurant scenes. Need I say more?’
10-11 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LB

Canova Hall, located in the HQ building of an architecture firm, is a super cool place to hang out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s open late, too.’
250 Ferndale Rd, SW9 8BQ

To find out more and to start hosting go to


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