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Inamo St James

Please note, this branch of inamo is now closed. Time Out Food & Drink editors, May 2016.

Second branch of the Soho original.


Venue name: Inamo St James
Address: 4-12 Regent Street
Opening hours: Lunch served noon-3pm, dinner served 5-11pm Mon-Thur. Meals served noon-12.30am Fri, Sat; noon-10.30pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus tube
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Come for the digital tables... stay for the digital tables. And not much else. 

Inamo on the outside seems like it has everything going for it - it's futuristic, innovate and in two great locations. But once inside, the novelty wears off fast when you realise the service is poor and the food is unexciting and expensive.

We went as a group of friends, but maybe it's the place to go and impress a first date. If things get awkward you can play games on the interactive tables, or keep ordering yourself a cocktail through the screen if things get really dire.


Inamo is probably one of London’s most innovative restaurants due to its concept of using e-tables to order as well as entertain. This interactive and fun element makes it a must visit destination, however my reason for dining here so often is not just the endless entertainment provided by the unique surroundings, but it is also the high quality of the food served. This elevates Inamo and means that it is not just a gimack, it’s a dining destination.

The prices of the dishes on the Asian tapas menu range quite a bit from £5 for three pieces of Squid and Spring Onion Dim Sum to £8.95 for the Tuna Tartare. This is well priced for the portion sizes and for the fact that these dishes are made for sharing.

If you prefer dining from the larger dishes then this will cost a bit more, starting at £13 and going up to £18.

However Inamo do also have a very tempting set menu offering three courses for £20 and includes some of my favourites such as Spicy Aubergine for starers and Salmon Teriyaki with rice as a main course. This is amazing value for money and provides a perfect opportunity to test out the restaurant and their innovative concept!

The cocktails here cost standard London prices of between £7 to £10 but they are top quality drinks made with expertise and definitely worth a try.

As always the ordering process at Inamo was efficient and service was speedy, something which Inamo should pride themselves on. This combined with the concept of interactive dining experience mean that Inamo is a restaurant I would recommend everyone to try atleast once.


Dirty wine glasses and they brought us our main course while we were eating our starters. Very very expense. I know they have a "gimmik" as in the computerised table ordering but the novelty wears off in five minutes and becomes just annoying. Not impressed. Also service was rushed and very unorganised

I'm no restauranteur but I am firmly of the belief that if you have a location in Central London on the lower side of Regent Street away from the unscrupulous promoters of Tiger Tiger, then it's pretty dam hard to get it wrong. But I stand corrected. I'll admit, I liked the decor but I didn't like having to suck in my gut as I manoeuvred around the exceptionally small walking areas. I like the whole idea of the interactive menu integrated into the table. Playing my friend at ping pong almost totally distracted me from the feeling of my stomach digesting itself as I waited for the unacceptably slow service of of small dishes that I ordered. Chef cam however, is an interesting concept but to be honest, watching other people work is even more boring than my own job. Takeshi's Castle would have been a far better option. The duck as the main dish was tasty. I liked that you're able to keep a running tab of your personal expense in case you have some overzealous friends that run up catastrophic bills. What I didn't like was this feature is useless since when it was time to pay the bill, the staff were unable to split it anyway. When they eventually sorted it, I was disappointed that I was shelling out £60 and yet i still needed a meal. I'm impressed when things exist at either end of the spectrum; as it allows me to benchmark. So following this logic, the service at Inamo was impressively poor. I will finish on a positive note. If you're on a diet and feel like spending too much on far too little, then why not. Portion sizes comes in tiny, and exceptionally tiny.

I've been to the Soho Inamo before and thought it was really nice, so me and 3 of my friends booked to eat here at 19:45 mid-week. At first we waited 45 minutes for food which says it will come within 15 minutes (two of my friends received most of their food and myself and another friend were still waiting), to then be told by the manager that it was on it's way and that they apologised for the delay...another 30 minutes later we tried to call a waiter over again to ask where our food was and were told to 'calm down, it's coming'. So I went to speak to the manager: I was told that the kitchen was really busy, even though the restaurant was half empty! When I said it really wasn't good enough, the manager just apologised and said she was dealing with a lot of complaints that night. We continued waiting another 15 minutes and then complained further to eventually get some of the food taken off our bill. The fact we had to TELL the manager that we were not going to pay for food which took an hour and a half to reach us was appalling service. If they had simply offered us drinks or starters to keep us going as compensation, I wouldn't be writing this bad review and we would have paid our bill in full. The management and the staff need some serious customer service training in this place. On the plus side for Inamo, the food was good. Just a shame that it came with a staff attitude problem and poor service.

Been to both restaurants and for some reason this one is so much better than the one in Soho. The service is great, the food is delicious and the interactive tables make the whole experience even better. It's a great place to take someone out, if you're looking for something a little different in central London. The food is a little pricey and you have to be careful because it becomes so easy to over order food through the table, but that is part of the fun of it! Definitely worth a visit!

The younger of the two now in existence, Inamo St James is a lovely Japanese/Korean fusion restaurant halfway between its namesake park and Piccadilly Circus. The whole place is a technological wonder, providing projectors and trackpads at the tables, allowing you to view the chef by webcam, play Battleships while you wait, call a taxi and most importantly order your food and drink from a projection beamed before you. in The waiters keep a lower profile but are still on hand to answer all questions and serve you your food/drinks with that much needed enthusiasm! The food was fantastic and very well made. An unfortunate one star deduction for the tedious soundtrack, but I didn't go there for the music. Excellent overall.