Big Easy - Kings Road

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Big Easy - Kings Road

BBQ joint and lobster shack.


Venue name: Big Easy - Kings Road
Address: 332-334 Kings Rd
Transport: Tube: Sloane Sq
Price: £26 to £40
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Avatar for Alex PD

Having previously visited the Canary Wharf and Covent Garden outposts of Big Easy, I was left a little disappointed with the King's Road offering. It's very busy (we went at around 20:00 on a Wednesday evening) and we were perched on a tiny table, getting constantly banged into by other customers and staff. 

We went for the unlimited fajitas, which were a little bland. They were certainly generous and the staff were quick to check if we needed anything else, but it's no good paying for unlimited fajitas if they end up plain and boring. 

The staff were mostly friendly  - especially on the bar and on arrival, though a few waiting staff a little surly.

It has none of the atmosphere of the others - in particular Canary Wharf which feels and looks much more like a great dining experience, rather than a run down bar.

Avatar for GirlAboutLondon

If you're into weekend brunching then The Big Easy brunch is a really good option. We visited the Chelsea branch which is the oldest of the 3 and it has a very homely feel with low lighting, upbeat music and a fun atmosphere (it's always busy on the weekends).

For £30 you can get either a whole lobster and chips, or an all-you-can eat meat feast of BBQ chicken, ribs, slaw and cornbread, both with bottomless drinks options for 2 hours.

I had the lobster with prosecco and my husband had the meat feast with frozen mojitos.

The service was friendly and we were seldom left with empty glasses although you did have to ask for them to be topped up. At one point I asked if it wasn't easier if we could just have a bottle of prosecco on the table but the waiter looked at me like I was joking (they did that at Kurobuta and it was much better than having to get someone's attention to get another glass of fizz every time you wanted one).

The lobster was excellent- the plastic bibs are not just for show, you really have to get stuck in!- and needless to say the BBQ meat feast was very big and filling. A good option is to share one of these between two.

It's a popular place so you need to book especially on the weekend. If you have a big appetite then I highly recommend it!

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Avatar for MooseInLondon

Walked in and got a table without a reservation (huzzah!) on a Thursday evening. Got the blow out meat plate to split and had and old fashioned (they are always so good here!). The staff was lovely and attentive. 

We each got a piece of chicken, 3 ribs, and a lovely helping of pulled pork, as well as corn bread, slaw, and chips. PLENTY of food for two people. We needed to be rolled out! The chicken was surprisingly my favourite, deliciously seasoned and super juicy. 

-1 star for feeling very cramped. 

Avatar for L-J Bryan

Make sure you enjoy dining on tight tables and hanging out with tourists perhaps before you brave the Big Easy on the Kings Road. The food is worth it though the Lobster special is a must have with a portion of ribs for good measure. Dinner can easily cost £60 per head with wine, they do an excellent happy hour at the bar 2 for 1 cocktails until 7.30pm. They have large frozen cocktail machines,  I am not a fan of frozen margaritas in December so do specify a Margarita deluxe if you prefer less brain freeze. Always packed great atmosphere and they have live music downstairs so do specify a table downstairs when booking. Good fun, great atmosphere, very busy highly advise to call before hand.

Avatar for Sam B

It's a shame that this branch has gone downhill. I used to love to come with friends for the lobster specials where we would all leave full up and satisfied, but the most recent visit left us all disappointed. The tiny lobster and cheap tasting chips made us think that we would've had a better experience with a visit to Iceland (the frozen food shop, not the country!) and stay at home. Big shame. 

Avatar for Jack T

Good vibe, great shrimp and reasonably priced lobster make this a go to restaurant for me when I want as much food as my body can handle! The fried shrimp are gigantic and delicious, I recommend getting blue cheese and hot sauce to dip them in. On Tuesday's they do this as all you can eat for £20 and it comes with a schooner of the house beer or a frozen margarita. The lobster is always perfect too and can be ordered in absurd sizes.  To top it all off, they make great cocktails and probably one of the best old fashions in London.

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Avatar for timothy w

Lots of fun in a no frills, stuff your face and eat with your fingers diner. Great with kids or a friends.

Avatar for elladacas

oh boy oh boy!

where to go for some good seafood with even better portions? here!!

I won't lie, the decor is dark and its rocking a western vibe so expect noise and wooden hues! the food? damn! so so good! I've tried most of their menu and I keep on coming back! their shrimp is just divine!! big,juicy and flavoursome!

the calamari is the best in London hands down!.... the prices are really good also! especially if you're heading there between the times of 12-5pm... you get a starter,main and a frozen magarita,beer or wine for just £10....yes I know ;) . Honestly you won't get a better deal..not for that quantity nor quality!

Avatar for Lexi D

Delicious food and great value for money! Although the table set up is a little cramped at times, the general vibe during the evening more than makes up for it.

Rich flavours and top quality food ensure you will leave Big Easy feeling full and happy. When it comes to the all-you-can-eat days, make sure you go hungry because they are not shy with the amount of food being given out... and if you go with a group larger than 8, make sure you haven't eaten for a week!

With the larger groups you pay per head and don't get the all you can eat option, instead you get a selection of plates to choose from to share. We were a group of 12 and had enough food to feed 500. From veggie to fish to meat - you seriously can't go wrong (and the freezing cold margaritas don't hurt either).

I wouldn't suggest The Big Easy for a date, but I would highly recommend it for a group of friends looking for decent food and a great night out.

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Avatar for Kate D

If your'e looking for a ridiculous amount of food for a relatively good-value-for-money price then look no further 

Big Easy is quite honestly the most American-style place to eat that you'll find in Chelsea area.  It's a crazily noisy, jam-packed, deliciously-meaty (or fishy), massive portioned style place! From arriving you'll be offered drinks, cocktails and cocktail of the week - which is usually a good choice, then the menu choices begin... I would say if you're a first timer here then don't bother with a starter as the mains will be more than enough - however, if like me, you have eyes bigger than your belly then it's definitely worth sharing a starter as a warm-up to the scrumptious mains.

Mains are simply amazing - whether it be chicken, ribs, fish, lobster or steaks - there are simply too many to run through (as you can tell, I have been several times to here).  The staff are more than happy to help with providing fun bibs to make sure you don't end up wearing your dinner - always a winner if you are heading out for drinks afterwards and don't feel the need to head home and lie down (believe me, you might!) 

Plus, you can always take home with you anything that you do not eat! Everyone loves a good doggy bag....

There's special events throughout the week - such as unlimited ribs and things (these don't have the takeaway bags though so you need to eat in situ for these!) 

If you're looking for a taste of the US, an overload of delicious flavours or guaranteed food-induced coma then this is the place to head to

Avatar for Luisa G

Absolutely delicious, as always, but not cheap! For 2 rib meals, 1 portion of chips, 1 potato skins and 3 beers it came to over £70 for lunch. We could've done it a lot cheaper, if we'd stuck to their (massive) sandwiches or burgers, but it was delicious!

Avatar for Sarah R

That's a winner when it comes to relaxed, easy places to go. Name is very fitting.
It's rowdy, loud and fun. I'd say is good value for money. If you are lucky enough to have time to come here during your lunchbreak during the week, they have very afforable set menu. 

Their lobster rolls are similar to those in Burger and Lobster, but they don't come with the buttersauce. Mussels are delicious, so is the chowder. Anything lobster is an obvious choice, or fried stuff. Ask for popcorn fried shrimps, they are not even on the menu.

Forever a fan, Big Easy.

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Avatar for Ladyvp

This restaurant is a kings road institution. I really like it it is laid back and provides tasty food. They have some good value specials, like surf and turf with a margarita for £25, all you can eat fajita nights etc... So check out the menue and see what they have on offer. I really like the frozen margarita's, this place is good fun! Be warned though, the service can really be hit or miss. There are times where it is noticeable (which is when it is good) and then I have been there at times where it has been the most diabolical restaurant experience in my life (waiter poured red wine down my partner's white shirt and walked away hoping he would not notice). Despite bad waiting experiences I have had, I would still recommend it. 

Avatar for Claire L

Seriously good value for this part of town, meals for people with an appetite! None of this fancy "Instagram plating", just really tasty food to get stuck into you with your hands, there's no point even trying to go about this in a lady-like way, just enjoy getting messy! Don't even think about wearing anything white either. Something for the guys with plenty of meat options, the ribs are some of the best in london but also plenty of seafood options, imagine if Burger and Lobster had a real menu with loads of other options around that theme. They also have deals of differen days (e.g. All you can eat "x" depending on the day) and live music on weekends. Their adult slushy machine churns out ice cold margaritas in a wide variety of flavours and they are lethal. The best thing though is the horrified look on the faces of girls who have been taken here on a date, visibly stressed about ruining their hair/make-up/white outfit/diet - priceless!

Avatar for Maxibuoy

Always a great vibe in here, food is terrific, been going here for years and never had a bad one!

Avatar for Samantha H

Big Easy in Chelsea is the perfect place to end the week with friends.  Book a table for Sunday evening, request to sit downstairs, drink margaritas, enjoy the live music and stuff your face with lobster.  Is there a better way to spend an evening!  Not a place for those wanting a quiet or romantic dinner!  the food is always decent and the portions are large!  In the week they have specials on, including a few 'unlimited' options if you fancy a challenge!!!

Avatar for Kishma S

I used to be quite a regular here a few years ago but I hadn't been in over a year when I went back on 10th August.

I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I had made a reservation 2 weeks in advance (highly recommended unless you want to stand at the bar until a table opens up). Despite having a reservation for 4, the first 2 members of my party were told that the could/would not be seated until all parties had arrived. I've encountered this policy when walking in for a table but never for a reservation and it didn't get the night off to a good start.

The second disappointment of the evening was being seated downstairs. I had forgotten they have live music and it is very very loud if you are downstairs (it's also not to my taste but that's by the by). The thumping country music made it difficult to have a proper conversation between the 4 of us and we also had difficulty communicating with the waiter. There was also no crab which was another disappointment.

On the positive side, what we did have (wings, tenders, salad, lobster, steak and a burger) was all delicious and the service was good.

The Big Easy is cosy and noisy but the food is generally good if you after a nice American style restaurant. It may be worth bringing some ear defenders though...

Avatar for writtenbyfitton

The Big Easy succeeds at both quality AND quantity, which is pretty rare for a restaurant, though it is pricey.  We at a super meaty meal (barbecue-wise, they have some serious equipment in the kitchen!), but there's lots of lobster dishes too.  Huge choice of drinks (the bar is huge) - I especially liked the Old Fashioned cocktails on tap - they still tasted great!  Loud and fun place, with a cool Americana interior.  Comfort food, for about £80 (starters and mains only, no drinks, including service).

Avatar for MG

I'm confused about the 5 star rating - ahh, it's not a Time Out review. I really wanted to enjoy our meal at the Big Easy - we used to go here relatively often about 5 years ago. I have never written a bad review but after spending £102 for 2 on a disappointing meal I think the following needs to be said. Atmosphere: Great, loud, 'All American'. The tables are crammed in with centimetres between them - you really do intrude on your neighbours' conversation in order to talk over the loud music. Not the best setting for a date night. Drinks: We both wanted a margarita - after spying the small size of the cocktail glasses, we opted for a pitcher. A classic margarita at Big Easy is fluorescent green, plonked on your table with no straws and does not pour. Hmm... After asking for some help, we were equipped with two plastic straws to either share the pitcher or to scoop the drink out of the pitcher into our glasses. I felt as if I was back at a student bar.... Yay. Except that I had paid £30 for the pitcher. After a half pitcher of slush puppy each, we were both still sober. £30 for a drink with no alcochol - really?! Food: The descriptions are fabulous. Despite the noise and the close proximity of your fellow diners, you could enjoy the experience if the food lived up to the hype. Our double baked potato skins were shells filled with cheese. That's it. The Jalapenos were great, but only 4 in a portion - the bottom of the bowl is filled with nachos. The calamari was a bland disappintment. That said, our main meal of ribs/chicken and fries was decent enough. Good meat on the ribs, however there was a bitter aftertaste with the BBQ sauce. Loved the french fries. Such a shame!

Avatar for Mr K

I found this place about a month ago and now I can't stop coming back and sending all my friends there. If you are a fan, and like me, have been struggling for so long to find an amazing U.S. BBQ & Seafood restaurant, this is a place for you. Very reasonably priced despite it's prominent location and worth every penny. As fat as I know, it's the best value Maine Lobster in London, amazing steaks and ribs smooth like butter! Every day is a different deal, I would especially recommend the Surf & Turf night and 'The big pig gig' (All you can eat BBQ). Downstairs is a bit more crowded and lower ceilings might make you feel like there is not much space. They host live music there, so it's great to get a table for a louder company or celebration. However if you are looking to bring a date, or your mother, a reservation upstairs will allow you to have a bit more of a 'normal talking volume' experience.

Avatar for Charlie

Yes yes yes! Finally a place in London which has both amazing seafood and BBQ. The deals are great especially through out the summer with the Lobster festival. Can't get any better/cheaper Maine lobster in London (to my knowledge). I highly recommend this place! The only negative would be the margaritas-- out of a slushy machine, which is not what you want, but I can look over this fact since the food is so darn tasty!