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Kanada-Ya Piccadilly

Restaurants, Japanese Leicester Square
4 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

A second branch of the popular Japanese ramen restaurant Kanada-Ya.

The almost constant queue outside the original Kanada-Ya in Covent Garden, gives a hint as to how well these guys know their way around a ramen. This second branch, in Soho, should theoretically make getting your lips on one a little easier. But don't count on it. 

Here, as at the original, the speciality is tonkotsu ramen, with a broth made from pork bones simmered for 18 hours. The 'original' adds hand-pulled noodles (cooked to order: extra firm, firm, regular or soft), chashu pork, wood ear mushroom, nori and spring onion. You can also add more noodles, ma-yu (a charred black garlic sauce), karamiso (a spicy red miso paste), extra nori or a hanjuku egg. 

The Haymarket branch extends the ramen offer with a broth made from corn-fed chicken bones, another with a porcini truffle paste and a vegetarian option made with a broth made from porcini and soya milk. Karaage, gyoza and korokke also feature. 

Kanada-Ya Piccadilly says
Kanada-Ya opened its second branch near Piccadilly Circus in December 2015. Bigger than the first restaurant in Covent Garden, with 56 covers over 2 floors, the restaurant offers a larger selection of ramen alongside an extended drinks menu with rare Japanese Sakes, Whiskeys and beers.

Variations of London’s most popular ramen include Tonkotsu X (pork & corn-fed chicken bone broth and chashu pork belly – exclusive to London!), the extremely popular Gekikara (pork & corn-fed chicken broth with spicy ‘tan-tan’ minced pork belly chashu), Chicken Paitan (corn-fed chicken bone broth with chashu pork collar) and Vegetarian Ramen. Small plates of Japanese fried chicken, Truffle Edamame, Seared Chashu Pork Belly and Ongiri are also available.



Address: 3 Panton Street
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus
Opening hours: Mon - Sat 12pm - 3pm 5pm - 1030pm Sunday 12pm - 830pm
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4 out of 5 stars

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I am by no means a ramen expert. In fact, until I was dragged along to Kanada-Ya, I never really enjoyed ramen. I nearly ordered the only non ramen noodle dish on the menu but had heard such good things I changed my mind. When it arrived, I thought I had a made a terrible mistake but then on tasting it, my opinion on ramen changed. I'm still loathe to eat ramen over other dishes at other restaurants but I keep coming back to Kanada-Ya for my ramen fix. Delicious.


Ramen is a tricky dish to get right. I’ve been spoilt by my time in Japan and had some incredible bowls that I can remember vividly even as I type this, so to find somewhere in London that comes close would be great even by itself!

Kanada-Ya is the first place I think that has really achieved this. I tried a few of their bowls and in each one, they’d nailed it from the broth, to the noodles and to the toppings. So much flavour, perfectly cooked noodles, and all round great service.

The sides/small plates aren’t worth bothering with as a heads up which is unfortunate, but for London’s best ramen? Oh yes!


Kanada-Ya is still my favourite ramen place in London, the Piccadilly joint is a lot less busy which gives you a fighting chance to get a seat! I love the onigiri at Kanada-ya - always freshly made with well proportioned filling and the crispy toasted seaweed. This time, I tried the Truffle Ramen with a soft boiled Hanjuku egg (always, always get the egg!). Whilst the truffle flavour was intense and very fragrant, I found myself feeling that the bowl lacked another dimension and was slightly drowned out by the saltiness of the broth. I therefore would prefer the other more traditional choices. The noodles are always done well here (I always choose hard noodles) and I love the fact that there are chilli pickles and Japanese ginger on the table for you to add to your bowl of ramen. Don’t forget to try the Ma-Yu charred black garlic sauce as an extra next time - you won’t regret it.

Tip: The Piccadilly joint is the only joint that you can make a booking at - helpful for larger groups!

Good For: cheap and cheerful, quick meals, casual lunch/ dinner, small groups


You might be a little overwhelmed and confused by the 8 options on the menu, but I would argue that you won’t go far wrong with either of the classic £10.50 Tonkotsu bowls or the Chashu-Men, which was my order of choice at £13. Made with a pork bone broth, chashu pork collar which melts in the mouth, wood ear fungus (it sounds vile but I promise it’s delicious), seaweed and spring onion, there is so much unique and exciting flavour going on that your mouth won’t know what’s hit it. You can choose what kind of noodles you want, but they recommend hard noodles and I figure they know what’s best for their dishes. There are also a few extra toppings you can pimp your ramen with, and I would say that you would be a fool not to add the Hanjuku Egg for £2. This cured brown egg has a sweet and silky yolk that makes all other eggs pale in comparison and elevates the whole bowl substantially.

On the side you could opt for one of the small plates. The Japanese Fried Chicken arrived piping hot and crispy, with a steaming and juicy middle that you can dip generously into the yuzu mayonnaise, and the Truffle Edamame arrives with an undeniable waft of truffle. They’re soft and pop effortlessly from their pods. Both of these small plates will only set you back £4.


I finally tried Kanada-ya after walking by the eager queues at their Tottenham Court Road restaurant so many times. The branch near Piccadilly Circus was much easier to get into at 6:15 on a Thursday, waiting only a minute to be seated. It's also good to note that you can book at the Piccadilly restaurant as there was a steady stream of people arriving. Staff were friendly and greeted everyone in Japanese. 

I went for the vegetarian ramen in a delicious slightly creamy porcini mushroom and soy milk broth. This was filled with thin ramen noodles, asparagus and mushrooms. There were also pickles and sesame seeds to add on at the table. The truffle salt edamame wasn't such a good option, it tasted almost greasy and even though I'm a fan of truffles I'm not sure it really worked with edamame. The food arrived within a few mins, so if there isn't a line, it's a good quick pre-theatre option.

Had a great early meal at Kanada-Ya before heading to the cinemas nearby. We booked about a week ahead and when we arrived there was already a huge queue, so definitely book if you can! It's the main bonus of this venue over the Covent Garden one. 

I thought the ramen was delicious but was slightly annoyed I had to pay extra for the egg... that's the best bit! We also tried the rice balls which were super tasty. It ended up being about £18 per person for a shared starter, main and an egg.

I will definitely be back :)


After seeing a picture of a Kanada-ya ramen on my Facebook feed from a distant friend of mine, about 5 years ago, I've been meaning to pay this little joint a visit. And I finally made it yesterday. Was not disappointed - worth every minute of the wait.

Do you like ramen? Then go. Have you never had ramen? All the more reason. (I mean, why not start with the best?) This tiny restaurant near Haymarket is really well hidden from the touristy crowds of Piccadilly, and if you're looking to dine like a king on a budget, you need look no further. For under £20, you can dive into a deep bowl of heavenly tonkotsu ramen in whatever version you prefer, with additional toppings and a very satisfying jug of sake or beer, whichever you prefer. The noodles are firm and tasty, and the broth packs a whole punch of flavours, in fact probably carries the show. Who knew broth could do so much?

I highly recommend topping with an egg, as these babies and their just barely cooked, perfectly gooey insides taste like the cream egg of ramens, and you will wish you had doubled up. With a piece of crunchy seaweed (best dipped in broth) and a generous serving of sliced mushroom, this soup will leave you stuffed and happy for hours to come.

Choose the tonkotsu for a classic approach, or the tonkotsu x for a more flavoursome and exciting take. For spice, add a spoonful of spicy miso paste (comes as an extra topping and gives a kick), or try the truffle broth should you be feeling fancy.

Kanada-ya is well worth a visit for all Asian food fans out there, as well as for those not that familiar with the field and willing to try. Subtle but flavoursome, this bowl of heaven will surely satisfy your cravings for a hearty meal.


I had a pretty high expectation for Kanada-Ya. Having made waves in Japan and Hong Kong, it had a lot to live up to. I can confirm that it’s really good.

Now established in Piccadilly and St Giles, Kanada-Ya are specialists in authentic tonkotsu ramen noodles. I suggest you head to their Piccadilly establishment. It’s far bigger with larger seating and includes a basement floor.

Such is their popularity, that you must not be surprised if you find a queue to get inside. The good news is that the turnover is quick. It is, after all, a no fuss and informal ramen bar with very fast service. 

You can customise your ramen by ordering extra toppings such as eggs, more meat or more noodles. You can choose the hardness of your noodle too from soft to extra hard. Our waitress recommended going for the hard noodles. Though it doesn’t affect taste, it does affect texture and there’s a bite to it. 

The broth was creamy as it should. I highly recommend ordering extra toppings on your ramen rather than ordering a side dish. I feel these represent better value for your money. Slurp down your noodles and order extra bowl noodles.

I recommend the truffle ramen. It may be the priciest ramen on the menu, but it’s worth it. Earthy and pungent, truffles radically takes your ramen up a level and at £14 (at the time of writing) it’s really not that bad considering how pricey a single truffle can be.

Kanada-Ya is good. Not mind-blowingly good, but good and well deserved of the praises that have been handed their way. I’d happily visit again, happy to recommend to friends and those who can’t get enough the steaming bowl of ramen goodness.

Amazing, spiritual experience! Not completely authentic, but certainly a surprising and heartwarming experience!


Nothing ground breaking or particularly new, however the ramen here is tasty and the fried chicken divine. It's small but the service is friendly and the food is good. Worth a look if you're in the area.


I went there for dinner a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend... And was pretty unimpressed. Before I go on, let's face it: ramen just isn't my favourite thing ever. My boyfriend who enjoys it more actually thought it was lretty tasty. I haf a truffle ramen with some 18 hour pork bone broth and he had gekikara which contains spicy pork. We added almost raw eggs to both which I didn't know was a thing. It all tasted really unusual to me, I just don't know if it was in a good or bad way. On the side, we ordered salmon onigiri which, if you don't know, were awful pasty sticky unsalty rice balls with a tiny bit of salmon inside. For dessert, we tried the sesame ice cream: really, really weird stuff but we were told it was proper traditional food. The sake I did enjoy: it wasn't as strong as the ones I had had in the past and tasted more like wine. The service was friendly. The atmosphere was pretty laid back, with chef school students hanging around and a very basic decoration.


If you fancy a simple tasty bowl of pork ramen Kanada-ya delivers. My only negative would be the queues due to the small amount of spaces available. The broth is both rich and flavoursome, one of the best in London. 


As a noodle and dumpling FANATIC this place is a must visit! Salty, creamy, chewy bone broths done right and at a decent price. The reservations list is testimony to its excellence and the aroma of spices and truffle that greets you is to die for. 


Kanada-Ya, an amazing Japanese Ramen restaurant, just opened up a branch on Panton St. It seems pretty cutthroat in the Ramen business as they've opened up right next door to Muga, another authentic feeling ramen joint. Like many Ramen places in London, it's not possible to reserve and there are only a few tables. Luckily in a pinch they seem to have added more tables downstairs. The staff are very attentive and friendly and offer up cheerful Japanese greetings when you walk in the door. The Truffle Ramen is soooo delicious. The broth is incredibly rich and flavourful and the truffle paste is a nice addition to the flavour. The chashu pork is great and the noodles silky and fresh. I personally like my Truffle Ramen with some fresh apple juice as I feel the sweet flavour nicely offsets the rich ramen. The pickled vegetables offered as condiments on the tables are also nice mixed in. I can't recommend it highly enough.

I never thought I'd be wooed by a bowl of ramen, but Kanada-Ya got me good. I wasn't familiar with the chain, but I popped into this new branch with a friend last month on a recommendation. The laid-back venue was packed, which was clearly a good sign. They take their ramen very seriously here too. You have to choose how you'd like your noodles (firm, extra-firm, regular or soft), a choice of slow-cooked broth and various topping or extras which, if you're into this stuff, you'll naturally know what to go for. If not, the service is friendly enough to lend a helping hand - and thankfully, we both enjoyed gigantic bowls of "Chashu-men" which was so tasty, I'd happily go back for more. And for what you get, the prices are good.

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