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4 out of 5 stars
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Rog Greig Ducksoup

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

A low-key restaurant and natural wine bar in Soho.

Ducksoup is one of those properly romantic Soho restaurant-wine bar hybrids. Hidden from the street by heavy, deep-blue curtains, it’s candlelit and lovely, with just a few small tables along the wall and a small bar that acts as a dining counter. If there’s more than two of you, you can book ahead. If not, be prepared to be seated at the busy counter (and wait for your space on it).

The menu is seasonal and scrawled (almost illegibly) onto a plain white sheet of paper every day (the natural wine list is written on chalkboards above the bar). Our visit started off spectacularly – with crunchy, warm sourdough, fresh from the oven – and standards never dropped. After some supremely fresh oysters with lemon, there was a plate of charred celeriac flecked with salty ricotta and chunks of walnut, then some perfectly al dente fettuccine doused in cavolo nero and pecorino. Finally, a hanger steak, perfectly rare, served with soft, bitter Italian winter greens and salty cubes of pancetta for balance.

There were about ten people squeezed onto the counter on my visit. I was sandwiched between two couples – so close we knocked elbows buttering sourdough – and as the night went on, I could literally hear them whispering sweet nothings to each other. Normally, this would be annoying. But the atmosphere at Ducksoup is so great I forgot about my neighbours almost as soon as I started eating, too absorbed in the food, the wine, and thinking about how great wine bars can be when everything’s done well.

Ducksoup isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, but it’s a solid London restaurant that should continue to stand the test of time. It's all gone swimmingly, so far.

By: Kelly Pigram



Address: 41 Dean Street
Transport: Tube: Covent Garden
Price: Dinner for two with drinks and service: around £105.
Opening hours: Open noon-10.30pm Mon-Sat (hot food not served 3-6pm); 1-6pm Sun
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3 out of 5 stars

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Slightly surprised by the amount of negative reviews. The staff were friendly, taking time to explain the wine to us, and the food was lovely. There's some interesting cocktails, and menu items. Agree that it might be overpriced, with small portions, but we enjoyed our time. With world peace on the menu, who could resist?


Tucked away on Dean Street, DuckSoup is a hidden gem. I just popped in for a drink and some cheese, naturally. The  ambience is comforting, it's a very small venue but the service we had was excellent.  Although I didn't sample the whole menu the plates that left the kitchen looked incredible and, if the crackers that were served with the cheese were anything to go by, I'm sure the res of the food is amazing too. 

Spent a night at Ducksoup catching up with an old friend. It's a great little place for a drink and some share plates with a nice atmosphere. We shared the baked clams, market pickles, salami and deep fried calgots. I thought it was all super tasty, but the portions aren't huge.

As some of the other reviews have said it's a bit cramped and the service isn't amazing but I still had a wonderful night. I would definitely recommend.

Lovely hidden gem, romantic, buzzy and skilled cooking. Service was cramped as is the place but if anything this adds to the experience.

Considering the small portion sizes this place is overpriced.  The food doesn't really hit the mark either, the meat was tough.  


Admittedly an unusual name for a restaurant but don’t let that put you off. With a constantly evolving menu, expect quality seasonal food served in a rustic setting. The fact it doesn’t accept bookings could be considered either a blessing or a damn nuisance although when I went it wasn’t too bad to get a table. The service was pretty good.

Staff Writer

There are certainly some mixed reviews here but I have to say I went to Ducksoup for the first time recently and can't believe despite all the times I've walked past I had never been there. Really cute bar, dimly lit downstairs, lovely in the winter months. Can highly recommend the mushroom risotto. Our table were sharing a few dishes and the risotto was so good we ordered a second. You may be able to talk in and snag a spot at the bar but better off booking in advanced as it gets pretty packed.


I ate at Ducksoup on a pouring Monday evening with a friend. There was no wait and I was grateful for the shelter. After relaxing into our seats at the bar, I started to really appreciate the casual design of the restaurant. It definitely has a downtown New York feel. We shared a number of dishes including labneh under oil & herbs (yoghurt cheese), chilli prawns and chanterelle linguine that had a perfectly placed egg yolk on top to compliment the eggy Parmesan carbonara-esque sauce. The prawns were juicy, packed with flavour and pulled away easily from the was all fresh and moreish. The restaurant bases its dishes on seasonal ingredients and menus change frequently. Most of what we had were specials, though I have yet to see them return to the menu, which is a shame. Apart from two negatives - A) being charged for bread to accompany the labneh (not sure who eats a mini bowl of cheese and oil on its own!) and B) difficulty reading the handwritten menus (luckily the barman was helping decipher) - I would recommend this restaurant, as the food was superb.

I loved the simple and tasty food and the cosy atmosphere. I've been here twice with my boyfriend and it is my favourite place in Soho so far. I absolutely loved the black figs with labneh, pistachios and olive oil, and the squash with prosciutto.

Plus, I had a glass of Barbera which was stunning.

The food comes whenever it's ready, which I do not mind cause the concept is more that of a bar, and you're supposed to share the food. I had a great time and will happily go back.


This place is a little gem in Soho. I went in a group of five for dinner and we were seated in a beautiful alcove with candles. the menu is small but with some great dishes. The squid started I had was delicate and perfectly cooked. What came next was even better - spiced grilled baby chicken and lamb chops. Whats great about this place is the menu changes weekly and the ingredients are always seasonal. While the food is very reasonably priced the wine was a little on the ridiculous side. a cheap bottle of wine was just not available so if you want wine i would recommend going by the glass as it works out much cheaper. Overall great atmosphere and wonderful food and it's definitely worth a visit.

My mate was proposing to his girlfriend and so booked the small back area of Ducksoup for a small group to meet for celebratory surprise drinks afterwards. My partner and I arrived with some balloons (2 x initials and a heart!) that we'd just bought for £35 only to be told by the manager that they 'didn't fit in with the aesthetic of the restaurant!' Initially, he wouldn't even let us in with them! After we argued, stating how much they cost and that we weren't going to leave them in the street, he eventually agreed to store them downstairs while we were there. We brought them out half way through the celebrations, showed them to our mates (who loved them), went outside, took some photos and then had to take them back down to the basement!!! It was RIDICULOUS! Also, while speaking to (arguing with) the manager he said that the previous week, a hen party had come in for dinner and hadn't told him prior to this, he sounded absolutely disgusted that his precious restaurant had to host a hen party! So basically slagging off a group of fun loving, paying customers who 'didn't fit in with his aesthetic.' I wouldn't go here if you want a fun, celebratory evening as you'll probably be told off by the manager. If you don't like people celebrating and having fun then perhaps you shouldn't have opened a restaurant in Soho.

If I could have given minus stars, I would have. What an awful night, awful food and seriously awful service. If you want to pay £10 for 6 mussels drowned in luke warm water, rickety furniture and staff that don't know the menu or wine choices than this place is perfect. I have had better meals and service in Mc Donalds.

Staff obnoxious and rude. Like you're causing them an inconvenience by being'll be asked to move seats...they'll assume you're an idiot when its comes to picking wine. Avoid.

We enjoyed our dinner there - the food was of high quality - and found the staff quite friendly. Also, there is a nice buzz to the place (borderig on noisy). The wine list is ambitious and original; for any wine lover in the mood for discovery, this is a place to go.

Brass neck more than brasserie. I was charged £8 for a glass of wine which had gone off - and the owner had the brass neck to say that that was the style of wine in South Italy (after admitting the bottle had been opened "only 3 days ago"). Shame that the service is so awful because the food is good. Ask to taste the wine first.

A very unsatisfactory place to eat. I paid £40 in advance for 3 small glasses of wine and food that in its entirety could be fitted onto a small saucer. Throughout the evening we were given (or rather thrown on the nearest table) miniscule portions. There was nowhere near enough food for the size of our party and staff appeared oblivious to it. You felt awkward eating because you felt that you were taking someone else's portion. I will NEVER frequent this place again and I wouldn't recommend anybody else to.

I have to agree with many of the negative reviews below. I went to Ducksoup with my husband, following a mouth-watering review that I read on the Telegraph as well as the Timeout reviews. And I have to say, the place was a bit of a disappointment. The place is tiny and super-crammed - though the decor is nice. We sat at the bar as there were no free tables (though for some reason there was one guy siting a a two people table during most of our meal, drinking water...). I appreciate that Ducksoup want to accommodate as many people as possible, but they really could have left out 1-2 stools at the bar, giving each person more than 15" of space. The service is rushed but slow at the same time (if it makes sense) even though there are WAY too many waiters (at one point we counted 8 staff members for maybe 20 guests). The wine list is limited and VERY expensive - a small glass of house red was £6.80! The food is ok but nothing to write home about. The starters were nice enough (rare hanger stake, radiccio, pine nuts & Parmesan and some bread with nduja sausage). For main I had roast guinea fowl (or some other small bird), which was the toughest thing I've ever eaten - I could barely cut off pieces. Plus, it seemed to have still had it's intestines which had 'spilled out' and were incredibly bitter. My husband had some Moroccan inspired lamb which was fine. The whole meal was slightly redeemed by dessert (buttermilk rose pudding with rhubarb). The bill came up to about £60 (including just 1 small glass of wine as my husband was drinking water) - which given the size and the overall quality of the food was absolutely not worth it. In a nutshell, I think this place is really over-hyped and there are lots of other places (e.g. Elliot's Cafe in Borough Market) which od a similar 'thing' with similar prices but MUCH better.

I had high hopes for Duck Soup but the experience was a bit...odd. The general air was of a sort of haughty "aren't we clever?" sort of place. I think the mistake we made was coming for dinner in what is a very tiny and very loud space. Not least because you can hardly fit two dinner plates on the tiny tables. I think that coming for an informal couple of glasses of wine at the bar with some of the smaller plates would have been a better idea. The food was pretty good, although making a big deal about the bread (at a cost of £2) coming with unpasturised butter and then presenting 4 hunks of really thick chewy sourdough with the tiniest sliver of butter imaginable was a bit off. I asked for more butter and some was brought without fuss, but why not just give a regular amount of butter in the first place? I'm not sure quite what I was expecting Duck Soup to be and I'm not really sure what it is trying to be, other than too cool for school.

I actually did enjoy my previous visit to Duck Soup and was happy to return there last Friday, however - the level of service I received was one of the poorest I can recall, in any restaurant. As we were eating our main course, one of the waiters, spilled, by mistake, water on us and on our plate. While he did apologise, no help was offered to dry our clothes. We asked for a replacement of our wet dish, and when this arrived, were amazed to find out that we were served only 1/2 of the portion. To our question, we were answered that since we already ate some of it, we were only reimbursed by part of it. And I am asking - is there no shame in that??? and after having the waiter arguing with us for the reasons we were not entitled to enjoy a full portion, we were told that the level of service we received was of the highest quality. NEVER AGAIN WILL MY FOOT STEP IN THAT PLACE.

This place is a joke. Never in all my years have I heard such a pretentious load of rubbish spouted from the mouth of a waitress - "all our food is served ambiant". AMBIANT?! You mean cold? We were a party of 7 - starters were fine and tasted lovely but the thimble of baby squid at £4 really was ridiculous (see Morito for how it should be done). We all ordered mains and 4 sides to share. Two mains came out first, then 15 minutes later one of the three briskets we'd ordered came. Cold plate and cold food. I asked them to heat it up or keep it warm while we waited for the other mains and sides. I was then informed that "you should have been told but we serve our food ambient here and it comes when it's ready, not all together". So basically cold food served like Wagamamas. Also, why label dishes "sides" if you don't serve them with the food. In totaly it took 45 minutes for all dishes to arrive at different intervals. Also the toilets smell really bad.

Not impressed. The reviewer mentions "larger tables" downstairs. We sat there a few weeks ago and they are ridiculously cramped. The kitchen forgot two of our mains which arrived 30 minutes after, the now cold, side dishes. Simple dishes maybe, but lamb with just some lemon and salt seemed like something I could do myself in five minutes, and co-ordinate it with the other dishes. The wine is expensive and a bill of around £60 per head didn't seem good value.

I went to Duck Soup last night with huge scepticism after reading all the bad reviews on here but was overwhelmed by how brilliant my entire experience here was. I booked a table (yes, you can book if in a group of 4 or more, but would recommend people to try and book however many there are of you) for 9pm for 4 people - at 9pm our table was still not ready so we stood awkwardly by the door for about 10mins. The lovely manageress gave us 4 glasses of pink sparkling wine on the house to say sorry whilst we waited for our table. What lovely wine, and what a lovely gesture! I had been particularly worried about the wine from the reviews read here but realised on my arrival that all the complaints are because their entire wine list is all NATURAL WINES. This explains why they taste a little different and why they are a little more expensive. But if you are a natural wine fanatic like me, or even an educated wine lover, you will be overjoyed by their selection. The food was incredible (I ate with 2 high end delicatessen owners and one head chef so this is no mean feat to impress all of us!), the service was lovely and the atmosphere was excellent. The staff knew tonnes about the food and wine which really impressed me. I cannot wait to eat here again!

I have been here a total of 4 times since it opened and couldn't disagree more with the bad ratings. Each time I have been the food and service have been amazing. For people complaining about portion sizes go to Pizza Express (embarrassing). It's called quality not quantity. Adore this place.

Totally agree with the poor ratings. The food was average - certainly not what I expected after all the hype. But what I REALLY objected to was this: a group of 4 friends arrived an hour before the kitchen was closing. The service was lousy. I sent an e-mail and had a follow-up call with the manager, who, in the guise of 'caring' simply defended himself and the restaurant against my observations. I took the route of addressing this privately with them so as not to just write a review. What was really annoying is that the manager felt that because no complaints were raised during the meal, it made him 'unable' to offer any type of compensation. All I was looking for was some gesture: come back and have a drink on us, join us for a dessert, or a partial refund of the crazy £100 bill. Apparently talking about something after the fact makes in invalid - in other words, all reviews posted here that are negative would be ignored. Don't go here! Plenty of other choices. This place is overrated, overpriced, and don't understand the basics of customer service.

Wow, best little SoHo spot I've found. Loved the veal ragu. Not to mention the extremely hot staff.

WTF! What's with all the one stars? Have been here twice now. I absolutely love it! (for dinner anyway) The atmosphere in the evening is great. It's tiny yes and loud and yes it is cool but in a genuinely relaxed way. The food, for me, is heaven! Just great ingredients and flavours and I like the sharing concept of different sized dishes. Some of the wine is a little unusual but in a good way. Service is friendly and effecient. It's not cheap (bread £2 for two slices!!) but mostly great value and we are drinkers. I highly recommend this place!!!

I definitely like the vibe of the place, the cozy atmosphere sitting at the bar, the old tunes playing from the record player. Like many people said before, the food is sometimes overpriced, funnily enough though not quite stringent. 14 pounds for lamb cutlets is good, because the cutlets were excellent, but 14 pounds for wild mushrooms is a bit over the top. But the one star is not for the price of the food. One can be well aware from looking at the card that this will be a bit more expensive. The things that degraded the good atmosphere and the good food was the wine. a) I have never been to a restaurant where the wine is put in the class by using a measuring cup. I mean come on - you are no cheap cocktail bar. and b) - and this was the most chocking part ever - at the end of the evening we witnessed how the staff poured the different open bottles of wine into one bottle so only one bottle of every kind had to be stored. This was done to the ridiculous extend that even bottles which had barely anything left were poured into other bottles. Sorry Ducksoup, but this is our end.

I took a friend there for lunch last week and can categorically say I won't be going back again. Tiny portions (£3.50 for a spoon of roast pepper salad - wtf?) below average food (dry, flavourless gurnard with a small piece of braised fennel for £7), overpriced wine and worst of all, cold and impersonal service, meant that the whole experience didn't add up to the £90 they charged for it. I'm sure you can do better in London. One to avoid.

The food was incredibly average, over cooked and poor presentation The service was student like/ unattentive for the price asked. It should be called Soup Kitchen

This place is seriously overpriced and if you've got a hearty appetite expect to pay a lot as most dishes are tiny! Service isn't great, they added wrong items to our bill and forgot one of our dishes. I'd never go back or recommend the place

I hate to say it but it seems as though we may have a turkey here rather than a duck. I ate here with two friends on Saturday at lunch time. The menu has all of the typical 2009 Lower East Side cues we've come to expect from new eateries in Soho, lighting, staff blah blah blah. Sadly these have been executed with far less sucess than in other recent openings such as Spuntino or Da Polpo. Service is indifferent (at best), seating at the bar is horribly uncomfortable and the food mediocre. My biggest problem with this place is the price you pay. I have no problem with shelling out lots of money for a meal, all I ask for in return is some feeling of value for money. This could be through beautiful presentation, excellent service, fantastic ingredients or an awesome atmosphere. Sadly Ducksoup only delivers on the over inflated price.

Agree with all one-starred comments... place is too small for a big plate of main. Starters were ok but nothing special.

I'm in J.J. Jenssen and Ritchie's camp leaving me slightly sceptical, based on my lunch experience yesterday, of the 5* (really?) customer reviews. If it's a cold and soulless experience you want, then Ducksoup will be for you. This might be confused also with being too cool for school - take the guy, I'm guessing to be the manager (shaved head), who stands at the end of the bar with his laptop looking superior in a thouroughly bored kind of way. No, the atmos was bleak, the service average at best and the food a pricey OK. Nice house wine though. I won't be going again - Spuntino and Da Polpo do it way better, with a smile!

Went to eat here after seeing some positive early feedback. Based on my dinner last night this was very surprising. The service was rather slow, with 5 of our dishes coming within 10 minutes and waiting 20-25 minutes for the last one. When we raised this with the manager who was rude and arrogant and told us we should have expected this. The fritto misto we ordered has a heavy batter, they also seemed to use cheaper ingredients to bulk it out. We had a lemon with rind included and an artichoke with the leaves still on, resulting in a horrible texture. Some of the fish also had rather large bones included. It also got served at too warm a temperature so it burnt our tongues. This mistake also occurred with the fried courgettes. The menu relies mainly relies on good ingredients as a lot of the food is assembled rather than cooked. From what I could see there is much better produce on show at other places in London and indeed soho. This restaurant seems to be on trend with small tasting plates but has a very long way to go before you would consider it before Barrafina (around the corner) Spuntino, Polpo or Bocca Di Lupo. Bread was also charged for, it had ok taste and appeared to be brought in and was slightly dry. We raised our feedback we the manager at the end of the meal and he was rather dismissive.

I loved everything about this place - the food, wine, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. My friend and I ate 2 plates of seafood - one cooked and one raw. If you like to eat thick juicy scallops and prawns that melt in your mouth, come here. Natural wines are all good. I particularly enjoyed the fizz. Will be coming back here again and again and again...

Had high hopes - great staff, tasty menu, special wines - but perhaps trim the artichoke before it's deep-fried so we don't chomp on woody leaves? And £9.80 for a kir? Along with olives, 2 mains & a £24 bottle of white = £72. On-trend yes but Dean Street offers much better...

This is definitely my favourite place in Soho at the moment. It's chilled out and cool without being too pretentious. I hope they open the downstairs area soon!

Love this place - top food and wine - plus very rude sounding beer... not cheap but well worth the money

Went on the first night (26/9/11) - We had lovely smoked mackerel with tomatoes and salami to share followed by amazing lamb chops and beef carpaccio with mozzarella. Wines are excellent - think all natural... akin to Terroirs' wine list We were also really impressed with the very unsnobby attitude of the staff. they look cool, but act nice... which isn't always the case in Soho nowadays... Individual ratings: food 5/5, wine 5/5, service 4.5/5, atmosphere 5/5...

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