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Join team Time Out for the Red Bull Soapbox race

The Time Out Red Bull Soapbox Race team: the updates

Want to know how we're getting on in preparing for the Red Bull Soapbox Race at Alexandra Palace on July 12? Read on…

By Time Out in association with Red Bull

Time Out are entering the Red Bull Soapbox race on July 12. Wherein people hurtle down the hill outside Alexandra Palace, risking life and limb, inside karts they've fashioned themselves out of wood, metal and sheer lunacy.

But what entry will we build? How will team captain Alexi Duggins overcome the fact that he cannot even drive? AND WILL IT BE READY IN TIME?

Our regular updates below have all the answers. And despite what you may think they're not: 1. Dunno. 2. He can't. 3. NO WAY! (Or at least we really hope they aren't...)

**This just in** our most important update yet: we have only five more days to get this baby roadworthy, and you could be there to witness our sad demise, er, I mean, see us cruise past the competition with style. Tickets are sold out, but we have ten pairs of tickets up for grabs – for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the race at Ally Pally this Sunday, just pop over to the Time Out blog.

14. Oh god, oh god, oh god!

Where's that illustration of how pretty she's meant to look by now...

13. This is where we're at...


12. We've got six days left...

© David Tett

11. Spot the smug one

Less than a week to go until the Red Bull Soapbox race. The fact Will (centre) has got such a big smile on his face is probably because he’s the only one not racing.
© David Tett

10. Where there's a Will, there's welding

With a combined team weight of 28 stone, we’re hoping Will concentrated in welding class

© David Tett

9. Saw, saw, saw your Soapbox racer...

Who are we kidding. There is nothing gentle about this. How does your dad always make this look so easy?

© David Tett

8. Me? Worried? Never...

‘So you’re sure this flimsy bit of wood’s going to take our weight, yeh?’

© David Tett

7. No messing

Will owning the angle-grinder-and-blues-brother-shades look


6. Ain't she a beauty

We were starting to lose sight of our goal among the sparks and dust, so we enlisted the help of illustrator Anne Gerrish to bring our soapbox to life. Behold!

5. Now for the fun bit...

Slow-mo welding. A bit like fireworks. Except that when you're setting off fireworks, you don't have to worry that they won't be strong enough to drop your arse onto the floor at 20 mph

The first sketches

4. We're getting there…

Ok, ok. We think we've cracked it. We now know our aesthetic: steampunk. We've also had a bit more of a think about how this cocktail-creating business is going to work. It's the industrial revolution, right? So obviously we'll build a machine that smokes, whirs and fizzes. And, by the time it's finished rattling around it'll have stirred up our perfect drink. These are the beginnings of our designs thus far…

3. We're starting to get nervous now

We were pretty confident we could not crash a vehicle. After all, how hard is it to go downhill? Yeah, after seeing this video of the last Red Bull Soapbox race at Ally Pally, we're not so confident any more. CHRIST.

Brainstorming in the pub

2. We brainstormed in a pub. Might not have been the best idea

The theme of this year's Red Bull Soapbox Race is the industrial revolution. Which means… which means… another round at the bar to lubricate our brains. Several rounds later, we've cracked it! Our entry should be based around… BOOZE! More specifically, gin: an industrial revolution era fave for hardened drinkers and people who weren't too worried about going blind.

1. Our captain tries his hand at driving

Who should drive the vehicle? Should it be team captain Alexi Duggins? A man so dangerous behind the wheel that three driving instructors quit on him, he failed his driving theory test and he isn't legally allowed on the roads? Probably not, given this video of a test drive he did. NB the bit where people go "Ooh!" near the end is where he crashes into a wall (sadly uncaptured)

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