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Meat Liquor (Rob Greig / Time Out)
Rob Greig / Time Out
Meat Liquor (Rob Greig / Time Out)
Rob Greig / Time Out
Meat Liquor (Rob Greig / Time Out)
Rob Greig / Time Out

Just getting into this cult destination can feel like cause for celebration. Not only is the queue epic, but Meat Liquor employs ‘good cop, bad cop’ strategies to manage it. On our visit, Bad Cop was played by a giant bouncer who prowled along the line ink-stamping hands: a ploy that stops late-comers from joining their friends mid-queue. Good Cop, meanwhile, was a doe-eyed girl with a tray of the famed deep-fried pickles to quell munchies. Inside, it’s dark and violently loud: more hell-raising nightclub than restaurant. Signs point out the rules (‘No suits’, ‘No ballet pumps’). The graffiti murals are occult-themed, and the staff heavily tattooed. The Deep South cooking is gutsy stuff, with the likes of crunchy-coated ‘bingo wings’ served not only with a terrific Louisiana-style hot sauce but an authentic blue cheese dip. There are cheese steaks and dogs, though the real show-stoppers are the burgers, with their firm, bouncy buns and juicy, pink-middled patties. The excellent ‘dead hippie’, made with a double-layer of patties, also benefits from finely diced raw onion, molten cheese, shredded lettuce and thick slices of gherkin – not forgetting the mellow and tangy ‘secret’ burger sauce. Sides are no side attraction, from perfect skinny fries to pillowy onion rings, and, as you’d guess from the name, staff make a mean cocktail too.


Venue name: Meat Liquor
Address: 74 Welbeck Street
Opening hours: Mon-Thu noon-midnight; Fri-Sat noon-2am; Sun noon-10pm
Transport: Tube: Bond Street tube
Price: Main courses £3-£10
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Emma F
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We went here on a Thursday after work, arriving at around 6pm there was no queue and when we left just before 7 there was still no queue, though it was very busy inside! This is not a place to go for having a romantic date or catching up with friends, as you can't hear each other very well...however if what you want is a really tasty burger cooked just right and feeling good in your hands, thin fries that remind you of mcdonalds in a good way, onion rings as big as your head with the perfect ratio of batter and sweet onion, well made and interesting cocktails, friendly staff and quick service - this is the place for you! Don't go here for conversation or for something revolutionary - go here to eat a great burger and then leave with a smile on your face. Next time I want to try the buffalo wings!!! 

Will Fledge
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Part of the Birthday bonanza that me ol' dear took me on was a visit to a "premier eatery". She's gob-on for the ol' magic sauce so was well into the rehydration side of things in this place. Had a burger and some fancy chips. Good burger, though crumbled like the walls of a black death pit in the path of a crossrail drill, tasted better. Smiley waiter and a soundtrack loud enough to drown out the "tube's full o' burkha's" squawk o' me better 'alf. No 'appy meal for 'er but an 'appy meal for me good self. Beats the southend Maccie D's anyday.

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When it first opened, there is no doubt that the burgers were amazing. Have just spent ages queuing in the freezing cold for something which is no better than any chain. Just don't bother. In New York or any other major city, this place would be closed within a week. As a Londoner, I'm embarrassed.


I ate at Meat Liquor after so many people had recommend it to me as one of the best places in London for a burger. Unfortunately, I have to say it did not live up to the hype. Was a it a good burger? Yes. Was it the best burger I've had in London? Definitely not! Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been expecting so much more from it. The price didn't help matters either as it was also slightly more expensive for what it was... £8 just for the basic cheese burger. Don't be tempted to buy the Kammel toe sharing cocktail either unless you want a photo, as it does look pretty ridiculous. It was £28 and tasted like it was full of juice! Overall the dining experience was pretty cool I have to say, mainly due to the decor as it's like something out of a Tarantino film, and I couldn't fault the service.

Luisa G

It was nice, but nothing to write home about. The portion size is decent, especially with the more expensive speciality fries. I had the hippie fries which were good., The burger was on the small size, bu it was well cooked, and I would've expected more cheese. My partner couldn't eat her meal, as everything was so heavily battered that she felt a bit ill after a couple of bites!


The daddy restaurant to Meat Market, Meat Liquor is a lot bigger and with a menu that has seasonal additions known as “Part Timers” which are the main reason I cheat on Meat Market with it’s Dad. :/

The Braai wings were so freaking good and the Jack Palace burger was heart cloggingly satisfying.

The staff are also super lovely, they looked after me when I passed out after giving blood one day. A blow to my street rep that was only soften by more Braai wings!

Mei M

Went there last Thursday with a friend, we arrived around 6pm and didn't have to wait a minute to get in. Inside it's super cool, a kind of place you wouldn't expect in Bond Street - dark, with red lights, lots of photo booth pictures all over the walls, a very interesting architecture, and super cool rock n' roll/blues music. 

Definitely not the right place for a date with someone you don't know that well, although I feel it would be perfect for a fun night with a partner you've been seeing for a while. 

Their fries (NOT chips, they really care about this) are just insane - Dead Hippy or something that sounds like this if you ask, strong flavours, tender, juicy chicken that melts in your mouth...a taste orgy. 

Location & atmosphere make this the best place to catch up with friends.

Daniel L

Meat Liqour is now a global brand, with outlets across the world. However, it is here in London where it all began, in a dark and loud burger cave that housed some of the messiest but best burgers ever. Getting into the burger cave required lots of waiting (unless you had previously done the Triple Chill food challenge where you finished a ginormous amount of food in 10 minutes and get to skip the queue on all future visits) but it was well worth the wait once you got in and sampled what they had on offer. The sides are immaculate, and definitely save room for the desserts (most people forget this). Meat liquor has now become one of the benchmarks for london’s top burger and this is no surprise to me. Yes there are other burgers out there which are just as good and slightly less messy but this takes the cake for the best messy burger out there.


There is no and I repeat NO going wrong with meat liquor...... Its dirty (in a really great way),delicious and positively therapeutic!!!

You can not eat the food here without getting messy fingers and sauces smothered on your face and beard!! If ya have one..yup its that kind of place!

The best part? Its all well priced! Everything is pretty much under £9 or so... And the portions are very pleasing!!!

Flavour wise? Expect to be transported to the very depths of flavour town!!!! Everything and I mean everything I've had here has been scrumptious!! From the buffalo wings (omg that blue cheese dip is life itself!!!!,the hippie chick burger..... I mean the list goes on and I don't won't this review to turn into "one of those ones" if you know what I mean lol


I have been fortunate enough not to ever need to queue in order to get into Meat Liquor so that's never been an issue. The food is great. The cheesy, chilli chips are such an indulgence but well worth the calories! The hot dog is also really good. Whilst I definitely prefer Bodeans for BBQ food, I would never turn down a Meat Liquor and find the price to be reasonable too. Great hungover food!!

Tiago Almeida

My quest to find the best burger in London continues.

I heard many great things about this place so expectations were high.

First thing worth mentioning is that the venue has an amazing atmosphere.

Regarding the food, I went for 'The Dead Hippie' that the majority of my friends recommended - although good is not an amazing burger.

There's many other things to choose from the menu and I enjoyed particularly the White Russian Shake.

For the overall experience I give it 3 stars.

Izzy K

As a vegetarian, I would never normally go to a place screaming so much about the meat. But having been convinced by a friend to check out their central London venue I decided to give it a go.I was expecting ‘just another burger chain’ with the typical sort of dinery setting ofering the typical burger and fries. But to my surprise, I found a super trendy bar, looking like a mini version of the Camden Roundhouse, dark and atmospheric, with great rock music pumping fromthe laud speakers. There are no windows inside, so in the middle of the day you can feel like it was night out in Camden Town rather than lunch in post Marylebone.

When I came, I was told there will be 10 minutes of waiting and invited to the bar, but before I even managed to pay for my drink, there was already a table for me.

The food is mainly meaty burgers with some interesting sides. The only veggie burger on the menu is Haloumi & mushroom but it was delicious, generous in cheese and other ingredients. I paired it with the most intriguing side option  – deep fried pickles served with garlicky dip - something I’ve never seen anywhere else, and it totally worked! Their selection of beers is no less eye catching. I've tried the Salty Kiss Gose - salty and sour light beer with notes of goosbery and other fruit - and it was perfect companion to my meal. 

It’s a very casual place, but I felt that some aspects of it have gone a bit too far. Don’t expect a plate and a napkin, instead you get your food on a tray covered with a paper sheet and a roll of paper kitchen towel .

I imagine this place isn’t for everyone. Not everyone will enjoy eating in darkness, in such a hipster surrounding and loud music. But if you’re looking for a break from all same burger spots, this is definitely the one you should go for.

The great thing is that when you sign up to their newsletter you get access to all sort of perks, like discounts and freebies for your birthday.


Don’t believe the hype, this place is pretty average!

Alright, décor is really nice. Half tags from a squat party, half old gothic architecture, it gives a crazy circus vibe that clearly makes the place.

But all in all, it’ll be way more suited for a cocktail bar. The music is way too loud and the place is way too dark to enjoy a meal. You can’t see what you’re eating and can’t catch up with your friends.

Plus, the food isn’t exceptional. A bit tasteless, the burgers don’t give you the wow factor you would expect from a properly seasoned patty and a great mix of quality ingredients. With so many good burger restaurants in London, you’re better off trying somewhere else.


A table of four on us went early on a Friday evening & waited for an hour and a half to be seated. We wouldn't mind but the food was cold, burnt & the order was wrong! The tables were also pretty dirty and so were the bathrooms! It is no way as good as other burger bars in London. Really overrated.


A good squidgy burger,like a posh Five guys. I went to meat liquor in Islington and had higher expectations that I think I should of had. My sister had been and raved about it for ages but when I went I was slightly underwhelmed. There are lots of upmarket burger joints nowadays and there is definitely room for this mini chain. The food is good,nice burgers and the onion rings are massive! Chips nice too. The booze selection was not as vast as I had hoped....I thought the booze would be a feature,being that it is mentioned in the title,but it just seemed to have some fun cocktails and beer on offer. I like nice red wine and there wasn't a range of wines to choose from. I think it could be good for a work doo or after work food. It's got a good vibe for the eve and is a good way to start a night out of boozing.


I enjoyed the Dead Hippie burger here. It is too dark and noisy for my taste but the service was good and i would go back to try more burgers.

Rellie Loves

Okay. MEATliquor IS insanely loud and pretty dark inside, but the food wholly made up for that. We waited a while but our waitress was lovely and quick on her feet. Our group ordered almost everything off the menu - Bacon Cheeseburger, The Tower Block burger and Green Chilli Cheeseburger, as well as a host of sides including Hippie Fries, Cheese Fries, Onion Rings, Sambal Wings and Slaw! Two Salted Caramel milkshakes and root beers later, we'd been defeated. The Green Chilli Cheeseburger, Wings and milkshake were by far my favourites. Food gets served to you on a platter so it's kind of like, dive in and get messy! For the amount you get, it's well worth the money. Negative? The music is arguably too loud so you find yourself shouting 'HOW'S YOUR FOOD?' across the table and the toilets were... well, grim. Luckily we missed the heavy queues forming outside so I'd advise you get there before peak time!

South Carolina

Really quirky decorations and vibe. The lighting's maybe a bit on the dark side but your face will most likely be covered in grease so it's probably for the best. This is a once in a while type of place! The food is massively indulgent so you may want to plan the quickest route home to the sofa for food-coma napping. 


The décor is odd, very dark but quite funky. The food is served on a tray and you don't get cutlery unless you ask for it! Kitchen rolls on each table for napkins and beer and cider served in a can without a glass. However the burgers and chicken were great and juicy. We also had a cocktail which was very good. The music was also good and overall, I thought it was great value for central London. I would go back. We were here on a Sunday afternoon and although it was quite busy there was no queue. #TOTastemaker

@Nick l 

Sarah R

Yes, if you come on Friday evening, there will be a queue and you will be forced to carry a convo over loud music over a drink or two in a bar area. But once you finally get a table you feel like a winner! Food is good, I think sides are the main winners, burgers are rather small. It is messy- all of a sudden you appreciate the odd toilet roll that is sitting at the side of your table and the dim lightning is welcome, at least your date cant see your greasy face.

Lizzie W

Sooo I'd been waiting to go to one of the Meat Liquor branches for a long time and a few weeks ago bf and I popped in to Meat Market in CG and bloomin loved it so went away vowing to try their other branches!

Low and behold I get an email over bank holiday weekend offering 50% off on Tuesday 26th to beat those post bank holiday blues! Well boy did they!?
It was a toss up between Meat Liquor or Meat Mission but we decided to Meat Liquor (closer to home and reviews on Yelp swayed me)
I've heard queues can get ridiculous so we rocked up pretty early at 6. It was getting busy but we were seated straight away.
Man is it dark and noisy but you know what I liked it even though I couldn't hear my bf half the time.
Unlike Meat Market, there is table service, staff were friendly and service was reasonably quick.
Well the food was amazing! I had the bacon and cheese burger - soooo good, especially the bacon! Bf had the red chilli burger which he liked but preferred mine! I tried the chilli - was delish but a bit spicy for me. We also got onion rings (the biggest and crispest you ever did see), coleslaw (to be healthy) and Mac and cheese bites to share. Best Onion rings I've ever had (no lie) and I bloomin love the Mac and cheese. 
Menu is slightly different here (less burger choice) and also there is a side (monkey fingers) I want to try from Meat Mission so will definitely be going there next - if my heart can take it!
They also don't do puddings which is a shame however I was so insanely full it shouldn't have mattered!
In all came to £30 with a cocktail and 2 beers (50% off food) and tip - not bad seeing as I could barely roll home!

Samantha H

yes, you have to queue!  yes, sometimes the queue is long! no, you won't be allowed to join your friends who are inside if you get there late! These are the rules, follow them and you will get to enjoy great burgers in a fun restaurant with some great drinks and sides! Some people seem to think they are above these basic things and then they have an issue being told no.  I have been many times, always enjoyed amazing service and was even given nibbles in the queue whilst waiting.  Down to earth, amazing burgers.  What more do people want!!! If you don't want to queue book a table at Byron.....


This was delicious. I went in for lunch on a weekday, no waiting, given a good spot to watch the crowd. I’m a huge fan of burgers and I heard this place was pretty good and they did not disappoint. It’s a very dark place, middle of the day and you have thought it was night.

I got some onion rings, cheese fries and a bacon cheeseburger and a drink. It’s a great feed for under 15quid. Thankfully I was there with a friend and together we almost finished all the food… You could easily spend a lot less and get a good feed, I was just excited and attempting to try everything on the menu, fried pickles next!

I’ve heard a lot about waiting for tables and long lines, there was a rope outside so it apparently gets pretty busy.

A must for burger and beer fans.

yoyo N

Seems a lot of people really believe pigs can fly - average

Wonder how much they give Time out in advertising to get such high ratings ;)

madelaine c

zero stars!! Horrendous experience!! My dad and brother waited 40minutes for a table on a Tuesday night. They made the staff aware that I would be joining later so had a table with a third seat. 5 minutes after they sat down, i arrived to be told that I was not allowed to join them regardless of the fact that they had a seat for me but instead I had to go to the back of the queue and wait. This would ultimately mean I would be unable to join them for dinner as they would be finished by the time I got through the queue. The staffs absolute disregard for customer satisfaction, and ignorant attitude resulted in us leaving without eating. I would not give them a penny of my money based on their foul attitude and inflexible behaviour - it is a restaurant - not an exclusive club and therefore does not justify the ridiculous rules. Others in the queue were having a similar experience so it was not just us. Not worth a visit!

Andrew M

Love this place.  Burgers, onion rings, fries are all amazing.  Only thing i hate is the queue... but that doesn't stop me waiting to get in here!


Nothing specia. Greasy food served on kitchen roll for me 10 quid. A posh kebab

izzie bailey

A fabulous treat! My tastebuds had a whirl-wind of a time. I am a picky eater and usually only eat pasta but the meat was so tantilizing and the cocktails were divine-i felt like i was on coppa-cobana beach! I am no celebrity but i was certainly treated like one. The bill was a pleasant surprise


Pretty good. Burgers tasty, fried pickles delicious, chilli cheese fries nice but too rich to just eat on their own.


Revolting. We had: Fried Pickles, Chilli Cheese Fries, Bacon Cheese Burger, Dead Hippie Burger, Slaw and Chicken Wings...(1) Fried Pickles were cut so thin and coated in so much batter that it was just like eating a big stick of fried batter; all grease, no flavour, (2) Chilli Cheese Fries were actually unpleasant - tasted very SOUR (wtf?), with dry bland chilli, (3) Bacon Cheese Burger patty was tasteless and dry as was the bun, (4) Dead Hippie Burger was tasteless, (5) Slaw tasted overpoweringly of black pepper - really unpleasant, (6) Chicken wings were very, very bland despite being advertised as being covered in hot sauce. Add to that that when the bill came, an extra £1 'voluntary' charity donation had been added to it - W-T-Actual-F?! Absolutely bizarre to add anything to the bill that someone has not even been asked about, yet alone actively agreed to. Cheeky... If they'd just asked I would have probably donated in excess of that but, given the fact they had to cheek to just add something to my bill, I asked them to remove it - which was clearly a chore for the poor poser of a waiter. Then there's the place itself; music is way too loud to talk with your friends over your meal, the lights way too dark to the point you need to squint to see the menu, and the decor is just cheesy and cringe-worthy...would have probably been quite cool in upper-eat-side-New-York around the beginning of the 2000's but now, its just absolutely cringe - trying very hard to be cool and failing spectacularly. I would only go here for novelty...."Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat dinner at a squat party? - then check out Meat Liquor for that contrived squat-themed restaurant experience you've been missing!" Owners should be embarrassed.


Ridiculously greasy and did not leave feeling good. With so many burger places around I wouldn't bother with this one.


Nice decor and environment and the queue moved really quickly. Otherwise nothing special, we had burgers, Philli cheese steak and sides. The burger and steak were a bit tasteless, much much better burgers to be had in London. Service was really really slow, we ended up going to the bar to get our own drinks. Sides were good, good fries and onion rings. Overall, not bad but also not great, a little meh


I went here yesterday with some of my friends and although the staff were lovely, we waited over twenty minutes in the queue to get inside...only to spend another ten minutes waiting inside, before being escorted to the bar for about half an hour before we were even seated. Extremely slow service! When the food did come, it was lovely, though. Our table were over charged, which took a while to sort out and contrary to some reviews here, in the entire 20 odd minutes we were waiting outside we were not offered any free food. The restaurant needs to be bigger, improve on the service, UPDATE THE ONLINE MENU, which differs in price considerably from the menu you are given at the actual restaurant...and it needs to be quieter... Other than that, the food is great!


Don't believe the hype. We were disappointed with our visit after feeling so excited about finally getting a chance to go there. Really couldn't work out why it was so dark in there, or why someone felt the need to whack up the volume meaning I couldn't hear or see my date. I only give it 2 stars as the burger was tasty but not worth shouting about. Pretentious with a capital P.


After the drawn-out process to eventually get to a table we enjoyed good cocktails and SO MUCH MEAT; definitely not somewhere to go if you're counting calories! Everything tasted really good but you definitely feel the fat coursing through your body as you leave, which doesn't inspire a hasty return to eat there again. Great for a one-off meal with friends.


Bad service, bad food!! For chicken shop generation who think there Cool!!!

Maeve Duffy

Went here last week the q was long but a waitress arrived outside with fried pickles and onion rings to try which was a nice touch, inside is a bit too dark but the food is amazing my friends and I were more then impressed with the price as well, its so reasonable. Will be back :)

Donna M

What on earth is all the fuss about? So... queuing in the cold for an hour, with a fascist system of if one of your party turns up a bit later the whole gang of you have to go to the back of the queue. Once inside you are held in a waiting area until there is room at the bar, and then after serving some time at the bar you get to be seated - takes forever. Decor is a mix of an Abatoir complete with blood spatters and plastic sheeting and an impression of a troubled 14 year old's bedroom with free reign to draw on the walls. The music is deafeningly loud, which isn't a problem if it is music you want to listen to but is mainly thrash metal and heavy rock - not my music of choice. It is also very very dark so from a sensory perspective your are practically blind and deaf - not a great way to socialise. So to the food, my friends ordered philly cheese steak and I went for the mushroom swiss burger. The food came on a tray with no plates or even cardboad trays - so if you are squeamish about hygiene this is not the place for you. My burger was soggy and I couldn't distinguish any mushrooms or swiss cheese, From the light of my mobile I could see it was very rare, which is ok but I wasn't asked how I would like it cooked. Our cheese fries were a coagulated mess and my friends described their philly cheese steaks as 'wierd' The cocktails are good and the food is cheap but then so is McDonalds and at least you can see what you are eating in there. I really really wouldn't bother

Jemma G

I went for the first time on Friday evening, thank goodness before the massive queue started! I waited at the bar for my date to arrive; the lovely barman had a chat with me and made me a yummy gin cocktail. Shortly after when the date arrived we were seated by a waitress. She was very attentive and we wanted a couple of cocktails before eating; in no way did she make us feel rushed or like we should get on and order food. Eventually we ordered our burgers - I had a bacon cheeseburger and he had a mushroom swiss something or other - both were amazing and arrived quickly with a huge bowl of chips. I cannot complain about the food in the slightest! Best burger I've had in ages!! Bacon was crispy and delicious, right amount of bun to burger and the garnish was perfect. Only negative about the experience would be the very low lighting (but mobiles were clearly invented to light up a menu) and the bathroom had run out of loo roll. Just get in the queue or plan to go at a quiet time!


Amazed at the last couple of reviews. Such a shame they didn't enjoy themselves. I went for the first time ever in December and thought it was brilliant. The queueing in the cold didn't bother me, because everyone was in such a good mood, and people from the restaurant kept coming out with trays of onion rings and deep-fried pickles to hand around! Once inside, the atmosphere was awesome and the food delicious, and very very reasonably priced. If you go, get a glass of the House Grog - it is also delicious.


Go to meatliqour if you like pretentious menu, with pretentious staff, who ignore their patrons and really generic food.

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Let's get the negatives out of the way first: their queuing policy is slightly mental. The fact that they don't take bookings means that there is often a hefty line outside, although this is somewhat offset by staff occasionally bringing out fried snacks from inside the restaurant to keep the peckish throng from devouring one another. They also won't seat you unless your whole party is there, so this isn't a good place if you're planning on meeting a converging group of acquaintances. However, I felt that the positives more than outweighed the negatives. The staff were bubbly and friendly, the cocktails were well-priced and the food- oh, the food! Crisp, delicate onion rings; thick, succulent burgers... Who cares if isn't healthy when it tastes like this, fulfils cravings and oil-filled fantasies I never knew I had. At times I didn't know whether I should eat what was in front of me or smear it lasciviously on my naked body. A particular highlight was the deep-fried pickles (found in the hilariously-named "Rabbit Food" section), which I would recommend ordering instead of the rather ordinary fries. The drinks were also pretty strong overall, with cocktails around the £7.50 mark and a reasonable selection of unusual beers. I had the "Hobo", a pleasant, acrid lager that tasted like it had been brewed inside an abandoned boot; a friend had the more generic Budvar. Both were around £4 for a small 330ml can. Overall impressions: it's a quirky place, full of character and, indeed, full of characters. With burgers starting at £6, there really isn't a better place to go straight after work for a stylishly greasy supper. Arrive early on Monday-Thursday to avoid the queue and you're absolutely laughing.


I've heard this is THE place to go for burgers. Totally disagree. Went a few weeks ago (Nov '12) and queue was 45 mins long so went to Black and Blue around the corner (delicious). Came back tonight (Jan '13). Doorman friendly. Queue about 15 mins so not as bad. Bar and waitoring staff friendly & helpful (despite being busy). Thanks Trinity (& guy who brought out the food who checked on ours after a few tables seated after us were served first. Finally got our food, cheese chips and coleslaw were good, burgers were terrible. Overcooked and tasted of smoke. Have had to wash my hands a few times and still smells of a burger you would get from a burger stand outside a club after a drunken night out. Tummy isn't feeling so good either. Bills and Gourmet Burger King are infinitely better burger options. Definitely wont go back.


Went to the restaurant today at 3pm and it took us 30min to wait...Not too bad after all but they seriously need to work on their service...quite slow! The deco is very cool and good music. Definitely worth visit for the experience. On the other hand, their food is a bit heavy(cant taste the meat). Generally it's a good burger place but it wasnt a WOW experience. The Dirty Burger at kentish town is a lot better to my opinion.


Fantastic onion rings, great for a meal with the chaps, fired pickles were great whilst we waited.


I couldn't be more disappointed by the standard of service we received Being made to wait outside in a line that I was told would take 45 mins to get to the head of even though my friend was waiting for me inside at a table. I understand they like to have a line outside to enhance the buzz of the place but when it comes at the expense of people actually eating inside I don’t see the point. They had free tables and lost out on my custom for no reason other than they wanted to have a line outside. Two people were in the line ahead of me, they were waiting for another person, they were told that when that person arrives he would have to go to the back of the line and they would have to join him there if they all wanted to eat together. I didn’t eat there and I won’t be eating there! There are plenty of excellent burger restaurants in the area (Byron and Honest Burger to name but two) so I urge you to not be treated like an animal and take your business elsewhere!


If you are a vacuous Shoreditch type who doesn't care about service then this is the place for you. DONT BELIVE THE HYPE! Headline: Rude and arrogant staff, poor atmosphere (just because it's dark that doesn't make it cool) stupid queing system, horrible location. Please read on it's quite a tail! I went with a small group of four people for my birthday. Despite the que, which is part and parcel of a busy location, if one of you needs to nip the loo you all have to leave and start queuing all over again? Bizarre and annoying, considering we had a pregnant woman in our group. Only after I questioned this silly policy and explained that one of our party was pregnant did she very reluctantly offered to let he go inside, to late she went in Debenhams and we had to start all over again. After getting inside afar 40min, we were greeted with a dark and dingy hole with a smell not anything to dissimilar from a sewer. Sweaty and acrid we were all put off, and I have eaten in some nasty places over the years. Worst still while inside, yes two hours in and still not seated, a friend and I were stood at the bar where two Shoreditch wannabes, both employees, were shouting about how there were going to f**k each others girlfriends and mums. No i'm no prude, I swear and joke like the next person but these people were in a place of work and thought that they were the coolest thing since slice bread. Lastly was a particularly rude employee who was taking orders to a table and because the venue was so over crowded, due to the lack of seating, she was shouting and pushing past. No polite 'excuse me' several times she pushed past like she was the queen of Sheba. There is no reason for the arrogance that this restaurant has, it is burgers, possibly the lowest form of fine dining. Its dark, smelly and the staff are a cross between Nathan Barley and Being a D**khead is cool. After I emailed in and complained I got an arrogant reply from the venue. DONT BELIVE THE HYPE!

Alex Thomas

Love this place! Can't believe some losers are giving it one star. If you're expecting Claridges, don't go here. But if you want good atmosphere, excellent cocktails made by entertaining bar staff and food to die for then it's worth every penny. Incidentally, you won't spend many of those since it is probably the best priced place I have been to in London. Go there.


Q was thirty mins, but that was thirty mins with friends and strangers so fun. Bar was great, enthusiastic bartenders, freepouring and variety of cocktails. Waiter (Josh) answered all questions we had, did a good job and was pleasant. All staff cool. As recommended had Buffalo chicken, which was unlike any chicken burger I've eaten before, loved the mess it was. Surprisingly low cost bill. Overall, Meatliquor is an all round experience, like a night out in it's self. If you want a night out, as a couple or a group, go there. If you fancy a quiet bite, don't.

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