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3 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

This self-service vegetarian buffet covers the globe yet gets everything spot-on, right down to the last lentil.

There are reasons why Ethos might make you wary. It’s near Oxford Circus, it’s vegetarian, it’s a self-serve buffet and you pay for your food by weight. (That’s the weight of the food, not your weight.) This ‘comida por quilo’ system is a popular economy-restaurant style in Brazil, but it’s been relatively unexplored in the UK.

Adding to the gimmicky potential, on any given day the main menu might include more than a dozen dishes from the diverse cuisines of Japan, Southeast Asia, Italy, Korea, India, Mexico and Lebanon – and anywhere else that does brilliant vegetarian dishes – plus a few of their own creations. You can choose as few or as many as you like, building your own bespoke meal, before having your plate weighed and then paying at the counter. 

The concept may seem incoherent at first. Standing by the platters and bowls at the buffet – hot on one side, room temperature on the other – wondering whether the Korean kimchi might go with some nasu dengaku (Japanese miso-roasted aubergine), or the restaurant’s Indian-inflected ‘scotch egg’. 

But sitting in the spacious, box-fresh surroundings – the decor is predominantly Nordic white and blue, with some bucolic trunks of silver birch reaching skywards – you taste the food and think: ‘Hang on, this is really good.’

Rather than worrying about whether Thai sweetcorn fritters are complemented by a lovage-laced tomato and bread panzanella salad, the world tour of dishes becomes a mini-adventure in flavour, colour and texture. The own-made kimchi was crunchy, piquant and not too pungent; the tarka dahl was as good as any Indian grandmother’s version. And a warm Lebanese salad of loubieh – fine green beans with tomato sauce – contained just the right amount of warmth from the Arabic seven-spice mix, the cinnamon and cumin clearly discernible. It was with their own more offbeat creations that the kitchen showed a less confident hand – a dish of green lentils and mandolin-thin kohlrabi had good texture, but the flavours were not the best match. 

Desserts tend to be crowd pleasers such as US-style cake pops, or small jars of sweet, creamy posset with lemon and raspberry. 

Ethos opens early in the day with a short breakfast menu (avocado on toast, fruit salad, granola, porridge), then rolls on through to lunch and dinner, perfect for Christmas shoppers seeking sustenance. Though it’s primarily a lunch spot, the drinks list does include three beers and a dozen wines. Dinner here is worth serious consideration though, because as an affordable vegetarian destination, this is the best one the West End has seen for years.


Ethos says
Ethos is a self-service restaurant moments from Oxford Circus, specialising in satisfying, deliciously different dishes. Come in for our signature aloo Scotch egg with spiced tomato ketchup, amazing aubergine meatballs, vibrant healthy salads and of course our indulgent cakes and other sweet treats!



Address: 48 Eastcastle Street
Transport: Tube: Oxford Circus
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3 out of 5 stars

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Food is great but Its way too expensive for what It Is, how timeout came up with one pound sign I dont know, for weekday luch a plate of food came to 22 pounds


Ethos, such a simple concept that works so well; pick your food, weigh your plate, and pay! The buffet style allows you to be as adventurous as you like, so many different dishes from around the world to choose from and great flavours! Great if you're going with a bunch of fussy veggie/vegans as theres something for everyone. The location is also perfect, stone's throw away from Oxford street, perfect as a mini break from a day of shopping or as a pit stop to re-fuel! Enjoy!

Love this place when you need a cheap meal out with no guilt! I love all food as well so appreciate that I can try many many things all in one visit.  Definitely one to go to when you want a whole plate of food for around £10.


Fab place with amazing range of veggie food. I like that it's buffet style so that you get to try a little of everything but do think it's a little overpriced. Beaut venue!


Ethos is a beautiful eatery with nice and lovely atmosphere and decoration. The all vegetarian and healthy menu is unbeatable by any meat alternatives! Homemade hummus, delicious salads, arancini and many more are available in their beautiful colourful healthy buffet. You put everything you want in your plate, you have it weighted by the staff and voila - you sit and enjoy your lovely meal. I like the concept of flexitarianism and as much of a meat lover as I am I always enjoy a meat free meal. It is not super cheap but it is good for you so it is definitely worth it. The service was awkward from time to time - I hate when my plate is taken before I finish my last bite! Ethos is also located very centrally which makes it even more unmissable. Highly recommended for any time of the day!


Sweet concept of pick your food and put it on scale, the food is delicious, but definitely overpriced for no service and not a very friendly staff.

I love this place! It's a great restaurant to try a selection of vegetarian and vegan food. Simply pile up your plate, weigh and pay! The food is delicious and there's a variety of hot foods, salads and desserts available. I'm vegan and loved finally being able to go to a restaurant with a great vegan dessert selection. It can be a spenny one so be careful piling that plate! 


Although being set just round Oxford Street's corner, you'll have the feeling to enter in a southeastern country restaurant, with a bunch of exotic trees growing in the middle of the dining room.

Cold and hot food is on two separate buffet tables, served in big bowls and offering a variety of nicely cooked vegetables and legumes, with Asian but also Mediterranean influences. Must try: Japanese miso glazed roasted aubergine and chickpea and coconut curry! Delicious!!

It's not just a leaf of salad, so don't expect to have a cheap meal: £15 for a full plate is roughly how much you are going to pay. Expensive, but it's also true that all the food is fulfilling, satisfactory and very well cooked.



Whether you're a vegetable lover or not Ethos will be able to enhance that love or turn you into one. Buffet style and unique Ethos offers a wide ranging selection of Mediterranean style veggie treats for all to enjoy. From indulgent potato dauphinoise to a green bean salad this restaurant is really creative with its dishes and a lot of care is shown in them. When thinking of a buffet a stale cheap greasy image comes to mind, however Ethos defies this with a frequent turn over of fresh dishes which can only be enhanced by the fact that this is a vegetarian restaurant and therefore as fresh as can be. 

Another wonderful thing was that each dish included an allergen placard in front of it. As a coeliac this was a dream and meant that my meal was fuss free and proved to me that this was a trustworthy place to eat. They price the food by weight, another new style of eating and I was satisfied with the honesty of this pricing system. Furthermore, they had a wide range of deserts- most of which were gluten free which was a surprise for me as it meant i could eat cakes and mirangues galore which was such a treat and they were oh so delicious! 

So its five stars from me as the food was stunning as well as the care put into the whole idea- or the whole 'ethos' behind the restaurant and I will definitely be going again.

P.s. The toilets were lush! 


One of the great things about living in London is not having to sacrifice a decent meal if you’re a vegetarian. (Ok flexitarian and aspiring vegetarian). I came to Ethos early on a Thursday evening not quite realising how popular it might be. Fortunately we managed to get a table outside (and the weather was playing nice) as inside was fully booked. So if you do fancy trying out this place be sure to book ahead as the leafy décor inside made me slightly jealous I didn’t get to sit in there. Tucked away on a road parallel to Oxford Street, you’ll be surprised at how quiet the road is in comparison making it the perfect place to rest after a stressful day out on Oxford Street. 

But enough of that, onto the food. In case you didn’t know this vegetarian restaurant works on a “pay-by-weight” system. You help yourself to the buffet-style food and then weigh your plate and charge it to your table number. If you’re greedy and indecisive like me then the price soon adds up as you pile your plate high with a spoonful of all the delicious looking food. Expect to pay around £12 - £15 for a full plate and even then the plates are quite small. The Thai-style sweetcorn fritters were an absolute winner as were the veggie scotch eggs. There was a multitude of curries and vibrant salad options. There’s really something for everyone. They even have veggie ribs which I had to double-take when I looked at them convinced they were really meat! Unfortunately the desert options aren’t on the same pay-by-weight system. You have to pay for them individually and they are more like cakes and baked treats rather than deserts. My only other criticism is that the service was really slow when taking our drinks order and brining the bill but this may have been because we were sat outside. I’d still highly recommend this place for the delicious food. 

I loved Ethos! Would 100% recommend! So, why?

The ambience: For a restaurant which is essentially a help yourself buffet, canteen style, that is not how it feels at all. You can sit in booths and circular comfy tables, with foliage festooning the whole room. Having the food on display was an absolute gem of an idea, as you are drawn to the platters of colourful dishes - there was absolutely no way I was leaving without a cake!

The food and drink: I'm not vegan, I'm not even veggie, I really love a good steak, but Ethos' food was spot on. The scotched eggs, the quorn lasagne, sweetcorn fritters and green salad I helped myself to were all delicious. I piled my plate high, so was a little nervous when going to the weigh in point (you are charged per 100g), but my food came to a healthy 14. My friends and I enjoyed a bottle of vegan white wine, the waiter seemed unsure as to what made it vegan, but it tasted good to us! We all caved in and tried one of Ethos' many delicious cakes - see yummy pics below!!

Definitely head to Ethos, I'd 100% recommend, it's converted me to eating more veggie! 


An interesting concept - select your food from buffet 'pods' and then take it to the tills to be weighed – but I felt it could have been better executed.

I arrived just over 5 minutes early to be told I would have to wait as the party before hadn’t left yet. Fine, I was early but I could also see several empty tables I could easily have been seated at instead. It didn’t help that the waiting area was directly in front of the door and was quickly cluttered with other people who also had to wait to be seated. The doorman wasn’t super helpful either.

The clutter continued to the seating area too with too-close tables, making it a tight squeeze to get up from your seats and select your food.

Drinks wise, don’t waste your money on the bottled craft cocktails – they’re ok but nothing special.

As a meat eater, I was surprised to find so many tasty veggie dishes I could enjoy. However, I don’t know how TimeOut only rated this place one £ - unless you only plan on eating a very small amount, then be prepared to splash the cash. A full plate will cost you £15+.

The saving grace for me was the desserts - although again some items like the macarons at £2 each for something which could have been shop bought seemed a bit pricey. The peanut-caramel bars though were a highlight and tasted just like a snickers bar.


It's so refreshing to find a tasty, non-chain and easy to get a table at restaurant near busy Oxford Circus. I went with a vegan friend and we both loved it. It's very easy to over spend here as everything is SO delicious, don't go if you are overly hungry as you'll spend a pretty penny. My tip would be take small amounts so you can sample a lot but it doesn't blow your pay check.


“A restaurant near Oxford Circus? No thank you!” is my motto. But Ethos challenged me on that one.

The food is absolutely incredible. Me, the vegan with a couple of relapses, and my friend, the gluten and dairy intolerant, both had a blast. And it’s usually very difficult to please us both. That must say something about the place! All fresh and delicious, it’s a paradise for anyone who loves veggies. The menu is from all over the world and you get to pick and choose whatever and how much you want. Which is great! Except that you’ll most definitely end up with the weirdest mix of dishes ever. But who cares when it’s that good?

The ambiance is very enjoyable. The addition of natural element like the wooden trees gives the atmosphere a surprising calming vibe. And the staff is very friendly.

The only downfall is the price. It proves difficult to spend less £15 per plate if you want to be full, which… hikes, right?

I've recently discovered Ethos after a friend recommended it as a spot to meet up for lunch. It's fab. A classier spin on the buffet, the restaurant serves all sorts of tasty, colourful veggie dishes in a lovely space. Of course, all this good eating will cost you, so expect your wallet to take a hit if you go overboard. I shelled out £15 for lunch, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stuffed.  And don't come after the lunch time rush or you'll miss out on the good stuff. 


Thi place is aggressively expensive for a salad but on the flipside I must admit it was delicious. It's a light and bright venue with plenty of table space. You'll be served your drinks at your table and the service is friendly. 

Beyond that, the concept is simple, grab a plate and go and fill it up from the buffet style selection of salads and hot food. Everything is vegan or vegetarian (usually my worst nightmare) but the salads were flavoursome and there are still tasty treats like veggie scotch eggs, marinated aubergines and and deep fried halloumi bites. 

One (rather full) plate later and I was down £14, which is a bit steep in my opinion but I do think it's a good option if you're looking for a quick healthy dinner. 

This is a very trendy concept restaurant set in the heart of London, you grab a plate and fill it up. There is so much variety, the service was friendly and the interior was beautiful. I couldn't praise this place enough, a fantastic night out.

This place is fantastic! Absolutely loved the interior design and the food was great. I had a fairly decent plate of food and it was £11.50 which I thought wasn't too bad for dinner in Central London. The desserts all looked amazing and I wanted to try them all, but ended up choosing the Millionaires Slice which was super tasty. I would definitely recommend this place!

Tip: They have happy hour on Mon-Wed which means half price drinks if you arrive before 6pm! The lovely waiter allowed us to use this happy hour even though it was a Thursday so we were certainly happy about that! 

For a veggie this place is great BUT it's not cheap. You are looking at £10 for a sparsely populated plate. So I'm guessing meat eating companions or ppl who don't like buffet style restaurants will not be best pleased but it's great if you are eating solo and veggie to boot!


Admittedly this is not the kind of place I would choose to go, but I was brought by my vegetarian friend. Great selection of food to cater for all needs. It works on a ‘buffet’ style system where your plate is weighed and you are presented with a bill. But be warned – prices add up very fast, and you could easily end up spending £15+ for a plate of salad. The food itself is good quality, but it is slightly overpriced. Décor is great, very serene and fits in with the food offering. I personally wouldn’t return but it is a great spot for all the veggies & vegans out there!

Really gorgeous place that's always packed with models and health fiends alike. It's very easy to get carried away as everything looks so delicious so try not to go when you're ravenous as you will get too much on your plate and trust me when I say it ain't cheap. The interior is absolutely gorgeous and as weird as this sounds, they actually have really nice bathrooms which I genuinely appreciate. Great little place if you feel like something different. 


Ethos is one of my favourite veggie places in London. Food is always delicious and super fresh, and you can find enough recipes to satisfy everyone! It is also very nice and perfectly located close to Oxford Circus, so it's my go-to restaurant when I'm central and I'm craving something different.

It's not cheap and because you pay by weight, when you're hungry you get carried away and always end up buying too much! I suggest you to be wise and just have the amount of food that you can handle (it takes a bit of self-control :))\1


Ethos is the kind of healthy venue you can become fat!

The food is presented on a buffet, and you pay your plate by weight. The only issue for us, greedy people trying to get better food habits, is that the food is so good that we are tempted to stand and do a second round at the buffet! This is bad for the flat belly we are dreaming of, and for our wallet we are dreaming full!

This is hard to guess the weight of your plate before you pay, so it can be a bit of a surprise (a not so good one).

Food is really good though; this is a nice place to have quick lunch, or to buy take away food!

Ethos has a very open and bright setup. The food is delicious. All freshly prepared and off high quality. You pay per weight so if your hungry probably you take more than you can eat and you end up paying more than necessary. Guess thats why a lot of reviewers complain about the price. But is absolutely value for money.


We went there for the new winter menu, which was on offer for 50% off. I've been there once before and thought it was a good time to go there again.

I love the interior of the place, it feels very relaxed and a new step away from the busy Oxford street.

There were quite a few nice options for vegans, dishes that I have never tried before and great taste combinations.

There wasn't much for vegans in the dessert department, nothing exciting anyway. So we decided to not get any.

It was a nice experience and lovely evening, however if it wasn't for the 50% off the menu it would have been very pricey for what you get. I understand this place is not for everyone but it is definitely not 1 £ as it says on the Timeout page. I'd give it £££.

Not sure how Time Out managed to give this place 5 stars, nor how they only gave it a one pound rating. The food is OK but nothing special and its extremely overpriced! Better veggie restaurants, that are more reasonably priced out there.


I was pleasantly surprised. By boyfriend is a veggie but we rarely go to vegetarian restaurants because there's usually something he can eat on most venues. But as we were in the area, we thought we'd give Ethos a try. I was expecting it to be expensive (per the reviews below), so we went easy on the buffet and ended up spending £12 and £17 respectively (the latter because the scotch eggs had come out so I made the bf go back and get me one too). The food was tasty, nothing groundbreaking but well done. The maitre d was friendly and funny. Would we go back? Probably not, we're not that into self service BUT it does what it says on the tin and we enjoyed the meal. 

Food is really good but it is so expensive, I went for dinner there and had a relatively light plate of food that came to 14  quid which is a lot considering most of it was broccoli.. and I still felt pretty hungry afterwards!


There's no denying the food here is good - packed with flavour and with enough varieties of veg to give you the impression you're scoring some serious health points. There's also no denying that eating here will take a sizable chunk out of your bank balance. I've been burned by 'pay by weight' eateries before, and so tentatively loaded up a measly portion on my plate - which still clocked in at over a tenner. I have to walk past Ethos every day, and those heaped plates of deliciousness will taunt me as I pass, because I just can't justify returning.  

great location, super tasty menu with lots of choices. I recommend this restaurant not only for the price (it's really cheap cause the price varies according to the weight of the dish) but also for the quality of food.

I ate here last week for the first time and have to say I really loved it. The dishes are fresh and very tasty and the customer service is very good too - friendly, sociable staff.

They charge you by the weight. I dined in and had a lot of food on my plate and including a still water I paid about £13.00. To be honest, I was expecting it to be around that anyway, so wasn't taken aback.

I would recommend this place to those who are bored of Pret and the like.  


I’ve tried to get to Ethos a few times before, but without success as they don’t take bookings for groups under 5. This time I finally made it! I love the fact all almost all the food is on display (there are some starters in the card you can order separately), so you can see what you're taking and mix and match from an impressive range of veg.

Most of the food is very simple, single veg with sauce and seeds or not complicated salads, all very tasty and healthy. The best though were the quinoa balls or other fritters. Be careful with the amount of food you take as you may be surprise when paying.

To complement my healthy meal I ordered a coconut water. To my surprise I found a carton on my table, without even a glass! The place looks very sleek, it’s not the cheapest, so I’d expect a bit more sophistication.

There was a coffee on our bill that we didn’t order.


Was very excited about eating here but it was a let down. Tables are closely packed, starters are small and really expensive for what they are (although they are delicious) and the concept is good but where food sits out under heat lamps is it not as enjoyable as if it was served fresh. Plus, being charged per 100g and using really heavy plates is a crafty concept... We were shocked by the price for what was on the plates, and wonder if this is the reason?


A friend of mine introduced me to Ethos a couple of months ago and it becomes one my favorite place to have a quick and healthy lunch when shopping near Oxford. They offer a nice selection of meat-free and fresh dishes from around the world as well as delicious vegan cakes. I highly recommend their salads such as spinach, butter squash, and feta and apple, fennel and caramelised peanuts or their aloo scotch egg. The service is always friendly and easy to get a table without a reservation. The only negative note is they use a pay by weight system and it's becomes quickly pricy. 


Devastated that the take away menu is £12 something for whatever you can fit in a box and not pay what you weigh - I would have packed in the the bulky stuff if I'd known this (i.e. 30 of those scotch eggs). Everyone be warned. Still pretty yum with my avocado bonanza though, just a little steep.


Although everything looked fabulous, the warm dishes weren’t that warm. That’s a common problem for buffet-style places, mainly at times when there are not so much people (so the food is not replaced that often). It’s a pity but some impressive looking sweet potato chips and ‘feta bites’ were almost cold and completely soggy. That being said, the cold dishes were marvellous. (I guess it was luck that after almost getting my plate full of different salads, there wasn’t much space left for the hot options.)

The atmosphere is quite nice, and the option to pay right after weighing the plate or having a tab for the table allows for different audiences. I went for dinner – I think it’d be better for lunch... Healthy (and not that expensive), I imagine it’s one of the best options in that area.

I wondered in here whilst sampling the lunch options in my area. They have a buffet style serving area with a mix of meat and veg to choose your own meal. It was around half 1 and some dishes were either low or empty. Once finished choosing, you present your box for weighing and pay. I was expecting the bill to be around £5 but it was closer to £9 so I was a little surprised. I wasn't blown away, so I haven't returned.


For a place that had been on my 'must-eat' list for a while and for where the expectations were pretty damn high in my mind, I have to say the word that kept popping up most in my mind upon leaving was...confused.

Points in its favour include the fact it's centrally located, the decor is light & attractive (although Vapiano was doing the whole 'trees indoors vibe' quite a while ago) and there's definitely a wide choice of hot & cold food to load your plate with. The 'could do better' part of this report though would have to draw attention to the fact that it's really quite cramped inside, the food is definitely hit & miss and cheap it ain't.

Luscious guacamole, honey sweet plaintain and salty, chewy halloumi were moreish; under-cooked butternut, overcooked sweet potato & a black bean brownie that didn't taste anywhere near as decadent as a brownie only ever should be were all eminently forgettable. Staff were friendly but patrolled the floor with the speed & regularity of over-zealous mall cops which didn't make for the most relaxing of environments and while it could be said that this is a place for a quick eat and a speedy turnaround, if I'm paying the best part of £20 for one plate of food, I don't want to feel I have to demolish it in less time than it takes to get annoyed at the cast of 'Made In Chelsea'.

I'd love to say I'd go back because I'm all up for supporting - with both my purse & my tummy - new and interesting places to eat but I'm afraid there are just too many other places that know who they are, know what they're about and know how to deliver consistently good food at honestly great value to make that promise because at the end of the day, woman cannot live on plantain alone...


Ethos is one of my go-to places if i am craving a quick light lunch when i am near Oxford Street. Selection of food is good, but dishes are a little overpriced in my opinion. But so are most other open buffet lunch options all around London. As long as they keep their quality high as it is, i would go back. Meatless mondays are more fun with them!

On Entering the restaurant, you are welcomed by a nice natural interior which give a feel of being in the woods. The food are displayed in an attractive manner.

So we find a table, then we head to the food, we take a plate and put any food that we would like on the plate. All vegetarian food. We head to the till, where the plate is weighed. I had my plate 3/4 full, it cost me £21.52, A bottle of pale an extra $4.50. A grand sum of £26.02. Was the food good, yes very good. Value for money, I would say way too expensive.

Staff Writer

I enjoyed this restaurant and the food on a Friday lunch visit. For my limited experience of vegetarian buffets this was pretty good quality with interesting things on offer. However, as many others have said, this is not cheap. Not by any stretch of the imagination. My food cost me £20.51 and a bottled of Camden Pale £4.50, which is £25,.01 in total. The cheap rating set the expectation I would be paying around half of this so it was quite a shock.

Add another pound symbol to the price rating, remove any reference to it being cheap, and drop one star and the expectation will be a lot closer to reality.


A great addition to the London veggie scene. Sure, it's not the cheapest but it's in central London and is pay per weight. I have only visited once but loved everything I had and for £12 for a plate of really high standard veggie food I wasn't complaining. It's definitely more of a treat place than for regular dinner.

Must say I wasn’t very impressed with this one, which is a shame, as Time Out’s review and the fact that it’s so much like Tibits (which I love) made me think I’d love it. Some of the food was lovely, but it was hit and miss, with some dishes disappointing on flavor. Paid extra for the famous scotch egg and found it very average. Our prosecco also wasn’t very cold, which sounds a bit nitpicky, but it’s not like it was cheap! Liked the concept of the setting, but felt it was a tad stark. Probably wouldn’t go again with Tibits so close by.

Delicous food and friendly staff. Agree with everyone who though it was expensive, I paid £16 for an average size portion, no drinks, bread or desert. But mainly disappointed with timeout for putting this place into their Cheap eats list AND Keeping it on the list despite all the complaints!


Yes, food is nice. Not life-changing good, however it's quite good vegetarian and vegan option to be in Oxford circus' constellation of Pret and kfc. The price is indeed a bit more than you would expect from as a cheap suggestion from time out.. However I suppose it is relative.. Is a good, fresh, healthy and reasonably full of inventive vegetarian lunch worth more £15-20?

Terrible! Why Time Out give 5 stars?! Is this political correctness? The place is nice but the food outrageously bad. 

My friend from Japan was flabbergasted and confirmed her stereotype of bad food in London.

Tibbits (the Swiss version) is much better!!!!

Avoid at all cost.  

Staff Writer

Really enjoy this place. I have been twice: once at brunch time and another at lunch time. Agree with other reviews on it being a bit pricey if it's not at Brunch time (when you pay £17 for unlimited food) but apart from that I would def. recommend if you're in the area. Better ambiance than a chain restaurant and you know for sure there's no cross contamination in a veggie restaurant. 

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