Five Guys

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Five Guys (Andrew Fladeboe)
Andrew Fladeboe

Five Guys

Five Guys (Andrew Fladeboe)
Andrew Fladeboe
Five Guys
Five Guys

First UK opening for the popular American burger chain.


Venue name: Five Guys
Address: 1-3 Long Acre
Transport: Tube: Covent Garden or Leicester Square tube
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My first time at Five Guys and I went for a Hamburger topped with jalapeño peppers, ketchup, mustard, grilled onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. This was a pretty good combination except that two sauce condiments definitely makes the burger bun too soggy, which made it really hard to hold the burger to eat. It was falling apart after two bites! I also didn't realise it was a double patty, which made my burger pretty stuffed but still yummy! I thought the patties were a little on the dry side, but nothing the two sauces couldn't fix. 

Along with the burger, I tried some of their Cajun Fries. These were really good; well seasoned but slightly over salted. I was chugging water for the rest of the night! 


Believe the hype guys – these burgers (and also the cajun fries) are incredible.The menu is a little on the expensive side, but I got the kids burger at £4.95 and shared a small fries (they give you loads) and that was enough to fill me up. 


Not the best burger you will ever have, but good enough for a fast food burger joint. This is the first branch of the American burger chain that opened in London. I like to call their burger an "upgraded McDonalds" experience. Their chips are probably the highlight of the meal; hand cut and really tasty! Taking the price into account (at least a tenner for a burger and chips) Five Guys wouldn't be my first choice for a burger.


really enjoyed the bacon cheeseburger and yes i asked for the extra bacon and all the other free toppings. The chips are so tasty and huge so 1 is enough to share. The downside is the price considering its more macdonald style than a sit down affair as in honest burger or gbk. Its not my first choice to take the family too for a quick burger but if i'm kid free its a nice treat


I love Five Guys, but at around £25 for 2 burgers, chips and one milkshake, it is something to be had as an occasional treat rather than an every day takeaway.

The burger is made from ground beef, and you can chose as many toppings as you like at no extra cost to go on it.  It is incredibly filling, so not somewhere to go just for a snack.  The chip portions are quite large - we had one medium portion of chips between the two of us and that was a bit too much.  The chips are hand cut and really tasty, but also really salty, so I will ask for no salt next time and add my own after.

The milkshake is fantastic - I had strawberry and it does have little bits of strawberry in it.  In my head that must make it more healthy than a normal milkshake, but I just had to close my eyes and pretend not to notice how many calories I must have been drinking, especially as I chose the version with the whipped cream topping!

If you're limited with time, then it is a good place to go, but I would say I prefer Honest Burgers, Patty & Bun etc  if you have the time to wait for a seat.  Five Guys is just a souped up version of McDonalds.


I love a good burger and chips any day but with a drink included youre averaging about £15 a pop and I cant see a £10 difference between 5 guys and MaccyDs. 

You can definitely share a small portion of chips between two people. 

Gluten free people done despair! No gluten free buns but there are lettuce leaves wrapped round the burger so it feels healthy. Whom am I kidding? Its just tasty and an excuse for another chip :D 


This ain't all that in a bag of chips! I grew up eating In n' Out, so this is no where near comparable to it. If this was a £4 to £5 burger, then I might be thinking it's worth it. But £10 for everything, no thanks. It did not taste great amazing. 


Being a non meat eater, going to a burger place can be an experience! I had a cheese bun with toppings! The portions of fries are huge so keep that in mind!!


A decent, if not too greasy, burger, it does not deserve all the praise or the queue it has. Don’t go expecting a ‘gourmet’ burger (as I was, after so many people talking about how good it was), the ambience itself is already too greasy for a any kind of ‘culinary experience’. But for a quick, fulfilling, (not-at-all charming) and yeah, tasty meal it’s quite all right. 

They only have 4 options (with or without cheese and/or bacon), and every option of topping is ‘free’. For people who like ‘the more the better’ this is a dream, and probably seems cheap. For people who actually like tasty, well-made food... It’s pretty silly – and not that cheap anymore.
Fries are ok (although, again, greasy) and come in very big portions – the small is pretty big –, that’s quite nice. Milk-shake was decent. Not at all unmissable but it may be worth going if you’re around and in a hurry.

It's my dream burger:melted cheese between two juicy patties... and all toppings free!


I might cause some aggro here but I honestly think Five Guys is up there on the "top burger" front. It doesn't look that impressive, and no, it doesn't come on hand-rolled sprinkled with magic dust brioche or anything like that. It's straight up dirt food, and it hits the spot. Cheese, meat, bun, any other trimmings you want. I thought it was bloody delicious. The chips slightly let the place down - they're not the best but that said they sure aren't the worse either (I'm looking at you, KFC). 

Always a good spot for a quick bite, you can be in and out within 20 minutes. It gets busy at lunchtimes and early evenings pre theatre, usually. 

The burger is too tightly wrapped in the foil, so by the time you get a table and open it up, the burger bun has become all soggy and the whole burger has pretty much lost it’s shape. As much as you can customise the burger, without all those toppings, the burgers are quite average. However, we can’t fault the service or the free monkey nuts. It probably did make a difference coming to the flagship store. So we’ll definitely be coming back to this one!

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If you want the best burger in town, then look no further. Two juicy patties covered in cheese and your choice of really does take some beating. I think the success is genuinely down to the simplicity of it; just a great burger and fries. I've heard some people compare Five Guys to McDonalds, but quite frankly it's on a different level to other trendy burger specialists, let alone McDonalds! The price is a tad high (as is the fat content), but for a once-in-a-while treat, it's definitely the best in town.


It's not the best burger you'll find in London but it makes up for it with the option of as many free toppings as you like, the huge portion size and the Cajun fries. I've never left a five guys disappointed. It is what is. The varied choice of fizzy drinks to accompany your burger make the experience all the more enjoyable. The burgers are always juicy and cooked to perfection and the Cajun fries are simply scrumptious.


The first Five Guys I went into was the Kingston branch. Fast forward a year after a stint at being vegetarian, I've become a Five Guys advocate. It’s honest, no strings attached fast food that lives up the promise. A simple menu of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and fries. You’ll wait no more than five minutes to be served with a quick ticket system. You do feel like you’ve stepped into a US diner with the red and white décor but that’s the whole idea! Nothing gourmet about it, but it’s good. Burgers are cooked to preference, and their Cajun fries are incredible (they throw extra in the bag too). The ‘Little Burgers’ are in fact huge, so big appetites will be satisfied with the portions here. The good part? The prices are extremely reasonable. The best part? The free toppings! Have as many fried onions, juicy mushrooms, jalapenos, BBQ sauce and tomatoes as you can fit in the bun. Oh, and let’s not forget the bottomless filter drinks and mountains of free peanuts too. Thank you, US!

Great atmosphere, nice big restaurant with many staff around so lines move quickly! Great food, very tasty burger, I can agree slightly with the others that it is a little greasy, but every now and then never hurt anyone!! Be warned, huge portion sizes, regular fries are more like a large, and the burgers come as doubles, so you could survive with the smaller ones which I think are called little burgers! Toppings are free for as many as you want as well. Slightly bloated, but happy tummy :-)

moderatorStaff Writer

Quite literally some of the greasiest fast-food you'll ever encounter – a Five Guys burger makes a Big Mac feel like a light, healthy snack. Yes, there's a certain decadent thrill to forcing so much salt and fat into your bloodstream in one go, but I for one needed a lie down to get over the meat sweats after. And I like burgers!

Other than that I suppose you could say the portions are generous, the space has, um, well it has seats and stuff. And it's probably worth trying at least once, in the way you should try London's spiciest curry or whatever. But come on now – MeatMarket and Shake Shack are both around the corner in Covent Garden, and while they too are on the high-fat end of the patty scale, they don't stray into Five Guys' "imminent heart attack" territory.

Staff Writertastemaker

Very greasy as burgers go. We all know there is a time and a place for full.on.oil.attack but unless you're having one of those days I would pick another close by burger bar, of which there are many.

The hot dogs are pretty great for a slightly lighter (slightly) option and the free peanuts and giant chips mean you'll probably need a refil pop from the willy-wonka-tastic machine that pumps out a million flavors.

Do visit, but have a word with your tummy first and make sure you're in the right mood for a burger nap afterwards!

Staff Writer

Really great burgers to grab and go. So juicy they make your mouthwater. I suggest loading it up with every extra going. The spicy fries are totally addictive. The breakfast menu is dangerously scrummy.

Fairly Good burger and fries. American style experience. Big portions and priced as any other place in the centre. No waiters but good organisation between ordering and collecting food. Queue outside always but fairly fast...

The fries were amazing - seriously good - and the drink mixes are novel. The burger however was dry and the bun average. Not what you'd expect for the price. Had better in Meat Liquor and GBK recently

ATTENTION: BURGER MADE ME ILL. Stomach found it hard to digest a ‘little burger’ which I didn’t even finish (never happened to me before) was in discomfort for 5 hours after eating. DESCRIPTION: Burger patty was thin hard and dry, yet soaked on the outside with oil to such an extent it was dropping out the bottom of the burger. Burger tasted similar to plastic, no taste. Toppings did not taste very fresh. Bun as standard in McD’s. Price reflected that of a high end burger place – overly expensive, disproportionate to the taste. Fries were fine, generous proportions (you would expect this for a fiver). No mention of organic or anything. NOTE: The walls are dressed with PR and marketing, you also find Five Guys on many blogs and websites, I believe this is to get people into the store, and once in the resto they are brainwashed by the walls into thinking it is good because other people say so. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! RECOMMENDATIONS: Anyone who thinks this is a good burger – Do you know what a burger tastes like? I’d say Shake Shack is MUCH better, expensive, but tastes good, which is all you want from a meal. I’d recommend DIRTY BURGER in Kentish Town and I always find burgers in farmers markets fab! I regularly go to the one on Saturdays in Hampstead Heath and for £5 you get a giant juicy, organic AMAZING burger.

Five Guys burgers are generously filled, succulently, conversation-stoppingly addictive circle disc shapes of meat between a bun wrapped in foil with a small numbered sticker on top. Oh and they have peanuts for you vegan's that bravely decide to tag along with your meat loving friend.

What on earth is the hype about - it's not that much better than McDonalds. Stunningly average. I'll go to Honest, Tommi's burger... or even a good old Byron any day! Not buying into this place, it sucks.

Don't waste your money! The burgers are dry and tasteless, the buns get soggy because the whole thing is wrapped in foil and the fries are burnt and not crispy at all. You'll find much better burgers anywhere in town - your local kebab shop or McDonalds will make a better one, I'm not even talking about GBK - their burgers are heavenly compared to Five Guys! I asked for relish topping and got diced gherkin - this says it all! Save your money and get your food elsewhere. Yikes.

This was a very disappointing experience after all the hype. Any American should be embarrass to have this place representing “An American Hamburger” The meat was over cooked, not much flavor and the fries over done on the out side soggy in the middle. Free toppings? When I order a Hamburger I expect it to come with Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Onions, Ketchup, pickles. What’s the point another mediocre hamburger shop. At these prices you could get a better deal at Burger King. Would not waste time or money on another visit. This Yankee can go home!

Loved it! Went to one in New York so was really excited when I heard they were opening up in London. Delicious burgers and not too expensive. Will definitely be going back.

Absolutely scrummy. I've been waiting for Five Guys to open for ages and it didn't disappoint. Try their hot sauce on the burgers instead of ketchup it's a revelation. Welcome to England guys.

I was lucky enough to grab a burger from there today and it was one of the most authentic and tasty burgers I've ever had in my life. It tastes exactly like a real American burger should taste. Succulent, rich and not fancy or messed around with. Great to have them over here. Can't wait to go back and try the hot dogs.