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Burger & Lobster Mayfair
Venue says Bring on Christmas feasting at Burger & Lobster! Forget the turkey, throw out the sprouts and enjoy a burger and lobster this Christmas!

Probably London's cheapest lobster in one of London's priciest areas - and no stinting on quality.

Please note, Burger and Lobster’s menu is now full a la carte and prices have changed. Time Out Food editors, January 2018.

Don’t be put off by the gimmicky concept or swanky addresses of the nine branches of this chain; this sleek eatery represents remarkably good value for money… if you order the lobster. As you walk through the door in the Mayfair branch (an attractively converted pub), a blackboard tells you all you need to know about the menu: you may order a lobster (boiled, grilled or in a brioche roll with mayonnaise), or you may have a burger, all served with a substantial and tasty salad and french fries, for £16. The simplicity of the pricing – while absurd for what is a fairly average burger – cuts neatly past the usual ‘market price’ for lobster, which can easily work out to over £30 elsewhere in town. The grilled version got top marks on our visit: the lobster was a fresh, quality specimen, perfectly cooked – and tasted divine dipped in drawn butter. For dessert, there’s either an entirely average chocolate brownie or a delicious lime mousse that offers a tart finishing touch to a satisfying meal. If you’d like to make an evening of it, do: the bar has a range of fine cocktails and a decent selection of beers on tap.


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Burger & Lobster Mayfair says
The Burger:
To make a great burger you have to start with great beef. Our Angus beef is 'Best in Class' from Nebraska. Our beef, which is three parts of the bull blended, is full of flavour.
The next step: the grill-master. Our burgers are grilled and cooked to perfection. This is something we worked really hard to achieve and our grill-masters take very seriously. Our open flame grilling adds another layer of B&L goodness. Combined with our seasoning, specialty sauce, toppings and classic bun, this is a burger for the books! The end result is a burger that has received a tremendous amount of love made for you.

The Lobster:
The Journey of our lobsters starts in Nova Scotia, where the waters are deep and the lobsters are flavourful. Regardless of what Burger & Lobster location you are at, lobsters are flow in throughout the week to provide optimal freshness. Each B&L location hosts the lobsters in one of the most technologically advanced lobster holding systems, aka The Lobster Spa. This stress-free environment that mimics the ocean allows the lobster to maintain its flavour. Whether you are a grilled-lobster person or steamed-lobster person we do not discriminate and we do both exceptionally! You will find our fresh lobster to be one of the most juicy and flavourful you ever had.

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Venue name: Burger & Lobster Mayfair
Address: 29 Clarges Street
Transport: Tube: Green Park
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After 4 tries to book a table for 8 people, we finally got the good news! There will be room for all of us in 1 month time... and they mentioned about to meet a condition to spend at lest £35 + service per person, although the menu is set to £20... is not that a bit abusive? That reply changed the impression we first got of the place and it does not seem longer attractive to us... Anyone with the same experience?

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I have been around the world and I have learned the truth about mankind everywhere: we all want to eat lobster, and we want it for a fair price without fear of humiliation or an unmentionably high surprise in the bill. Thank you B&L for understanding our species and serving consistently good specimens for 20 quid. Clients, be sure to go at an off-peak time because you are too fabulous and important to stand around queuing. I'm hooked but I noticed the service is starting to get a bit cheeky chucking in a few charges for things that used to be free.

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long hours waiting and (few) overpriced food. Never more.

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Shame about the wait and the rude and unapologetic member of staff at the door (the general manager of all people!) at the door, as it could've been a really nice experience.

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I'd love to have been able to rate this place properly, but the absolute shambles that was their booking arrangements didn't allow. Arrived at 7pm, was 8th on the list and the person in front of me was told about 90mins till a table. Couldn't get a space at bar, so went to a recommended local bar and went back 1hr40mins later and not only no table in sight, they were operating 2 lists and I was 6th on one and didn't feature on the other. Was then told I probably wouldn't get a table that night. Despite all the raving about the food & concept, if they don't sort this out they'll soon fail. We weren't the only people ranting at their organisation - there were at least 4 other groups all experiencing the same. Shambolic is my only review


If you like lobster, then you are going to love this place. Famous lobster chain of restaurants all over London with cheap lobster and chips. Apart from lobster though, they don't actually offer anything elso so special. Having tried just burger and chips, I would say that they are overpriced and nothing special about. Recommended only for lobster lovers!


I love burgers, I love lobsters, so I was looking forward to dinner at burger and lobster. As a walk in restaurant that always seemed busy, I expected to wait, but arriving a little later than peak dinner service, we managed to get a table within 15 minutes. I ordered the 1.25 pound lobster steamed and served with their famous lemon and garlic butter, chips and salad for £27. Although it was fresh and well cooked, I felt that maybe I should have gone with the grilled option instead to add a bit of smokiness. I appreciate lobster already has a delicate flavour, but even the lemon garlic butter wasn’t packing enough flavour. After we all finished up our lobsters, we still wanted to try the burger, so ordered one between us, which the kitchen happily pre-cut for us. It was delicious and juicy, I would say I enjoyed it far more than the lobster especially with their secret burger sauce (though, this could simply be the contrast from the slightly bland lobster). Cool concept for a restaurant, but maybe more variety needed on the lobster butter accompaniments. 


Burger and Lobster!

I used to be here at least twice a month a few years ago. I love the grilled lobster with that butter sauce they serve! Damn its good stuff!

Their prices have since changed now and they sell the salad separately unlike before . overall great lobster and yummy cocktails!

Staff Writer

You cannot go wrong with Lobster and Burger whether you go solo, duo or with a group of friends. Its easy (the menu offers two choices between a full lobster - which can be served either grilled, steamed or in a roll- or a beef burger) and tasty and not a bank breaker (£20 for a full lobster with side French Fries and salad). You will need to be patient and queue on a friday/saturday night but you might be able to just walk in and get a table a in few minutes if you go the branch in 52 Threadneedle Street (East London, near Liverpool street). Its the largest restaurant of the chain. You must go if you have not gone lobster yet!

Very busy but we were seated immediately, friendly staff. The lobster's what everyone's here for, and it didn't disappoint. Brilliant for 20 quid. 

Special conditions for the Christmas period: obligation to spend a minimum of £35 pp + service charges (and max 2 credit cards per table) ...

If you like lobster, then this is the place to go. I had the lobster and it was a great portion for £20, arrived promptly and was delicious! Yes, the no reservation policy can get in your way since no one really wants to wait for 3 hours for dinner, so I suggest to get there before 6 when there is no queue and you can walk right in. Cannot comment on the burger part since, who's gonna pay 20 quid for a burger when Lobster is on the menu! (just my opinion) The cocktails are a must since they are paired with each meal you choose, was a great experience with friendly staff. Can't wait to go back.

Friendly staff. Great service. Great food! I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a good old lobster/burger with beer! Bear in mind, it gets extremely busy for dinner (Soho).

Went to the City branch last night. Don't get anything but lobster otherwise you are being ripped off. The lobster, and the lobster roll were excellent. The roll itself was like french toast - amazing. The fries were thin McDonalds style, and not many of them. The salad was straight out of a tescos 'Mixed lettuce' packet. Meat Liquor/Mission/Market et al is far better value as the sides there are massive and they don't charge service automatically. Lastly the staff at B&L were kind of dickish. Friendly enough, and prompt, but trying way too hard to be hip & cool & irreverent.

Quick service and friendly staff. The lobster roll and the grilled lobster are both FAB but the burger is a disappointment for £20!

The lobster was great - but £20 for a burger is rather steep when you can get a burger of equal quality from places like GBK.

Went to the SOHO branch, had to wait for 45mins on a Monday night. When comes to the food, it's really just Burger and Lobster, the grilled lobster with Garlic dressing was DELICIOUS. Burger was only average, however, if any ladies are on diet, recommend the Lobster roll, fresh and light.

Very unwelcoming when asking for a table and claiming that there would have not been one for days... Agree with other comments on the bad way of dealing with reservations and table requests at the entrance, at least for the Soho place... Disappointing!

Amazing! Went last night for the first time and would go back again (and again)! Having done some research our party knew that a long wait of 1.5 - 2 hours for a table is to be expected, so someone went early and put our name down for a table. We then all met and pub and had a drink while we waited for a call that our table was ready. In the end we only waited 1.5hours.. not bad. When we arrived we were seated promptly, and our drinks orders taken quickly. The service was quick and staff pretty good. But what we were there for is the lobster - and it was worth it! Delicious and huge, i was stuffed after the meal and £20 for lobster, fries and salad is very good value. The ambiance is great, a real buzzy, fun vibe. The waitress spent a few mins with us at the end answering all our questions about where they source the lobster etc - very interested. I will be back and would recommend Burger and Lobster. As long as you are prepared for a long wait for a table, then it is a extremely fun (and delicious) night.

Fret no more, there is a brand new opening of B&L on Dean Street with reservations and is at least twice the size of the Mayfair branch. So no more ridiculous queueing and the same reasonable prices for excellent food. I came in on a Saturday night and was seated immediately. Staff were top notch and attentive. Service was speedy, and needless to say food was immaculate. Partner and I opted for the lobster roll to share as a starter and finished with the burger and lobster. Unfortunately they don't do the burger rare, but it was still juicy and full of flavour although I think next time we'll just go for the lobster roll whole grilled lobster which were the real stunners. £20 for a lobster, salad and fries, means I definitely can't complain! They have some top-shelf booze on offer too, although the cocktails weren't particularly exciting and coming in at £9.50 a pop.

I am not sure that people actually get this place, or what it's about. So no bookings, annoying, but you know that before you get there. They tell you how long the wait will be, and you don't have to wait in a queue like MeatLiquor or other similar places. In my experience, the staff were great, friendly, even in what is a totally frantic atmosphere all night. If you don't want to wait, don't bother going. I waited for 2.5 hours, and although i'd rather not have done, and just walked in for a reservation i'd made, that's the deal, that's what is making you all want to go there in the first place. As for the pricing, think about it. At £20 for a full lobster, they can't be making much margin....at £20 for a burger, they must be making excessive margin, and therein lies the reason they can offer a whole lobster for £20 in MAYFAIR!!! I think it's genuis, i wish i'd thought of it. We had all three, and i think the Lobster Roll, although nice, is the least exciting prospect. Great simple well cooked food, witty service and so reasonable for that area. Its sometimes nice not to have a choice when there is so much on offer in London. People suggesting going to Nobu or wherever else are missing the point. What they have created there is hype, backed up by decent food at decent prices. Maybe it's not the best food in London, but they have everyone talking about it, and queues every night, as well as hosts of copycats like Hix's Tramshed who only serve two of three things. Like I said, i wish i'd thought of it...

Seated for lunch today as soon as we arrived, at around 1pm! Friendly and fast service, good food - lobster and burger both great. Would go back.

Come on peeps... If you don't want to wait go early or elsewhere. Four of us went on Thursday we got there at 6pm and were seated in 5 minutes. All the staff including the doorman where perfectly friendly and our waitress was excellent. Great cocktails, amazing lobster rolls but stingy salads.

We placed our names on the 2hrs wait list.We killed 1.5 hrs in a local cafe that shut soon after. It was freezing out so we opted to wait at the bar. Waited nearly 1.5 more hrs & we were 6th on the list but well more than 6 groups seated first. Lobster was good, burger av = not worth the wait!

Agree with all the comments regarding the waiting times, but its difficult to argue with the economics. I'm sure every restaurant's dream is to be at 100% capacity everyday. And they need it, £20 for lobster is great value - forget the burger - there are better for much less. The lobster tasted great and I thought the chips were great. Big low point for me was the dessert - cheesecake - waiters didn't tell us it was effectively a big tub of cheese mouse with a few disgestive crumbs - when we were all expecting big slaps of american baked cheese CAKEs.

Sadly the same old problem with the lack of a reservations scheme ruined our lunch experience. We were told (as others have been) that if we turned up at 12.30, we would have a table in about 15 mins. It was not the case. Still standing around 50 minutes later. During this time we were repeatedly told that the table would be ready in 5 mins. I complained to a waitress and saw the manager slink past ignoring me and my complaint. Burger was very good...but unless you have all the time in the world (student / pensioner?) I would strongly urge you to give this place a miss until they organise a proper reservations system.

Burger and Lobster. Too good to be queue? Billed as having a ‘no reservation’ policy, we were surprised to find the centrally located Burger and Lobster absent of a queue at 7.30pm on a Saturday night. The taste buds were watering at this stroke of luck, especially as we had been in the area since 4pm sampling the delights of Shepherd Market. The previous week, Randall and Aubin, Brewer Street, had softened our hour-long wait with a glass of champagne and plenty of French hospitalité. (As you would expect from a restaurant with a no reservation policy). Upon entering Burger and Lobster, the taste buds started to whither with the news that there was a three-hour wait. Yes, 180 minutes. How so with no reservations and no queue? And therein lies the problem. Front of house, we were advised that we could leave our mobile telephone number and be called when a table was free. Hmm. Isn’t that what we call a reservation!? As the waiting list was longer than the trip to Canada where the lobsters are sourced, we decided to try another route. The bar. The bar area ‘which doesn’t have a wait ‘ and serves food from the quirky menu was pretty busy as you’d expect. Having waited 40 minutes with a nicely made cocktail, we found ourselves craning over fellow diners to see if they had finished slurping on their lobster claws and were ready to vacate. No such luck as a rather zealous American couple that had been ‘waiting way longer that us’ ousted us. Subsequently, a waitress with a stack of metal lobster trays dropped them on my partner’s calf without hesitation and failed to apologise or raise alarm. Nice. Upon exit, we were placated with a ‘did you not manage to eat’ smirk and continued into the heart of Soho for a proper pop-up experience. If you like to eat with a hungry audience craning over your shoulders and enjoy an atmosphere lacking charm and hospitality, this could be the place for you. In summary, we have no reservations in avoiding this establishment.

My friend Sarah fancied the guy on the door so was happy with the 45 minute wait. Meant she could sit & the bar & have a little perv. He was a nice firiendly lad from Tipperary (real shame about the mullet). Jolene's pre dinner speech was charged with emotion. There were tears of sadness owing to the length of it followed by tears of joy when she began to round things up. It began as a lament to her Irish exiled friends in London, but ended up being a toast to a man in Hong Kong (Diarmuid Kelly) who would rather play an invisible fiddle in the dark than live a life of rationality & logic. Fiona fetl the table water could have done with a little less chlorine & perhaps a little splash of vodka. Food was excellent as was the wine (hic).

Knowing how popular this place is and attracted by the excellent reviews, we decided to go start waiting at Burger & Lobster (B&L) at 630pm last night for a table. I expected a 2 hour wait which was what the hostess informed us would be when we arrived at 6.30pm. They recommended we go to a bar nearby for drinks and wait for their call once a table is ready. Off we went to Tempo - a bar/restaurant close by (oddly with the Tempo business card with B&L printed on the back- is B&L getting a commission?) After 2 hours and 20 mins and still no phone call, one of us headed back to B&L. Was assured that it would be another 20 mins only. Well, as we have already waited this long. Another 20 mins later, still nothing, we all headed back to B&L. Very stressed manager tells us the table meant for us is right here but the people just won't leave. Urmm it could be because they have just ordered more drinks and are still eating. Eventually we get a table, having waited THREE & A HALF HOURS. The food arrives 15 mins after ordering. We were done with eating in 50 mins after a 3 and a half hour wait. Food - was very nice even if burger we ordered well done was rare. We were too hungry to send it back and just took it. Lobsters were lovely. Fries were nothing special. Salad was tasty with very flavorsome tomatoes. Service during the meal - very harassed and rushed - staff were clearly stressed out. Not sure why was there were so many of them. When we finished, we were asked if we wanted desert which we didn't but we were about to order more drinks when the bill arrived on our table (we hadn't asked for it). Not great considering the long wait and we had only been there for 50 mins. We asked service to be taken off the bill due to the overall bad service and experience of 3 and a half hour wait. The waiter said he had to tell his manager. We expected he would at least come to speak to us. Apparently he was too busy. In conclusion, food was nice but not worth 3 and a half hour wait which by the way I don't believe is the real waiting time as the waiter we complained to seemed shocked when we told him. My guess is that they forgot about us or the first come first served queuing system isn't all that it seems (ie. some special people can push in). Also, don't tell you customers the table will be 20 minutes when the table you are thinking of giving them is still eating and just ordered more drinks. Or simply, just taking reservations. All in all, I won't be going back which is a shame as the food was decent.

Very busy atmosphere, staff were very friendly and the food came very quick. I had the burger which I asked for it to be cooked medium but it was quite rare so I didn't finish it. My friend had the lobster roll which she enjoyed and we both enjoyed the free extra trips. Definitely going to come back service was excellent. It's better to book a table as some people can wait for up to two hours.

We went last night to the famed Burger and Lobster having read the reviews and more importantly because my wife was dying to go to it. We even talked another loving couple into joining us on this special of special nights : Valentine's. I had found out that you could not book but the chirpy lady on the telephone assured me that if we turned up at 6pm and put our names down that we would be sure to find a table. This we did and when we arrived the restaurant was already packed but our anxieties were immediately put to rest when the doorman told me there was a 90 minute wait, took my mobile phone number told me he would ring me when the table was ready. Perfect. Dinner and 7.30pm and our expectations were growing from the sight of the overflowing clientele. We went for a happy drinks session in the basement of the superb George just down the road, until we were summoned by a telephone call asking me whether I still wanted my table. We drove over with tummies rumbling with hunger and expectation. When we arrived the door man was impatient and surly. The lady who showed us to the bar explaining that our table had ordered the bill but had not paid was not much better. Now we were walking through the restaurant we saw that it was indeed stuffed to capacity. Tables and chairs had been jammed into every possible place. The staff pushed by us hurriedly as we waited not sure where to stand as there was no room at the bar. We were clearly an inconvenience. When we sat down our waiter was actually very friendly and took our orders for food and drinks. We waited for a long time for something to materialise. There was none of the tasty bread and butter that the sister restaurant Goodmans serves its customers, but this was a minor niggle if everything else was great which it was not. The drinks never came until I called over our waiter and asked if they were going to arrive before our food came and his answer was 'I think so.' The did, by literally 15 seconds. The burger was ok but lacked the meatiness of Goodmans. The fries were crisp but were no where near as good as Goodmans thick cut chips (let alone those with truffle oil). The lobster was nice enough. No one ordered the lobster sandwich as a quick look round at other tables showed it to be insubstantial and not a popular choice. Desert consisted of a choice of chocolate moose or lime moose. Both were bland and served in what appeared to be mass produced little cups. We left feeling disappointed and in my wife's case slightly queezy. It's apparent success is quite mistifying. Perhaps it shows how desperate people are for a 'reasonably priced' up market fast food restaurant in the area. If you want character, great ambience, friendly staff and the best burgers and chips in town as well as some amazing sides including lobster mac cheese, and also truffle mac cheese then Goodmans is for you. The burgers and chips are also cheaper. It is simply the best.

The food is good, but is it worth the nearly 2.5hr wait to get a table on a friday night? Consider this place is owned by Goodman's who serve equally as good burgers and accept reservations and i think not. The fad will fade.

What a great idea! I enjoyed the food very much, I tried all three dishes. The staff where all very friendly and looked after us extremely well. Great drinks selection. I'll definitely be going again.