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The Big Easy is an American ranch-style restaurant. The menu ranges from meat to lobster and seafood. The venue also boasts a cocktail bar, serving frozen margaritas and more.


Venue name: Big Easy Covent Garden
Address: 12 Maiden Lane
Price: £25 and under
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Such a cool restaurant and I can see why its popular – I wanted to eat everything on the menu, it all sounds delicious! The rib tips were divine and the unlimited shrimp deal of the day was pretty good. Advance booking is essential as this is a very busy place. Service was a little off when I visited but it didn't damper the experience.


It absolutely breaks my heart to give an big easy location 1 star but this branch honestly doesn't deserve anymore in my opinion.... I usually head to the branch in Chelsea but we were in covent garden and unwilling to make the journey.... Alas we arrived at our desired destination.

What I will say is that its much much larger than I expected and the service was quick and efficient. We came for the lobster roll which was absolutely horrible... The mayo they lathered it in was sharp and tasteless.. The fries which came with it were refried and so very oily & inedible.

The slaw was bitter and bland. Honestly I couldn't believe what was going on. Their only saving grace were the delicious frozen margaritas and crispy calamari but honestly it was a disappointing lunch. I think I'll stick to their Chelsea location from now on.


I recently went here for a social with a group of friends. When I first walked inside I was taken in by the bright neon lights, wooden walls and other general decor. They don't half pack people in though- it was a Tuesday night and it was so, so busy, I think the tables being quite close together made it seem even busier!

We, luckily, made a booking and were sat downstairs, we were a group of 8 and some of us were late and they were quite accommodating (only just, they had booked our table for about an hour and a half later but luckily that got cancelled whilst we were sat).

This definitely a place for lovers of meat and liquor- they have a MASSIVE spirit menu and some of its quite pricey- they really sting you with the price of mixers, I'd recommend having something off the cocktail menu. There is a lot less choice but it's much cheaper.

Although it was busy when we first went in, it quickly died down, but the staff were sometimes quite hard to get the attention of, when we did get service though, the staff were polite and friendly. The food was delicious and came out quickly when we eventually ordered (our fault for chatting too much and not looking at the menu!!) The shrimp tasted amazing!

I wouldn't go here with a group of friends for a catch up again, and I wouldn't say it's a place for first dates, I do want to give it another chance though- the live music was great and was really in keeping with the vibe of the place! Looking at the reviews, it seems a great place for brunch and if the food is as delicious then I am all up for it!


Took my dad here for Father's Day for the BBQ brunch as he is such a meat lover, and it not disappoint. We were one of the first to be seated and had a great seat under the aircon (it was a super hot day so this was great!) Our waitress was really attentive and kept refilling drinks which isn't always the case on bottomless brunches. We had a selection of food; lobster, lobster mac n cheese and the BBQ - although my party didn't manage a second plate of meat, having the option was really nice. All the food was great - definitely no complaints. The dessert was also really nice, ice cream and banana cream pie (which was massive so share between 2).

Overall, we had a great time and my dad loved it which was the main thing. Also, great value for money at £30pp for unlimited drinks (and food if BBQ).


You know you won't be disappointed here if what you're looking for is a fun, comforting meal filled with all good things bbq'ed. The portions are generally big and they now have quick lunch deals including a main and a drink.This place is great for big groups and fun parties.


As soon as I walked in here I knew it was going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. What an absolute feast: for the eyes, the ears and, as I would soon find out, my taste buds. The staff were lovely, taking our order promptly and bringing over some plastic bibs which I definitely didn't need but still wanted because... well of course I did. I had the pulled pork sandwich which... my goodness... so delicious - you could tell it had been cooked 'low and slow' as per their menu. The side of coleslaw was also fantastic and made a great companion to the burger. My friends had the chicken wings which were superb and the chicken tenders which were less tenders more... various bits and pieces. The only downside to our experience was that we were seated downstairs right near the guys tuning their instruments in preparation for their Wednesday night jam session which I felt was a bit off and didn't really match what was going on, particularly as it started pumping out at 7pm on a Wednesday. I could see families having to yell at people on the table to talk but I was too busy eating so it didn't affect me all that much but still... odd.


Brunch. We headed here after much research, turns out that "bottomless brunch" is a thing, and the Big Easy does it well. The BBQ was excellent, as were the mojitos. The lobster bap was good, but the dressing was pretty heavy for the flavour of the lobster. Unlimited Prosecco was definitely a perk. A good boozy Saturday morning brunch.


If it wouldn’t make me morbidly obese I would eat here every day.Not only is the Big Easy super fun but it has some of the most indulgent and guilty food you can find.I always go for a lobster platter or lobster mac and cheese.I wouldn’t come here on a diet, I think that is just impossible.It is the kind of place where it doesn’t matter if it’s super busy and you can’t get a proper table as sitting at the bar or along the side gives you a great view of all the food going up and down the stairs.I wouldn’t recommend having too many plans after a trip here, waddling back on to the tube will be difficult enough.I wouldn’t say the food is particularly gourmet but it is homely and tasty, I always think it’s a great location to take friends visiting from out of London. 


I was treated to dinner out at the Canary Wharf branch of Big Easy for my birthday, so I thought me and the gang should check out the Covent Garden location. Man, I felt as if I was in a different world! It's so tucked away that I felt like I really was in an American BBQ joint... like actually in the States. The service was a bit slow at the start of our booking at 7:30, and they really weren't too busy so I'm not sure what happened, but it picked up later in the evening. The drinks were flowing (beer and tequila, mostly, with a smattering of whisky) and the food was excellent. We ordered a few starters to share - the deep fried pickles and fried shrimp, both of which I'd recommend - and I got the lobster mac and cheese as my main. I couldn't finish it; the portion was HUGE. I was a happy girl the next day at work though, eating those leftovers!

I'll be back again, no question. I did like the views from the Canary Wharf one better, though ;)

Note: The bathroom is basically in Narnia. Like be ready to be gone for ten minutes just getting to the downstairs corner area where it's located!


Big Easy is definitely a diner that also encourages drinking. They do an unlimited boozy brunch at the weekend that ends at 4pm and some of the meals even come with a free alcoholic slushie. I had a mojito, it just tasted of chemicals tbh! There's a choice of lobster, slow cooked meats and chicken and the portions are big so you won't go hungry. The bar's also quite cool with a brick and wood feel and a lot of bottles of liquor on the shelves. The staff seem a little over-worked as they forgot to bring our drinks and one of our sides, but fortunately they forgot to charge us for it when we eventually go it so a big win there. I left feeling tired after too much mac n cheese with chewy lobster on top. I wasn't blown away, but maybe after a few unlimited glasses or prosecco my opinion would change.


We walked in here on a Sunday lunchtime, with a group of 7, having been rejected from three other restaurants and were immediately found a table and not made to feel as if it were a massive imposition. The dream!

It was my friends birthday so we opted for the bottomless brunch which lets you choose between a meat feast or a lobster festival. As the only pescetarian of the group I went for the lobster whilst my friends chose the meat feast. 

A few things to know about the boozy brunch: 

- it's amazing value for money. you get LOADS of food and as much drink as you like. please note that the majority of the table were girls/boys who don't eat that much. If you're in a group of six rugby players you may want to request more. However this is only £29.50 so really you can't complain.

- The food arrives in a big shared platter unless you are the only one eating it. 

- you have to choose a drink and stick to it. You can choose between house wine, prosecco, beer or a frozen moijto (bit sickly). 

We also ordered birthday boy a peanut butter icecream croissant which was unbelievable. 

A great place for a fun lunch or dinner!


Visited here back in January

Friend and I were seated straight away at 7pm even though we didn't book however there was only room at the bar - which was fine for us (not actually bar but bar area with bar stools)
Pretty quick service, friendly staff and good wine
Good choice of food on the menu
Main menu quite pricey for what it is but very tasty food
Would definitely go back with a group of people

The only restaurant that I have visited more than twice! I think I have actually been here a good 8 times.. Slight obsession with £20 whole Lobster and the crab shack is also pretty special. Love the music and love the pickle backs! Please everyone try a pickle back. Great place to take a group friends for dinner. I haven't attempted the all you can eat myself yet, but I have helped a few friends finish theirs off!


One of my all time favourite American restaurants. When I first started going here they had a brisket that made me want to never eat anything but that again. Sadly, when I went back a few months later I was told they had lost the supplier so it wasn't on the menu. However, there is much more to love about this restaurant! Everything is big and filling and tasty. The shrimp are my current favourite. I don't drink very often but the bar looks impressive. It is always one of the places I take my American friends who are a bit homesick!! I think the lunch menu is a far better value.


Just good food. Although the Covent Garden location is new and funky, I think you get a more authentic BBQ experience from the original Kings Road venue. Either way, delicious BBQ washed down with an extensive drinks menu = a happy customer.

I've been to the Covent Garden and Chelsea branches, I would recommend the Chelsea restaurant over the Covent Garden one. Reading the reviews below, it looks like it's better and more cost effective to go for lunch than dinner here - so maybe I will give it one more chance and try lunch before I completely write it off...

Four of us went to the Covent Garden Big Easy for a birthday dinner, booked the table opposite the stage to enjoy the band, however that never happened. It took the band so long to set up and warm up we were leaving, at almost 9pm, before they'd even started playing - really disappointed. The band were also so close to the diners that the staff were almost tripping and were having to maneuver round the cables and equipment making everyone really nervous. 

The bill was pretty extortionate given the quality of the food and service. Everyone was packed in really tightly and it felt very uncomfortable and rushed, but I guess that's what you get Saturday night in central London. Still despite all this we had a nice evening, though that was probably more the good company than the location.


Came here for the pre-theater menu. What a deal! Starter + Main or Main + Dessert for £10, and includes a beer! Not a pint mind you, but for its location this was quite a steal and was happy regardless. I started with chicken wings which were a good portion, maybe about 6 wings, and included celery for spreading blue cheese-- WIN. My main was jumbo shirmp, and boy it was exactly as it said on the tin. JUMBO. Deliciously juicy and required a fork for eating. 

They had a ton of specials, including endless hog roast. Music to my ears!! 


It might sound stupid to most of you but until very recently, I wasn’t familiar with the concept of ‘Surf and Turf’. Oh, how amazed and surprised I was when I found out! Seriously, I think we should all take a minute to sit back and think about this: a steak AND a lobster. One single meal. Who came up with this? But I digress. I got to taste this beauty at the Big Easy for the first time in my life and it was prodigious! You’re sitting in a room lit up by red neon lights, rough rock music playing, and you’re all given a beautiful bib to protect you from yourself. I recommend!


Delicious food and a great atmosphere makes Big Easy one of my favorite places to chow down. 

Admittedly, it's a little on the small side and I did feel a little cramped especially now that there's more and more people as the restaurant is becoming more widely known, so unless you book a table, you can expect to wait queue for a table. I went on a Wednesday which meant limitless Hog Roast with a brew...and the servings are enormous. With it comes, pit-smoked beans, 'slaw, chips and buns. I was pretty famished when I came in and thought I'd going for seconds. But that never happened. The hog was delicious and you can definitely taste that delicious smoky oak flavor on the meat. If a hog roast  isn't your thing, each day has a different offer. Monday is the 'Big Pig Gig' and Tuesday is limitless fried shrimp. Alternatively, if you're looking for lobster, Big Easy does that too on any day of the week. Quite a lot of choice I feel. 

I really like Big Easy for it's great choices, delicious food and in my opinion, good value deals. Definitely give this a visit if you want a taste of the American deep south.

Staff Writer

Had my first experience at Big Easy a few weeks ago and I can't say I was disappointed. I'd heard good things from friends about the restaurant and was keen to find out for myself. One of my favourite things to eat are chicken wings and the ones at Big Easy are unbelievable. They come in a spicy tangy sauce with a blue cheese dip - in my opinion the food of gods! It didn't matter that the main - a brisket sandwich, was a little sub-par, i'd happily go back and drink a pint of that sauce...


Delicious food and a great ambience. They really do pack people inside, and if you haven't booked, you'll probably have a 90min-2 hour wait to get in. 

The food is delicious - I had the Taste o Rama platter, which has lots of different meats, with a side of chips and mac and cheese.

That sorted me out with meals for the next two days as well... The mac and cheese is delicious, the meat is very tender. The service can be a little slow, they should employ more staff, but the staff are usually friendly.

You also get to wear a plastic bib as you eat, which is fun, and a great photo opportunity!


After many failed attempts at walking into The Big Easy's Covent Garden location, I had the foresight to make a reservation in advance to take the carnivore in my life to indulge in a protein-fueled feast for his Birthday. We were time constrained because we were eating before a show on the West End and this caused some confusion- I made the reservation for 18:15 after seeing that they had a pre-theatre menu available on their website; however, when they rang to confirm the booking that afternoon, I was advised  that items from the pre-theatre menu must be ordered before 17:45. As it seemed too risky to reconfigure our plans, I explained that we had exactly one hour to order, eat and settle our bill. The woman who sat us enthusiastically noted this would be possible- I also advised her that it was my boyfriend's Birthday and she indicated that a cupcake would be arranged and sent over to us- sadly, this surprise never came into fruition in the haste of us paying and leaving!

The Big Easy boasts a lively, moody atmosphere and typifies everything you expect from an American barbeque joint- it's a guaranteed good night out and will satisfy any meat eater or seafood lover's cravings. The food is bombastic and messy, slathered in the house barbecue sauce or swimming in creamy or spicy stock. The meats come delivered on wooden blocks or, in my case, the seafood arrived in a bulky cast-iron skillet. The portion sizes also exemplify what you would expect from America: bordering on greedy, but you definitely feel like you are getting good value. The food isn't exactly cheap, especially for some of the steak options and the Nova Scotian lobster, but that is typical for London.

I can't neglect to mention the bottomless specials on offer throughout the week, as I imagine that these are extremely popular. We were there on a Tuesday, which was deemed unlimited jumbo shrimp night (or unlimited portions of a Southern shrimp broil) for a seemingly reasonable price of £19 per person. This included a selection of sides and a slushie cocktail or beer. They offer an unlimited hog roast on Wednesdays and other specials throughout the week.

My boyfriend ordered a Taste-O-Rama platter, a professed cornucopia of meats consisting of pit-smoked barbecued chicken, dry-rubbed St Louis pork ribs, Carolina pulled pork and smoked beans and coleslaw on the side. He opted to add the Texas brisket as well because- damn it- it was his Birthday. Everything arrived smothered and glazed and he happily tucked in, affirming that each item in turn was smoked to perfection. He even thoroughly enjoyed the barbecue beans on the side even if they were humble compared to his primary concerns. There were no carbs here to act as filler, so he managed to put away every last morsel without complaining of the type of sweats that often accompany such rich foods. 

As a seafood eater, I opted for the Crabshack Combo in a spicy soup, which arrived as a sample of giant shrimp (singular), several crab claws, mussels, calms and a handful of new potatoes bobbing in a spicy broth. This was a monster of a dish, requiring untold effort to tuck into- as a warning, do not order this if you are:

A) In a rush; or

B) Going to the theatre.

I was left frantically cracking away at my crab claws and fishing out the meat with various instruments right up to the wire- it was both ugly and messy. The food was delicious, but I had lingering remnants of the meal underneath my fingernails for at least a day afterwards. It was naïve on my part to be allured by this selection, but everything emerged from a wood burning oven in perfect condition; the mussels were plump, the crab was succulent and the shrimp was rich and meaty. I was not offered any wet wipes, however, which would have been appreciated.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the waiters were helpful and there was notes of the blues wafting across the restaurant. I hear that the live jazz band plays every evening and they are worth the trip alone. The cocktails are also supposed to be out of this world.

Our service was a bit staggered, but this is a very busy and buzzy restaurant that makes attentive service an impossibility- we could have used a bit more attention to clear the plates provided for discarded crab shells and the promise of a Birthday cupcake was never fulfilled (and that would have been a nice touch).

We will certainly return to this location of The Big Easy again, but I will order more prudently and we will pace ourselves and make sure to catch the live music. This is a great spot in central London for a boisterous night out in a group.

Beware that you will be offered a plastic bib- it's just that kind of joint.


I just want to take a minute to talk about how great of a deal the lunch offer is at The Big Easy - £10 for two courses and a drink in central London? And we’re not talking two measly portions either, we’re talking you’re probably going to need to take a doggy bag back to your desk with you because they’re so huge style portions. American size portions in fact! The iceberg lettuce with blue cheese and bacon is practically a whole lettuce! And the delicious half BBQ chicken with chips is enough to feel a small family. And when you consider the frozen cocktails would normally set you back £8 each and are included in this £10 offer, can you really afford to pass this deal up? Unless you’re on a diet, the answer is no.

When it comes to the all you can eat offers however (Monday,Tuesdays and Wednesdays - Fajitas, Shrimp and Pork) the deal isn’t quite so good. Its around the £16 mark and they’re mostly topped up with chips so you don’t really get much of a refill, especially when it comes to the shrimp which is so heavily ladened with batter, you’ll barely get your monies worth.


A great place for American deep south BBQ and the blitzed ice cocktails are great. Having eaten there now a few times and usually without a reservation, the sharing platter for two is the way to go, you get a mix of ribs, pulled pork, corn bread and other typical deep south BBQ. The surrounding are great and the bar is a stocked thing of beauty, but there are problems and that in the service. The place is so large and always packed but service is slow and it can be impossible to get a waiters attention to order of just get another round of drinks. In fact if you do manage to order drinks it will take even longer for them to arrive, food doesn't take quite so long, but clearly they need more staff behind the bar for the numbers they're serving and more waiting staff too. 

This isn't to say you shouldn't go, because your should if its the sort of food you fancy and don't have to rush, it's especially good for groups as you can all get stuck into lots of different sharing items on the menu.

Slow service and mediocre food. Like being served your last meal on a tin tray. Could barely have a conversation with my friends due to the loud music too! Doubt I would return

The Big Easy succeeds at both quality AND quantity, which is pretty rare for a restaurant.  We at a super meaty meal (barbecue-wise, they have some serious equipment in the kitchen!), but there's lots of lobster dishes too.  Huge choice of drinks (the bar is huge) - I especially liked the Old Fashioned cocktails on tap - they still tasted great!  Loud and fun place, with a cool Americana interior.  Comfort food.

- Nina
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An industrial revamp of the old electricity station, fused with retro Americana makes for a fantastic interior, and the bar is of mind-boggling proportions, seemingly serving every liquor ever put into production! There is live music too, which I'm sure would be fabulous if kept in line with the blues spirit emanating from the enforced ambience...I'm yet to experience this though, so cannot comment properly. I'm afraid though, this is where the good stuff ends because the prices just don't tally with what's on offer, the service was slow and not all that enthusiastic, and the food was distinctly average. Read more @theTRUsocial -

Disappointed in service and food, after a long hour and 45min wait. Kindly offered a free round of drinks, to be again disappointed when our mains finally arrived. Very average lobster and below par cold steak. Won't be going back.


If I could give this place 6 stars, I would. 

Steak & Lobster + a beer for £20 on thursdays.

Comfortably the best meal I have had in London this year.