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4 out of 5 stars
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Barrafina (© Paul Winch-Furness)
© Paul Winch-Furness
Barrafina (© Jael Marschner)
© Jael MarschnerBarrafina Adelaide St
Barrafina (© Paul Winch-Furness )
© Paul Winch-Furness
Barrafina (© Paul Winch-Furness)
© Paul Winch-Furness

Time Out says

The Covent Garden branch of this Spanish tapas-paradise, fantastic food but with a no-reservations policy that makes queuing almost inevitable.

Who’s to blame for the no-reservations trend, which leaves us queuing for an hour or more to get into a restaurant? Some might point the finger at places such as Polpo in Soho, or Meat Liquor in Marylebone. But the first restaurant that gave a mandatory wait with dinner was Barrafina in Soho, which opened in 2007. And that hour-long queue for proper Spanish tapas is still there. So is this second branch worth the seven-year wait?  

Taking no chances, we arrived just before the 5pm opening time and were the first customers seated, allowing us to watch the other tables fill up over the next hour. Much like the original Barrafina, it’s a simple room, but beautifully done: a long marble countertop, tall bar stools, plate glass windows letting in lots of light, and smiling Spanish staff in crisp white and maroon uniforms.

Barrafina’s menu is studded with Mallorcan and Catalan tapas dishes. Ortiguillas are a type of sea anemone eaten around the Balearic Islands. There, they’re marinated in vinegar, coated in a tempura-like batter and fried. Here they’re served in a paper cone, a crunchy seaside snack with soft centres, like fried oysters.  

Escalavida con pan de coca combines a firm Mallorcan bread base (the ‘pan de coca’ bit, like a flatter, chewy ciabatta) with a topping of chargrilled aubergine, peppers, onion and garlic, the smoke from the grill permeating the vegetables. The grill is still a core part of the Barrafina formula, for example in pintxos morunos, little pork kebabs which were tender and very moist.

These little snacks are tempting and delightful, but watch out if you’re properly hungry, as the bill adds up fast. A solitary courgette flower, stuffed with soft white cheese and drizzled with honey, was a seasonal treat and winning combination of savoury and sweet, but is no bargain at £7.80.  Dessert of flan (crème caramel) came in an eggcup-sized portion for £6.50, albeit served with a squirt of nut-flavoured whipped cream. But despite the fancy restaurant prices, you need to remember that Barrafina isn’t a ‘proper’ restaurant; it’s a modern Spanish tapas bar, with a list of sherries, cavas and other wines by the glass that are as much of a draw as the food, and perfect for experimenting with as you nibble.

As we left  after a very light meal – it was only 6.15pm – the standing queue was already starting to form, the charming staff coping with the onslaught admirably. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.



Address: 10 Adelaide Street
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square or Charing Cross; Rail: Charing Cross
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4 out of 5 stars

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This was such a great experience all around! The service was great; it didn't take long for us to be seated even though it was nearly a full house, the food came out in a good amount of time and in batches, which was nice to space out our meal, and our waiter, Ruben, was the friendliest! 

Between my friend and I, we shared the following:

1. Cuttlefish Croquettes - A much different experience to the typical ham and cheese croquettes but oh so delicious! It had a golden and crunchy batter and the interior was black I suppose due to squid ink? I loved that I could taste and see the pieces of cuttlefish inside and it came with a spicy mayo lookalike. 

2. Iberico Ham - A typical tapas dish and simply orgasmic! It had such a good blend of savoury, sweet, and smoked. It was also very lean, which I liked. 

3. Padron Peppers - Another traditional tapas dish that I must have when having Spanish food. It paired well with the Iberico ham and tasted delicious on its own. 

4. Classic Tortilla - This was beyond good! It came out looking like any other tortilla I've had but then we cut into it and the insides ooozed out in the best kind of way! It was filled with onions and was super flavourful!

5. Octopus - So glad we ordered this! The octopus was delightful; the texture was smooth not chewy, it was seasoned with a chili oil, and served with potatoes. 

6. Milk Cream with berries - Such an interesting dessert! It was simple and really refreshing. The berries added a good amount of sweetness and tartness, which paired well with the creaminess from the milk pudding/cream. 

To go along with all that food, we also shared a carafe of red wine. It was super smooth and paired well with everything we had! A really good recommendation from Ruben! 


The place to go for upscale tapas, served nicely on the counter. The potato tortilla is made slowly, arriving crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, the meat is top quality and grilled to order, and the croquetas are one of the best in town. Start with some piquillo peppers and pan con tomate to do it the spanish way, and arrive early if you want a queue-free experience (and I mean within 10 min of opening times). Prices are a bit stiff, but overall a pleasant experience to share over a glass of spanish wine, always! 


Finally had a chance to eat here! Although I will review on merit and not on expectation I will accept that it is difficult to divorce the two when you’re eating at the "best restaurant in London"( according to Time Out) so take with a pinch of salt.

Anyhow, went here at around 17:30 with a friend on a Wednesday afternoon and waited about 40 minutes for a table, which I understand is reasonable. Had a delicious wine recommended to us, which we sipped on while we waited for our seats at the bar. They have a narrow sort of waiting area/bar where you can snack and drink so it’s not bad to wait, provided you’re at the front of the queue.

The food was delicious too, but some things fell flat. Mushroom croquetas were piping hot and gooey and delicious, and courgette flower (filled with oozing and creamy goats cheese) was extraordinary. Also, best pan con tomate I’ve ever had with perfectly seasoned and garlicky tomato! That said, the chips fell short and could have used a lot more salt. They tasted bland even with the salsa brava (but the aioli was on point!) Also had duck egg on brioche with pancetta, which was disappointing as you only got two thin strips of pancetta and the flavor didn’t come through at all. It was still tasty but a bit lackluster.

All things considered the dishes are well priced, the restaurant has a fun and lively feel to it, and the staff is friendly, proud and knowledgeable about the food they are making. It’s wonderful to be able to see the cooks in action and I’d like to come back to see if maybe some other dishes will push me up to five stars.


Great food and even better wine! All of the tapas were delicious, especially the seafood dishes. The Covent Garden branch doesn't take reservation, so go early or prepare to have a drink while you wait. There is also only seating by the bar, so it's good for 2-3 people and not a big group. 

Amazing! went on Thursday and had the most amazing meal, the head chef was super nice and really enthusiastic about his amazing food! 10/10, could not recommend enough 

We finally made it to the institution that is Barrafina one cold evening in January. After reading about the no reservations policy we arrived at 4:45PM and still faced a queue outside! We were seated swiftly at the bar soon after the doors opened and we were in awe with how the staff coped with the influx of customers, which we imagined would be full on until the end of service. Despite how busy they were, we were looked after extremely well, drinks were sorted quickly and the specials were explained to us. We ordered A LOT of different dishes and everything was fabulous... from memory, we tried padron peppers, crab croquettes, sliced pork belly, dates wrapped in prosciutto, anchovies, monkfish tempura, courgette flower (my fave dish of all time) and two delicious desserts - chocolate truffle tart and poached pear. If that list doesn't make your mouth water... I don't know what will! 

It wasn't cheap... around £130 with a bottle of wine and coffees but wow it was worth it...


Barrafina, hugely lauded by TimeOut especially in London but had never managed to make it here. FINALLY, I made it when I had a week off work and ended up eating out every day to knock off restaurants on my list.

In short, it is worth the hype. The food here is simple, but cooked to perfection. Pig trotter croquettes were crispy on the outside but packed with flavour and soft in the middle. Pintxos morunos (pork skewers) were a highlight, with super tender pork with a dressing that demanded me to lick the plate, and a tempura oyster served with a simple salsa that had me drinking it from the bowl.

Simple dishes, perfect cooking. This place is heavenly and I would gladly come back again and again were it not for the price tag. But it IS worth it, and when you're sat at this branch and see all the chefs working in unison, it's easy to see why the price is higher. Some of these dishes are attended to by multiple chefs who are cooking several dishes at the same time, so my respect for their job and focus merits the price tags they ask for.

The menu is also surprisingly extensive, but as this place has a seafood daily menu - get something from that, you won't regret it! 

3 of us met up in Soho for food and drinks and decided to go to Barrafina. I had never been before and one of our friends we were with recommended it. When we turned up the queue was outside the door. A waitress met us up the door and informed us kindly that there would be an hour and a half wait. I was not too happy to wait but my friend guaranteed me that I would not be disappointed. So we entered the restaurant. There is a queue from the front door working its way to the bar. Everyone sits around the bar to eat. Atmosphere was really good. As we stood there we ordered finger foods and beers. So as we were told an hour and half later we were sitting at the bar ready to order. Excited and very hungry we ordered loads of tapas and off the special board as well. A few bottles of red and we were well on our way!!!
My friend was not wrong!!! I was so so impressed!! The squid was amazing, the suckling pig wow!! I can not recommend this place enough!! We drank loads and ate loads and the bill worked out £75 each of us and that was cheap!!

Great great great place! In the words of my friend you will not be disappointed

The aubergine drizzled in honey and tortilla are truly amazing! The staff were incredibly helpful also, we were on a lunch break with only one hour and did everything that they could to ensure that we were served in time with our food. I will most definitely return.


What a wonderful experience. Not a traditional restaurant with tables and chairs, so everyone sits up on stools at the bar, and there are a surprisingly low number of covers. For this reason, turn up as early as you can, or else be prepared to list your name and wait it out! The staff are superb with their knowledge and recommendations. The food is truly excellent. Too many outstanding dishes to even mention. It's all tapas so we shared several and everything was close to perfection. There is no turn around time once you are seated and we enjoyed a leisurely few hours there without once being rushed by the staff. A tip is to round off your meal with a lovely sherry. Cannot get enough of this place and will return.


Barrafina is my go-to treat restaurant when I feel like spoiling myself with a mixture of sublime dishes that can leave you a little light in the purse afterwards. This isn't a cheap lunch/dinner out, especially if you want to experience a good selection of different dishes (which you do) and have a well rounded meal with plenty of different cooking styles and ingredients.

The menu is gloriously varied, with different meats, vegetables and twists on classic Spanish tapas dishes. This certainly isn't ordinary tapas - every dish is elegant and bursting with flavour and innovation.

The milk fed lambs kidneys are up there with one of my favourite dishes in London. The salty, juicy kidneys sizzle lightly over hot coals - the presentation alone is appetising, but the flavours are even better - bold, unique and mouth watering.

Another of my favourite dishes in London can also be found in Barrafina and this is the tempura battered goats cheese stuffed courgette flower, drizzled with honey. FUN FACT: myself and my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend: awkward!) filmed for couples Come Dine With Me before Christmas (air date sometime in Spring this year) and for our starter we recreated this exact dish with the help of the chefs at the Frith Street Barrafina Restaurant. They even supplied the courgette flowers for us. This is a stunningly beautiful dish - it's light, sweet and a beautiful mixture of textures. It's also pretty complex to get right (and trust me, I know!) so we can now understand why this single flowered dish will set you back around £7 - but believe me, you'll never try a tastier vegetable!!!

My one bug bear about Barrafina is the inability to reserve a table. I despise having to queue for my food. I HATE the no reservations trend. Really hate it. I just think its unnecessary - it goes against the art of organisation and pre-thought and means you have to either dine at silly times for wait ages to get a table, which tends to put me in a bad mood and no matter how great the food, there is always the hint of a bitter taste in my mouth throughout the meal. Luckily the few times I have visited Barrafina there has been a surprised lull in custom and i've managed to get in without waiting longer than 5 minutes, but I have had several occasions where i've been turned away unless I was willing to wait 45 minutes. No. I think restaurants like this should maybe set aside 3/4 tables available for booking and leave the rest for walk ins. It would make it so much more fair and enjoyable!

I visited Barrafina Covent Garden last week with my partner and we really enjoyed the experience. We waited for a seat for about 15 minutes, but this wasn't a problem as we were able to wait indoors and have drinks and nibbles while we waited. Bear in mind though that this was a Monday night at about 6.30pm, so this may not always be the case! The waitress suggested a bottle of Rioja which was delicious, and we were soon sat at the bar-style tables enjoying a good meal. The communal seating makes for a good atmosphere and the menu is varied and full of delicious options for anyone. We had a variety of dishes which were lovely, the only thing that wasn't to our taste was the rabbit, which was covered in something that resembled (and tasted like) moss. Other than that it was great and we will definitely go again!


I had seen so many interesting Instagram posts of this branch and was probably expecting too much because all in all, I found everything a little bit bland. The vegetarian options were few but they all needed more seasoning for my tastes. The classic tortilla was very runny – was that on purpose or was it simply under-cooked? The presentation of the artichoke looked amazing but it was literally just deep fried and served with flaked sea-salt some sort of flavoured mayo which on all accounts were underwhelming and under-seasoned.  My friend chose a couple of seafood options from the main and daily menu and I kid you not, everything was deep fried or covered in batter or breadcrumbs and then deep fried. We couldn’t even fit in dessert because our intestines was just too full of grease. The redeeming factors were the staff that served us were very attentive and you can’t get a bad seat in that place (ground level bar) – with a view of all the action in the kitchen. I will however go back for what looks like a spectacularly wobbly crème caramel (which is called something else on the main menu had I known I would have ordered anyway).

We were amongst the first to book the private room for a family dinner for 13 . Eleanor, through whom we did the booking was very helpful with choosing the menu and  wines.

On the evening the room looked  glamorous  and inviting, the welcome was very warm and friendly . We  had some delicious nibbles standing with a glass or two of sherry . When we sat down the staff timed the arrival of the superb food to perfection and the evening was great fun . Do NOT miss the crab croquettas !

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