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Dum Dum Donutterie

Restaurants, Bakeries Shoreditch
4 out of 5 stars
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Finally, doughnuts that are good for you! Ok, maybe they're not exactly good for you, especially in the quantities we'd like to consume them in, but Dum Dum's doughnuts are healthier than others because they bake them rather than fry them. Get your hands on some at their Boxpark Donutterie, where they also sell their own baked version of the cronut (croissant doughnut, duh).



Address: Unit 31, Boxpark
2 Bethnal Green Rd
E1 6GY
Transport: Shoreditch High St Overground
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Users say (13)

4 out of 5 stars

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Finally!!!! I got to live the dream and try out the most talked about "Cronut"... A hybrid doughnut which is half croissant and half doughnut.

I have to say, dumdums do it so so well. The pastry was delicious!!! The flavours were spot on and most importantly they were fresh!!!

My only and ONLY criticism would be that I found them slightly a little too sweet. Not that it would stop me from getting more but if I could take off 2% of the sugar I would. The cronuts are £3.50 a pop and very worth it.


Tucked into the lower level of a Shoreditch's Boxpark, Dum Dum Donutterie is a galley-style shop offering a variety of doughy treats. At around £3.50 a piece, they aren't cheap but they are worthwhile. The counter options are split between regular doughnuts (which are baked not fried) and croissant doughnuts (the popular croissant/doughnut hybrid) but for special occasions (or a really bad day) you could order a giant doughnut which will set you back ten times the price of a standard croissant doughnut but advertises to feed 8-10 people.

I opted for three of the croissant doughnuts -  The Zebra (layers of croissant and chocolate croissant filled with chocolate butter cream), Almond & Pistachio and Salted Caramel. I also bought one of the regular doughnuts claiming it was 'the best jam doughnut' - a serious claim to someone who adores a jam doughnut.

The croissant doughnuts were sensational! The hardest part is knowing how to attack the well stacked layers of pastry but with each doughnut encasing a lovely soft gananche/cream as well as a sweet icing or chocolate topping, striking a delicious balance in textures, each mouthful is an absolute joy. Not greasy or sickly, I can guarantee the once substantial hand-held dessert will soon disappear leaving only a dusting of flaky crumbs.

The only disappointment for me was the jam doughnut. With the baked not fried approach, it meant the dough itself was more of a bread roll than the sweet, fluffy and soft dough you come to expect from mainstream vendors. Topped with a thick layer of icing sugar (which will crumble all over you rendering your top covered and looking similar to an Everest avalanche by the time you're finished), the attempt to make the savoury roll sweet, fell short. The jam inside was, however, very enjoyable and plentiful. It squirted out left, right and centre which, along with the icing sugar drift, resulted in a sticky, powdery mess. Not to be eaten in polite company!

All in all though, the Dum Dum Donutterie offers a brilliant range of options to satisfy any sweet-toothed dough hankerer and I will definitely be back to try the other flavours soon.


What calls for a sugar rush? Amazing donuts from Dum Dum Donutterie. They have a whole bunch of different flavours, and none of those boring ones. I tried a blackcurrant and white chocolate donut but there were so many that caught my eye. They even have cronuts! And a huge variety of filled donuts too! They're different from your regular donut because they bake them, instead of frying them in gallons of oil. So they're even kinda healthy. Well, healthier than a normal donut. Try your best to get there early in the day, because they only stay open until they sell out of fresh donuts!

I am guilty of having gotten my 21st Birthday cake from them last year. Leftover donut cake? Best hangover cure ever. 


Want donuts without feeling so guilty? Dum Dum is here for you.

Because they’re baked, they’re not as caloric but still very yummy. With a wide selection of flavours, you can choose something as classic as chocolate buttercream or as adventurous as Crême Brûlée. They’re all very good and the cronuts actually have an interesting crunch.

A nice occasional treat! 


I do not get the cronut hype! I get that this all started in New York, then traveled to California and London, but doesn't mean it's good? I bought a pistachio cronut here, it was alright. It tasted neither like a croissant or donut, so how do you call this a cronut? A croissant is supposed to be fluffy and flaky, and a donut is supposed to be airy and light. Sorry, I just don't get it. 


Sweet tooth fellas, you gotta try this! Baked, not fried donuts, cronuts topped with fruit, chocolate, biscuit, anything colourful and sweet really! Simply delicious desserts. Nice pleasant staff, they know how to serve people and to promote their amazing products! Let me now talk to you about the crone. Yes, crone. Croissant + cone = crone. As you can imagine is nothing like an ordinary cone. It is simply delicious and you can choose between chocolate coconut, banoffee, raspberry, I can't recall if there is more! As a banoffee fan I went this option and of course I didn't regret it. The crone itself is made from croissant dough, is baked and has sone brown sugar and cinnamon around it. It is a bit dry but still delicious. I wouldn't mind if it was less healthy but obviously I don't mind to save myself from some extra calories! It is about 12cm high and it was filled with frozen bananas all the way to the top! On that level comes the ice cream, rich, creamy, perfectly delicious, which is topped with a really yummy caramel syrup, not ordinary at all, I assure you. So what else? Some biscuit on top of that! It's a pleasure to the mouth and to the eye. The price is quite reasonable comparing to equivalent stuff - only £4. If you want your crone topped even more there is some extra stuff with £2.5 but I am not aware of what that is. Something delicious for sure, so if your belly can take it, then go for it but I warn you, without the extra topping it is quite filling anyway. This is highly recommended! I mean, you really have to try it.


The Crone. That's why I went, to experience this baked crescent ice cream cone. While the idea of baked instead of fried is more healthy, it's also less tasty. The idea is clever, but the crone was so dry I couldn't eat much of it. The staff was lovely and made the experience fun.

I had the cronut cone with Very Berry ice-cream... firstly it was stuffed full with fruits of the forest (blueberries and raspberries) with vanilla syrup (or was it condensed milk?) and then the cone was heaped with two scoops of Very Berry ice-cream before more fruit was added on with another squeeze of vanilla syrup/condensed milk.  That was my dinner and dessert sorted!  The cronut cone is baked and reminds me of Italian breakfast pastries... it's sweet but not too sweet, not buttery like French pastries and definitely not crunchy like a waffle cone!  Oh and it's also very messy business!  My companion had the chocolate & coconut one - he thought the chocolate ice-cream and syrup needed to be more chocolaty!  I personally loved the filling of the Very Berry but I much prefer the traditional waffle cone which adds a different texture to the cronut variety!


Having had a dry and crusty cronut elsewhere, I wasn't so keen on the cronut invention. But after walking around in the rain looking for a bar that didn't exist, we were fed up and decided to treat ourselves to a little something sweet and there weren't any standard doughnuts left. So I reluctantly pointed at the pistachio and almond cronut and I have to say it looked very fancy. It was filled with a delicious cream and the layers of cronut was light and soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. Me and my friend instantly cheered up after chowing through our cronuts and happily skipped away. I just wish the place was bigger so that we could sit in to enjoy it (although there is plenty of seating upstairs in Boxpark). I would skip the coffee next time though - the barista needs a lot more training!


Give me the choice between cake and a doughnut, I’m likely to choose cake 99% of the time. But when I found this artisan Boxpark Donutterie a while back, it quickly changed my thoughts on what I think of as greasy dough balls. For such a small unit, the choice is fantastic with a clear display. They offer traditional baked doughnuts, and then the amazing cronut for £3 – a cross between a doughnut and a croissant which is complete heaven! From fruity flavours to rich chocolate indulgence, you won’t leave unsatisfied. I recommend the Almond Cream and Pistachio cronut – thank me later. Dum Dums is worth the visit if you’re pottering around Shoreditch in need of a sweet fix.


My friends and I walked in the Dum Dum Donutterie's store for sunday afternoon treats. We got charmed immediately by the display. They offer a large selection if donuts and....cronuts which is a mixed between croissant and donuts. I always wanted to try one of those but was quite dubitative about the taste and their greasiness. I was wrong,the crust is quite light as it's not fried but baked. I highly recommend their apple and pistachio ones as well as their chocolate speciality called The Zebra. They are amazingly delicious! 


Fact is, I've never really been a doughnut girl. I'm not a big fan of jammy treats and in my youth - a time when doughnuts meant a sugar speckled bag of 6 from Sainsbury's - that's what they meant to me. I rarely strayed from the double chocolate muffin path but recently, I've become somewhat of a convert; whilst I still really can't handle the oil-slick that is Krispy Kreme, I can definitely get on board with the baked doughnuts found at Dum Dum's. 

Purists may scoff that something baked not fried can't actually be called a doughnut but I'm quite happy for these to be the doughnuts of my future - they're pretty, they're not soaked in grease and oh yeah, they taste pretty damn great. Boasting traditional type doughnuts at £1.80 as well as yum yums and cronuts from £3, this is definitely a place with imagination; the Zebra is a baked croissant doughnut, stuffed with chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache while my favourite, Pete's Yum Yum Dum Dum, is a dulce de leche caramel buttercream filled beast. 

Traditionalists might be appeased with simpler raspberry preserve or strawberry pureed creations but my philosophy is that if you're going to be bad, you might as well be the absolute worst and let's face it, despite being baked rather than fried which reduces the fat content by about 2/3, you're still never going to win Slimmer of the Year with these bad boys in your hands and probably all over your face, given the generous fillings and sizes; the two purchased comfortably indulged two hungry people and were exceptionally sweet & rich. 

There's nowhere to sit at this Boxpark branch which is probably just as well since rolling you out the door as you lick the sugar from your fingers is probably not the image staff are after. Take them home, put on your sweatpants and let the sofa take the brunt of your utter indulgence. 


As I walked in Dum Dum’s little shop I truly thought I was in Heaven. All those colorful, luscious, shiny doughnuts seemed to be smiling at me and asking for me to try them all. I was imediatelly seduced by flavors such as banoffee and crème brulé, a best seller that has a truly crispy sugar coat. But... they’re baked not fried, and that makes all the difference in the world. Instead of the ethereal melt-in-you-mouth feeling of a true doughnut, you’ll get a little more bite to it, as well as more sourness in the dough. I was a bit disappointed of the overall experience, and have to admit the best thing I had there was an almond and pistachio cronut that was just right in sweetness and flavor.

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