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Set in a former bullion truck depot in Shoreditch, Dinerama is a food and drink market from Street Feast, London’s leading street food market company.

Open from 5pm until 1am Thursday to Saturday, the split level 1,000 capacity space has a heaving party atmosphere, and is less family friendly than its sister site Hawker House in Canada Water.

The look on the ground floor is somewhere between a yard and a warehouse, with a resident DJ, four bars and nine global street food traders – including Breddos Tacos and highly rated BBQ specialists Smokestak. Expect to queue for your food and hustle for a place at communal tables.

Upstairs things are less busy, with five breakout areas for 30 to 200 diners, and four more bars, including the intriguing German Sex Dungeon, which promises craft beer, whisky shots and submission.

Dinerama is open all year round: from May–September the space is open-air, but from October the site gains a roof, carpet and heating to keep diners warm for the winter. Entrance is free before 7pm, and £3 after that. The venue accepts both cash and card.

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Lovely place to go in Shoreditch all year round! They have so many yummy food stalls that you'll feel spoilt for choice and a great bar upstairs thats always buzzing and playing great tunes! Brill atmosphere and great night out with friends or even a date!

Great music vibes and drink. The food stalls are awesome. Highly recommend Thunderbird Chicken, arguable the best wings in London.


Dinerama is a great space to eat and drink with friends. It's got all the charm of east london and a range of hip street food vendors to keep everyone happy. I'm glad this place has stuck around as each year it gets bigger. This winter it has a large space upstairs with comfy seating, couches and a nice wine bar!


I'm not quite sure why Dinerama is getting such poor reviews! We popped in twice: once for lunch and once for dinner. As we had been in for lunch already, we weren't required to pay the £3 entry, which is always good news!! 

I love the new way markets work - providing a limited menu of pure joy! The baos were good, but a little stingey on meat. The wings were amazing:so, so juicy and every inch was coated in joyous sauce! The burgers.... omg.... so unbelievably delicious (especially after a few drinks!!)

Overall, fantastic for a few novelty nights out. Also, great to find out what and where to eat. Very fun and very central in Shoreditch.


I do love this new wave of eating culture that's made its way to London. Popping to 5 different food stalls and bringing back dishes to share is amazing. As someone who panics at having to choose just one dish at a restaurant it just makes so much more sense to try a bit of everything.

This location is pretty small but has a great selection of vendors to do just that.

I'm not sure I can find a way to justify the £3 entry fee after 7, not that it keeps people away - it was really busy on the Thur night I went after work. Not so busy that I had to queue long for food, but too busy to find somewhere to perch. Eating and drinking whilst standing up and holding everything Is pretty impossible for me. Especially when it started pouring with rain and we were forced to huddle amongst the food queues for shelter.

By 9.30 spaces started becoming available to sit so we grabbed the chance.

I'm still unsure as to why everywhere serves thing in 3s. There must be more odd numbered friends than I'm aware of.

Thunderbirds was by far my favourite. The BBQ wings were divine and had a really unique sauce which was delicious. The wings were also wonderfully crispy.

Yum bun pork belly buns. There was a lot of bun and not so much filling. Yes they were yum because all buns are yum but not the best I've come across.

Yumpling pork dumplings - wonderful and firm with some spicy sauces. Wish I'd have had a second round of these.

We also had some sweet potato rather randomly but made a point to avoid the burger and pizza stalls feeling like they weren't really dishes that lent themselves to our grazing.

Alcohol prices are average for London. £5 a pint, £10ish for a cocktail.


Edgy and cool, this street food and drink market from Street Feast (the same people who brought Hawker House) is a must-visit part of Shoreditch.

Once a truck depot in Shoreditch, Dinerama is now a hip market with a party vibe. Food stalls line surrounds you, inviting you to try some of their delicious offerings. Vendors include Farang, Breddos Tacos and Smokestack. There’s a big-ass bar to quench your thirst with a selection of craft beers and cocktails to wash it all down.

Opened only on Thursday to Saturday from 5pm to 11pm, I’d recommend getting to Dinerama before 7pm when entrance is free. After that, the entrance fee is £3.

Much bigger than I initially first thought, the ground floor resembled something between a warehouse and yard. Upstairs is a breakout area with its own bar plus an intriguing bar called the Alpine Cabin, decked out to look like, you guessed it, an alpine cabin complete with its own open fireplace and cosy leather armchairs.

As the night gets longer, expect Dinerama to be busy. Expect to hustle for space on the communal tables in the centre of the yard. Needless to say, arrive early before the crowd gets in.

Great for after-work drinks or just a cool place to eat and drink outside a restaurant, Dinerama is a recommended visit when you're on this side of town and encapsulates what the East-End is all about.


Lovely place to go with friends!! Great atmosphere and some amazing meals to try!! You might have to queue a little bit outside but it's definitely worth it! The entry is free until 7pm and then charged £3. Bonus: If you have the time out Black card, you're untitled with a couple of free drinks every month!!


Personally I prefer hawker house and that's why I can't give dinerama a higher score I'm afraid... Yes they have the infamous breddos tacos which light up my day but the layout isn't very rain proof and the last time we came we got soaked :(

Yes there are a great selection of vendors here which will keep you ploughed with all the tatsy meals and sweet wines your stomach can take but I even found that the wine selection was better at hawker house. tiny glasses of wine at £7 meh ,at least if its nice I wouldn't mind but it wasnt.. So yeah. Not bad but you'll pay for a not so comfortable meal I guess


This amazing street food market located in Shoreditch (an easy walk from Liverpool Street) is a brilliant date venue for a few reasons….

  1. It’s really casual and very chilled so you can talk, relax and wander around without the pressure of a sit down meal.
  2. There are about 8 different food options including sliders, duck burgers, Indian roti wraps, Chinese dumplings and much more so if you have no idea what your date likes, chances are they might like SOMETHING at Dinerama.
  3. There are also lots of different bars to visit including a astro-turf covered cocktail bar, Wine-o-rama which serves…yep wine, a rum punch tiki bar, something that looks like a ski lodge and last but not least a bar called German Sex Dungeon. Yes this place caters for all….
  4. It’s mainly all covered apart from a few areas, so even if the crap British weather hits – no worries!
  5. For a food market it’s open late so it doesn’t have to be a day date!

My date and I sampled all the bars (obvs) my favourite was the little tiki bar as it’s quite small and intimate in there and it involved rum cocktails – yum!

It’s free to get in before 7pm and £3 after. Food is mixed in price but all fairly reasonable!


I have been here many times but I opted to pop in for an evening snack before going to a gig.

I went for duck spring rolls & fries.

My friend has the duck truffle burger which looked epic.

For a Saturday at 5pm it was quite quiet and we could easily find somewhere to stand and eat our food.

It's great spot for trying different street foods and various drinks. It has covered areas so don't let the fact it's outdoor put you off as it's covered everywhere.

Great selection of different drinks and something for every food taste.

I like bringing friends who are visiting London here as it's a good interactive and social place.


Really enjoyed the atmosphere at Streetfeast Dinerama. Upon entering, even the security guards were super friendly! We got in and surveyed the area – there are so many food options, it’s hard to know where to start. We had some drink vouchers, so decided to start at the bar. Tried a cocktail, which was tasty but could have been better. The beer, Frontier Lager, was good enough to make up for it. Decided to have a quiet night, so didn’t stay longer than two drinks, but my friend and I both want to go back for a day of feasting!

We do wish they’d had more places to sit because we’re getting old (well I’m not, but I’m lazy and like to sit). Overall, really fun spot, definitely going again!


The smallest venue of the Street Feast sites (at least it seem so), the overcrowded space also offers the least options in food, available seats, and space to walk around – or just have a drink). It may have been specially cramped when I went, as half of the space on the second-floor was closed for a private event (I don’t know if it’s always like this) and, actually, people seemed to enjoy the club-like vibe. But I find it crazy to pay to enter a place where you going to spend more money (it also felt it’s the most expensive one) to eat and drink, with no guarantee that you even will be able to eat seated. The chicken from Birdbox was extremely tasty, though!


Ahhh…what to say about this place that it wasn’t said before? Whatever I say, it is just stating the obvious. It’s a Shoreditch most loved street food place, with great atmosphere, that brings together people that appreciate food, pop-ups and everything that is good in life. Downstairs area is dedicated mostly to food, while upstairs offers more lounging area and wider selection of alcoholic beverage. Food wise, you can find here something to eat for anyone. I do miss Cheeky Italian that used to have a stand here, and I wish BOB’s lobster had their place here as well. Otherwise, all around, great place, you can always come here for a fun evening out and to hang out with your friends somewhere else othen then a pub or you can just stop by for some tasty bite, like I would occasionally do. 


 There are a few street food venues in London and it's become a real trend in London in recent years. The great thing about dinerama is that you can meet your mates and everyone can have the opportunity to have whatever they want to eat and drink. There is loads of choice from buns, to pulled pork and pizza. You have to get the panchos, it's popudoms serve like nachos with different sauces. 

The only thing is it's not a great venue in bad weather - there is cover in some places but it does get super busy. 


Buzz, hip, fun atmosphere with really good vibes! Dinerama does it all for you: it has an amazing space perfectly designed for a summer night, with some retained features from the building (probably former warehouse) but much more neat than Dalston street feast. There is a great selection of drinks (Tequila Colada - you're welcome!), amazing stalls of food such as yum yum bun (delicious steamed buns), duck 'n roll (duck!), Fundi Pizza and YOU DOUGHNUT! Get ready to have your mind blown by trying the last one out. Just bring your friends and your good mood and get ready to have a fun evening out! Perfect for summer drinks after work!

Make sure you are there before 7 to avoid the queue and the £3 entrance.


Dinerama has all the ingredients for the brilliant night out; tasty, inventive cocktails, cool vibes and decor and a plethora of incredible street food vendors, all at the top of their game, delivering delicious food to the masses. 

Rustic wooden tables, metal fire bins and neon bright lights, this place looks just as inviting as it smells. On a Thursday or Friday, it is the perfect place for after-work drinks. Their pint sized cocktails are amazing (albeit a little overpriced), but the Southside fizz, which is prosecco, gin and apple, is super refreshing and the perfect accompaniment for some of the heavier dishes on offer.

As I said, the vendors here all serious pros, don't underestimate their knowledge and passion for food. Helpfully, this means whatever you decide to try, you will be extremely satisfied. The pork ribs from Smokestack are melt-in-your mouth tender, yet charred and sticky on the outside. (Make sure you pick up lots of hand wipes!). The duck and truffle burger from Duck and Roll is as indulgent as it is middle class; perfectly cooked rich duck with a powerful punch of truffle on a sweet, soft brioche bun- DELICIOUS.And don't forget to visit award winning BBQ Lab for the best chicken wings around; crispy skin, juicy meat, tangy hot sauce and creamy blue cheese dip. It really doesn't get much better than these wings of wonder. 

The atmosphere is buzzing and the shared love and appreciation for food is palpable amongst staff and guests. I would go with a big group, so you can all get different dishes and have a chance to taste all that Dinerama has to offer. Or, like me, you could just return incessantly until you have had your fill.

Top Tip: Entrance is free before 7pm, £3 after, so make sure you head straight from work to miss the queues and to save some pennies. 

This is a great place for a summers evening to chill. The food is incredible and there is so much choice that even the fussiest eaters like myself can enjoy themselves. There is a wide range of bars selling different drinks from wines, beers, and fancy cocktails. On top of this, they even show the football if thats what you're into! :D


This is the place to be after work on a Summer day! Outdoors terraces & tables, a wide selection of street food and drinks, enough to please everyone. It might be a bit hard to find a seat especially if you're a large group, however there's plenty of space to stand and hold your plates and glasses :) you need to get there before 7 to enter for free, but it's a lovely place and you won't regret it.

My favourite food here must be the YumBun, and I love walking around just to check what I feel like eating every time I go there. There are lovely burgers, good beers and cocktails...plus the location is great, close to Liverpool St., in the heart of the hip of London!

Food is quite cheap and it's a very cute setting, the lights look so pretty when it's dark!


Very cool setting to spend an evening in and a really great antidote to a day of work. Usually sensible to get here earlier, not just for the free entry before 7, but mainly to secure a table/seats. So much variety of food and drink, personally a fan of Fundi Pizza, the steamed buns from Yum Bun and then cleansing the palate with the help of You Doughnut! You will basically want to try everything in reality, so prepare for multiple visits..


A pop-up that takes reservations for large groups? Uh, yes please. Great food for sharing, no complaints on the whole chicken or tacos. Not too keen on the roast potatoes, may avoid next time. Slight kick to the tacos, for the enemies of spicy food (or coriander), otherwise highly recommended. Variety of food and drinks, with a Brooklyn beer garden vibe, until you get upstairs where it blasts you with Californian art deco baby blues and pinks. Keen to try out more food next time, many returns as long as Summer finally decide to come to London.

Get there before 7 for free entry - and claim your table.

One of my favourite places in London. The confit duck and foie gras burger is my absolute favourite but the ribs are pretty darn good too. Countless great nights here. Amazing food, bangin drinks... Yes please!!


What more could you want on a sunny Thursday evening? A plethora of street food stalls, cocktails and beer galore and a beautiful open roof bar with a stunning view of Shoreditch? Well Dinerama's got it!
Dinerama, like the other Street Feast sites, is rustic with cool vibes and coooool decor but also that bit plusher - with a beautiful wine bar (Winerama) up the top with the best view over the rest of Dinerama, the Zephyr Lounge with balcony views, open spaces and comfy leather sofas and the Bamboo Hut perfect for booking out for small private functions. They also have a large indoor bar (Dick's Magic T-bar) that is heated keeping you dry on those typical English summer days and serves the infamous toffee vodka shots (a must try!). Basically you can stay below in the "food pit" gorging yourself on food or come up to the light, bright bars and get your drink on (or do both?!). There are also a few bars downstairs - The Big Bar (serving Big Cocktails at a whopping £10 each along with a £20 cocktail in a watermelon) and German Sex Dungeon (serving crafts cans - watch out for the dildos hanging from the ceiling!).
On to the food! With over 10 food vendors there is plenty of choice for everyone and some of the street food staples have set up shop - Smokestak, YumBun and Breddos Tacos. Others include BBQ lab (chicken wings), BirdBox (rotisserie chicken) and Cheeky Italian. I can highly recommend Smokestak and Breddos (their 3 tacos for £9 is a must) but still need to work my way round other stalls including Cheeky Italian, Fundi Pizza and You Doughnut (Hot doughnut bites, with ice cream and sauce - mmmm). Once you have grabbed your nosh from which ever place you fancy there are long communal tables in the middle to meet up, pop yourself down and gobble up your food before moving on to the next drink or food stall.
Dinerama is open from on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm until late. Entry is free before 7pm and £3 after that so make sure you get there early and stay late!


I am a foodie and there is no better place to get my obsessive food fix than at Street Feast.  Love that this is one of the few Street Feast venues open during the day on weekends.  I actually took my 65 year old mum and 15 year old cousin to this for some great food (AND something to please everyone).  We stayed so long that we were there till late when all the neon lights come up.

You need to eat these there:

Yum Bun: get both the duck and pork belly buns. #FoodPorn

●Mother Clucker: Creamy Macaroni & Cheese. #NuffSaid

●SmokeStak: Smoky meaty goodness. #Yum

●White Man Can’t Jerk: Jerk Chicken Burger #RudeNotTo

●Bad Brownie: Naughty gooey babies #BadBoys

●You! Donut: Do not leave either venues without a hot donut AND paired with salted caramel ice cream. #Nom

●And obviously, do not leave without sampling some of the delicious beers and cocktails available too!

Top Tip: Delegate a Food Runner, a Drinks Runner and a Table Hoarder –so you can time the entire sit-down meal together. #TeamWork”

My boyfriend and I came across Dinerama on our way to Hoxton Sq for food, we ditched our initial plans and took a chance on Dinerama.  We had an amazing time, spoiled for choice, took most of our afternoon trying to strategise what we would eat and in which order! All the staff were friendly and welcoming, the bar areas had an amazing vibe and delicious, reasonably priced cocktails. Wish I had more information on where to find the food vans afterwards, as I would love to go back to them.

My particular favourite was the monkfish curry on chips, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the vendor - which I'm gutted about as it's one of the most delicious meals I've had in ages. My boyfriend was a big fan of the El Diablo cocktails. 

Can get really busy and a little bit cold into the evening, but I would like to give it a try again later into the night.  Got some great photos too, highly recommended for groups and a good place to start your night out.

Good food selection until Dalston street feast reopens, but venue can be cold in some parts.


I am a huge fan of all of these Street Feast style 'pop ups' but I think Dinerama has to be my favourite after Summer Tales! We went on a Friday evening - entry was free, there was enough space to move around without having drinks spilled on you, and we even managed to nab a table halfway through the night. There is excellent variety in the food stalls, so much so that the three of us wanted to try everything. We didn't quite manage it, but we shared food from 5 (yes, 5) different stalls, and will be going back to finish the job! My favourite was Smokestack ribs and the Taco bar was a close second. There are a few bars which avoids having to queue for hours to get a drink, and it's a nice vibe overall. I definitely recommend trying this out, and go with friends who like to share food!


The winterised incarnation of Dinerama in Shoreditch makes it official: ‘street food’ is a misnomer. No longer dished out from nomadic trucks, street food is now served in a permanent ‘arena’. Dinerama is just this- a rally of street diners and street shacks that are, in fact, fully equipped with industrial rotisseries, ample refrigeration units and serious barbecue smokers. The upstairs bar and lounge are completely contained, fitted with plush furniture and fully stocked with alcoholic larder.

In other words, Dinerama has erected a glass roof over their main courtyard and introduced enough heating sources to laugh in the face of winter. It ain’t going nowhere, Shoreditch, and you’ve plenty to be cheerful about- the same food is on offer, ranging from the finger-licking good chicken boxes from Birdbox, a respectable portion of garlicky fried potatoes topped with crispy rotisserie chicken and heavily seasoned with marjoram, thyme and charred lemon, and BBQ Lab, whose chipuffalo wings are sinfully hot, sticky and amply dripping in sauce. 

Stalwarts Yumbun are also still on the scene, delivering their pillowy soft baos with roasted pork belly, heaped with crunchy cucumbers, crisp spring onions and topped with rich, gooey hoisin sauce. Their tofu offering is not to be scoffed at either, proffering a crispy bite with hints of aromatic garlic and a slathering of black bean mayonnaise and pickled chilli. A word of warning: never, ever order just one. They are effortlessly devoured and intensely addictive.

Patrons will rejoice to know that Smokestak is still on hand to satisfy barbecue pangs, but always expect a queue for their brisket served with pickled red chili and their pulled pork, married with crunchy slaw and cucumber, all jammed into a brioche bun. Other vendors will tempt you from the stalls with lengthier queues, such as Cheeky Italian, Slider Bar and You Doughnut!. Finally, Breddos are on hand with delightful buttermilk fried chicken tacos, dressed with roasted habanero aioli, pico de gallo and a wedge of lime- they’re a vision on the plate, but our indecisiveness cost us dearly on the night, as they quickly sold out.

The German Sex Dungeon proffers a selection of craft beers- Camden Town Brewery and Beavertown were  represented- but don’t worry, no safety word was necessary. The Big Bar pours ‘festival-sized’ cocktails, which are boozy elixirs, but carry a hefty price tag at about £9 each.  The Diablo was a good tequila-based wallop and the Southside fizz was a refreshing gin and prosecco mix. Upstairs, the Zephyr Lounge offers a relaxed, classier atmosphere and Dick’s Magic T-Bar has everything you need on the alcohol spectrum, from frozen toffee vodka shots to mulled wine.

Dinerama’s winter coat is welcome, making the prospect of spending a chilly afternoon’s drinking session more alluring and infinitely more tolerable. We were very cosy during our visit, paying no heed to the elements. It isn’t going unnoticed, though, so do expect to queue for food and just be sensible with the cocktails. Otherwise, you might find that your reluctance to leave will cost you a pretty penny.

Entry is free before 7pm (£3 after) and Dinerama is open from 17:00-late on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until the 19 December 2015.

But if you miss out on the winter edition of Dinerama, keep your eyes peeled- it will no doubt be back in full force for summer 2016.


Great variety of street food. Gets quite packed,but it's a nice friendly crowd. It's a perfect Friday/ Saturday night out, try the spit roast chicken, it's sooooo good!


One of the most amazing street dining experiences! The selection of food was amazing and each stand offered such choice! You will definitely leave with a full stomach!


The best venue of the three organised by Street Feast, featuring ample seating, a real party atmosphere and proper toilets (yay!). Whilst the cocktails aren't always what they're cracked up to be, the choice of street food is wide and varied. Say yes to the spit roast chicken at Bird Box and cinnamon-sugary goodness from You Doughnut. Mama Wang's skilfully hand-pulled noodle creations with cumin lamb was layered with complex bursting flavours and my favourite for the night. 


One week left before Dinerama's closing :-( ! This car park has been one of my favorite places this Summer where you can chill out with friends for lunchtime or after work, enjoying food from the London's best vendors and chefs. I would recommend to have the pulled pork buns from Smokestak, the half lobster/crab rolls from B.O.B Lobsters and the sweet treats from You Doughnuts. 


I had walked passed Dinerama repeatedly on my way home and always thought “I must nip in there"...now that I’ve been I wish I’d gone sooner! There is so much amazing food and drink on offer that one visit just isn’t enough (unless you’ve skipped lunch or are feeling particularly greedy!).

Top amongst my favs are the pulled pork steamed buns from Yum Buns and YouDonught’s delicious cinnamon dough balls with ice-cream. Those were so awesome that I managed to make space for them despite having already eaten my own body weight in other delicious food.

The set up works really well - a large proportion of the seating can be covered in case we get a bought of the traditional British summer rain and there’s a diverse crowd chowing down and enjoying a drink or two. Previously a carpark it’s right on Great Eastern Street it’s super easy to find and a great way to spend an evening.

Dinerama is worth going for any foodies in London, everything looks really good to try and with interesting selections all stacked within one yard- you be guessing for some time what to try first. Typical east london / shoreditch decor. As it is located in an outdoor yard, you will enjoy it more on a sunny day out. 

Here is what i tried and my ratings for it:

Cheeky italian - beef poutine: 8/10. Delicious and what I had expected. Lovely fried chips covered with thyme, pulled beef with gravy and liquid cheese on top. Yummy! That gravy was lovely to have on chips.....still thinking about it even now. 

Cheeky italian- crab mac and cheese: 4/10 I had this after the beef poutine so the taste failed in comparison but also the portion was small....it was half the size of a normal take away container...for £7.50? I felt there wasn't enough crab in this dish even for that amount of mac and cheese. Still quite nice but don't forget to add salt and pepper. 

Yum Buns- chocolate indulgent doughnuts with cornflake flavour ice cream (large): 6/10 doughnuts were nicely done, not too light or heavy. It was not one of the best tasting doughnut but topped with melting chocolate and marshmallows...and THEN on top you have CORNFLAKE ice cream. Delish! Also the amount was a lot more than i had expected which makes this even better to buy. 

Other things I would have love to try is the woodchip smoked pizza and I heard the bird in a box is also very good (claimed by my other half.)


I've ended up at Dinerama several times now over Summer, and each time, walked away feeling wholly content and happy with my lot in life. Admittedly, it's to do with the copious cocktails, ribs and buns I've stuffed down my throat, but where else could you find such an array of food stalls?

Dinerama is also a bit more cosy than Street Feast, with the entire upper floor dedicated to seating and several bars that create a slightly different atmosphere that I prefer.

I've had the chance to go through most (but not all) of the places now, so will give a quick run down of my top picks for those who aren't too sure. I would pick these 4 stalls ahead of the rest of the others easily.

Top Picks:

Smokestak - They're not known as one of the best food stalls in London for no reason. Their BBQ is superb and well worth trying, with their ribs absolutely topping most things I've tried in Dinerama

Yum Bun - Competitors to Bao, Yum Bun do a cracking job. Their buns in particular I'd say actually edge out in front of Bao, and they keep things simple with 3 cracking flavours. Well worth it. 

Breddos Tacos - Try their triple set for £9. No regrets, much taste! 

BBQ Lab - the BEST chicken wings you can get in London. And I've had a lot. Chipuffalo all the way please, with extra blue cheese sauce. 


I can only comment on what I tried.  Yum Buns were great but SOOOOOO messy.  Everything falls out when you bite into it, it was a sticky mess.  Cheeky Italian sweet potato fries had the right texture but was served lukewarm with no condiments.  The You Doughnuts - huge portion, but I really couldn't taste the hazelnut in the hazelnut ice-cream or the cardarmon in the sauce...P.S. there is a door charge in the evenings, so better to go for lunch!  What I did like is they had Wild Beer Co in cans!


I can't believe it took me so long to get there having it so near. I had no idea the place is so big and has such a great selection of yummy looking foods that you can't decide where to lay your eyes. And judging buy the crowds of people hanging around it's not just about the look. I've tried Yum Buns, two varieties  - mushroom & shrimp with coriander, chilli and lime - and they were both full of flavours. The Rum Rooftop served delicious cute looking cocktails. Whatever you do, don't miss the You Doughnuts with ice cream and salted caramel made freshly while you're waiting. They are delicious, but be prepared to queue (they queue never seem to be gone from that place). The monk fish in green salsa from Baba G was OK, but the guys who serve it were a slight disappointment, especially with the 'free' snack that was thrown in front of me on the counter on a piece of a tissue. All in all, it's a fantastic pop up, I'll be back soon for more.


Exciting, authentic street food. Smoky, sparky bonfires. Communal, dining benches. Passionate, buzzing atmosphere.

If any of these sound even vaguely appealing to you – and if they don’t, maybe lay a finger on your pulse and check it’s still going, hey? – then you have until October 4th to arm yourself with wallet, jacket, sunglasses (actually, this is England so best throw in some factor 50 and a pair of snowshoes too) & your most impressive appetite and get to Dinerama in Shoreditch. Located a straight-as-the-crow-flies 10 minute walk from Liverpool St tube or a hop, skip & jump across from Shoreditch Overground, Dinerama boasts some amazing street food offerings with 6 diners, 6 bars, 5 shacks and 2 trucks all set under a canopy of bulbs that glow gently as dusk falls, the sky darkens and the sky-scape of East London lights up around you.

Prepare yourself for a wall of incredible scents to smack you lovingly in the face as you enter; taste-buds will perk up, stomachs will rumble, mouths will water. Dining options are laid out in the open courtyard surrounding long wooden picnic style tables and whatever your food drug of choice, something here will give you the fix you’ve been craving. Baja fish tacos? Done. Pulled pork? Sure. Pizza, steamed buns, wings, brisket, burgers? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. As someone who’s been looking to try poutine for a while, it was Cheeky Italian’s stall that hooked me in; I wasn’t as bowled over as I thought I would be – chunkier chips, thicker gravy & extra cheese would have made it more the comfort food I’d been day-dreaming of – but if I was left a little underwhelmed by my first course, the second one from Birdbox hit a home run with a heaped portion of freshly chopped & glossily, stickily roasted chicken snuggled up to bite-sized, crunchy, roasted, skin on potatoes & whole cloves of sweetly golden garlic. The aroma of Birdbox drew me in, their food left me a total groupie; washed down with Big Kahunas in candy-cane cups and eaten one greedy forkful at a time, this was gold medal al fresco dining.

And for those who lay their cap at the altar of sweetness, a tub full of salted caramel licked, cinnamon kissed, crispy edged yet softly squidgy pillows from You Doughnut! will leave your inner glutton sugar lipped & oh so happy.

If you’ve ever thought you’re not hip, cool or bearded enough for Shoreditch, believe me when I say you are. Suited & booted mingled with plaid shirted, designed hand-bagged & high street dressed crowds and by 8pm, the place was packed with people taking full advantage of a glorious Thursday September evening. Every dish I saw was under £10 and portions were generously served by people who were proud of their food and excited to share it with new diners. So if you’ve a hankering to try something new but don’t know what, if you want to soak up every last drop of sunshine before it disappears into British myth & legend once again, if you fancy dipping into food without the formality of walls, linen napkins & service charges, Dinerama should be on your London ‘must-do-must-eat-must-try’ list this September.



This place is a little corker! Such a fab selection of street food on offer and bars with a top range of drinks including a tasty cocktail menu. Great vibes, perfect place for a daytime stroll or a place to start your night out. Get there quick before it finishes.


Like Street Feast, but better! I have been to a lot of street food pop ups but this one was my favourite so far. It is smaller and easier to move around and not heaving with people which was exactly what we are after for Sunday chill with food and drinks. Great atmosphere and great food and drink. Loads of nice seating areas upstairs which is blissful in the sun. Still dreaming of the Pink Lady's we sipped on all afternoon. As pricey as usual street food but worth it. It is also free on a Sunday which is an added bonus!


London is heaving with street food pop-ups this Summer, but I still can't get enough of them. Dinerama is a welcome addition to the scene. It's well laid out with plenty of long-table seating upstairs, and stand-up tables and barrels with a few extra seats downstairs. It's not the biggest of the street food pop-ups, but there is a good selection of food and drink available, and the place has a fun and relaxed vibe in general. Yum Bun stole the show for me on this visit - is there anything more drool-worthy than their pork buns?? (Apart from maybe the prawn bun.) The beef taco from Breddos Taccos was a little disappointing but my friend said that her fish taco was excellent. Get along before it finishes!

Such a great spot that I highly recommend for a cool lunch date or a bit of a drunken food orgy. Choose one of the other, you can't have both...(I'm trying to say get there before the cover charge kicks in at 5pm so you're not swimming in people!) Anyway, delighted to hear that come August 13th Dinerama is re-opening because the food is genuinely delicious. BOB's Crab Roll is a party in your mouth, whereas anything from Smokestack is worth the inevitable queue. 

The area is split up nicely with different bars and music zones that don't bleed into each other too much. It's easy enough to miss if you don't know where you're going (it looks a bit like a used car junk yard from the outside - not saying it's a bad thing).

Ultimately it's 100% worth trying, don't be put off by 'Shoreditch types' or anything like that. Or do, it means more delicious food for me!

Staff Writer

More cosy than the Dalston Yard Street Feast, it's easy to walk past the entrance here but once you're in it's a brilliant bustling courtyard of foodie treats with a large open air bar on the first floor. I'd suggest getting there before the cover charge kicks in (and before it gets too packed). When I went I picked up sticky ribs from Smokestack (a little pricey but totally worth it); BOB's Lobster mac and cheese (seriously indulgent - who'd of thought lobster would work so well in this dish!) and then headed to YouDoughnut for dessert (top cinnamon-coated dough balls with banana ice cream and pecan nuts).    

Staff Writer

Really cool layout here - the usual slick operation from the Street Feast team. The crowd doesn't feel quite as cool as the people who gather at Dalston Street Feast - on a Thursday night visit there were lots of City types letting loose. The cocktails are a real selling point here, with a couple of bars to choose from and minimal queues as a result. I really like that they're showcasing newer street food vendors. It's a really good opportunity to try something new. Even better is the fact that Smokestak are still around. They rock my world with their juicy ribs! BBQ Lab also do some fiery chicken wings that are well worth a try.        

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