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Low ceilings, stuccoed walls and 1970s-style red banquettes make a memorable first impression as you enter the low-lit dining room at Asakusa. The venue is undoubtedly characterful and also popular. Small tables are wedged into every nook and cranny of the two-floor restaurant, and we’ve yet to see many of them empty. If you’ve never got much further then sushi when ordering Japanese, here’s your chance to explore what else the cuisine has to offer.

The menu runs the gamut of skewers, homely stews (nabe), tempura and all manner of other dishes, on top of the raw fish and rice combo. For saké novices, there’s also a three-cup tasting menu to ease you in. A dish of simmered bamboo shoots was redolent of earthy katsuobushi (smoked, dried bonito flakes), while the cold udon noodles with tempura and a soy-based dipping sauce had just the right amount of bite. From the list of specials, the raw shredded squid with kimchi was slightly disappointing – tasting under-fermented and a little bitter.

Asakusa may not be the best Japanese restaurant in town, but the range is good and the service friendly, so an evening spent here will never be wasted.



Venue name: Asakusa
Address: 265 Eversholt Street
Transport: Tube: Camden Town or Mornington Crescent
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Everyone knows this is the best Japanese restaurant in London, as is obvious from the reviews. All of my Japanese friends say so too; this is where they'll take you if you ask to eat good Japanese food. It is also possibly the cheapest Japanese restaurant (out of those of decent quality). This is probably why the Time Out reviewer gave it a 3/5 rating—it's not posh enough and doesn't have a pretentious decor. Atmosphere is great. Very cozy environment, nothing over the top. Definition of an excellent restaurant. Time Out get a grip.

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I love this place. Having eaten Japanese food in Japan, this place definitely compares. The food is great and the prices are even better. I have brought a few of my friends here and would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to try Japanese food.

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This is one of my favourite restaurants in London, and the best Japanese food I've had. The restaurant itself has a great atmosphere; it's absolutley tiny but the decor is excellent - very authentic and not OTT. The food is excellent and of a really high standard; the buta kakuni (simmered pork belly) is so tender it falls apart practically by looking at it! Just make sure you book before you go because it is ridiculously hard to get a table without booking. The best part is when you get the bill and realise how reasonable the prices are!

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Bloody great. Had an awesome meal in a packed to the rafters restaurant. Make sure you book!

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Amazing japanese traditional food. Simply one of the bestJapanese restraunt in London.

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Don't know what crack this reviewer was smoking, 3/5? Best Japanese I've had in London for years and quite possibly ever.

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What is up with TimeOut? Three stars for the best Japanese restaurant in London? Are you kidding me??? Wonderful atmosphere, amazing (reasonably priced) food, feels like being in a real Japanese izakaya, takes me back to my days in Tokyo.

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This is my absolute favourite restaurant. I don't think Time Out's review has given it justice. Asakusa is easily the best Japanese restaurant in London. The decor isn't great but the food is well worth it.

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Love this place!!!Recommend highly. Great value for money, tasty food, and no meagre portions- unlike other Japanese restaurants in London.

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Sushi is fresh and solid 9/10.. Tempura was good but not mind blowing.. Service is solid. Top Class for the price you pay check it out for sure...

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The Best Japanese izakaya in London the only place that not so pretentious and up tight that you can relax and eat Japanese food, It what must be a former Italian or Greek mock restaurant you can sit and eat delicious food and have excellent drinks. I would definitely recommend booking the fact that its packed from 6 on a monday evening says it all and most of the customers are Japanese. God Bless Asakusa

Crap that Timeout writes. This is a homey place, friendly staff for Japanese food which doesn't break the bank, I have no idea what Timeout thinks 'the best' Japanese is, probably some paid sponsored restaurant that serves £80 3 piece slice of fish in a pretencious setting and from people that have never been to Japan.



I know I said that other times, but this time please believe me: I found the best Japanese restaurant ever. EVER!

A Japanese friend of mine recommended me to go if I wanted to try something more than sushi and, having never been to Japan yet, I was very curious to see what their cuisine has to offer else than rolls and ramen.

Well, apparently the answer is Nirvana!

Don't be afraid by the slight smell of fried food welcoming you at the entrance or by the simplicity of the place itself and dive into the undisputably authentic and fresh flavours of their dishes. Simmered bamboo, heavenly succulent sashimi salads and rice bowls, grilled seafood and meat with steamed vegetables, many vegetarian options with tofu and tempura, small bites and bigger set meals will print a big satisfied smile on your face for the full lenght of the dinner. 

And all this at a ridicolous price! 25 quid each including raw fish, wine and dessert.

It's worth the long wait to be served the food, due to the place being very busy on a Saturday night.

Go, you won't regret!


Is there a portal here that teleports you to Japan immediately or what. The minute you go in, you literally forget you are in London. The authenticity here transcends the food, the walls and the service. The meals are well-priced and even though it might be a small trek to get to, it is well worth it. Tables can be hard to come by and reservations are a must. The hot food here is amazing and there is also a specials board that is only written in Japanese (so thankful I went with a Japanese speaker/reader). The service is excellent and I will definitely be back.

as authentic and as atmospheric as being in tokyo. great value for money, great quality, diverse and authentic menu. favourite japanese restaurant in london 

Hands down, best Japanese I've had in London. The staff were so friendly, the food was beautiful. 

I'm only sad I discovered it 2 weeks after moving jobs away from Camden, I think I'm about to become a regular!

Excellent Japanese food in cramped and scruffy surroundings - always a pleasure


I am saddened to say that my dining experience was absolutely ruined by some of the worst service and customer care I have ever received in any restaurant I have ever been to. The food is absolutely yummy- yes some of the best sushi I have ever had,I love sushi and I have known about this restaurant for years and never manged to book a table in time!

So I took my friend- a total sushi enthusiast- we had both made sure to arrive hungry! Nevertheless we were greeted by the waitress telling us that we had over an hour wait for sushi. No sorry or maybe a complimentary drink,nothing. I ask to see the manager,I get the assistant manager, who greets me with disdain and is thoroughly rude to me. He explained that there was a large table that ordered all sushi and they only have one chef and now all sushi orders are delayed. I then asked why I,as a customer, had to accept this;being that I had booked a table 4 days in advance and I was hungry!! He then said that this 'said large table' had booked even further ahead than me so there you go. What?????????? He then goes on to say that because we hadn't ordered hot food it was sort of our fault or something? I then state that,traditionally,and I might be wrong,that you have sushi first and then your hot mains and that he was essentially asking us to have our meal backwards. He showed no remorse and laughed at me when I asked for a reduction off the bill.He actually said,after the laughter,that he would see if they would do a reduction but would not tell me until after my meal. They never applied a reduction after the meal and actually tried bully tack tics by double teaming me with the manger and him. I was then greeted by the ferocious manager,this lady had no smiles or kind manner to her,and she tried to intimidate me and was closing her eyes and huffing and puffing whilst I complained again for the second time. I told them that I was not only taking service off that I was also taking ten pounds off the bill seeing as they were not willing to compensate me and my friend. They just looked at me as if I was a crook or something. I also stated to the assistant manager that their restaurant was famous for their sushi and obviously that was what we were there for and he just snarled and said he wasn't sure about that.

I cannot fault the food,it is super,and I am really sad I will not be going there again. I do not go to a restaurant to be spoken to like dirt and told that I will have to wait an hour for food upon arrival-especially when they had my telephone number and could have called me,even ten minutes before my booking,to give me an option of cancellation.

So please go,eat their lovely sushi and hot food but do not expect any decent table service or to be treated with any respect. I truly went with the best of intentions to have a great Japanese meal and impress my friend with this little diamond in the rough. Really sad. 

i'm baffled as to why time out rated this place 3 stars! this place is one of the best japanese restaurants in london! by far my favorite. c'mon timeout!

Great place and recommended by all the Japanese I know! We went there 2 weeks ago and are planning to go again in the following 2 days for our anniversary dinner. Its small, but the service provided is better than many and I really mean many big restaurant chains! The food is amazing and the cook is real Japanese! All of this comes to a real amazing price! I do not understand how the Timeout rating could be that low as all the people without exception gave Asakusa 5/5 stars. I am someone who enjoys going to many high and low class restaurants but previously have not bee bothered leaving a review. Well now I do! Thanks for the experience and I recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to eat real Japanese food!


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