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Chin Chin Laboratorists

Restaurants, Vegetarian Camden Market
5 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

Now a fixture of Camden Market, the innovative Chin Chin Labs – where ice-cream is frozen to order amid billowing clouds of liquid nitrogen-generated steam – may not seem as wacky as it once did, but there are always new tourists to surprise, and plenty of regulars happy to queue for the fabulous ice-cream. The menu is commendably short: chocolate, vanilla and two specials – one ice-cream, one dairy-free sorbet.

The latter always astounds with its fat-free creaminess and cool flavours, such as griddled peach, watermelon and dill, or beetroot choc chip. Haute cuisine references are frequent in flavours such as coffee and tobacco, or Guinness caramel with smoked salt. Experimental, yes, but the results are reliably superb. Pimp your tub with a veritable chemistry set of sprinkles and sauces (we liked the white chocolate-coated potato chips with our summery strawberry and hay ice-cream) – you too can be a molecular gastronomist.




Address: 49-50 Camden Lock Place
Transport: Tube: Camden Town
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Users say (24)

5 out of 5 stars

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4.7 / 5

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Not all instacrazes actually hold up. ChinChin labs is actually worth all the hype. It's not just a pretty picture. The marshmallow, hot chocolate is amazing. I intend to go back for more. Go get your photo but you won't be sorry you did!!!

Perfect spot in Camden Market, always my favourite place to grab an ice cream after a walk in Regents Park. Best to visit during the week to avoid queues, love that they do vegan options too! 


Not super impressed, I think my preference is still the one in Camden! Still needs a bit of work on the Menu but great location and always great that it's open later so a visit can be made after work!


Chin Chin Labs is a foodie must! Not just because the ice cream is frozen with liquid nitrogen but it's also the absolutely mouth watering taste of the ice cream! You can literally taste the flavours! It's so unique and you feel like trying everything on the menu! The place is quite small and there's always queues but it's definately worth the wait! Be sure to check it out!


I love this parlour! And not just because the liquid nitrogen makes smoke and it's such a fun gimmick but also because the ice cream is so freaking delicious! Made to order every time, the quality is outstanding. You can absolutely taste all the flavours.
And with a menu that constantly evolves with the times, you're sure to never get bored... Having said that I hope they bring back the eggnog one from last Christmas. It was simply incredible.


There's always a queue at this place unlike the Soho branch! All the ice creams are made to order with liquid nitrogen so it's as fresh as ice cream can be! I've been a few times and each time the ice cream is delicious.

I've also tried their hot chocolate with marshmallow which although is decadent, it gets quite sickly quickly.


I went to their Soho ice cream parlour but they served same ice cream. I loved all the flavours there! Try pistachio and avocado, you will be able to taste alllllll the flavours! 


Finally made it to the Chin Chin labs to try the infamous nitro ice cream.  I was fascinated to see it for myself, making ice cream with chemicals just sounded crazy and it definitely was.  When I arrived I could see that it was popular one, a sunny Sunday afternoon and there was a bit of a queue, thankfully it didn't take long to reach the front and get to try out myself.  

Puffs of smoke billowed out as I waited my turn, salivating over the menu and the various concoctions I saw appear from their lab.  You can either choose ice cream by itself or one of the combos, they have the option of warmie, brownie and banana melt sundae.  I chose a brownwich which is made from two melt in your mouth brownies with a scoop of ice cream in the middle. I went for one of the weekly specials of raspberry and rose ice cream, which is vegan.  It was delicious with delicate rose flavour.

I can't wait to go back to some of the other branches to check out their specials.


If you ever want to go to Ice Cream heaven then head to Camden right away. Chin Chin Labs is somewhere I dreamt of going to for a long time but the busy area of Camden market put me off until I finally plucked up the courage and joined the queue. You can see all the smoke from outside and the shop inside looks just like a wacky science lab with really enthusiastic mad chefs at the helm. I had the burnt butter caramel warmie (includes a brownie and melted chocolate on top and my boyfriend went for simple vanilla with burnt white chocolate. The vanilla was just perfect and they even made one of the most delicious brownies I have ever had. Everywhere I looked someone else had ice cream that made me want to try them all. I will be going back especially for the hot chocolate next time I decide to brave the busy Camden market.


If you're looking for a wonderful treat in Camden, make sure you visit this place. Have a liquid nitrogen ice cream in the summer, or one of their famous marshmallow hot chocolate on a cold day and you will be happy! Very different from anything else tried before, and truly decadent. What I like the most is their unusual flavours and combinations, your mouth will discover a new sweet world!


I've been excited to try Chin Chin Labs for ages and the opportunity arose at my most recent visit to the Street Feast in Canada Water. Every single thing on the menu looked enticing but having already stuffed my face with the other street foods on offer, one of their signature hot chocolates topped with marshmallow was all that I could manage. 

 The marshmallow that coats the top is an absolute dream: fluffy and sticky and sweet and the perfect accompaniment to the almost savoury hot chocolate. My only complaint was that the hot chocolate was so unsweetened that it was almost salty and became a little sickly after consuming about half of it. 

However, I'm willing to forgive this because otherwise it was the ultimate, luxurious treat. And too much of a good thing and all that...


If you call yourself a food lover but haven't been to Chin Chin Labs yet: do yourself a favour and head to Camden Market (or Street Feast at Hawker House) at once! Each dessert is beautifully crafted - little works of art so to speak! Frozen on the spot with liquid nitrogen, getting your ice cream at Chin Chin Labs is is more than just a quick sugar fix; it's an experience. (In the past I might have gone as far as to call it a lifestyle...) 

Whatever you want to call it, what you can see is that the wonderful staff share a sense of pride in what they do and how they do it: the flavours are carefully thought out, the toppings are skilfully placed on; around and underneath the luscious scoops and you will be presented with a dessert that will excite both your tongue AND your heart! 


The Flavours they have just touch my soul! stuff like burnt salted caramel? oh chinchin's you're so good to me! I dont have any cons to dash out. Nope not even one!. I love the fact that you add toppings like honeycomb,pretzels and sauces into the mix... pure pleasure!!

Discovered it by accident an been many times back since. First - greta customer service, helpful and professional staff. If you don't know which taste to choose you can trust them 100% to recommend a right one for you. 

it can look a bit pricy, but quality of the ice cream is totally worth it. 


Tiny place in the Camden Lock with literary two tables and a bench in front. Little is also the choice of flavours, but they change daily, so you can always come back. and you will as the combinations of flavours are to die for! The day I came they had Burned Caramel, Pistachio Baklava and Rose, Lemon and Persian Love Sand. I’ve tried all of them with the last one being my favourite. A generous lemon scoop served on a bed of pink rosy sticky fluff sprinkled with pink sherbet and decorated with small dark choc label. It was very summery and refreshing combination. The Baklava was an adventure of textures. It was rich and not too sweet. If you want to go even further, you can order ice cream in a ‘sandwich’ – served with brownies, cookies. etc.


Having lived in London for a while now and loving gelatto, it's suprising that it took me so long to get myself to Chin Chin Labs. But boy oh boy am I glad that I finally did.

Yesterday I headed to Camden Market thinking of sinking my teeth into a cronut (which I did) but as I mentioned my plan to some friends, it quickly evolved from a one-woman trip for self-indulgence to a group expedition in search for the wonderful, wonderful concoctions from Chin Chin Labs. This was thanks to a friend who vists that place so regularly that he may have to pitch a tent next to it soon.

I was intrigued by the Burnt Butter Caramel flavour and could barely contain my excitment as it was prepared. My eyes darted around the shop and tried to take it all in (those nitrogen tanks are pretty cool and the packaged, ice-cream complimentary goodies are sooooo tempting). My friends picked other flavours such as cofee and cake and mango. I sampled (and loved them all).

My favourite was probably the Mango - that fluffly gooey marhsmellow under the icecream is bliss.

So, pencil in some gym time for afterwards and get yourself to Camden and Chin Chin Labs - you'll thank me for it


No foodie visit to Camden is complete without the *required* stop at Chin Chin labs. Yesterday I had the ‘’warmie’’ , a luscious chocolate cookie topped with Madagascar vanilla ice-cream and then drizzled with delicious melting dark chocolate. One was enough to share between two ( if you’re watching your calories!) but I think I will get my very own next time! The full brown-ich is equally delicious and highly recommended!


The user review before mine is totally right is the 'coolest' place in Camden (pun intended) Ha! but it's also the happiest place in Camden in my opinion- aside from the fact that their ice cream is yummy,the staff seem to love what they do and it radiates into every mouthful you have. I went to Chin Chin when they had opened late for Backyard Cinema and it was the addition to an evening that made it a splendid evening!

I made a point of chatting to the manager about the process of LN ice cream and he,very impassioned,regaled the process with animation and verve! So how do they make the ice cream? No clue! 

I also had a special concoction that entailed butterscotch ice cream with marshmallow fluff,topped off with chocolate sauce and caramel popcorn- YUM!!!!

This is the most fantastic ice-cream I have ever tasted - definitely not a gimmick at all. I cannot understand those who say the ice-cream lacks flavour - they obviously didn't try the mango and ginger sorbet, which was the most delicious and refreshing thing I have ever tasted. Even their vanilla is divine!

Best ice-cream in London. Not only for the experience, but the top-notch customer service, the creativity of their flavours and above all the great quality ingredients. Cannot recommend enough. They deserve every success.

Best ice cream I have ever bloody tasted! Not to mention a fascinating experience. Would definitely recommend checking this out.

Ice cream was delicious and a very good explication of the process was given! Would definitely recommend it...

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