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Cutter & Squidge

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3 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

The home of the biskie, tiny little sweet things that your eyes will love – and your taste buds will love even more.

The first rule of tackling a Cutter & Squidge ‘Biskie’: abandon cutlery, and your pride. As I realised after trying and failing to hack through two layers of cookie and a large marshmallow with a fork. Go straight for the mouth and hope for the best. 

The Biskie, a three-way cross between a biscuit, cookie and cake, is this Soho patisserie’s much-hyped invention. (One publication squealed: ‘Is this the death of the Cronut?’) The ‘Choc O’Berry S’more’ is a winner – vanilla-flavoured marshmallow sandwiched between two layers of buttercream, in turn sandwiched between chewy cookies. Pick one up to go or take a seat in the minimalist café-shop, which is the bakery’s first permanent location – until recently, the outfit has been operating from a small kitchen in north-west London. 

Cakes are an instagrammer’s dream, coming in an eye-popping range of colours: from a rose-pink ‘Vanilla in Bloom’ to a bright yellow ‘Lemon Sherbet’. Despite the rainbow palette, Cutter & Squidge prides itself on using only fruit and vegetable dyes.

A humongous wedge of ‘OMG It’s Green!’ cake, a sponge with green tea, white chocolate and raspberry jam, was light as a feather and not too sweet. From the drinks list, try ‘Relax’ iced tea with coconut milk, pineapple juice, lime and jasmine. 

Cutter & Squidge isn’t cheap, with Biskies starting from £4.20 each. But you get what you pay for, and in this case it’s high-quality bakes with no nasties. We’ll be making a return visit, if only to master the art of eating a Biskie with dignity.


Address: 20 Brewer St
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus
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Users say (26)

4 out of 5 stars

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This place looks so small from the outside but don't be fooled, it is full of some of the most delicious cakes i've ever eaten! There are so many different unusual flavours to try, you will be spoilt for choice! The portion sizes are big so maybe don't get too carried away like I first did haha. But definitely highly recommend this place! :)


I’m not into fantasy, Harry Potter and this kind of stuff, but my inner kid is still young enough to occasionally enjoy some magic.

The afternoon tea at the newly opened secret Potion Room at Cutter & Squidge is like no other. Before you enter the room you put a cloak on and seconds later you are being seated at a class run by a friendly witch. To enter the magical world, you need to learn how to use a magic wand and prepare magic potion.  

To not to spoil the surprises, let me just tell you, that you’ll find the familiar elements of traditional afternoon tea: tower of sandwiches and cakes to share and obviously, the tea! Each is served in a unique vintage crockery with no less unique flavours. Apart form the marvellous cakes, my favourite savoury food was the pie, one of the best I’ve ever tried during my 12 years in London!


The Potion Room in the depths of Cutter and Squidge is a very clever idea. If you want an experience while eating deliciousness, then this is the place for you. You will join the class of witchery and the potions and food are wonderfully matched to the two and a half hours. Tasty, tasty and more tasty.


I'm a sucker for an immersive anything, really, so when I heard Cutter & Squidge were doing a 'potion room' themed afternoon tea, I was the first in line. I don't want to give too much away as there are lots of surprise elements throughout, but you will definitely be given a wand and a cape to wear for the duration. From that point onwards, expect to be 'back at school' complete with school desks, a teacher and your schoolmates around you. 

The food was excellent, particularly the savoury sandwiches and the little cheese pie. You can add on cocktails for adults too. When we were visiting there were two kids in two and they were having the absolute time of their lives - it was really sweet to see. It made me think I should come back with my little niece as she would just adore it. 

Bravo, C&S - it was wonderful. 


I ordered a cake from Cutter & Squidge for my mum's 60th birthday and it got rave reviews from all the guests at the party - absolutely scrumptious!  The order processing was easy and I would definitely deal with the company again.  The cakes are expensive, but totally worth it!


A magical afternoon in the Genie’s cave. Cutter & Squidge have delivered on all fronts with their Aladdin themed afternoon tea from the treasure chest at the entrance of the cave, the sweet Aladdin themed treats to the little bag of treasure as a departing gift! A must for all you Aladdin fans! The sandwiches and cakes are delicious and the genie’s cave makes for a magical and enchanting experience.


Amazing cake. That alone is worth a great review! The pecan was full of flavour and not the slightest bit dry. The cookie s'more was pumpkin spice and full of flavour but was almost too sweet. You definitely need a coffee here to go with it. The staff could use a little better training at customer service was the only negative. The cookie thing seems a bit pricey but it is very good. Finally, hummingbird has a good rival!

We visited Cutter and Squidge yesterday for the Genie's Cave afternoon tea and unfortunately it was a very disappointing and time consuming experience. From the moment we walked in, we could see the staff serving upstairs lacked basic customer service skills from being ignored in the queue, to being made to wait almost an hour in order to be seated for our reservation, without a single member of staff approaching us to see if we needed anything or to reassure us. It wasn't a great start to what was supposed to be an amazing experience, especially as I was really looking forward to this. The frustrating thing was that it wasn't busy, the ladies serving upstairs were unprofessional, mucking about behind the counter. Groups of people who came in after us were being seen to before us, even though their reservation times were after us.

We were finally approached by one of the girls (I think her name is Abi - who was running back and forth, working downstairs serving the afternoon tea) who was clearly rushed off her feet but still amazing at her job. She noticed that we hadn't been seen to in a while, apologised for the wait and for the miscommunication on behalf of her colleagues. We were taken downstairs immediately by her and instantly made to forget about the whole thing, as she was such an endearing person. The room was very small and tight, as the tables were so close to one another. In order to get to your table, you pretty much disturbed other diners. The only positive was that the decor was lovely. Service unfortunately was extremely slow, as we were given a welcome glass of prosecco but never received our drinks order, the savoury pastries were dry, over-cooked and rock hard. The sandwiches were of poor quality, as they were horrible and tasteless. For the money being spent (£69 for two people) this was definitely not the quality or expectations we had in mind. We hardly ate any of the food and I didn't even finish my prosecco!! I just wanted to leave. The group of ladies sat next to us left about half of their food too. We decided to complain about the lack of service and quality being offered to us, so I decided to speak to our server upstairs, as I didn't want to disturb other diners or create any kind of scene in such a cramped space. I explained all the issues, as she was very sympathetic and grateful with the manner we addressed our dissatisfaction. She spoke to her supervisor, who wasn't interested, she literally looked over her shoulder to look at me, didn't come over to speak to me and told her colleague that we would only be charged £29.50 and offered take away drinks!!! The sheer arrogance infuriated me. At this stage I wanted to get out before I lost my temper, it was an awful experience and I was being made to feel conned. The supervisor couldn't careless in the feedback given to her, she didn't take any responsibility for the poor service provided by her or her staff and we were made to wait again when it came to paying. I think it's appalling and disgraceful that a business like this could get away with this kind of behaviour, especially operating in Soho. I definitely wouldn't recommend this place.


I'd like to say right now that I am laying the blame entirely at the feet of cutter and squidge for the fact that my favourite skirt wouldn't do up this morning. 

Infact i'd like to get specific and lay the blame at the feet of their salted caramel smore biskie.

I can pretend i'm absolutely furious but the truth is i'd discard 100 skirts for the pleasure of these little biscuit things (sorry for the poor description). They are absolutely delciious, packed with inventive flavours and just the right amount of sickly. 

This level of delicious doesn't come cheap and i've yet to leave Cutter and squidge without spending at least a tenner on cake. A tenner well spent but still, be prepared. 

What is, infact, fab value for money is their Aladdin afternoon tea. Priced at a mere £30 (add extra for booze) you can enjoy enough food to feed a small army of food critics. Spoiler alert: every single bit of it seems to be more delicious than the last. From cheesy drop scones to peanut butter and jam macaroons (yes you did hear that correctly) this would make for the perfect gift for any foodie in your life. Above all the attention to detail is really somethign else. Not only does the afternoon tea itself take place in a grotto of hidden treasure but the ornate tea pots and cutlery have all been carefully selected in morocco and painstakingly brought back for authenticity beyond the call of duty. 


The girl behind the counter listened in intrigue to mine and my pal's conversation as we stood at the counter ogling  the beautiful biskies on display. "Shall we share one?' I asked.

"Why wouldn't you have one each?" she piped up. I explained I didn't want to ruin the health streak I was currently on (which had begun at 8am that morning with a run around Hyde Park equalling a total of 5 whole hours of healthiness at that point) She counter argued with a killer punch "our buttercream is actually 50% less fat/sugar/bad things that will make you hate yourself, so really, you're already having half of one by having a whole one, so you might as well..."


And so we both ordered a biskie. These pretty little treats aren't cheap. In fact, they're a little pricey for what they are (over £4.50), but good grief they're delicious, and surprisingly not sickly at all. My pretty little pistachio biskie was light and crumbly, with a smooth, lightly sweet cream filling. It wasn't easy to eat - cutting into it with a fork causes the cream to splurge out the sides, and picking it up and biting into it isn't elegant, but needs must.

To wash it down I ordered a matcha latte which you can order sweetened or not, and how it is sweetened is up to you - I had it with vanilla. It was creamy and smooth and delicious, but again not cheap - £3.50 is pretty steep but it was glorious.

As cafes go, this place is an absolute beauty - literally. It has been decorated wonderfully - very girly and cute. A great spot for a girly coffee break. They even do afternoon tea so if you want to treat someone to a bit of indulgence, this is definitely the place to go.



I walked past this cute cafe and knew I had to come back. The window is full of beautifully decorated cakes. The counter is exactly the same however you can actually order a slice of these!

Yes, it's not cheap, a slice of cake will set you back nearly a fiver but it's so worth it. My friend and I had s'mores cookies and washed them down with a coke float.

A great place to top up your insta game. Will definitely be back.


Cutter & Squidge – what dessert-lover's dreams are made of! 

Hidden away in Soho, and refreshingly not promoted all over the web, this little bakery specialises in the delicious 'biskie.' At £4.20, these super, mega, next-level gourmet biscuits are a bit of an indulgent treat – with exciting flavours like chocolate s'mores, strawberry pavlova and pineapple & coconut amongst many others! 

You're greeted by a takeaway counter showcasing the beautiful biskies and cakes, but the eatery also has plenty of seating and even offers afternoon tea, perfect for those looking for a bakery with a difference. Needless to say, this little gem is clearly also designed to be highly instagrammeable, which is not a bad thing in my books ;D 


A fellow timeout tastemaker sent me this recommendation for a birthday cake.

I ordered only 4 days before and there was my perfect unicorn cake!

The cake was devine, I picked a Victoria sponge with jam and butter style icing. It was really soft and spongey and all my friends plus the birthday girl who ate it said it was one of the best cakes they had eaten!

It was my first visit to the shop and it won't be my last, I am looking forward to a visit to try more cakes. The shop in soho is a great location and really great size inside, perfect for afternoon tea.

I couldn't write this review without leaving a picture :) I hope you like unicorns!!


I was bought a biskie by a colleague and it was most extraordinary. A s'more type affair with a layer of raspberry mousse which gave a tart tangy element and stopped it being too sweet. Presented beautifully in an individual box - they are the most perfect little gifts. Way better and more interesting than.a cupcake.


If you're looking for unbridled indulgence, you have to try Cutter & Squidge's Unlimited Afternoon Tea

Hidden beneath the pretty, bustling main shop, afternoon teas are served in the subterranean secret garden. The wonderland of faux ivy, fairy lights and butterfly wallpaper was slightly marred by the loud, cheesy pop soundtrack (Oh Mickey, Frankie Says Relax) and the noise from the other tables and during the busy period service was slow but the waitresses were friendly and endlessly obliging.

But enough about that, what about the food?

For £55, guests can enjoy unlimited food and drink for up to 2 hours. That's right, you get to try one of everything and if you love something you can just keep ordering it. My advice? Pace yourself because everything - everything - is delicious. 

Some of the highlights include: 

- Light, refreshing Cucumber and Mint sandwiches

- Smoked cheese and caramelised onion sandwich. Deliciously smokey and savoury, the perfect counterpoint to the upcoming barrage of sweetness.

- Warm Cheese Clouds. Dainty and light but full of flavour. Extremely more-ish. 

- In a twist of the traditional cream tea, sturdy savoury scones come served with whipped cream cheese and red pepper jam.

- Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake Truffle. Dense and intensely chocolate, even the small bite provided was overwhelming and left half eaten. Similarly the Brownie Bowl, the fascinating offspring of chocolate brownie and cheesecake topped with blueberries and strawberry, packed a punch that would have been satisfying all on its own.

- Lollibag Dream Cake is a petite, 3-layer sponge sandwich filled with vanilla cream and raspberry jam.

The glorious piece-de-resistance, in this reviewers opinion, was the Lychee Pearl Biskie, a treat worth a visit in itself. Chewy, dense biscuits topped with raspberry cream, a single rose petals and a white chocolate pearl filled with a tangy lychee sauce. Incredible!

At £55, it's moderately priced for London and the amount of food will leave you reeling. It would be a great place to take a friend for a birthday treat. Or do as I did: take your favourite book, turn off your phone, and give yourself 2 hours of me-time. 


Where do I begin? The amazing Biskie (Part biscuit, part cookie, part cake sandwich) I mean that description alone should get your mouth watering. The different variations are amazing and you can get anything from a very big cake to a small biskie

Cutter & Squidge is one of the reasons Soho is amazing, Independent, new, different. I am dying to try their afternoon tea special. 

Don't hesitate to visit this cake wonderland, I will say it is not cheap but it is soo worth it! Be the hit at any party with these wonderful treats. 

Big Cakes start at £32.50 but are a real crowd pleaser if you want to impress at a party or even. 

Box of 8 Biskies - £22.95 but you can pick from the amazing selection 

18 baby Biskies  - £24.90


Independent and cute cafe that specializes in the biskie. Now if you're wondering what that is, it’s part biscuit/ cookie/ cake sandwiched together with various delights. These taste absolutely amazing and it's worth coming here to try these for yourself. The biskie smores are particularly good as well as the sticky toffee and lemon meringue flavours. They've even launched some limited edition ones just for the Chinese New Year too. Mouth wateringly tempting delicious luscious cakes that look great too presented on the counter in large glass domed stands. You certainly will be spoilt for choice with their generously sized portions. They also do a good afternoon tea too and serve a great selection of drinks. Wasn't overall impressed by the peach lychee tea with rosewater, too syrupy with weird bits of lychee there. I'm definitely planning on another visit and try some more of what they have on offer. Not the cosiest cafe I've visited in London but definitely deserving of their good reputation. Plus everything is handmade with fresh and natural ingredients.


Yum yum Yum yum Yum yum Matcha cake is a must in this lovely #dessertporn bakery It's quite expensive for cake, but it's yum and I'm a great location in the heart of soho Top tip Try the Afternoon tea or the matcha cake or a biskie


There's three things you have to try: Strawberry Eton Mess 'Dream Cake', & two delicious Biskies - Salted Caramel & Pistachio. Things are pricey as expected in Soho, but this dreamy little cafe-shop is delightful. Cake lovers rejoice!


Here comes the party pooper!!

So I visited Cutter and Squidge Once and let me tell you it was an unforgettable day! My eyes feasted on the best bakery porn I'd seen in weeks but what I tasted came up so short I almost wept from despair!

Their smore and brownie squidge things were fantastic!!!! And that's where it ends.. We had their cake which was all style and no substance. Thick and tatsless sadly. Gutted beyond measure. Guess I'll stick to Selfridge's for my cakes and goods. At £3.50 for one I expected so much more.



So, the cakes here are served in slices that would feed a family of four, but don't let that worry you. Pretend that you are going to 'save half for later' and then watch yourself devour the whole thing in one sitting. 

I can recommend the Dream Cake with toffee sauce dripping down the side and pecans on the top (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!). And the Biskies are great too, and much smaller if thimk a slice of Dream Cake is too big (when is a slice of cake too big!?!??!). 

This is a family business and they are all lovely and genuinely really enjoy what they do, and it shows.  


Not sure how words can describe these incredibly delicious cakes/cookies (biskies) of wonderfulness. Came in for 1, left with 4 and all were exceptional. Great range of flavours and they are taste bud exploding, melt in the mouth perfection. Taste even better the next day (as suggested by the staff). A must try. Mmm-mmmm-mmmmmm! 


This place looks like a dessert lover's heaven from outside and I am a big fan of their citrusy biskies. The chocolatey ones taste too rich for me and their cakes, however pretty they look, have a very weird texture - so not a big fan of those; but i would go back for the biskies any time! Lovely spot in Soho and they recently moved into a bigger space when their pop-up on Brewer Street closed.


For any sweets lover, this is heaven. Besides their Dream Cakes, beautiful and with creative flavors, the shop has as an exclusive the Biskie, a kind of sandwich of sweet goodness such as buttercream, jams and ganaches. All the breath taking details. Good coffee and a couple signature cold drinks complete the menu. Nice place for a brake in the heart of Soho.


I recently discovered Cutter & Squidge by complete accident with a friend of mine whilst on the way to Chinatown. The window displays were so mesmerising that we ended up going back for pudding. Everything was so delicate and beautiful, especially their creation a "Biskie" which is somewhere between a biscuit and a sponge. We both went for smores (of course!) mine being a salted caramel one and my friends a Black Forest gateau style one. Both were brilliant and even though it was quite late, the staff were really warm and helpful. Definitely worth a lengthy visit!

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