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Restaurants, Greek Notting Hill
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Time Out says

This stylish addition to the capital’s Hellenic dining scene opened in 2012 in what used to be Costas Grill. Its food has more in common with the creations of leading Athens restaurants than anything you’d find in London – and the relief from the city’s Greeks is almost palpable. Purists might be troubled by the progressive presentation – mezédes are served in Kilner jars; tyrópitta is separated into filling and filo for DIY crumbling – but the flavours are reassuringly authentic.

A jar of creamy white taramá hit just the right note of tangy, savoury deliciousness; another of fava (spilt-pea purée), accompanied by tender octopus, was so light it could have been whipped. Horiátiki contained top-quality oil and feta, properly ripe tomatoes, and (unexpectedly) Cretan-style rusk croûtons and salty capers. The hot dishes are better still. Keftédes were sublime and Mazi’s slabs of feta encased in black-sesame tempura with punchy lemon marmalade might well consign the humble saganáki to history.

An all-Greek wine list showcases the region’s best bottles but on a Friday night, cocktails made with mastiha resin spirit were preferred by the gangs of young Greeks tightly packed either side of us in this fresh and contemporary dining room.




Address: 12-14 Hillgate Street
W8 7SR
Transport: Tube: Notting Hill Gate
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Users say (41)

3 out of 5 stars

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Slow and average service.  Small portions.  Expensive.  

Waited 20 mins just for a drinks order.  First course came half an hour after that.  Half an hour later one main arrived, I small disc of Moussaka consisting mostly of a rich bechamel which the 2 of us polished off in 5 minutes.  I said 'finally' to the waiter, who replied 'oh, someone's hungry'.  Grr.  Then another 20 mins for the next main, two expensive cuts of steak which again took us all of 5 minutes to eat.  And it was so loud with chatter.  Crazy pricing too - their 'jars' are almost as big as their main courses but are a fraction of the price.  If you like it very loud, paying over the odds for small portions of food that take forever to arrive, this is your place. I found the whole thing very stressful. 

There were people Queuing up as we left - God knows why.  Load of old're better off at McDonalds.

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Just returned from a Saturday night meal at Mazi.... and feel so angry and appalled at what happened there tonight that I feel compelled to write a review straight away to warn others of the experience there.

I was advised when I booked that we could have the table for 2 hours - this is quite standard practice and I fully understand. Two hours should be enough time to enjoy a nice meal with friends - but tonight it was not and the way the situation was dealt with was nothing short of rude and awful. We arrived at 7.25pm, and our two friends ten minutes later. We ordered ten minutes after that - around 7.50pm. It was explained that dishes would come as they were ready and we received our small plates quite quickly. The mains however took much longer to come - of course we understand that slow cooked lamb means slow cooked lamb, but within 2 minutes (literally - this is no exaggeration) of the dish arriving at the table the waiter came over to ask if we wanted to order dessert as we had to give the table back by 9.30pm! What kind of restaurant asks you to order dessert before you have even started eating your main course?! The way he said it to us was extremely rude - I actually said can we just finish our main courses before we think about dessert, his reply was something along the lines of "well we did tell you it was only two hours". I understand a policy is a policy but why not build some sort of buffer into your seating times, rather than rush customers who are still eating? We had just started a second bottle of wine at this point too. No sooner had we finished eating than the plates were cleared and the bill literally shoved at us! No request if we wanted dessert or coffees or even any way of apologising or saying they were sorry to rush us. We all had full glasses of wine and actually I think we would like to have ordered dessert but weren't even given another option to. We asked to have the service charge removed from the bill as quite frankly we were all just appalled at the way we had been treated - conveyor belt doesn't even cover it - and again the guy was pretty blunt with us, saying we were told it was two hours when we had booked. I then said that's fine but when the food takes an hour and a half to come it's hardly our fault - he said nothing and just brought the card machine! The food was actually lovely but I would not only never go back to Mazi again but recommend anyone wanting a pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable dining experience where you can actually enjoy your food at your own leisure avoid it like the plague too. Such a shame - this could have been a brilliant evening, but we ended up having to finish our night at the pub next door as we had been forcibly removed from the restaurant we had hoped to spend the evening in. We have eaten at some of the best restaurants in London (Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Waring, Heston etc) and never ever been treated like this before. The food might be good but it's not mind blowing, and it certainly isn't worth being treated like this over! Avoid, avoid avoid!!!!


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Decided to visit Mazi after reading a number of articles giving it outstanding reviews. I have to admit that the food is very interesting, a new take on Greek cuisine. I liked the unconventional ingredients mixed with traditional Greek tastes. Completely agree with previous reviews though that the quantities are not appropriate for sharing and the prices are on the high side. There is no ambience whatsoever, everyone is crammed and the place gets so loud it's not even funny. But what was most disturbing where the wine prices. I have repeatedly ordered online a number of the wines on their catalogue and was astonished to see that they were charging a markup of 3-3,5 per bottle. That is unheard of, even for Michelin star restaurants. Greek wines are amazing and need to be promoted for what they are, a new take on traditional wine varieties mixed with special Greek varieties. And for the price that goes with that. I think it's criminal to charge such ridiculous amounts, and completely turning people off from an amazing wine country because they think they wines are overpriced, which they're not. The best part was the (rude) waiter who, when confronted with this question, told us that they charge as much because people are willing to pay for it (as long as there's fools), and that wines where equally overpriced in his previous job in a Mykonos restaurant!! I really hope this doesn't reflect the opinion of management and that they are after something more than a short term profit at the backs of their customers, instead of the famous "arpaxti" strategy that some Mykonos restaurants are following. Overall, good idea, very poor execution. It's a pity, as we need something like this in London, and I honestly hope management is reading, and taking these reviews seriously.

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The biggest rip-off in town. Bad food overtly expensive with arrogant service....definitely a not-to-go.....dissapointing.

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The food is nice and light and interesting but...If you are hungry you will still be afterwards. And it's too expensive for the portions. You will only need to move your spoon/fork twice into your mouth and your main is gone...I came back home after the dinner and enjoyed a nice ball of cereal before bed to calm down my unsatisfied stomach.

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On reading 'with the smell of chip-fat that once permeated this site now banished' to describe the former Costa's Grill, I felt compelled to respond. My husband and I were regular customers at Costa's for more than 40 years and NEVER once smelt chip fat. When Mazi took over from Costa's we hoped that it would prove a worthy successor. We have made two visits to Mazi, the second to try to convince ourselves that the first visit was only a 'one-off' unfortunate experience. Sadly, not so. Costa's Grill provided consistently good food and friendly service for over 50 years. Ingredients were fresh, the dishes full of flavour and very reasonably priced. These factors contributed to the loyal following which Costa's enjoyed in the local community and beyond. Mazi has attempted to create a Greek 'fine dining' restaurant in the premises occupied by Costa's. However, the new furnishings are in some ways inferior to those of Costa's: the replacement of the banquette seating with chairs has changed the acoustic quality of this small restaurant so that it is almost impossible to hold a comfortable conversation due to the jarring nature of the increased echo effect. While there are some interesting flavours to be found in the Mazi menu, portions are small and prices are high. Costa's - how we miss you!

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I am afraid the owners of this restaurant didn't even give us the opportunity to try their food...such was unwelcoming and rude their 'welcome' in the restaurant. I am Greek and last Sunday was Greek Orthodox Easter so I had this fabulous idea to book for our Easter lunch a table to MAZI as I read so many nice reviews in the press...I called 3 weeks in advance to make sure I get a nice table for 5 as we had family visiting for the holiday and I really wanted them to enjoy. Upon arrival we had to wait a few minutes for the lady in charge to pay attention to us. When she showed us our table we thought there must be some sort of mistake as it was big enough only for 3!!! When we mentioned that she said that there was no other table available and that they warned us during the reservation that we will be squeezed....No way I would have booked a table for Easter lunch with family knowing that we will be squeezed like being in the northern line during rush hour...we proposed to add a second table which was empty next to ours but the response was that there was no more chairs...Seriously???? And to top this extremely unpleasant discussion she then called somebody else who came to tell us in a very rude and obnoxious manner that we should know about the squeezing situation and that he had 100 people on his waiting list for that day...Again…Seriously??? It’s worth mentioning that it is a very small and narrow restaurant….. Where was he planning to put all those people??? So we left wondering why would we care to go back there? Try the food when the service is so so bad from the moment you enter through the door....and in such a special day...If I was you I would wait to go to Greece to eat Greek food...Don't go there...Ever!!!

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Really disappointed!! We hardly found a table as we didn't have any reservation however we were (un)lucky to get one. It's a matter of time for this restaurant to close as the food is overpriced and and the portions are extremely small. I will agree with a previous review from Notting Hill Local for the Cold Jars. They do not work as a concept or as tasty appetizers - better described as pricey and miniscule. Our main dishes were so small that we couldn't believe it. For an“Imam Baildi” we got a HALF aubergine which was delicious but still HALF costing £8! The Tiger Prawns “Saganaki” tremendously failed. The prawns were raw and when we asked for replacement we got another RAW-Tiger Prawns “Saganaki”. Two mistakes in the same dish in a restaurant with so many "good" reviews is unacceptable. "Saganaki" was removed from the bill...however I'd strongly not recommend this restaurant. It's not only locals that should avoid it but all that love the real Greek food.

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Appalling experience: very noisy restaurant, ridiculously small portions (especially main dish), flavourless greek wine, staff and management who have not properly understood what is to attend customers in the food business. All of that for a significant amount of money for the diner we got. We will never go back.

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I don't really understand the reviews of this place that are outstanding. The food as some of the reviews say is average at best. What is appalling is value for money. Small, very average plates served at disproportionate prices. As someone said, discerning locals should avoid.

Went to Mazi for dinner with friends on Saturday night.  Unfortunately, a positive first impression quickly descended into regretting not reading reviews first before going.  So here I am trying to help other people avoid wasting a night out.  The food is nice enough, but really bad value for money , staff are frazzled and slow to take your order, then rushing to clear your plates and heave you onto the sidewalk before the next group of diners arrive.  They also have the annoying habit of of trying to dictate what you should order (food AND wine) which led to a long argument about what we really wanted to eat!!!!  They also tried a little too hard to push the most expensive wine they have.  We ended up feeling like we paid a lot, ate and drank only a little and got pushed around quite a lot, so in short, I wouldnt recommend this place.  Next time we will just go back to Lemonia for warm service and nice Greek food

Mazi is an absolute treat which I would recommend to anyone wishing to try modern and real Greek food. Many of the reviews written here are negative and I can to an extent understand where they may be coming from, nevertheless they're utterly ignorant. Yes the portions may be small, yes it may be expensive but Mazi is truly a delight. I am Greek, but born and raised in London. I cannot say how unbelievably refreshing Mazi is. Too many restaurants such as 'The real Greek' completely miss the mark and people's understanding of Greek food is completely flawed thanks to such average chains. 

Mazi manages to take the incredible fresh and unlikely flavours of Greece and combine them with a perhaps more western contemporary approach. The cuisine showcased in Mazi is not at all dissimilar to the trendy scene in Athens today. Mazi have managed to make Greek food, not the stereotypical and average moussakas and souvlakis that you see all over England, but a more refined and delicious experience. You will see many young professional Greeks living in London gracing the tables of Mazi for a reason, the food is real yet interesting and unexpected. The wine is delicious and it is rare to see such a large collection of Greek wines in London, which I find particularly exciting as they are often very delicious (particularly the Santorini wines) and there is very little awareness of this. Many have said the food is overpriced and the portions are small, but I have never once left this restaurant hungry, and I believe the prices are well worth the meals. In tavernas in Greece, a group of people will order many plates, having a little bit of everything each, there is not the same rigid starter/ main system as we see in British cooking. The exact same goes for Mazi, the plates are small and you are encouraged to order many as a group so you can have a taste of all the excellent flavours. The products used are excellent and the dishes are masterly and authentic. Many of my favourite greek dishes such as fava (which is so rarely seen in many greek restaurants in the UK) are reproduced in Mazi to the highest quality. I have been to Mazi in groups as large as 10 and 2 and the sharing system has worked perfectly well both times. 

I have seen reviews which say that the waiters are rude and the service poor, I have never once experienced this in the many times I've gone to Mazi. The owners and founders are warm and lovely and can be seen walking round Mazi and the waiters are Greek, which warms my heart as young people they are able to get jobs out of the disaster which is Greece today. The Greeks may have a laissez faire attitude which judging by these reviews has been seen at Mazi, but they are nevertheless incredibly warm and charming people and this has been my experience with the lovely staff of Mazi. 

The restaurant itself is a little haven within Notting Hill and never ceases to make me feel like I am in a little paradise, especially in the garden in the summer which is truly charming. I really only have kind words for this gem which holds such a dear place in my heart since the day it opened and which is always a treat for a birthday or a family get together. It combines Greek authenticity with London refinement. I would highly recommend Mazi, just be prepared to go all out and don't go if you're feeling stressed or money tight!! This restaurant is a treat and is a lovely relaxing oasis. 

This place is an absolute gem! I can’t believe I have never been before. Having booked in the morning (something I’d recommend if it’s a sunny day) we were able to get a table on the beautiful back patio. Sheltered under grape vines and surrounded by candles and fig trees you can’t beat this place for a tranquil ambience.

The food was fantastic, a true reflection on the quality of real hearty Greek food yet the dishes delivered were carefully presented and delicate. The portions are more fine dining than mum’s Sunday roast but I’d recommend visiting in a large group and sampling as much of the menu as possible. Between four we had two jars, three hot plates and two signatures. The meatballs and courgette cakes were particularly divine! And as for the signatures, we opted for the cod and pulled pork, both delicious. The risotto also deserves a mention, I am normally a fan of a big plate of green but this really was creamy and exceptional.

For a relaxed and beautiful evening with friends, you can’t beat it but the downside, it’s a tad pricy.

This is by far the best Greek restaurant in London, if not one of the best restaurants. The food is fresh and authentic with really clever twists! Courgette cakes, grilled aubergine and the orzo pasta out of this world! Really hip and beautiful crowd too, which makes the ambience unbeatable! Highly recommended! 


I am totally unsurprised by the reviews this place has had. I originally ventured here, like most others, after reading a rave review of the food. I booked at table for a Tuesday night not long after it opened. As usual on arrival we were shown to a terrible table, squashed in a corner so I requested another and was told that they were fully booked and it was impossible to move. This was hard to believe and as only table was occupied. So being the kind of person I am we left and went somewhere else. This week, three years later I returned and enjoyed a great but pricey meal with some amazing flavours and lovely wine. The difference? We had a Greek person in our party who handled all the interaction and ordering with the staff. If you want to enjoy this place, try going with someone who speaks the language; I would be interested to know if this makes a difference or whether we were shielded from the rudeness and bad service through our own blissful linguistic ignorance! :-)

Really bad experience. First of all, the portions are teeny tiny. The waitress strongly advised sharing. There were 4 of us, and she said not to order more than one of any dish. So we ended up cutting each (already tiny) serving into the most ridiculous portion.

Also it's incredibly expensive - which I don't mind - the last place I ate was at Dinner which was crazy expensive but totally worth it. Here however it really isn't. 
Staff were rather offish. 
Won't be returning

Innovative modern Greek restaurant that has replaced an old neighbourhood favorite. Food comes in small portions. However, it had a beautiful garden at the back, plenty of seating, and deliciously made food. Don't forget to book!

Creative and delicious every time.  The small space makes intimate dining difficult, but the quality and constancy keep us coming back time and again.

Mazi is a hidden little gem in Notting Hill with great food and atmosphere. The service is very friendly and helpful with all the Greek wines on offer. The food is very unusual but the taste is just great. I have never had Greek food like this. Make sure you book in advance, the place is small and it's packed every night!

Excellent modern Greek food.Fresh ingredients, original taste, interesting mastihal liqueur cocktails and the tempura feta cheese is actually worth all the raves. Everything was great but as the space is quite small it can get a bit too noisy on a Sat night...

Excellent food, great service and what a vibe! We celebrated my boyfriend's 30th last night and we couldn't have chosen a better place for it. Every dish was better than the one before! What an explosion of taste! The lobster with saffron, harissa and orzo pasta was my favourite! Definitely book here for birthdays, celebrations etc! We'll be back!

This is by far the best Greek food you can get in London and in Greece. Don't expect anything traditional though. Every dish comes as a surprise and they are being very creative with the usual lot. The waiters were very friendly as well. It was a shame the weather was not good...We would have loved dinner in the picturesque back yard. Highly recommended for a different take on Greek food and a fun night out!

They say, in their website, that "To stay authentic within MAZIs’ originality, we take pride in importing most of our ingredients from Greece" but they don't play Greek music in the restaurant. Instead, they they play loud, awful "pneumatic drill" style music. You eat as if you were in a club. Food was really good but I won't go back there.

One of the worst dining experiences ever. Terrible and slow service, small portions, ridiculously overpriced dishes, and cheap uncomfortable seating. The staff including the head waiter/ part owner need some serious training in front of house organization and customer service. Avoid unless you like leaving restaurants hungry, angry, and with an empty wallet. Total rip off.

Having read numerous reviews about this supposedly wonderful new Greek restaurant, my partner and I travelled to London with two guests to dine at Mazi with great anticipation, as we have not found a decent Greek restaurant in London since the wonderful 'Real Greek'. Sadly our experience at Mazi will go down as one of our worst ever .The restaurant is tiny and crammed full with unstable tables and cheap metal chairs and so noisy you could not even conduct a conversation. The food itself -very mediocre and disappointing to say the least :- Spanakopita served in a plastic jar with cold spinach and feta cheese in a lump at the bottom of the jar, and a few filo layers peculiarly poking out the top of the jar. Grilled Aubergine - bitter and inedible - we left it all Fried courgettes - considerable dough after taste and also inedible The main courses, when they finally arrived after a very lengthy wait, were similarly lack lustre and disappointing.The real issue arose with the three awful tsoureki souffles. Our guests' souffles were completely liquid in the centre and tasted of raw dough . We called the waiter. At this point Adrien Carre, whom we since found out is a co-owner attended . I politely explained our concerns about the souffles and he began a debate with me. Rather than making any apology or offer to replace the dessert, he continued to try to insist that there was nothing further to be done. At that point my partner who was astounded at Adrien's wholly inappropriate manner in dealing with the complaint, asked him what he was intending to do about these desserts as clearly they were inedible. Adrien's response was to very aggressively state ' I will get your bill!' and to storm off leaving us all incredulous as my partner was still eating He brought the bill within 15 seconds [ having removed the two desserts that had not been eaten] , placed it on the table and stormed off once again without any sign of an apology but with complete arrogance and anger which we have never before seen in the hospitality sector. We all left the table and made our way to the till to settle the bill. Adrien was standing outside saw my partner settling the bill and went back inside to try and lecture him ! Adrien began to challenge him infront of all the guests and even began to do a dance around my partner as he was leaving after having settled the bill. He followed my partner outside and was actually shouting at him before I went to recommend to him in Greek that he was totally out of order and should refrain from such completely unprofessional conduct, to which he advised me that he was not Greek and did not speak Greek. Evening ruined - awful and insulting experience from a man who does not deserve to be in business. My advice to all who read this- stay away from this terrible restaurant- your business not welcome and the food , service and ambience totally overrated and to be avoided.

Very disappointing. We ordered several dishes all of which were absolutely terrible. Spanakopita, Beet Root and Goats cheese and Summer Rolls served in "Cold Jars" do not work as a concept or as tasty appetizers - better descriptions to suit would be pricey and miniscule. Our main dishes of Lobster Orzo had 3 miniscule pieces of lobster in a muddy brown sauce and pasta topped with 'grape foam' was as offensive in taste as it was to the eye. The Rabbit Ragu was actually charred minced rabbit rolled and sliced in threes on top of wide slimy noodles in another brown sauce topped with feta cheese, all of which was served on a slate board. We each took one fork full of both entrees and left the dishes uneaten. The bill was nearly £150 - we left hungry and angry. Informed locals will avoid.

The food was definatelly well prepared,, but i think the have lost the character or vision for this restaurant. They can not suggest that the dishes are for sharing and the portions to be so small. It is unacceptable to bring 4 meatballs on a table with 6 guests! Also quite expensive, but not up to standard for the prices that they charge. The service was not bad, but it could definatelly improve! The managment should decide if they have a fine dinning restaurant or a sharing, more relax restaurant!

We are already regular to this new institution in Notting Hill where we love the food & the atmosphere. We've been there alone or with friends, always a success. The owner Adrien & Kristina are very arranging, the waiter Antoine is fast & remembers what you like, the food is blow minding & the concept of the jars is really fun & convivial - we love to share everything & talk about the revisited new Greek cuisine, the Greek wine list is also impressive - appreciate the comment coming from frogs. I hope you will like it as much as we do... & if ever the time allows it... I said if ever we have a few sunny days in London... run to the beautiful patio in the back under the olive arch: a real treat!

After reading some great reviews in various high end publications i had to visit this new restaurant in Notting Hill.  Located less than 5 minutes walk away from the tube it turned out to be everything I had hoped for and more.  The food was simply stunning and the service impeccable.  The Greek wine was also a great accompaniment to the meal which started with a shot of local liquor. I have been back a couple of times since and will continue to do so. Top marks for a restaurant that has redefined my thoughts of Greek food.

terrible experience. terrible. we went there very excited about the prospects. Lets start: the food was delayed for about an hour and a half. they cancelled about 2/3s of the mains menu as they run out (by 8:45 on a friday). the chef and head waiter argued and both walked out. couldnt get the food out in time! they served: water down soup, a dish with prawns that has all in 3 prawns in them (yes 3!!), charging about 7 pounds for the dish (really...). even though the setting was great, nice garden, this is unfortunately very much an amateur operation. way too expensive for ill-prepared food, lack in service, and miniscule portions. definitely not recommended

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