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Bao (© Rob Greig)
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Bao (© Rob Greig)
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Bao (© Rob Greig)
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Bao (© Rob Greig)
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Bao (© Rob Greig)
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Bao (© Rob Greig)
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Bao? Wow. This slick former street food operation brings Taiwanese cuisine in from the cold, with plenty of hit dishes and a great tea selection.

The transition from street stall to permanent site is not an easy one. Many successful street food traders simply lack the skills for staffing rotas, spreadsheets and hitting slim profit margins. That’s why the three founders of Bao cleverly teamed up with more experienced and deeper-pocketed operators – the team behind Trishna and Gymkhana – to smooth the journey from market pop-ups to permanent Soho establishment.

This Bao-Trishna marriage seems like a happy one. There’s a slick Japanese-looking interior and relaxed yet efficient service. But most strikingly, the tantalising menu is fresh and innovative. While it’s based on Taiwanese street food dishes, the kitchen pushes far beyond those boundaries.

Chef David Chang did something similar with Korean food in New York – the Momofuku founder’s steamed buns became a cult food item. Subverting and reinventing dishes, Chang targeted a new generation of novelty-seeking urban diners.

Bao is London’s equivalent of Momofuku’s Ssäm Bar. The restaurant’s name derives from gua bao: fluffy white steamed buns, in this case filled with braised pork, sprinkled with peanut powder, and yours for £3.75. Other sorts of bao (bun) are more slider-like, such as little burger baps wrapped around soy-milk-marinated chicken, sichuan mayo and kimchi. There’s even a dessert bao – made with doughnut batter and filled with Horlicks ice cream – that echoes the malted cereal milks at NYC’s Momofuku Milk Bar.

Yet buns are only half the story. Xiao chi (small eats) are given equal prominence, reflecting their cult status in Taiwan, where much culinary innovation comes from street food stalls. Pig’s blood cake – a neat little block topped with a lightly cured egg yolk – tastes of soy sauce and black pudding. Vegetarian dishes are enticing: oyster mushrooms are cooked with jade-coloured fragments of century egg; intensely savoury dice of roasted aubergine have a slight garlic kick.

What lifts this diner from merely great to sublime is the drinks list. Sakés, artisanal ciders, well-matched beers and hot oolong teas vie for attention alongside creations such as foam tea – a chilled light oolong artistically topped with foamed cream.

Arrive hungry; leave happy. But be warned: as Bao is small and doesn’t take bookings, we predict Momofuku-style buzz. And queues.

By: Guy Dimond


Venue name: Bao
Address: 53 Lexington Street
Opening hours: Lunch served Mon-Sat noon-3.00 pm; dinner served Mon-Sat 5.30pm-10.00pm.
Transport: Tube: Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus
Price: Meal for two with drinks and service: around £45.
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Roman Tagoe
3 of 3 found helpful

I've been looking forward to Bao opening for ages and wasn't disappointed. Great but subtle flavours, good service and a cosy little venue (queues will be inevitable).

Tim A
2 of 2 found helpful
Staff Writer

Amazing buns, the fried chicken is to die for but you will have to queue. Believe me though it's more than worth the wait. Perfect for a great value lunch that will leave you feeling thoroughly spoilt.

1 of 1 found helpful

Hands down one of my favorite spots in town. The smoke eggplant with wonton crackers, the lamb shoulder Bao, the fried chicken Bao are my absolute favorites. Tough to get a spot without queueing outside if you go at prime times, but you can always order drinks while waiting! Good, fast service once you're in. Great experience overall.

Roberto P
1 of 1 found helpful

This place is totally worth the queue and you won't walk away disappointed. The buns (guao bao) are amazing, soft and tasty in all their variations: I have tried them all, and my favourite so far is the lamb bun. A part from that, they have lots of interesting small plates as side: fried chicken, scallop, aubergines come with tasty and unique flavours. The shop is small but cosy, with very friendly staff. We had a great time, and i can't wait to go back again.

Alex P
1 of 1 found helpful

Great buns! The food was spectacular and the service a delight. Plus, the prices were incredibly reasonable - I'll be going back again.

Jane G.

60 other reviews before I managed to get here. It's been on my list since the moment I heard about it, but something else always came up and plans changed. Well, it was worth the wait!

After work one Friday with a friend wandering around Soho trying to decide what to eat, we ended up in front of Bao. It was 5:11 (they open at 5:30) and there was already a line of about 20 people, but we decided to queue up. Now, first of all the queue is across the street, there is a little baostop sign but when you are 20 or so people deep you can't see it and don't want to think you stood there waiting for the wrong thing! They staff member came out promptly at 5:30 to a line now about 50 people long. He guided the first group in and sat them down making sure they were comfortable and came back for the next in line. Whist you may think that taking time is odd, it actually was reassuring that we would be treated with care not herded in and out. People in line were giddy with the thought of making it in the first round.

Our turn came and we too were treated as though we were the only people in the restaurant.

It is so tiny inside, that it's worrisome you will feel as though you will get claustrophobic! However, the brilliant designer knew what they were doing! We felt comfortable and it felt roomy. At this point my friend began to chicken out so we agreed to only order one Bao each and move on. The waiter told us to order two each and some bits. I'm not a fan of that sort of ordering because it always adds up to more than I expected. So I might disagree with the reviews talking about how cheaply you can eat but I think it was £4.95 for the classic bun I ordered. While we waited (which wasn't long) I watched the chief concentrate on making each plate perfect before it left his care. I never felt rushed and the staff took excellent care of us.

The classic bun is something I can not describe in words, it was one of the best things I have ever tasted. It's a bit bigger than a slider but about the same idea. Something that MUST be tried!

Ioanna La

What's not to love about Bao? The fluffy buns? The yummy starters? The short but cool menu that you have to fill yourself with a pencil? The delicious desert? The super efficient service? The nice and simple interior? I am not a fan of the queue, obviously, but it goes by usually quite fast. It is definitely worth the wait to try (ok, not every day). The classic bao is simply delicious. The prices are a bit high so don't expect to pay as you would pay for street food. The bao are small, even two of them won't fill your hungry tummy so I'd suggest you also get a couple of starters, drinks and try their desert! After all these you will be definitely full and happy. I can't recommend it enough!

Tara P

After an aborted attempt last summer I finally made it to Bao in the break between the two Harry Potter plays (what a great day!) We got there at 4.50 on a Saturday and with only one group ahead of us in the queue we were seated in under 10 minutes - an absolute result. The interior is very fresh, with simple seating and clean lines. The stools don't encourage lingering, but they don't need to - the service is very efficient. We ordered two Bao each and two starters to share. The classic Bao with shredded pork and peanut crumb was divine - my standout favourite. My scallop starter was tasty but very small, whilst the fried chicken Bao was...ok. I have yet to try a chicken Bao that I've truly enjoyed, so perhaps I should just stick with pork. The overall experience was a very good one, but I can't say I'll be rushing to return. Why? The prices. Compared to similar experiences and quality, Bao is expensive and cashes in on its street cred. Perhaps I'll go back for a quick bite of the classic bun, but otherwise I think I've ticked Bao off my list for now.

Michelle L

Amazing food! the baos are great but the sides are also worth trying! Long queues but worth it!

Natasha Tooray

My first time trying to get into Bao felt like trying to get into Berghain. The queue was never-ending and I wasn't certain if I'd make the cut.

The second time, I went to the Fitzrovia branch. There was no queue, and enough space to sit 7 without waiting. Pleasing start!

After ordering practically the whole menu between us (and with such low prices, you could have!) we gloried on each dish and understood the iconic status.

The duck hearts were an adventurous order, which I never expected to enjoy. However, they became my favourite dish of the evening. Tender and gingery, topped with fresh spring onions. 

The bao itself was soft, fresh and filled with delicious fillings. The black cod was my favourite of the choices.

The range of sake was great, with each offering different distinctively flavours.

Would definitely go many more times. 

Michael D

The queue caught my attention, but don't let it put you off, there is a queue for a two reasons, the first reason is that it's hella good, the second reason is that it's quite small. 

Not good for a first date as it's intimate and brightly lit but great for a small group of friends to enjoy countless sakes and good food.

Vera S

After years of planning it, I finally made it to Bao - freed up my Friday lunchtime and was third in the queue that started forming around 11.45. And it was worth every minute. Staff are very friendly and helpful, and explain everything to first-timers like me so we're not intimidated to order all the food. Which I did.

Three classic baos, a pig blood cake and a mushroom and century egg dish later I am happy as can be. Truthfully, I want more. The bao is simply irresistible. Highly recommended!

Chesca R

It is hard to think about, let alone write about this place without your saliva glands kicking in. The food here is delicious, the tender meat and their accompaniments nestled in pillow soft buns are both moorish and rich in flavour. I haven't given 5 stars as I have never eaten here without having to queue for a far while, but once inside the service is quick and friendly. Bao open yourself a takeaway hatch and the extra star is all yours. 

Dominik S

Bao as a cheap eat is an absolute joke. Tasty but tiny portions so no value to talk about!

Emma B

I really wanted to dislike this place, given all the hype but damn it's so good. The pork confit is especially delicious. Can't wait to go back.

Gemma H

My friend and I had wanted to go to BAO for what felt like forever, but there was always a two hour queue. Today we finally had the patience! Helped by the fact BOA has been open for a while, so the queue was a mere 45 minutes. Top tip: there's a pub opposite, get yourself a beverage while you wait. 

Once in, it's pretty cosy but the service is swift and very efficient. The choices were simple - pick your meat (or veggie) for the bao and select a few sides. To be honest, I wanted one of everything. 

BAO is steamed buns heaven.


Let me start with the not so great.. The size and value for money. I'm not a cheap skate whatsoever however, when I pay £6 for a fried chicken bao I kinda expect it to be bigger than my baby finger... If not so then I want a one way trip to flavour town!

Sadly it was just a nice bao and not worth what they were charging ... I found everything here on that same level. Tasty , cute,great for instagraming but after paying £24 I realised I wasn't even full and I'd only had 3 miniscule things .. There are places in London that offer the same quality of food for less or bigger and more satisfying options. I don't mind spending good money on great food but not average.

Clare W

Long queues? Yes. Good food? Absolutely.

There’s a lot of fuss made about this restaurant and for good reason. As the name suggests, they’re all about the Bao, and they own it. Each of their six bao offerings are delicious in their own right but that’s not to say the rest of the menu shouldn’t a look in. Their trotter nuggets are a particular highlight.

Their Soho branch is a small space but they use it very well to ensure the maximum amount of customers without ever feeling too crowded.

You may be wishing for a larger space if you’re (inevitably) waiting outside in the queue, but their food is served fast which makes their turnaround time much quicker than your average restaurant. 

For me, this food has always been worth the wait.

Tastemaker tip: Go just before opening or before they stop serving lunch/dinner. There will still be a queue, but a much shorter one!


 I've been looking forward to a Bao night so when some friends recommended it and regardless of the long queue, I couldn't say no. The scallops were my absolute favourite, every little bite is like a sea wave bursting with flavours and the presentation is simple but original. The buns are so soft you'd like to sleep on them and although we tried a few and I am a meat lover, daikon was a winner for the balanced spices and originality.


Great to see a Taiwanese snack bar. The Baos are fabulous and very tasty all be it on a pricy side for its portion.

The fried chicken is not quite as how we have it in Taiwan, tho that's not to say it isn't also lovely.

Go and have a few snacks yourself and get a few Taiwanese beers to go with it!

Katie N

There's a queue....often a big one. I attempted to dine at Bao on numerous occasions but often turned my nose up after seeing the amount of people waiting to dine at this little street food restaurant. After these futile attempts i tried once more and mustered up some patience to wait for a table. I was filled with an enormous amount of regret - why was i too impatience not to wait all those other times. This restaurant is absolutely delicious. The queue is pretty speedy as the food is quickly prepared and eaten.  I'd say two bao buns each plus a few starters and the tangy sweet potato chips is all you need. I can highly recommend the crispy chicken and the classic, i just need to go back and try the horlicks ice cream bao now. 


I am not normally one that chases all the latest fads, but I happened across Bao one afternoon during my lunchtime stroll and since there was no queue (90% of the time there is one.)

Service can be seen as aloof, though it feels like it works here. The food is simple, but TASTY. The decor is flat, but fitting. It is more than just food, it is an experience.


Not for those with weak knees, as there will be a queue even 30mins before closing during mid-week. This is greatly compensated by the ridiculously friendly staff, that actually genuinely seem like they don't hate their job and up for small talk. As a fellow Taiwanese, I have to say the fried chicken wasn't entirely authentic, but tasty none the less. The portions are on the small side, which on the bright side let's you try out different dishes. Think asian tapas.

Avoid going in large groups as the tables only take up to 4, prepare yourself for some time standing outside, and eat buns.

Alex H

Despite the hour and a half queue it was completely worth it. The pub next door benefits from allowing drinks in the queue, so it went quite quickly. We ordered the scallop, rump and guinea fowl from the Xiao Chi menu, all amazing, especially he guinea fowl. From the Bao menu we ordered the classic, confit pork and the lamb shoulder. My favourite was the Classic. Our bill without drinks came to under £20 each which was good. Hopefully it will be easier to get into the other BAO openings as the queue was so long.

Ben R

Went to Bao for lunch. After a short wait (at the Bao bus stop on the other side of the road!) we sat at the bar and sampled the delights....and it was all great. I would rarely give 5 stars to a restaurant, but literally everything I tried was just amazing - both bao's themselves and a selection of small plates to share - pig blood cake (basically black pudding with an egg), sweet potato fries, trotter nuggets (don't be put off by the name!), all mouth wateringly good. Can't wait to go back!

Matilda Egere-Cooper

I totally get the hype now. We were lucky to avoid the queue when we visited, but I would've been prepared to endure it for Bao's badass buns. They're great value and taste delicious, as well as the lovely variety of sides like the Taiwanese fried chicken or the aubergine. But FYI - the space is tiny so better to go for a quick lunch or dinner. 

Tiago Almeida

First a warning if you are thinking about visiting BAO - prepare to queue from a while in the street BUT i have good news, it's worth the wait.

Very yummy and tasty. The restaurant is small but cosy and all the staff is very friendly.

Catherine F

Don't be deceived by the queue! The food is very good quality, but it was not necessarily worth a 50 minute wait. If you have the time go for it, but if you just want a cheap, tasty meal there are other good restaurants.  

Mei M

What can I say about this place that hasn't already been said? I fell in love with their food on Instagram, everything looked amazing and served with extreme attention to details, which can't always be found in cheap places. 

As soon as I had time I went there for a meal and I didn't let the queue put me off since queues are always a good sign. Believe me, it doesn't matter how long you wait, it is TOTALLY worth it. One cannot even imagine how good these soft, warm buns are. My personal choice is always the fried chicken bao. An explosion of flavour in your mouth, with different, pleasant textures. Pure foodgasm!

Staff Writer

Amazing place. Buns immense, fried chicken superb. Hard to fault Bao in any single way. Well worth the visit.

more please

went there friday evening and had the confit bao , the classic bao, the lamb bao. the fillings were not as big a portions

as in the photos. the lamb bao tasted like ordinary curry lamb. I am afraid everything tasted bland except for the beef soup. Having lived in Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong I have to say the food offered are very ordinary bordering on poor.

A great disappointment.

Gavin K

Every man and his dog have done their time in the Bao queue by now, but even after the hype has subsided I still find myself going back for more. Despite similar steamed buns now appearing on every trend-spotting Asian inspired menu in the city, Bao is still one of the best. For me it is the 'Classic' that hits the winning formula.

Even better than the bao themselves, however, are the 'xiao chi' or small eats. The pig blood cake, served with an egg yolk on top, is as tasty as it is instagrammable, and any menu that offers trotter nuggets gains points from me.

My one (personal) negative: the fried bao filled with Horlicks ice cream is hell on earth for those afflicted with sensitive teeth.

Sasha F

Worth queuing for! The Bao are out of this world and the menu is really unusual. Tried fermented century egg and pigs trotters for the first time here. Can't wait to go back.

Sarah D

Delicious! I went for lunch and got in pretty quickly so I can't really comment on the queue situation (though I would probably be prepared to wait for half an hour). The buns didn't disappoint and I would say the pork options are among the best food I've eaten in London. The prices are very reasonable too which makes this place even more of a gem. 

Thamena  M
Staff Writer

Wont blame there for being a queue the food is amazing! definitely will be going back. however, one is not enough so do order 2 or 3 if you have an appetite like me. 

Richard N

There are some really pricey buns to be honest! The queue is ridiculously long (waited about one and a half hours) and my group ordered approximately one of each item to try. Once you do manage to enter the venue, remember to order a fried horlicks ice cream bao, because that's probably their best item on the menu (basically malted ice cream sandwiched between fried baos). Their baos do have a subtle flavour, though I prefer mine stronger. Bao is essentially street food in a covered venue, and should be tried for the novelty. Take note though: you won't be full at all after just one. 

Staff Writertastemaker

The queues have died down (very slightly) now and its still as worth the visit. The sticky pork bun is as good as you'll get them in London, messy and cute to boot.

Fried chicken here was recommended to me several times and doesnt disappoint. Worth a visit for this dish alone.

Natalie v

Going from the stall in Night Tales a few years back to their restaurant, these guys just continue to get better and better. The food is always amazing. 

Ching Wen H

I'm Taiwanese, BAO here is so delicious that makes you feel homesick~~~ I wanna come here every week!!

Tamara B

I've tried and loved all the buns and many of the sides. The bun with succulent pork belly and the lamb shoulder bun with an interesting mix of mint sauce and mayonnaise are my favourites. The peanut milk with an ice cube is interesting. The service is quick and the low tables and neutral decor are relaxing.

Melissa C

Just amazing. Great tasting dishes, good variety of tapas dishes, and as the portions aren't big, can try a bit of everything! Staff are friendly.

Jenni D

Being a lazy vegetarian, the idea of queuing for meaty buns didn't appeal. But I couldn't be happier than my friend convinced us to brave the crowds at Bao. We were lucky enough to have the day off work, so we went for a slightly less popular time slot. We still had to queue, but for a mere 20 minutes rather than the 2 hours the waiter tells us people have waited. But once inside, the hustle and bustle, the amazing food and great service makes it all worth while. Couldn't recommend it more. Despite there being just one veggie bun option on the menu, the waiter pointed out the kitchen could easily rustle up another alternative. Can't wait to go back.

Staff WriterStaff Comp

It's definitely worth queuing up to eat here, the pork buns are delicious and the fried chicken is awesome! The staff are really friendly and it's all pretty reasonably priced too.

Get there early or grab a drink at the pub next door for the queue, I'll definitely be going back soon to make my way through the rest of the menu!

Lizzie W

This place has had such rave reviews that I have been nervous it may disappoint - IT DIDN'T!

I finally got to go midweek after work with a friend and even then at just gone 6pm there is a queue of 10 or so people waiting to be seated - it is a small (& popular) place so it is understandable The queue does move fairly quickly however so we only had a 15 minute wait (I have heard people have waited over 30 minutes). You have to have your whole party their before you are seated which is standard but to be honest I don't think the venue is suitable for more than 4 people and even then it is a push, just because of the seating arrangements.
Once seated with your menu you tick which items you want along with the quantity and hand it to the waiter asap (sort of like Ping Pong?). The menu is split between Bao's, sides and then other dishes. All the Bao's sounded amazing so I was keen to try as many as possible and the other half of the menu isn't really my thing (pig blood cake, century egg, trotter nuggets, soup) so we tried nearly all the bao's (£4-5 each) - Classic, Fried Chicken, Confit Pork & Lamb. We shared each, which is quite tricky as they are fairly small and there are no knives, but luckily we are good friends so don't mind! If on a date or with someone from work I would definitely stick to your own dishes. My favourite by far was the Lamb but also high up on the list was the Classic. We also got the sweet potato chips which were so good - super crispy!
For pudding we got the Horlicks Bao - horlicks ice cream sandwiched between a fried bao (one each as that would have been impossible to share!) and boy was that a brilliant finish to the meal!
We stuck with tap water throughout as weren't so fussed about trying their teas etc and in total it came to a reasonable-ish £30 
I cannot wait to go back! #TOTastemaker

Louise H

I went to Bao with high expectations and prepared to queue. Luckily there is a pub next door so we got drinks and waited in their super organised line outside. Forty minutes later, inside and perched at their cosy tables we were ready for a feast. Bao did not disappoint and lived up to the hype. The pork bun is delicious, but the chicken one was just exquisite, and we ordered another one each. Also worth getting- the scallop, and sweet potato fries. Ok to miss- the pickles, which were lip puckeringly sour.

Ed. T

I've been to Bao twice now. I have to admit, the first time I was slightly underwhelmed. I'd gone to their food stall several times before their permanent premises and was hugely impressed with the food, but wondered whether moving to Soho permanently had led to a decline in the care and effort they put into their food. Don't get me wrong, their Bao's were still amazing and well worth visiting, but I thought they'd lost some of that sparkle! 

But then I went a second time, and oh. My. God. We ordered a variety of starters and the pork confit/fried chicken baos and my socks were blown off. The beef rump cap with aged soy sauce has to be one of the best things I've eaten in an extremely long time, and the trotters with wasabi mayo were almost as impressive. The first thing I did (after instagramming of course), was to google where I could get some of that soy sauce. Not to mention that their pork confit bao is absolutely fantastic, and in my opinion, better than the rest on the menu! 

Drinks wise I'd avoid ordering here as you get fairly small cups for what you pay, and instead just focus on sampling the starters. You won't regret it. 

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