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Another hit from Jason Atherton, a vast and glamorous dining room in Fitzrovia with ornate plasterwork ceiling and some fabulous cooking at prices to match.

Restaurateur Jason Atherton has had a great year. Berners Tavern is the third restaurant he’s opened in the West End this year; the other two, Little Social and Social Eating House, were very well received for their playful and appealing dishes. This new venture is more of the same, but in a much grander setting.

It’s housed in the new Edition hotel in Fitzrovia, which looks like the older, more sophisticated sister of the Sanderson hotel just down the road. Both places were given makeovers by hotelier Ian Schrager, but Edition is an exercise in slick metropolitan taste, with opulent chandeliers, framed art-by-the-yard covering entire walls, and improbably elegant staff. The huge lobby bar looks fabulous; but the vast dining room, with its ornate plasterwork ceiling, very low lighting and lively bar area, looks even better. The menu’s prices are alarmingly high – but most of the dishes we tried were very good.

Head chef Phil Carmichael turns out tender pork belly with a sauce of sharp capers, golden raisins and apple coleslaw to cut through the fat. The flavours of this and a pan-braised halibut (perfectly cooked) with a little saucepan of savoury squid ink risotto were sublime. A starter of ‘egg, ham and peas’ updates a signature Atherton recipe; a breadcrumbed duck egg is held upright by a purée of fresh peas, the crisp Cumbrian ham almost a garnish. The only culinary disappointment was a chocolate éclair dessert, as the pastry – which should be very slightly stale – was overly so.

Any caveats? Sometimes dizzy service; too-frequent upselling of extras; lighting so low we could barely read the menu. But Berners Tavern is an utterly glamorous experience. Wear your heels or best threads – and book ahead for a cocktail in the Punch Room bar first, to steel yourself for that punishing bill later.

By: Guy Dimond


Venue name: Berners Tavern
Address: 10 Berners Street
Opening hours: Bar Open 11am-11pm daily.Restaurant Breakfast served 7-10.30am, lunch served noon-2.30am, dinner served 6-10.30pm daily. Lighter supper menu served 10.30pm-midnight daily.
Transport: Tube: Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road tube
Price: Main courses £15-£26. Dinner for two with drinks and service: around £140.
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Tim A


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Staff Writer

This place is an absolute knock out. Not only is it set one of the most beautiful dining rooms in London, the food is utterly divine. Perfect for a date or wedding anniversary or if you need to take someone somewhere special if you're feeling guilty about something. It's fine dining at it's best in a friendly atmosphere brought to you by the genius that is Jason Atherton (he's one of the young superstar chefs setting London alight at the moment - you've seen him on Masterchef). I've been three times and so far haven't found one dish I didn't adore. To drink try: the Mead, Myself and I For starters try: the crispy pigs head, foie gras and black pudding (mmmm) For mains try: the mac and cheese with braised ox cheek (might be the best mac and cheese in the world) For pudding try: them all and then get down the gym, it's worth it. Where to sit: Genuinely, there's no bad seats. My tip: Book early but it's also a great place for a breakfast meeting or Sunday lunch. Oh and... The Dover sole is almost too good!

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Amazing venue, great food and excellent staff. In particular, look out for Ellen (or the "Swede") who is one of the best dessert waitresses around!

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London's newest bobby dazzler is Berners Tavern. This is no tavern or Bernies Inn, but more a gastronomic heaven in Ian Shrager's new hotel Edition behind Oxford St. Enter through palatial glass doors to a fabulous grand atrium and join the party. You are immediately transcended to a world of 5 star luxury, imagine lots of well groomed eye candy, high spec hotel interior, a hip bar, a huge silver egg/ spaceship for a chandelier and funky music. That's just the hotel reception. Turn right into the 'tavern' and be wowed by the sky high ornate ceiling, walls of gilted paintings and lots of alluring leather upholstered booths with an army of female staff in white tuxedos and men in jet black waistcoats. The music was an eclectic mix of salsa/ ibiza/ jazz and slightly contradicted the cuisine and surroundings but worked. You can feel the energy and finery in this place. The cuisine is mastered by Jason Atherton, top dog in London at the moment for new restaurants. My only niggle would be that the lighting was so dim, that my guests with dodgy vision all had to get their IPhone torches out to see the menu. But this is the kind of menu you could easily play 'pin the tail on the donkey' and win, all dishes were equally brilliant. Think Romney marsh lamb either as as starter with some amazing creamy pasta dish or as a main with delicate lamby chops or share a feast of lamb for £55 for 2. The ceviche of scallops looked slightly anaemic on the plate but tingled and tantalised the palate. I had the sea bass which was milky white with perfectly crispy skin accompanied by a bright green samphire and mustardy cream, 'a little bowl of yum'. Halibut with moreish squid ink risotto also satisfied us. The warm almond brioche in a jar was a novel, creamy, golden fruity delight. Dishes were generous, rich and worth every penny. After filling your boots with fine grub, totter into the the punch bar (can be pre booked) for a little brandy in sultry gentleman's club surroundings. This is the kind of place you need to go on a friday or saturday night, dust off those glad rags, shine your shoes and join London's most exciting gastronomic party.

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Despite the beautiful decor and generally good food, there is one major problem with this restaurant which makes me never want to visit again (and I suspect many others including another reviewer below). Portions are tiny! Everything we ordered for breakfast was half the size of what you would get elsewhere. A £5 smoothie was less than half the size of what I would get elsewhere. Pancakes = two small slightly doughy discs. Etc, etc. There is nothing worse than paying high prices for tiny portions, leaving the restaurant feeling hungry and ripped off.

Sam Davis
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The venue is incredible and my girlfriend and I had high hopes of having a nice breakfast before work. Unfortunately though, it took 45mins for our meals to arrive; pancakes and a bacon sandwich (hardly time-consuming/difficult dishes). We were told numerous times that it was 1 minute away so we waited, hoping that the delicious food would make up for the service. But after 45 minutes we got burnt, rock solid toast for the bacon sandwich and 2 mini cold pancakes (that would've filled me up if I was 10 years old) with soggy strawberries. We were also late for work and all we got was a "sorry, this never happens". If we were offered a discount we probably would've declined but appreciated it, as we're not the type to demand anything - but we weren't. So although the place looks spectacular, the food was far from that. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because the atmosphere was great.

1 of 2 found helpful

Stunning room, attentive staff, great wine list and the potential to be fantastic. Needs to address portion sizes. Staff were fabulous overall. Sommelier was very knowledgable and recommended a great wine. Our waiter did use a wet cloth to wipe down our paper placemat- this was odd! But he was very polite so we forgave this. What we couldn't forgive was the portion sizes... The food tasted great but there wasn't much of it! At £24.50 ( if I recall correctly) for a sea bass main course, we were expecting more than the measly 6cm square (approx) portion that appeared before us. Maybe they thought we were on a diet. Maybe they'd run out and were rationing it. Unfortunately we'd both ordered the same main course so couldn't even share. This is my favourite meal and we've ordered it at many restaurants and have never seen such a small portion. To be fair, we didn't complain and in hindsight we should've sent it back as it was beyond unacceptable, but the look of sheer disappointment on our faces said it all. The waiter did ask if we were ok, but our shock left us speechless. As we assessed our miniature cheese and biscuits that followed, we concluded if we ordered another bread basket we might be full. We weren't. We did go soon after it opened so maybe it was a teething problem. Definitely worth visiting, but I wouldn't recommend ordering the sea bass for dinner if you're hungry, unless you've got the phone number of a good late night take-away for your return home.

Tyan N

One of my favourite places in London! Normally would do drinks here as the cocktails are amazing but finally got a chance to try the restaurant. The whole place is decorated with paintings, giving a rather Victorian feel. We ordered the focaccia with burrata which was really tasty as expected. For mains, we decided to share a platter for two which includes beef fillet and macaroni and cheese with ox cheeks. The portion was huge, I think it is good to share between four persons actually. My favourite was the mac and cheese with ox cheeks as it was so tender and the mix of flavours were amazing. Didn't manage to order dessert as was stuffed by then but saw the flaming Alaska being served at another table and i would love to try next time! All in all, worth trying this place for a nice occasion as the bill came up to be rather pricey.

Guy B

All mouth and no trousers... As my grandmother would say.  I was suspicious when my partner showed me their site before arriving - this boasted of it having won more decoration awards than food gongs...  The dining room is indeed very impressive but I'm afraid it felt like they were trading on that and little else.  The food was expensive and middling at best (not a good combo) and the clientele (the evening we were there at least) seemed to be entirely composed of tourists and selfie-obsessed late-teen girls.  As the lead review notes, the service was somewhat random and disorganised - not what you expect at these prices.  I'm probably just showing my age but I would have happily traded a bit of the bling for a little more substance.

Amanda F

You know that scene in Beauty and the Beast when Beast shows Bell the library, that's how I felt when I walked into the dinning room at Berners Tavern. The food is spectacular, in particular the braised ox cheek mac and cheese (my mouth is watering just thinking about it). We were also lucky enough to have a tour of the kitchen which was amazing. Thoroughly recommend Berners Tavern, it is quite the experience!

Soso T

This place definitely has the wow factor. It's a stunning and very grand venue. If you're not impressed with the look, you're a hard person to please. I couldn't fault the food either. The crab omelette was tasty, but £3.50 for a side of avocado was a bit steep considering it was literally just half an avocado on a separate plate. I would have thought they would have dressed it up a bit at least. I wasn't very impressed with the staff either. When we arrived, we had to wait a while before being addressed and it wasn't overly busy in my opinion. I left with the impression that staff weren't as attentive as they should be for an establishment like this. I ordered a flat white which arrived, but I had to ask for some sugar and they didn't check if we were ok or if we required anything further once our food arrived. It took a while to get their attention for the bill too. When I asked if there was a disabled toilet, the staff wasn't sure and said he would check with the manager. It took a while, but eventually he confirmed there was one and walked me to it. For the price, I expected a better experience.

NakedPRGirl Claire

I've had Berners Tavern on my list of place to visit for months and months so I am pleased to have finally made it earlier this week. I went for breakfast on an sunny Wednesday to meet a work colleague and so I booked ahead to make sure I got a table. Even on entering it feels special with a nice snazzy London door and inside the walls are covered in framed pictures with the white ceilings containing beautiful impressive chandelier. The service was swift and friendly so we ordered Earl Grey Tea served in a giant vintage looking tea pot. We went for fruit - mine was fruit, yoghurt and granola - scrummy. Around £30 for two with a service charge included. I want to go back soonest.

Jo Gowans

Book a table in the Punch Room for pre-dinner drinks ladled from silver sharing bowls by the fireside, then relocate into the resplendent dining room; you'll feel like you've stumbled onto a film set. 

Lisa S

Such a treat! It is one of the most beautiful rooms to have dinner in London, you could spend hours staring at the ceiling and looking at the dozens of pictures hanging around the room. Make sure you leave time to grab a cocktail or two before and/or after your meal. And the food itself is, as you'd expect from Jason Atherton, divine. Understated and delicious, complemented by an excellent wine list. A top destination for any upcoming celebrations.

Sarah G

What a treat! We went to celebrate 2 marriages & what a top choice.

The restaurant is absolutely beautiful, worth trying to go for just a drink to see it!

The service & the food were immaculate! My only disappointment is that for such a high end restaurant there were no added extras. That said the bill, given the quality was less than I expected!

I'd love to go back!

Staff Writer

When you walk in, you would think it impossible that the food could match such grand surrounds. You would be wrong. A splendid place for breakfast, and an even better one for after-work drinks. There is no bad here. None.

Stefan S

You can see why this restaurant won GQ's Best Restaurant Interior for 2015.

The walls are lined with perfect portraits of flowers and furniture, the floors host leather upholstery and the ceilings sparkle with chandeliers. It's a gorgeous place to dine - how does the rest stack up?

We went for a Friday lunch to a packed restaurant. The waitstaff were clearly busy - with some slight delays to our requests - but overall were largely helpful and friendly. 

As the vegetarian, I ordered the artichoke risotto with a 'dill or no dill' cocktail. The risotto portion size was not huge, but it was warm and nutty in flavour. The mushroom salad on the side was actually one of my highlights. Simply roasted mushrooms, but done really well.

For dessert we shared the strawberry eclair, the warm pistachio rice pudding and the dark chocolate tart. The dark chocolate tart was excellent, although like I experienced, you may enter a small food coma after finishing it. The warm pistachio rice pudding was my overall highlight. I'll have to go back to try it again!

Amy M

Located within the well renowned London Edition hotel, Berners Tavern has become the go to restaurant and plays in the same arena as the socialite favourite The Chiltern Firehouse.

Personally I go to this restaurant to entertain clients, whether that be breakfast or lunch. The doormen are friendly (yes it's that posh, someone opens the door for you), there is a large lobby with lounges where you can have a casual drink or meeting but you would normally catch me changing from my converse kicks into power heels for my meeting.

The dining room has the most exquisite art in beautiful gold frames all over the walls. The dining room has a number of tables, comfy leather booths and mini cushioned stools and tables by the bar.

The food is divine. The avocado and poached eggs are my fave with a fresh juice... Try the green one! It won't disappoint.

Although it is super fancy it never feels pretentious. Plus its not going to break the budget if you and your friends wanted to check it out for breakfast. Book ahead though as tables go fast.

Keep your eyes peeled as a celeb might just be having a meal right next to you.


Probably the most relaxed of Jason Atherton's London restaurants. The dining room competes with the food as the star attraction, both providing a dining experience that is hard to match in London. An ideal spot for a date, business lunch or a special occasion it really does cater for everyone. 

Staff Writer

Amazing dining room, great staff. Food always incredible. However watch out for one or two of the dishes such as the macaroni and cheese, braised ox cheek, pretty heavy and hefty portion. Delightful but make sure you know what you are in for on the heavy looking dishes. Non to be missed though, not in one sitting perhaps. The steaks are superb. Wine list, well you would expect exceptional choice and you get it. Repeat visits a must.


Another superb Jason Atherton establishment. I've been lucky enough to go a few times now and it always over delivers. It's the perfect combo of utterly divine food and stunning location. What really nailed it for me though was on one lunch there the sommelier recommended at £25 bottle of Cotes du Rhone instead of heading toward the £40 plus bottles. He said it was such excpetional wine and value for money that you'll definitely want at least two bottles. Where else would you get that in London? Oh and the food...the Pork main dish, chargrilled is outstanding. 

timothy w

Disappointing. Overly expensive for food that I could make myself. Cote de Boeuf was fine but not at the price. My guests enjoyed it but I left confident that i won't be coming. Dining room is nicely designed and staff were ok but not great.  

Dan C

As you walk through the doors you are already in awe of the palatial surroundings.  The art, the high ceilings , the engaging staff all contribute to give you a feeling of grandeur before you even take a bite to eat or order a Martini. Whilst the surroundings are grand the menu is easy to understand and not as expensive as you may think.  The food when it came was beautifully presented and each mouthful tasted better than the next.  I did not get to the desserts but I am sure I will on a further visit.  My guest was also really impressed with the restaurant which she had walked past many times - this is a true gem hidden behind the expanding end of Oxford Street.

Warwick W

I have been fortunate to eat here twice now and on both occasions the food, service and ambience has been amazing. It truly is a destination restaurant and reserved for special occasions. If you want to impress and eat delicious food in an amazing setting, then this is the place.

Charlotte C

Loved it-wouldnt say it was that romantic, but a fantastic vibe great music and food(chicken salad was the best I have ever tasted!) was well priced.

Tip-try the punch room in the hotel for a cheeky after drink.



Beautiful decor and great atmosphere, though a little loud. The terrine with leek, Apple purée and hazelnuts was beautiful. My vegetarian risotto was mind blowing - and a huge portion. Thank goodness we could work it off in the old school night club down stairs afterwards. Knocked a star off as had to wait 25 mins for our table but the barman was proactive and got our pre dinner cocktails removed from the bill.

Kim Fleming

I love this place, I have been for breakfast, lunch and drinks and every single time its been great. From the door to your seat this place is stunning. I walked past this building for years and delighted to see the transformation too. Great for family and friend treat and for business meetings too. 10 out of 10 from me. 


I was so excited to discover Berners Tavern inside the the London EDITION Hotel - the interior is breathtaking and I love to visit for breakfast, since that's more affordable but with all the same service and glamour. 


I was blown away by the place! The food was amazing too. I had oysters (incredibly fresh) and steak!


Awful customer service and have only have been open 6 weeks.

Marc C
0 of 1 found helpful

Amazing venue, really loved it, from there it went downwards...
The service wasn't up to par for the image the restaurant gives, also the food wasn't as expected :(
Quite disappointed!