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Eyre Brothers

After over a decade in existence, Eyre Brothers is a trusted local fixture, equally attractive to couples, Shoreditch’s young movers ’n’ shakers and suited City persons deep in lunchtime conversation. The low-ceilinged, dark-wood and leather design helps – it’s contemporary-classic without flimsy trendiness, and adroitly provides both sheltered spaces and large tables suitable for groups. For further intimacy, there are some very comfortable spots near the long bar, where tapas are offered.

Service is top-notch, alert and individual. The menus, which now seem more solidly Iberian than globe-trotting, focus on punchy flavours and vigorous seasonings. Our meal had highs, but also some lows: a seafood salad featured squid, octopus, mussels and prawns of the quality that needs (and got) little preparation beyond a lovely, smooth dressing; the speciality of Ibérico pork fillet, marinated in paprika, thyme and garlic, then grilled, was magnificently herby and tender (meats, in general, are outstanding) and crema catalana dessert was moreishly perfect. A tortilla, though, was disappointingly dry, as was empadão de bacalhau – a Portuguese salt-cod cottage pie – which looked as if it had been made some time earlier and rather clumsily warmed up. Just a blip, we hope.

The wine list is stacked with high-quality Spanish and (more unusual) Portuguese labels, but is pricey.


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Eyre Brothers says
We love our Iberian food and our Iberico pork is sensational. We have our tapas area if you want a taste of Iberia or our grown up restaurant if you're feeling - well more grown up. Looking forward to welcoming you.
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Venue name: Eyre Brothers
Address: 70 Leonard Street
Opening hours: Mon-Fri noon-2.30pm & 6.30-10.30pm; Sat-Sun noon-4pm
Transport: Tube: Old Street
Price: Main courses £15-£27.50
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I dined at Eyre Brothers last week and was looking forward to a casual evening with good food and wine.  I should explain that this was not my first visit, I have frequented the restaurant since it opened.  In its early years they offered a very interesting menu, good wine and unobtrusive but good service. Moving up to date what do you get?  A menu which can't decide whether they want to be a Tapas restaurant (a large part of what is on offer) or a quality restaurant.  Most of the interesting dishes have gone and whilst I normally believe a small menu is a good thing (quality food prepared to order) here the offering isn't at all exciting.  Whilst the wine list is as good as ever you do need to know what you like as the staff have very little idea.  This isn't a cheap place to eat but in the past that wasn't an issue as it was top quality albeit a little quirky.  Sad to see one of the best restaurants around fall well below any reasonable standard.

For the main courses my bankers are the Iberian pig - a paprika based marinaded black Iberian pig pork fillet finished on the charcoal barbeque; or the Cataplana - a delicious stew of pork and clams served in a big copper bowl - and I am never disappointed.

Increasing range of tapas makes gives some new options and the wine list must be one of the most extensive Spanish and Portuguese wine lists outside of the Iberian peninsular.

I always like the atmosphere where there is a genuine mixture of beards suits and frocks.

Having done prior research on restaurants around the Shoreditch area. I read multiple good reviews on Eyre Brothers. My friends and I booked a table for a friends’ special 30th birthday expecting to have a pleasant evening at what seemed to be a lovely restaurant.


My friends and I are far from fussy when it comes to food (One is a vegetarian), we love good food and have eaten cuisines from McDs, Nando’s, Pizza Express to Hawksmoor, Duck and Waffle, Sushi Samba, Benares.

Viewing the menu beforehand I expected a certain quality of produce especially for the price. Firstly, they only offered white bread and did not have a selection of different kinds of bread.  This was not an issue at all but I thought I might highlight this as some people are health conscience.

Starters between us we had duck foie gras of which we did not manage to finish despite the fact we were starving. The second starter Yellowfin tuna was over cooked and very hard and the ‘dressing’ was far too overpowering and could have been classed as a sauce.

The main course was an absolute disappointment despite our waiter having a word with the chef in regards to our clear disappointment with the starters.  My friends and I ordered the king prawn dish each (£14 for each prawn!!) accompanied by overly fragrant rice which came in ONE bowl for both dishes and were we expected to share this. Not only was this slightly confusing as we assumed another bowl would come out but the rice was overly perfumed we could barely eat any of it. The prawns themselves were of reasonable size however it was more of a starter than a main course as we were served a singular a prawn each. I’d expect at least 2/3 prawns to suffice as a main, which would cost you an extra £28/42 – extortionate!!  The actual quality of the prawn was very good (not worthy) however it was bland and it was served burnt.  The menu stated ‘King Prawns’ plural. My vegetarian friend had chosen the ‘Grilled Spring Vegetables (£16)’ this literally consisted of; 1 spring onion, 2 asparagus and one artichoke all burnt……

We did not bother with the dessert as the experience we had with the starters and mains was a very disappointing one.

As for the drinks, you would think one could not go wrong with drinks, again we were proven wrong. Do NOT get spirit alcoholic drinks, as they do not know how to mix their drinks. If you are a coffee fan I would not even go there, one word disgusting.


The staffs were not attentive at all even though the restaurant was far from busy and given that we were only a meter away from the bar. We had to constantly gain their attention by standing up or waving our hands, this we found absolutely outrageous given the service charge was a shocking 12.5%!!! We therefore kindly asked for the service charge to be taken off the bill along with the drinks. They decided to only take the service charge off the bill… We then asked to speak with the manager who charged over in a very aggressive and intimidating manner, chest out and leaned over us sitting down. When we explained to him that the food wasn’t up to ours let alone anyone’s standards he became very defensive and start shouting… at this point we were all gobsmacked and were left speechless. The ‘Manager’ shouting ‘GET OUT AND DON’T COME BACK……….’ No problem for us as we would rather eat at McDs than come back to this shocking place again. How a manager can speak to customers in this manner is beyond me. I’m glad we did not have to pay a dime; therefore anyone going to this place and are left as disappointed as we were, my advice is to challenge the bill and you’ll probably walk away not having to pay a penny.

My advice, stay well away from this overly priced place, there are much more pleasant restaurants around the area!

Still appalling service and atmosphere, over-priced and you leave there promising never to return.

The wine menu is amazing! I had the seafood stew, which was lovely. It could have done with a tad more seasoning, but my friends and I thought the service was brilliant and really enjoyed our meals. The portion size & atmosphere made it worth paying that little extra.

Astonishingly expensive, simple food and tasteless. Absolutely not worth it...

I wish I'd taken the time to read the reviews by everyone else on here. First time I've felt really let down by Time Out. First off it's clearly a trap for suits so don't go if you're expecting a warm and romantic setting. If you're looking for something a little more Christian Bale however then you're in luck. We waited until we had to ask for a menu, service was inconsiderate, when I found a hair in my octopus I was given the option of a refund for that one item or a new one (rather than say an apology and a bottle of wine) and the the only items we had from the menu that were of notable quality were the ones that can be bought in and served straight up without the need of a chef or any imagination (the wine and the cured meat). This is the only restaurant I've ever not tipped in. We skipped desert and went to The Diner for a beer and a banana split which I highly recommend!

Food OK to average, expensive, service is worse than a miserable London bus driver.

Firstly I have to say the food was good. However this was totally negated by the service. It was without doubt the worst I have experienced in a London restaurant. Our waiter was downright rude; ignoring us until we had to ask for a drink and then abrupt / aggressive one word responses all evening, we even tried to joke with him but to no avail. We complained to the Maitre d' who was then seen laughing and back slapping with the waiter and then became rude to use too. Our conclusion, unless you are acceptable city boys or with a man you won't get a great reception here.

Had a fantastic evening, great wine, food and atmosphere. Will be back for the pork fillet again.

I took my girlfriend here on her birthday as the food sounded amazing and the reviews were good. On arrival, the place was quite empty and it felt a little bit like a corporate business hotel in terms of ambience/decor...but it was the promise of incredible food that had been the main draw, so no matter! Focusing on our chosen main, the pork with clams for two to share (chosen as an authentic Portuguese dish), we just ordered some very light starters - Pimientos De Padron and fried Courgettes (both ok, but nothing special and very pricey for bog-standard tapa's) None of this was a major issue though, because it was the delicious sounding pork we were waiting for.... After about 30 mins we were delivered…an enormous t-bone steak!? Obviously a mistake and no-doubt an honest one on their part, but the subsequent debate over who's fault it was (e.g. ours or theirs) seemed unprofessional and we felt a little pushed into having it anyway as it was explained that we'd have to wait another 20 mins for the pork. A subsequent offer to remove the £8 price difference between the two dishes was also offered up. As we were really hungry by the point (although if I’d wanted steak and chips we would’ve gone to The Hawksmoor) but ultimately because I didn't want to spoil the ambience of a birthday meal by causing a big fuss and complaining, we agreed to stick with the steak…which again was ok, nothing special. Our two sides were beetroot (unremarkable) and minted peas (ok, but you can honestly get better at Nando's) Drinking our second bottle of wine, it began to feel like we were being encouraged to leave (and this was still before 10pm) by tills being cashed up, dishes and cutlery being noisily put away and chairs being scraped back into place. It was never verbally communicated but we got the real feeling from them that it was Monday night, they weren't very busy, and it would be great if the staff could all get off home early. We actually laughed about it as it was icing on the distinctly average cake that was our Eyre Brothers experience. Not wanting to keep them from getting home (who were we, mere customers, to prevent that!) I asked for the bill...which duly arrived with the full price steak on there. We got the £8 back in cash after reminding them of their own suggestion, but it was just another thing that had been badly handled. Sadly I cannot comment on the elusive pork, but for what we experienced, there's thousand's of places easily as good for half the price. Service-wise it was all very polite and nobody was being difficult by any means, but there's a few very obvious things that a restaurant should do - e.g. not debate with its customers, not make a big song and dance about closing up for the night earlier than stated and not forgetting to honour promises for mistakes made. At standard prices for standard food, I would have given 3 stars but for the money it has to be 2...and one of those is for the wine!

Good food and drinks selection, quiet enough to have a conversation without shouting. Would go again.

It remains even after 10 years one of London great restaurants which combining excellent food in a great environment.

Love it. Been going since it opened about 10 years ago and it never disappoints. The pork is a must.

Booked this restaurant after reading all the good reviews but was so disappointed. The place itself wasn't really to my taste, way to corporate/hotel restaurant like, but I was hoping the food would blow me away. Unfortunately not. Both mine and my partners meals were bland and uninspired. If it had been more like £10-12 a main I guess I would have been OK with it but for £18 a main I expect much more than was delivered. The puddings were even worse, we went for the chocolate cake which arrived as the smallest slither Id ever seen with a giant scoop of clotted cream. Again bland, and serving it with clotted cream just made it even more sickly sweet. If your going to spend £15+ on a main go to Les Trois Garcons down the road or Moro in Exmouth market, not here!

I love this restaurant. I’ve been twice, once with the boyfriend and once with a group of friends - it was perfect on both occasions. I live in south London but would happily travel here regularly for the Iberico pork! I was a fan when David Eyre ran The Eagle and I'm happy to report his cooking just gets better and better!