La Porchetta

Restaurants, Italian Muswell Hill
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Venue name: La Porchetta
Address: 265 Muswell Hill Broadway
N10 1DE
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I think the other 3 reviewers must have been particularly unlucky and also ordered unwisely. You come here for pizzas. That's it. Massive, over-loaded, tasty pizzas. You don't come here for a quiet, romantic evening. My Italian friends rave about this place and that's good enough for me.


I love Muswell Hill, however hard it is to reach. This restaurant is one of many on one of the main streets of the small area so it was hard to choose which one to go to... But being the cheap thing that I am, La Porchetta particularly appealed to me. Filled with dads and sons - not sure this is an actual feature of the place but certainly was the case when I was in - and kid-adoring waiters, this a super cheap, huge quantity, decent quality and very friendly restaurant that I would sure recommand.


I adore La Porchetta - it is by far my favourite place to eat locally. 

The pizza here is unbeatable - thin, crisp bases freshly made by the pizzaiolo in front of you, topped with fresh and delicious toppings. I've been coming here for a few year's now and the menu has never changed, and I don't think it ever will. However, I still haven't run out of things to try - once I manage to get through the pizza list, I can assure you I'll make a start on the pasta which looks and smells mouthwateringly good every time a dish is produced from the kitchen. 

The service here is typically Italian - relaxed, noisy, fun. You will either embrace it and have the best night of your life, or hate it. I think it is easy to see which side of the fence I sit on. 

If after the huge portions you can squeeze in some dessert, try the tiramisu. It may be a cliché choice in an Italian restaurant but there is good reason for that. 

La Porchetta will always have a firm place in my heart and it is a secret that I almost don't want to share but, if you want to try the best pizza around (yes, I really am making that claim) do come here and try it - you won't be disappointed. 

Great atmosphere, brilliant pizza and all at amazingly low prices! Love this place

The best pizza around! Very tasty. They also do a healthy portion of pastas. Not only that, but the service is amazing, and they are always smiling and happy to amend a dish to your requirements.

A regular at this place- nice reasonable food and friendly staff! And fun surprises if you let them know its your birthday!

I have been going here since i was a teenager, you can always expect and good pizza! perfect service too


La Porchetta is among those places making it worth travelling through half the city to have a great meal. It's always busy, but never seems crowded. The staff and interior are authentic and the food is amazing. The first time I couldn't decide whether to go for pizza and pasta - luckily one of my friends had the same issue and we ended up sharing both. It was definitely worth it. The portions are huge and so tasty (and amazingly cheap - which proves again that the price doesn't reflect what you get). It's the perfect place to hide away from the busy London life and it's worth going for a walk after (which you may have to do, as it's hard not to finish although you are actually done) and to enjoy the beautiful view down on the city. I will definitely recommend this place.

My absolute FAVOURITE place to eat... IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! I love this place- yes i'll admit the service is not always flawless but what can you expect on a Saturday evening- if you can't face the inevitable hustle and bustle of a popular family restaurant, try going at an earlier time in the day- it only gets busy after 5pm! Besides, slow service means I can chat to my friends for longer (yay!). And to all you misanthropes I have seen write unfavorably about the "rude" staff: it is an Italian restaurant, hence the Italians being notoriously loud and hot-headed- what can you expect? In all my experiences, they may have been loud and somewhat shouty but they have never been rude- do not mistake their shouts over the loud crowd for rudeness...perhaps SPEAK A BIT LOUDER- I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! However, the only thing that has annoyed me a lot, rather recently, is that they have changed their chilli oil! (GRRRR) It used to be the best in London- warm and garlicky on the palate....mmmmh- but now it tastes more like a sour tomato :( i wish they would change that back and I have been meaning to ring them up to complain....and there my friends... is their only-and hopefully only temporary-flaw

Our first course was (just about) average, but was better than what followed. It took an hour to get the next course; the pizzas were average but the so-called 'wild mushroom' risotto was inedible - and no wild mushrooms could be found. The staff response was a joke and the compulsory 'service' charge was still added to the bill. Never again!

While the service here isn't perhaps the fastest I've always found the staff friendly & the place entertaining. The major selling point though is their food, especially the pizza - fabulously tasty & massive as well as pretty cheap. A very good place to go when really hungry & a great one to take kids to.

Love this place!! Went for the first time last Sunday with a 2 friends and the food was so tasty. I had stuffed mushrooms to start and a Fiorrentina pizza for main! The pizza was a proper Italian pizza with a very thin base and simple but flavoursome toppings. Service is very friendly too.

What a terrible place. Even worse than I remember it on my last visit (8 years ago). Tasteless soup, Bruschetta that would fail the trades descriptions act and the worst pizza toppings I've had in years. Oh, and the service is poor & the decor dates from the 70's and is disrepair. Shame it's just up the road from me. Avoid!

Poor in every way. Four of us turned up one weekend. We go in to ask for a table and are ignored for over five minutes, and even my girlfriend was moaned at for apparently being in the way. We eventually get seated right by a speaker playing the loudest cheesiest music ever. I have been in bars where the level of the music is lower so how they expect people to enjoy their food in such an environment is beyond me. Once seated it took over twenty minutes before a waiter came to take our drinks order and that was after the four of us having to make ourselves noticed. Ordered starters of two breaded mozarella, cold meat cuts and a mozarella salad. After another long wait, two starters arrive (the breaded mozarella). It then takes 12 minutes for the other two to arrive. How hard is it and time consuming to put a few cold meats on a plate on a salad. We ordered together yet had to eat as two and two for a simple starter. Next we ordered our mains. Again they arrive at different times albeit not as long as the starters. My girfriend ordered a pasta and hers was last to arrive. The waiter literally throws it in fromt of her whilst having a conversation with another waiter. He disappears then re-appears with the pepper grinder and without asking proceeds to start putting it all over my girlfriends food. She hates pepper and asks him to stop so he gets in a huff and walks off without bothering to ask if the rest of us wanted any. We had to ask another waiter to come back with pepper for the rest of us. I ordered a breaded chicken which was extremely dry and not sure as to how fresh it was. Bill arrives with service already added. We called over a waiter to explain we refused to pay the service and half way through us explaining why, he walks off and sends another waiter to our table. Again we explain and they not too pleased with us but we stood our ground. Paid for the food and then they start speaking in Italian between themselves making it obvious we were the topic of conversation. At this point I'm getting angry with it all so decide to walk out and wait for the others to leave. As I'm leaving, a man near the exit whom I'm assuming was either the manager or owner, greets me goodbye pleasantly. The waiters then, again in Italian, mumble some stuff to him and then as the rest of my party was leaving got nothing but rude stares. Never again. Too sum up, extremely poor service, rude staff, way too loud for a restaurant and average at best food. AVOID!!!!!!!!

Anyone wanting refined dining should stay away. Porchetta is a place to come for a fun time and a big, tasty and extremely cheap meal. The service may not be amazing but if you're nice to the waiters, they'll be nice back, if you're rude, you'll get the service you deserve. I highly recommend this place, the atmosphere is fun and kids love it. Plus you can easily have two courses and drinks for two for £30 which is pretty rare these days.

Absolutely diabolical! My partner and I decided to check out some of the local eateries in our area and decided to go to an independent, local restaurant rather than going to one of the many chains in the area. We walked in and were left standing in the middle of the busy restaurant before finally being seated directly underneath a speaker playing obnoxious music. I said to my partner that I thought we ought to go elsewhere but we decided that we should stay to see why the place was so popular. We finally ordered after about 15mins of trying to catch a waiter's attention; I had bruschetta and my partner ordered calamari. The starters were very poor, the bread that my bruschetta was served with was so hard and stale I worried that my teeth were going to fall out! I ordered the seafood risotto for my main course and when it arrived I was horrified to see that it had actually been made from long grain rice rather than risotto rice! I asked the waiter to taker it away and I was questioned what was wrong with it. I told him and rather than taking it away to the kitchen, we went over to his manager to tell him about my complaint. The manager then came over to me with the dish and aggressively asked me what was wrong with it. I replied and said that it wasn't a risotto and he replied 'what is it then?' I was appauled by his rudeness and replied that it was a bowl of long grain rice with some fish but certainly not a risotto. He finally skulked off as a waiter bought me the menu again. We were so disgusted that we decided to pay up and leave. We received the bill with the service charge added so we left the full amount but didn't pay for the service. When the waiter came over, we were questioned why we hadn't left the full amount! I can honestly say I have never experienced such dismal food, service and attitiude from staff, especially management. i am at a loss as to why this place proves to be so popular, it must be people who hate decent food.

We went to La Porcetta for an early evening meal. Although the restaurant was not busy at this point (5pm) we were rushed (pointed, rather than escorted) to a table and prompted to order within 30 seconds. The waiting staff also seemed to be vying against each other to be our servers, and at one point were openly arguing in front of us over this. We were not served by the same server all night, we had a total of 5 staff waiting on us, and as a result were asked several times for our order, and if we wanted dessert etc. The presence of the staff in the restaurant area was oppressive, yet unhelpful, they spent most of their time congregating at the till area having group chats, and were scouting too often, however, not caring about our experience, making the evening feel rushed. The staff themselves seemed to have little English and made no real attempt at talking with us. The music was too loud, and it was impossible to hold a conversation across a small table. This exacerbated the fact that it was a family restaurant with quite a few children coming in as the evening progressed. The wine selection was fair for a mid level pizzeria, however, there was only the house wine that was available to be ordered by the glass. The starters were of a ok quality, and came to our table within an acceptable time. The pizzas were soggy, and the ingredients were cheap and bland. The manner in which they were prepared made them immensely difficult to eat without causing a great mess, which reduced the pleasure of eating them. After all this poor service, the bill included service in it but included the figure without stating what it was making you think it may have been a drink of tax- prompting people to add a second (undeserved) tip on. Overall it was a poor dining experience, even for the money, we we do not plan to repeat.

Absolutely awful service! Waited over an an hour for our main meal, got ignored but staff so was unable to order any drinks while we waited, except for one waitress who asked if we'd like to see the dessert menu to which we reply we hadn't even had our main! When our food eventually arrived we got no apologises and the pizzas were burnt. We asked for them to cook us more and when they came back to us the manager slammed our plates down without a word. Clearly staff neither communicate with eachother or respect their customers.