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Crystal Palace Market

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3 out of 5 stars
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Crystal Palace Market

Time Out says


This bustling all-day restaurant, not to be confused with Crystal Palace Food Market, has become part of the critical mass that is turning Crystal Palace into a food destination (others notable venues include the branch of the Blackbird Bakery, and the upmarket cheese, wine and beer shop Good Taste Food & Drink. The look of this new-style brasserie is bang on-trend with bare-brick walls, white Brooklyn-esque tiling, wooden floors, the de rigueur open kitchen and a large central shared table.

The vibe is friendly and welcoming, and the menu simple: eggs and omelettes for breakfast, a selection of burgers at lunchtime and, at dinner, the big Josper grill that takes pride of place in the kitchen makes light work of the proteins. The British and ethical origins of gurnard, salmon, whiting and wild sea bass (all displayed on ice) are proclaimed on the menu, and steaks are 28-day matured and prime British. Fish, fowl and meat main courses are served with chips and a sauce (including excellent own-made ketchup), while side dishes – salad, potato gratin and the like – cost about £3.

Our roast gurnard was a touch on the dry side owing to the searing heat of the Josper grill, but our starter of padrón peppers benefited from the quick, dry heat. A veggie dish of roast sweet potato and butternut squash, with its smoky, charred edge, was spot-on. There’s a decent range of wines and classic cocktails while desserts are of the crowd-pleasing sort: red velvet cake, chocolate fondant, and ice cream.

A butcher and fishmonger are due to open on the next-door premises in 2014, and a second site in Fulham is planned.




Address: 3-7 Church Road
SE19 2TF
Transport: Rail: Crystal Palace rail/Overground
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3 out of 5 stars

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We stopped by for a burger after a day of antiques shopping, and it definitely hit the spot! Portions were very generous and the atmosphere was good. There's not a huge amount of choice nearby and this is a solid option if you're feeling peckish.  


Although I've been here for brunch, I'd never eaten off the a La Carte menu. I organised a surprise birthday meal for one of my friends, as she's a pescatarian and they do a great fish menu. Monday evening and it wasn't terribly busy. At one point, if you didn't count our party of 9, there were more staff than customers just twiddling their thumbs. The drinks menu was lovely, with lots to choose from. The majority of the group opted for lamb chops, whereas I went for the naked burger and my friend (the pescy) the seabass. Food was delicious and the salad in particular was yummy. Fresh and crunchy with a lovely dressing. The service was appalling though. As I said there were so many staff falling over each other with none of them having a clue what was going on. I waited 30 mins for a drink and when it came, it was alcoholic (I ordered Virgin). Cue another 30 minute wait. Food took ages to come, one of my friends had to send hers back as the meat was ridiculously undercooked. We kept getting whispers and glances from staff, who clearly felt put out by doing their job (poorly I might add). Everything took AGES. It just makes me wonder what service is like on a Saturday evening!

Went for lunch today, first visit. Service was excellent, food was good. However, when (as it transpired) the owner appeared, speaking loudly on his mobile at the next table and speaking abruptly to his staff, we were immediately put off by him. It was such a pity but his arrogant, ill mannered behaviour was out of keeping with the eating experience. He lets his staff and his restaurant down. We don't usually write reviews but....

I have used this place a few times and it is lovely, but as its quiet pricey we only tend to use it when you want to have a treat. Lobster is great and the salmon start. They are good with customers, we had to wait for 45 mins for our pre booked table and where kind enough to pay for our round at the bar, we could see it was simply because the customers before us where having a chig-wag and they where trying to be polite to us all. I would 100% go back. 

I visited here a couple of times late last year and it's alright if you enjoy eating average and overpriced fish to the sound of thumping techno. Seriously, this place looks great from the outside but doesn't deliver. As a regular fisherman, I can assure you that the 'cheap' gurnards, whiting etc on display have seen better days, despite the crazy price tag designed to convince daft trendies that they are getting an authentic taste of the sea. On this note, the 'wild sea bass' in the window of the connecting fishmongers is either not wild or it's illegal (undersized) . The burgers are ok but not a patch on Joanna's. Service is ok but staff refused to fillet a cooked black bream for a friend. Cocktails are good (and pricey). The concept is good and I'd really like to like this place more but it should be better than it is. Judging by the queues, they have a market but I think I'll leave them to it and go to Joanna's.

Went here for Lunch today as the menu looked good and had a couple of interesting choices for vegetarians (which we are). After ordering I noticed that I had a perfect spot to see the open kitchen and what I saw made us cancel our order.  

All the food, steak, burgers, fish & vegetarian all went on the same tray in the oven/grill. I watched as someone else's fish was splashed with the juices from a steak as it was picked off the tray., then as the same piece of fish was 'drained' over burgers. If that wasn't enough, the burgers were rearranged to make as space (not cleaned) for my own veggie dish.  When I called the waitress over and asked if the vegetarian food was cooked on the same tray as meat, the response was a simple 'yes'. no apologies or anything. they seemed a little put out that we wanted to cancel our order.

It's really very simple, there are a number of reasons people might be vegetarian and those could include allergies as well as life choices. Don't have a vegetarian section on the menu if you don't understand the concept of vegetarian cooking. 

If you're coming here for quiet dining in an atmosphere like a library then you'll be out of luck.

Market by name and market by nature. At the weekends this place is bustling with people, sometimes squeezing past one another but all done in a friendly, fun way.

The food is top notch. Aged steaks the size of a plate and seafood so fresh it waves at you.

The seafood is displayed - fishmonger style- on a bed of ice near the kitchen (hence the waving lobsters). You order it, they take it off the ice and cook it. The way they've set this up means that there is no hiding place. If the fish isn't as fresh as possible you'd know. So, this means that they have to keep the kitchen in top notch order serving great produce. I approve of that.

This is a great place to eat, with a few draft ales and stouts that will keep any bearded hipsters happy.

I love it and have been back several times. Each time I aim for something else on the menu and i haven't been disappointed. The staff are really friendly and the service was good. I never felt that i had difficulty getting the attention of the waitress or waiter, even on a Friday.

Book ahead, because the more people who eat here, the more they'll tell their friends.

I have been to this great place several times now after it was recommended to me by a friend. It is new, and has quite a funky interior. It has been busy every time I've been there for dinner so would certainly advise booking. I like the quirky touches like the talking toilet! (Not actually so, but you have a speaker in the gents reading out some kind of children's story which is quite funny!)

Food wise this is top drawer. I don't like places that seem to be cropping up everywhere these days where you get portions so small they would not feed a child. Here if you order a steak, you get a huge juicy T bone,  that fills the plate! 

This place caters for everyone, but I think its trump card is the sea food. It is fresh as could be and you can see all, fish, lobster , crab or clams on display to the diners, sitting on ice for you to chose your dish from. Nice touch if you ask me,

Ive always found the service very good indeed and the manager a guy called stuart is so friendly i have always been made to feel very welcome and would be very surprised if other diners did not say the same

I really like this place and if you want a nice meal with nice atmosphere, would definatly recommend it 

Went here for my dads 50th birthday. The staff were very friendly and went above and beyond to help make it a special occasion. The food was great (and the cocktails) I had the lamb which just fell off the bone and was delicious. Prices are very reasonable for a London restaurant. I would definitely recommend to others and will be going back to try the truffle burger.

Richard M, I'm with you. This place is fantastic. Yes, when they first opened they had some service teething problems, but since then it's become the best restaurant in London in my opinion. Don't go here if you're veggie - just don't. The fish and the meat is UNBELIEVABLE so you should only go for that. The simplest, best cooked, fresh fish I've tasted outside Portugal (where I ate it off the boat...). And it's a lovely atmosphere too. The people below are just wrong - this place is great.


Are you guys below nuts?

You don't know what are you talking about. Listening you all make me feel like you want Micheline star service for the price of McDonalds!!Obviously this place is not for you. Food is great, service is great, music is great! Me and my wife can not fault this place at all and we considering our selfs regulars. There is nothing out there on the triangle can be compared. Crystal Palace Market totally different, with their own concept and i believe they did mistake to open in Crystal Palace as they would have more appreciation  in Clapham, East Dulwich, Southbank or Soho. Crystal Palace Market is the future of slowly dying triangle. 

I've lived in Crystal Palace for 25 years and always want to support local new openings but I'm afraid I won't be going back. Everything about this place was mediocre at best and if compared to other similar-priced restaurants in the area, way below their standard. I'm thinking Joanna's and Exhibition Rooms specifically. We ordered our starters but were not allowed to order our mains until the starters had been eaten - very odd. This meant that heavy, cumbersome menus were vying for space on a table of starters so they had to be removed then brough back later - all very unnecessary. Starters arrived about 5mins after we ordered- I had the asparagus with poached egg and shitake mushrooms - this had obviously not been cooked fresh for me and had sat under lights as the cheese garnish was hard and chewy. The mushrooms looked in now way like shitakes and were hard like bullets. And (although I didn't think of this at the time) - if this is a restaurant supporting fresh, in-season produce, why is asparagus on the menu when the season hasn't started yet? Clearly relying on imports. Also a bit miffed at padron peppers as a starter, they're a nibble along with olives, almonds, or a tapas dish, not a course in themselves. The oysters were good though, as was the ceviche of salmon. Both tasted fresh and were good value. I was also surprised that a restaurant like this didn't bring out a bread board. I had to ask for bread to go with the starter and it didn't arrive until we'd cleared our plates. We also had to try and flag down a waiter to bring salt and pepper - which should be on a table as standard. The mains were better and I thoguht the steaks were cooked well. The ribeye was generous in size and the lobster sweet and juicy - although again, we had to chase for apropriate cuttlery. Cchips arrived cold and again had obviously been sitting in the kitchen a while. The gratin dauphinois one of us got was also extremely dry, again, like it had been sitting under hot lights for too long. The shiraz-viognier we got was excellent - although the waitress had only finished pouring the first bottle (which correctly between 6 of us was then empty) and already pushing us to buy another one. Tap water also wasn't offered as a water option - which is something everywhere now does. The front of house staff were good but I thought our waitress needed a bit more polish if this is being pitched as a quality restuarant. Lots of random banter and I don't think the jeans, t-shirt and scraped back hair combination was particurly finessed at all - but appreciate that could just be me. All in all a very average dining experience and I'm surprised it's so busy - I wonder if this will last though. I am also sending this review to the owners - whose website offers nowhere to leave feedback (they only have a reservation email address too) so hope to see some of the points actioned and a step up in quality of service and food.

Just had dinner at the market restaurant for the last time! What was good? Cocktails were well made and value for money. Padron peppers are ok but had better in La Rueda in clapham (no I do not work at la Rueda) Cheesecake is fab. What isn't good? Terrible music played too load! Tables sticky that rock back and forward, can't they sort it out for god sake, it's not difficult! Peppercorn sauce is awful, tastes like week old gloopy paste. Steak was more fat that meat and extra tough, if they used good quality meat in the beginning this wouldn't happen. Salad garnish was limp and certainly not fresh! Straw chips were undercooked and tasted of old fat, you can better chips from macdonalds! Someone please show them how to pour a glass of red wine, the Rioja was clearly opened the week before and had a terrible mount of sediment tipped into it. The restaurant manager seems to spend his time propped at the bar, and barks a cursory 'everything ok?'when you leave? Rude!! If he really wanted to know then why doesn't he walk around his restaurant and talk to his clients? probably because he doesn't really want to find out! Having just paid a Bill of over £130 for two people for dinner, I feel decidedly duped. As a resident of the palace there are much better places to eat than 'The Market' such as Joanna's , The Alma, and others. I would suggest you avoid The Market as you will only leave feeling short changed and wishing you had gone somewhere else.

Don't recommend The Crystal Palace Market. Food was awful. Brother had a steak was practically all fat and I had a stuffed courgette that was supposed to have melted goats cheese on it. You needed a microscope for the cheese and the courgette was raw with just chopped tomatoes on it. When I complained they brought a ramakin of raw cheese. Three waiters asked if we were enjoying the food but weren't bothered at all when we said it was not nice. Why bother asking ?

Dreadful case of emperor's new clothes. This place was as packed as it was appalling on both visits. Interior is nice enough, though very obvious, but the issues on both occasions was the food. On the first visit the food was so bad we didn't pay for 2 of the 4 main courses. An arrogant kitchen thought it was fine to send out half a butternut squash as the only vegetarian main course. Not chopped, not dressed, not seasoned, nothing. Just half a butternut squash on the plate. It was very funny. We assumed we had been unlucky, as the place seems to be constantly packed, so today decided to try again. Error. What really makes me cross is that they are getting away with it! Packed to the rafters with people thinking that the trendy 5 years ago interior means that they are in the right place, and they must be laughing all the way to the bank. Come on Crystal Palace, vote with your feet and these places will have to improve. Shocking.

Overpriced - especially for Crystal Palace. I ordered the lamb chops medium cooked - however I found it to be very hard and chewy and whilst the flavour was great, after a couple of mouthfuls I realised i just wouldn't be able to eat it so I asked to change it and was told that I'd ordered the last bit of lamb which looked like it was a bad bit of lamb.. so I had to choose another dish - I ordered the scallops which came around 20minutes later and I had to sit there whilst my boyfriend finished his lobster (which did taste great by the way), however by then my sides had gone cold so they said they'd replace that too - but then they came another 10minutes later so i'd nearly finished my scallops (which also did taste lovely) Service was a bit all over the place. We were both happy with the dessert - a rich chocolate fondant with ice-cream. No complaints there. The cocktail I had was also delicious. It's just a shame about the mess-up with the lamb.

Their breakfasts are hilarious for all the wrong reasons... I ordered the smoked salmon scrambled egg. This came presented as a small cube of egg (95% egg & 5% salmon), served with 3 very stingy slices of ciabatta (each about the size of a thumb). Now i'm not a fast eater but it took me about 20 seconds to eat the whole thing. I actually felt embarrassed for them. It's a shame because they clearly have an abundance of good quality fresh ingredients in the kitchen, but it seems as though the chef is unprepared to use any of them before midday. On the plus side, their lunches and evening meals are fantastic.

Fantastic place! I'm very happy as this new restaurant appear at the Crystal palace triangle. All my family loves it and we celebrated here some of our and friends birthdays! Service is very friendly and great. Breakfast , lunch and dinner is fantastic. Fresh British waters fish and British meat always served with house salad and chips! Great concept! There is lot more options you can pick from the menu. Great design, ambiance and very good tunes played in this place. Just want to point out as below review from Sam is pathetic!! This guy need to cook he's own breakfast at home! All my friends and me are local to this restaurant and we are taking our hat off for those lads who took a risk and invested so much time and money to create a wonderful BEST restaurant in Crystal Palace!! It's like they have taken best restaurant in SOHO and moved to Crystal Palace!!

Went with girlfriend and kids, girlfriend has been before and stood by the quality of the burgers. Decent setting, good space for getting pushchairs in, relaxed sort of pub type vibe. Spotted Doom Bar on tap. I had the full English, which was pretty disappointing actually. At £8.50 (inc free cup of tea) and given the "market" vibe I was expecting a proper quality fry up. Firstly not an egg eater so asked for an extra sausage or some extra bacon. Told that I could have extra tomato and mushrooms only, fair enough I thought at the time. The sausage was tasty, but only one and pretty small. 2 rashers of Bacon I could snap in half it was so over cooked (this is back bacon btw not streaky) 2 spoons of beans..they were ok 2 inches of black pudding - over cooked and dried out. Mushrooms fine and portion ok Tomatoes.. two halves of grilled plum tomato instead of maybe the one I'd have anyway. The biggest problem...the toast... It was served with 4 slightly warmed slices of ciabata. Each about two inches in circumference, without any butter. I'm a guy that appreciates good ingredients but if you're gonna replace a slice of toast with anything fancy at least make it toasted and served with butter. Not just dried ciabatta. Saying all this it came with a free cup of tea which was loose leaf in a cool see through pot and was probably one of the best cuppas I've had. Which is something. Only gripe; the pot was larger than the cup so my second cup of tea was just left to stew in the pot. If you're serving x amount of tea provide a vessel that can take x amount. I'm rarely obliged to complain but my girlfriend remarked 'you ordered the wrong thing' if you want a fry up go to the caff. Way I see it there is no reason a greasy spoon fry up can't be elevated with proper ingredients and what a thing that would be, but secondly if it's on your menu it should be done to a standard that's in keeping with the rest of the menu. Saying that the burger looked pretty good.

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