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Crosstown Doughnuts

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4 out of 5 stars
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Address: 4 Broadwick St
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4 out of 5 stars

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I liked the doughnuts but I did not love them. I feel that more care goes into what is on top of the doughnuts rather than the base, which to me matters. They are overpriced too. If they were £1 less then they would be a little more value fro what they are but at the price now they are not worth it really.

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Staff Writertastemaker

So. Freaking. Delicious!

Don’t know why I  haven't tried these sooner. I had a creme brûlée  one which had a crispy glazed top, gets all stuck in your teeth sort of thing- amazing!

The middle was a vanilla custard and so much of it. Incredible.

In the shop the staff were so friendly (of course they were they are absolutely jacked up on sugar). They sell boxes by the dozen which seems like a really risky thing to take home but hey, maybe they are for sharing! I’m getting a box next time for sure.

About £3 each so not cheap but if you want a little bite or a selection they have a few mini’s on the counter too.

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Massive fan of Crosstown doughnuts - my only problem is that I have to order a chocolate one and raspberry filled one as I can never choose between them!

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Expense is the one, minor drawback with Crosstown - but it's a treat, and assuming it's a rare one (nobody should be eating doughnuts daily, however tempting) well worth it. If you try the crème brûlée doughnut and aren't overwhelmed, I'm impressed by your resistance to tastiness in its purest form.

Actually, I take back the whole "one drawback" thing - choosing what you want and (potentially) sharing what you get is a hardship.

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Staff Writer

I genuinely couldn't have been more disappointed with these. I wanted to love them, I really did but I just couldn't. They look beautiful and sound amazing but they were dry, dense, not sweet enough and bloomin' expensive. It's not like I would turn down a free doughnut from them, don't get me wrong, but it would have to be a filled one and I will still probably moan about it.


I've not always been the biggest fan of Crosstown, never quite sure if I'm actually enjoying their Technicolor creations or just being dazzled by a case of style over substance but in their most recent festive & vegan offerings, I am converted. Somewhat. They're still not quite a perfect doughnut for me but they're light years ahead of where I think they were a few years ago at their birth. 

For such flashy products, their Soho store is remarkably understated, all dark wood, cloudy glass lights & muted tiles, all of which serve to show off the gorgeous, handmade-fresh-every-day doughnuts. Their sourdough base makes for a perfectly satisfying level of airy-stodge (it's a thing I promise) and a delicious flavour from which all others then stem. For Christmas, the Gingerbread Cake is utterly scrumptious, packing an all-mighty wallop of warmly spiced ginger flavour that builds with each bite. The cranberry compote is quite mild in comparison as is the clementine icing but the candied slice atop a gold lustred gingerbread crumb delivers a beautiful pairing of textures that keep you coming back for more.

Vegans searching for a festive hit of sugar will find all their dreams coming true with the shocking pink & florally fragrant orange blossom beauty. This is an outstanding dough made all the more impressive by the fact it's entirely dairy free. Light and chewy, it envelops an almond milk citrus scented cream and sits underneath an elderflower & pomegranate icing, speckled with pistachio & pomegranate seeds. The filling is very mild and there's a touch of the potpourri about the orange blossom but enough to make me stop eating? Hell no. If these are the steps on that they've taken over the past couple of years, I can't wait to see where they go next and how they make whatever they do their own as they've done here.


Hands down one of the best doughnuts I've ever had the pleasure of eating. It's no surprise this place has become an Instagram target point, the selection of goods on offer is seriously impressive. You'll have to apply all your restraints to just buy the one - so why bother. Treat yourself to two.


Crosstown = Yummy and a bit expensive, but hey, who eats doughnuts every day? Be careful, even if you'd fancy trying more than one that might be a tough challenge as they are massive! and very sweet - as doughnuts supposed to be. 


Pure indulgence, makes you feel like a little kid with a treat you know is completely unhealthy but worth every bite.

Only negative is they are large and very sweet so may take several attempts to complete.


Oh my lord. I don't know what they put in these donuts, but they taste like pure and delicious decadence. My colleague at work recently offered me one and I said, I'll only have half. How foolish of me to think that I'd not gobble up the whole thing. I ended up buying some here after I saw it on my way to an appointment and could not resist! They also have vegan and gluten free ones, which means there's decadence for all!  They have a lot of amazing flavours but as a purist I tend to go for the vanilla ones, which are perfection. 

The sign on the door warns of doughnut porn and to mind the step, and please head that warning! MY! I have never been into such a delicious looking shop! 

There was something for everyone and someone who finds it incredibly difficult to make any decisions quickly it was quite the nightmare! Luckily, the staff were very friendly and were more than willing to give their recommendations, even though the queue was out of the door. 

Everything to do with their doughnuts is made by them, jams, toppings, etc and I think that's what makes them so special. I had the cinnamon scroll with the vanilla bean glaze and it was just melt in you mouth delicious.

I was a bit wary of the price, but please don't let that put you off - it is definitely something to treat yourself to on pay day but it is so, so worth it!


You won't find better doughnuts in London. With vegan and gluten free varieties without losing taste, Cross Town caters for everyone! My favourite is the banana and salted caramel which is made with sourdough. 


 One of the best donuts in town! A great variety of tastes and fillings (often bizarre ones) that frequently change. One of the best ones; the banana salted caramel flavor. A bit expensive though, but worth for a little treat to your hungry self.

So I have never really been that bothered about doughnuts, a good old jam filled one from the supermarket would suit me, that was until a friend introduced me to Crosstown. 

If you have never heard of them before, think of them as your gourmet sweet treat, they are the upper class in the world of doughnuts. 

With flavours like gin and lemon, beetroot lemon and thyme and apricot and lavender you will be spoilt for choice. I picked a beautiful looking creation that was peanut butter berry which was almost to pretty to eat. Almost.

The berry jam was fantastic, so thick and sweet I hope it was homemade, and the peanut cream was so smooth but not too over powering combined with the nice crunchy texture of the peanuts this was most definitely a luxury doughnut. 

I will be visiting again and keeping an eye out for their specials and limited editions. A tad on the pricy side for a doughnut, but it really is so much more than that. Take five minutes out of your day, and indulge. 


I am obsessed with these doughnuts. They used to be at the Southbank food market on the weekends and we would always buy several doughnuts to bring home and try. I was at their Bricklane location recently and I tried their Chai doughnut and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. The chai cream in the middle was amazing, it wasn't overly sweet and had a nice spice to it and crunchy pistachios on top. All of their doughnuts are rich and decadent and something I really love to treat myself to.

I was always a huge fan of doughnuts in high school and I used to buy them every week. Since I started working, I never ate any doughnuts anymore. As I read so many good things about Crosstown's doughnuts, I decided I should pop in and have a try. It's around the corner from my work anyway. The range of doughnuts is great and I especially like the rare flavours or the flavour combinations. I bought 3 doughnuts: Dulche de Leche, Matcha and Thyme/roses. I must say flavour wise I prefered the last one. The Dulché doughnut was a bit dull, Matcha was not really airy and quite dry and the thyme/roses was a bit on the dry side as well and some would say too sweet.

So it was a bit of a dissapointment for me as I love airy, light doughnuts which are a bit greasy, as a doughnut should be.


Wow. Just wow.

I thought doughnuts were great, but surely, by now, they couldn’t get any better. Well, I was wrong because those ones are amazing.

With so much filling and flavour, they just surpass everything I could hope for.

Not cheap, but definitely worth it!


I have mixed feelings for Crosstown Doughnuts. Whilst I really appreciate their flavour combinations and the will to do a sourdough doughnut, I've had more bad experiences than good ones there. So I have come back again and again to try and recreate that perfect bite I once had. It was with the now extinct date and orange blossom doughnut, which was fragrant and moist, but have since then tried several other kinds most always to find them a bit on the dense and greasy side - not light and fluffy as your regular doughnut fix. They are on the expensive side and what did it for me was when I brought some home one afternoon, and they had gone bad the very next morning. Maybe they're just too artisanal, but at over 3 quid a pop, I would expect more instructions or a longer shelf life. 

I love these donuts so much I once got 'em delivered to the office as a midday snack. Had to get my fix! They're so good, especially as they're not greasy so they don't seem naughty.

Bought on leather lane every Wednesday & Friday at the market. I had tried the peanut butter jam one & hadn't been too impressed but thought I'd give it another go. Went for a safer bet -the raspberry jam 😍 & what a treat it was. I definitely got my donut hit & I even got home & added some crunchy peanut butter on it... Yum!! Thankfully I only bought one 🙌🏽

I've honestly lost count of how many friends I've recommended Crosstown's incredible sourdough doughnuts to. My absolute favourite is their heavenly Peanut Butter & Compote (pictured) - Every time I come here, I tell myself I'll choose something different, but more often than not I can't resist the Peanut Butter.

Come here for a naughty coffee, or take your friends for a post-dinner pudding-to-go (since they're open until 10pm)


Hands down the most satisfying doughnut I have ever had. 

I have wanted to try Crosstown's 'Matcha Tea' flavour for some time now, as I am a huge lover of matcha and I kept seeing this pop up on my Instagram feed. I finally got the chance last week and used it as a cheeky excuse to reward myself on payday! 

It was everything I hoped it was, with a moist cake dough filled with white chocolate and matcha ganache then topped with their signature vanilla bean glaze with matcha tea. The ganache was evenly spread so that each mouthful had a good proportion of cake dough and filling. The matcha taste was definitely detectable but not too strong, as it can become grainy when too much is used. 

A superb doughnut, I look forward to trying some of their other flavours!


One of the much Instagrammed favourites of London, Crosstown Doughnuts are spreading across London in their van and pop up stalls in various areas. Their main cafe/shop is based here in Soho, and is a small but comfy little venue that also serves up some cracking coffee!

As to the doughnuts themselves, they're made with Crosstown's signature sourdough base which for me, is a tale of two halves. On the one hand, I love their fillings. They have a fantastic chocolate one which isn't too sweet and is deep, a creme brulee themed one and a peanut butter/jelly one too. But the dough itself? For me, is too doughy and "bready". 

If you come here expecting a traditional doughnut, I imagine you may actually be disappointed. It's easy to see though how people love this place so much! Personally, I wouldn't go out of my way to come here again. But if I were to walk past one of their stalls and was hungry? Hell yeah! 

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