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3 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars
(12user reviews)

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

The first permanent venue from this egg waffle trader.

What is it about London and bubbles? First there was tapioca-filled Taiwanese bubble tea and now we’re losing our minds over another bubbly Asian super-treat: the egg waffle. For those of you who haven’t seen the (hypnotising) viral videos, a bubblewrap – that’s the name of the place and its signature treat – is a thick, bulbous egg waffle, curled up into a cone, cooled, then filled with cream, fruit, chocolate and other photogenic delights. Everyone wants a selfie with one of these babies, so the queues are insane. But do they taste as good as they look? Not quite.

You can ‘create your own’ or pick from a menu of house standards. The best of the lot is the House Matcha. Its bitterness offsets the sweetness of the waffle and the whole thing really works. Do not get the avocado and baked egg option: the egg is cooked until hard, the batter too sweet a backdrop. Everything else was perfectly decent, but not worth the 90-minute wait or the relatively high prices. Plus there’s no seating inside, or anywhere nearby, so when you do finally get your hands on your waffle, you have to eat it standing in the street. But for your Insta-feed? Yup, it’s gold.


Address: 24 Wardour Street
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square
Price: Bubblewraps: from £5.49.
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3 out of 5 stars

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Finally tried and tested Bubblewrap! I enjoyed building my own combination with a Matcha base, Dark Chocolate sorbet, Oreos as a topping, and a Nutella sauce. It was a great match of flavours! I could taste the matcha in the waffle batter although it didn't look very green. The dark chocolate sorbet was actually really thick and rich! Wouldn't have thought it was vegan if the staff hadn't informed me. Really a great scoop and to be honest, I'd have it on its own because it was really good! The Oreos were obviously great and I liked how thick the Nutella drizzle was. It was nice because it also hardened on the dark chocolate sorbet, which prevented it from dripping all over the paper holding cone. It was rather filling though, so I'm glad I shared with my brother!


Lives up to the hype, plenty of customisable options and taste amazing.

Not easy to eat on the move so prepare to be messy

What is their sorcery? I would love to know. The continuous long queues will surely catch your attention. Even when it’s raining, people are standing outside munching away on freshly made spherical bubble type waffles filled with Icecream and various toppings. Originating from Hong Kong, this popular street snack known as Egglettes is the new fad in China Town. The space is very cramped once inside and making these desserts is a little labour intensive but the waiting time is definitely worth it. I had the Fudge Lover (£6.99). The crunchy pecans and chewy fudge bits had me swooning after the first bite. I will certainly be back to try other flavours like their House Matcha , Caramel Banana and Oreo Crunch.

A real gem of a place where a new marketing concept of Ice Cream is being married with a waffle cone. Brilliant, delicious, fresh and innovative!

I’d heard good things about Bubblewrap so made sure to visit after a meal out in Chinatown.Although it was near to closing time, 10pm on a Saturday night, there was still a long queue outside and I got the feeling its like that most days!

Bubblewrap is essentially just waffles and ice cream, but the structure of these waffles allows you to tear off the waffle ‘bubbles’ which have absorbed the various fillings and toppings.  In a nutshell….yes is was tasty and a nice post-dinner treat.  Yes, it looked great on Instagram! But for £7?  Way overpriced. And I thought I was being quite conservative with my additional toppings (the lady in front of me managed to add enough extras so that her bill was £11 just for one!


Insane queues waiting to try these bubblewrap creations stuffed with icecream and various toppings. A few Options of waffle flavours exist every day and they have special flavours like matcha, etc. Try it if you love waffles and icecream.


My friend and I queued for over an hour to get our hands on these popular, instagrammable treats - and while they were delicious, I probably wouldn't queue again. 

The queue was cramped - even more so once we actually made it inside the store - and when we watched them prepare the desserts I couldn't help but notice they weren't being very quick and there were several time-saving tricks they were missing. (Pre-cut the fruit!!!)

Thanks to the air in the bubbles, the waffle is much lighter than it looks which made it very enjoyable as I wasn't left with a sick, over-full feeling afterwards. The ice cream and other toppings were all tasty too. 

Overall, I enjoyed the sweet treat but I think the waiting time was a bit much - the power of social media!


I heard about the hype of these egg bubble waffle wraps and seen pictures all over social media that I was curious to grab my hands on one try one of these for myself. My tip is to get there early as the queues can get really long especially after right after work 5-6pm which seems to be their busiest peak time weekdays and even busier during weekends. The team are great very efficient, you see the waffles being freshly made in front of you and they take care to assemble the fillings and toppings, but i felt sorry for them slogging away in the heat when I visited on one of the hottest days of the year.

The waffle was generous but was a bit heavy for my liking, that I didn’t finish it but it could have been because it was baking hot that day. Chose the matcha ice-cream with strawberries and chocolate sauce. Matcha Ice cream wasn’t bad but I didn’t really like the ice-cream consistency and tried better ice-cream elsewhere however the overall concept is good and it would be good to try some of their other flavours. Liked the combinations they have on offer and the design was well thought out but there are quite a few similar ones throughout London though. Also echoing what other people have said I agree that it’s a shame there isn’t anywhere to sit inside. 

A super fun concept but the reality is weighty up the novelty with the minimum 40min wait in the queue. They are extremely slow do to painstakingly placing each topping so it's the most instagramable. It would be good to have a wider variety/better gelato options and for the toppings to have more "sprinkle" options rather than large chucks of chocolate. Fun and tasty but overpriced and overrated. For £7 you can get something better and have time back for other fun things in London


On a hot sunny day, this place looks like heaven as you drool watching everyone come out with these beautiful colourful bubble cones filled with all sorts of goodies! However, be prepared to queue! The wait can be upto 2hours, so I suggest you try go on a weekday in the daytime, when the queue is only about 20minutes or so (and when they haven't run out of cone flavours and toppings).

Overall, I would say the cones are nice if you have never had bubble waffles before, but they taste just like any other waffle with toppings and ice cream. The good thing is you can "create your own" but they do end up being about £7 average. 

Best of all is the instagram photo you take once you have yours! Don't take too long though getting the perfect shot, these things start to melt real quick! 

Try and check it out if you are in the area! :)


This is a good example of the power of social media. Mostly hype. It's a fresh waffle cone with bubbles instead of squares. Seriously felt stupid for standing in a 2 hour queue. The prices are individual so you are paying for each element and by the time I was done it was like £6 and I didn't even have gelato. It was exciting to be in the moment...chatting with others in line. Drooling while watching others pleasure as they eyed their prize, and staring in the window with wonder at what awaits you. But what it boils down to is a good instagram shot and knowing you are resilient and made it through the queue. Don't get me's not bad...just not really worth the money or the wait.

I have had eaten tens of bubble waffles (or Gei Dan Jai in Cantonese) and I find their bubble waffles fairly disappointing. First of all, the batter has to be improved. It tastes bland while I expected it to taste eggy. Second, the texture isn't quite right. The waffles are supposed to be cooled for one of two minutes to achieve a crispy texture outside, but they just put all the wet toppings on it soon after it's done, which, destroyed the crunch on its surface. And last but not least, the whipped cream they use is tasteless. Please change for a better one...or whip them from fresh cream, please. It will taste much better.

To me, it's quite overpriced. And I don't bother visiting again.


These desserts are fun, delicious and probably the cutest ones for Instagram at the moment! I'm sure you all know bubble waffles, and you can have them in many different flavours, from Oreo Crunch (my personal favourite) to the more adventurous avocado & egg. 

I love that they come with a lot of different fillings and textures - ice cream, biscuits, chocolate sauce, fruit...the best of the best for sweet lovers!

The place recently gained a lot of popularity so be ready to queue for a bit, but these are so perfect for a spring afternoon stroll in China Town :)

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