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Quandoo – MBER

10 places to try this Veganuary

From mega-posh, Michelin-starred experiences to delish meat-free street food, try out the vegan options at these London restaurants

Written by Time Out. Paid for by Quandoo.

Going vegan – and therefore, doing Veganuary – is undeniably A Good Thing. A plant-based diet is great for the planet and fab for animals (obviously), but it can also be pretty sweet for your own health. Even if you’re not a full-time vegan, edging away from animal products goes a long way to making the world a better place.

If you’ve gone vegan this Jan, good on you – and, even better, we’re here to lend a helping hand. We’ve partnered with Quandoo, an international foodie directory and booking platform, to point you towards London’s finest vegan dishes. From creperies to izakaya, here are 10 places to try out some excellent vegan nosh this January.

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Tower Mangal
Quandoo – Tower Mangal

1. Tower Mangal

Tower Mangal has been one of Bermondsey’s finest, most creative Turkish restaurants for over twenty years. Still going strong, it remains a stronghold of colourful, refined meze plates, with plenty of veggie/vegan options. With a menu like Mangal’s, you can’t help but order too much – it’s a place for a proper, belt-busting, stomach-cramping feast.

What to order: The falafel, obviously. Across the capital, very few can compete with Tower Mangal’s light, fluffy falafel balls.

2. Le Merlin

French food isn’t exactly known for being particularly vegan-friendly, but Le Merlin, a creperie, café and licensed bar in uber-cool Clapton, is looking to change that. There are few things better than kicking back with a glass of red, a craft beer or a strong coffee, and tucking into one of Le Merlin’s rich, creamy crepes or savoury galettes. La belle vie, indeed.

What to order: The homemade ratatouille with spinach, balsamic and walnuts is Le Merlin’s signature galette – and rightly so.

3. Foley's

This Asian fusion restaurant in Fitzrovia is one unmissable place to try vegan dining. Serving street food-style bites alongside aromatic curries and moreish noodles, this is the kind of place that's sure to keep you coming back for something new on the menu. Fronting reclaimed wood tables and pop art along the walls, this restaurant is free of pretentiousness and firmly focuses on the food.

What to order: The aubergine with tofu, sun-dried black bean and bamboo heart is a vibrant and warming combination.

Mama Pho
Quandoo – Mama Pho

4. Mama Pho

Mama Pho’s neat, narrow, fairy-light-lit premises in Kensington is full of character. The family-run Vietnamese restaurant prides itself on meat-free options, from spring rolls to vegan pho, and is super helpful with allergies and food intolerances. And if you can’t be bothered to make it over to South Ken? Don’t worry, there’s another branch in Deptford, too.

What to order: Tofu Xao – a flash-fried tofu dish served with beansprouts and lemongrass, and a zesty masterpiece.

5. Chelo

Chelo, a neat, buzzing Persian restaurant in the heart of Maida Vale, is deservedly one of northwest London’s most hyped spots. Inexpensive but with food that puts innovative twists on Persian classics, its vegan selection is solid and versatile. With more skewers, stews, nut sauces, soups, and grilled/roasted veg than you could ever wish for, Chelo is a very solid vegan spot.

What to order: Khoresht Bademjoon, a kind of aubergine stew with split peas, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. Don’t miss out on the crispy top rice.

6. Kutir

Another posh one that’s totally worth your time. Kutir is helmed by Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai and Abhishake Sangwan, and while it might pride itself on game and seafood, it also has plenty of top-notch vegan selections. From potato cakes to truffle dishes, dals to roti, Kutir is a solid contender for Chelsea’s premier modern Indian establishment.

What to order: The truffle with pulao rice, wild mushrooms and goji berries. Proper full-bodied, aromatic stuff.

Quandoo – Zaffrani

7. Zaffrani

As a general rule, Indian food is pretty great for vegans – and Islington’s Zaffrani is no different. Sitting on quaint Cross Street away from the traffic of Upper Street, Zaffrani can deliver a vast spread of vegan delicacies, from lentil fritters and onion bajias to vegetable curries and an enormous range of side dishes. Zaffrani often tops lists of Islington’s best curries, and with dishes like these, it’s really no wonder.

What to order: Tandoori Sabji Masala – grilled, lightly spiced veg served with a peppery tomato and coconut sauce.

8. Hana

Considering just how close Hana is to a fully-fledged, super-polished fine dining experience, it’s a plentily relaxing and surprisingly affordable place. In its gorgeous bare-brick corner building in west Hampstead, Hana pushes out delicately-flavoured, exceptionally tasty Persian classics. And best of all? Two of Hana’s finest, most renowned dishes – the Veg Khoroshteh Bademjan and Veg Bamieh – are vegan.

What to order: Veg Bamieh, a tomato-based stew with okra and saffron rice. Rich, soupy and warming.

9. Tenshi

Modelled on a proper, traditional Japanese izakaya, Tenshi in Angel (appropriately, tenshi means ‘angel’ in Japanese), is an inexpensive, casual spot on bustling Upper Street. But if you’re expecting loads of fishy, non-vegan sushi, don’t worry. Tenshi has a fabulous range of vegan options, including pumpkin and aubergine curries, mixed veg tempura and vegetable gyoza.

What to order: Pumpkin korroke, sumptuously crispy pumpkin croquettes served up alongside sweet tonkatsu sauce. We’re dribbling just thinking about it.

Quandoo – MBER

10. MBER

A pan-Asian tapas joint tucked under the streets around Monument station, MBER’s vegan options are frankly dazzling. The little dishes, from the simple steamed broccoli to the subtly complex tofu tempura, are pretty much all wondrous. The vegan sharer menu is also an absolute must, whether you’ve got enough mates for it – or, to be honest, even if you don’t.

What to order: The masala vegetable samosas verge on the divine: they’re exceptional fusion food.

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