Il Bacio Express

Restaurants, Italian Stoke Newington
Venue name: Il Bacio Express
Address: 90 Stoke Newington Church Street
N16 0AP
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I went last night and we all had great food. We started with arancinis, they are huge so 3 for 4 people was more than enough! Between us we tried two pizzas, a pasta dish, meat, risotto and salad. Everything was tasty, but very salty. The house red is OK, but I would probably choose another wine next time. All portions are absolutely enormous, so go there hungry! The tiramisu was a dream. Staff was really helpful. The atmosphere is quite simple, with a bit of music. Great place to go to for an evening with friends.  

When I need a pizza delivered, there is no other option. Online ordering, paying with PayPal......and delicious Sardinian pizzas elevate this above other pizza joints.

I have been coming to this place as my favourite Pizza den for the last 12 years and I cannot remember having had a bad experience as far as the food in concerned. The atmosphere is not great, with TV on and a casual cafe feel to it, but this atmosphere is very representable for the sicilian type Pizza cafe. I always recommend this place when people want to go for good pizza and pasta.

Just happened upon the reviews for this Il Bacio Express, and I don't think the current reviews do this place justice. I have been probably dozen times in total, most recently in November of this year. Every time the food has been excellent - pizza and pasta dishes - and the service warm. They are also pretty cheap for the quality and quantity of food. Don't be put off by the previous reviews - try it yourself.

Terribly average experience there tonight.  I had a very soggy pizza, the middle was basically mush. Not only that, but it tasted incredibly average as well I'd like to think there were some kind of craft involved in making a pizza but this one looked as if someone had thrown up vegetables all over it. My partner had a gnocchi with sausage with what also tasted like wet and undermade gnocchi. Not sure what the deal is, but being very local, this is sad ly one place we shall never return to.

There was a time, not too long ago, that Il Bacio's food was something anticipated with great excitement... I am very sad to say that this is no longer the case. I ordered a Spaghetti Bolognese and a Bocconcini di Pomodoro salad, this came to the princely sum of £11.75 and was delivered in good time... So far, so good. Upon opening the containers of my meal, i noticed that the Spaghetti was bone dry and lacking in meat, it was as if they'd just stirred a table spoon of mince into it. Upon taking a mouthful, the first thing that i thought was "wow! Il Bacio have really gone down hill", but i decided that it wouldn't do any good to complain, and promised myself that this may be the last time i order from them. Upon inspecting the salad i saw something that made me wince, the avocado sitting along the top of this SOGGY (it resembled a vegetable curry, but we'll come back to that) salad was completely rotten, black and brown and seriously resembled - and excuse the vividness of the word - snot. I immediately called through to Il Bacio and explained that i was at all happy with this, and they said that they would send out a new order right away. The new order arrived after 20 minutes, and i retrieved the previous dishes to show to the driver. I pointed to the salad and said "what does that look like?", his response was "Errr... It looks like curry?!". I told him that this is not acceptable, and he seemed quite sympathetic, but told me that he was "only a driver". I examined the NEW order, and found that they had put a little more meat into the Spaghetti, but the salad...well, there was no salad. Instead they'd sent half an over ripe avocado, sliced up and put in a box as a replacement. I handed the driver the previous order and closed the door. I sat down and attempted to eat the Spaghetti, but it simply wasn't that much better than the first - of which i'd had one bite before complaining. I will NEVER be ordering from Il Bacio again, and considering the amount of business that i have given then, not including the large amount of recommendations i have made in the past, it really is a pity that they have fallen so far. In conclusion, i paid £12 for pasta with a spoonful of meat, and half an over ripe avocado... Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere for DECENT food... Il Bacio no longer sell it. 24th March 2011 - Food ordered at 18:25.