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Charlie McKay

A toasted cheese sandwich specialist in Soho.

Please note, Mandira has now closed. Time Out Food editors, December 2018.
It was a sad day when Malletti, Soho’s number-one purveyor of pizza by the slice, shut its doors for the last time. But this tiny space has not lost its connection with gooey, molten dairy products. It’s now the home of Melt Room, which concentrates its attention on toasted cheese sandwiches.
There are nine on the list, from the simplest ‘classic’ version made with three different cheeses (£4.50) to fancier versions incorporating meat including pastrami and slow-roasted lamb. Of the two we tried, the classic was superior: good-quality cheese gave a good tangy taste. One with provolone and portobello mushroom (£5) was let down by low-voltage cheese. (If you’re making toasted cheese sandwiches, you need great cheese.) In both cases, excellent bread from the Bread Factory was more than up to the job of getting brown, buttery, and blissfully crisp.
There’s more on offer than sandwiches. Breakfasts come in various cooked guises: the Benedict Melt (York ham, scrambled egg, cheddar and hollandaise) will have your arteries begging for mercy. Playing a lighter tune are the fine yoghurts from Ann Forshaw’s Alston Dairy in Lancashire.
Many people get takeaways, but a toasted cheese sandwich needs to be eaten as soon as it leaves the griddle. Which you can do at Melt Room, as long as you don’t mind really loud music that seems totally out of place in a relaxed, modest lunch-room. Turn the volume down, Melt Room – no-one likes to feel driven out by the din. 

By: Richard Ehrlich


Venue name: Melt Room – CLOSED
Address: 26 Noel St
Transport: Tube: Tottenham Court Rd
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Hidden around the corner from Oxford Street, this is the perfect place to rest before continuing your shopping trip! The Classic is a phenomenal mix of cheese best eaten as soon as it is ready so make sure to grab a space as soon as you've ordered. 


As a bit of a cheese fiend, I have a bit of a level of expectation for cheese toasties, and was pretty excited when a colleague mentioned Melt Room for a lunch treat. I went for the Chorizo (special) toastie thought that it was... just alright. 6/10 maybe. There was a good ratio of cheese to chorizo so good flavour, but I felt the bread was a bit dry, and it needed a bit more of a 'melt.' We all agreed it would have been easier to eat also if the toasties had been cut in half for ease of holding but that's just me being picky ;) 

I'd still go back simply to try the vast range of toasties on offer! They have a good range of specials every month to keep you coming back. Overall, if you're craving an everyday lunchtime cheese fix, Melt Room is your place. 


Soooooo.... You're in the mood for a melted cheese sandwich and you can't make the journey home? Orrrrrr you're out of cheese and the idea of running through tesco's shopping aisles just doesn't seem plausible? then the melt room has definitely got your back..... You will bask in the joy of cheesy goodness!

Having said that I've made nicer toasted cheese sandwiches at home :/

I won't say they have the best you'll ever try but if in the mood it hits the spot to an extent. There are different flavours avaible so you won't be stuck with just a simple simon of a meal :)


I can't give this place less than four stars, how could anyone? Anything that involves cheese deserves at least four stars, can I get a 'whoop whoop'?

Tucked away from the bustle of Oxford street, Melt Room is a pleasant little lunch spot if you've got a craving. A wide range of toasties is offered, from the basic to a pulled pork variation, and even some dessert toasties - although I personally stay away from those. I'm never happy to see that anything slapped with an Oreo sticker is suddenly a hit.

I have to give in, I wouldn't mind if there was more of the key ingredient. Cheese, that is. While the sandwich is tasty and filling, it is true that when squeezed, nothing quite oozes out as you would expect. Visit Grill My Cheese at Leather Lane Market and you will know what that's like. 

I went for the simple grilled cheese because I'm a true believer that, on first visits, it's the best way to know what a place is really about - and I was overall satisfied with the experience. Staff are friendly enough, and the drink selection deserves a special mention for including all kinds of exciting, flavoured and fizzy waters. You can also enjoy a beer on the side, should you feel like it, with all the basics offered.

Side orders are pretty standard, including fries, cheesy fries, salad and pickle, and the fries kind of feel like they're just shaken out of a freezer bag and into the deep fryer (which is probably true, actually).

The decor is simple and reminds mildly of a roadside American diner, but that's not a bad thing. Overall, it is a good spot to satisfy your hunger until you get something more substantial, and to be honest, the idea of a permanent restaurant where I can get a grilled cheese whenever I want really helps me sleep at night.


I was so excited to discover the idea of this place just off Oxford Street when I was looking for a fun, luxurious but budget food option for pre cinema dining with my 13 year old daughter. Especially as she LOVES cheese.

I was a bit surprised at how small it was and how offhand the staff were - they had been so friendly and engaging on Twitter. The restaurant itself is quite cute with the cheese coloured tiles and a huge amount of cheese humour. The menu is relatively limited but interesting. Basic cheese toastie, pastrami, bbq chicken, some veg options, coleslaw. She had a basic cheese melt -she said it was good!  I had pastrami - tasty enough but the cheese could have been stronger and oozier. Plus serving it as an uncut sandwich makes it quite difficult to eat. We shared fries - nothing special.

My daughter was also seduced by the oreo melt - which she loved but which was more than even she could manage.

I can't quite say why but I was overall mildly disappointed as I think I was expecting something altogether more memorable and different. That's not to say I wouldn't go back. The food was hot, filling, decently priced and served quickly so for the area it is a good find.


I am a lover of all things that contain, are covered in or are solely made of melted cheese. It is my healthy eating achilles heel and I will always try and crowbar cheese into any meal with my girlfriend often telling me to step away from the cheddar. 

You wont be surprised to hear that when I forgot my packed lunch today I decided to this hot cheese mecca. They do lots of different crazy toasties but i went simple and had cheese and bacon and i was perfectly happy with that. It wasn't the religious experience I was so desperately seeking (a statue of cheeesus was expected?!) but I will settle with a feeling of contentment mixed with guilt and greasy fingers (although they do give you a lemon fresh wipe) 

Advice- eat immediately even if it takes the roof of your mouth off. A cold, reformed, sweaty cheese toastie is not the same and a takeaway should be an option you only take after serious thought about the consequences


I love toasties so I was really excited to see what a place that sells only that for a living would do! The small bright shop is nice, but most of its melts go away in bags to have on the go or at the office, so usually there's plenty of space to eat. The menu is located in a place where you don't know if you're in the qeue to order or still deciding, and staff was bit pushy so I felt a little rushed in choosing the flavour. I went for provolone with mushrooms and roasted peppers, and was utterly disappointed by the filling. When you are paying 5 pounds a pop, you expect a little bit more inside some very competently grilled massive slices of quality sourdough. I would have preferred a small sandwich, but packed with more flavour and, always, more cheese. Really wish these guys can work on getting the filling just right, as it is a place I would like to back again and again as my toastie safe heaven away from home.


A decent cheese toastie, but they're extortionately expensive for what is just two slices of bread and some cheese. I also got food poisoning after eating it, so haven't been back. 


A good place to duck in for a quick lunch, Melt has combinations of melted cheese I would have never thought. Carb load with Mac and cheese melt or go original with three cheeses. Could have a bit more cheese for the £4, but was delicious anyway. One issue is the staff didn't know that do gluten free, and only when my friend told them the manager had mentioned, did they look and found some. Unfortunate about he communication but a plus for gluten free as they do serve it!

The grilled cheeses are glorious here: tasty, hearty and great value for money. The pastrami is a good pick and I reckon I'll go for the pulled pork the next time I visit. 


This is probably a little harsh but I just don't think I can justify any more stars for a place that serves toasties with bad service!

The toasties themselves are good! Filling and reasonably priced for a lunch or dinner. The fillings are varied including some quirky ones like fish fingers. I can recommend the slow cooked lamb - delicious. The mac n cheese toastie looked a little dry. 
The dessert toasties are fun, filling and again reasonably priced. It's a shame our first one came out completely burnt. We were given another for free however without an apology. 
I would pop in again to be honest for a quick lunch but I just think they need to up their game on service!

This are one of the best toasted cheese sandwiches i had... This guys knows how to make a perfect  Cheese Sandwich....


Popped in for a quick lunch. Reasonable variety of melted cheese sandwiches with various additions but they could have ore cheese in them (and with a stronger flavour too) and 50p charges for a small pot of extra sauce or a small portion of pickles felt too high. When you pay a fiver for a toastie is a bit of free sauce too much to ask? Seating available so you can eat in and it's a very clean and fresh environment  but I probably won't return.  


This place must emit some form of inaudible siren call, because one evening, despite having eaten a full and satisfying dinner elsewhere, a friend and I found ourselves in Melt Room sharing The Classic melt,instead of the bar we were aiming for. We’ve since been back to try the BBQ Chicken and Slow & Low Lamb Shoulder and the crunchy sourdough- bubbling cheese combination was consistently good…for every meal and as a cheese board alternative!

Yes, you could make yourself a melt on the trusty George Foreman at home, but Andrey Datsenko, through his love and addiction to NYC grilled cheese toasties, created a café dedicated to them and ‘it never melt so good…’ There’s even a Nutella & Mascarpone melt for the sweet-toothed! I truly believe this place has the potential to become a Soho institution.


We were in the area looking for something to hit that guilty pleasure craving when we stumbled across The Melt Room - which I have to be honest, was nothing like I expected it to be. It's a clean, almost chain-like in its appearance and decor little cafe that does a fairly standard menu. Our toasties were crispy and pretty great, but my initial thought was one of disappointment when i squeezed it and expected a mountain of cheesy goo to burst out. they're still damn tasty toasties, and in my opinion, fairly good value, but definitely not the best cheese toastie you can find in London, let alone Soho! 


The tasties here have good ideas behind but what i think they lack is the amount of ingredients in the toasties. There should be more cheese; and in the dessert one more nutella in my opinion.


Whenever my boyfriend and I go out to eat, a drably predictable thing happens. I always go for the weirdest thing on the menu (or the thing that I've never had or no idea what it is) and he always goes for the simplest thing. I may mock him for being vanilla in his choices but his argument is pretty watertight: if a place can't do the simplest thing right, then you need to question whether it's piling on all the whistles and bells to cover up any shortcomings. And Melt Room falls victim to this. A cheese toastie is a thing of beauty; it should be all ooze within and crisp, buttery and golden without. Eating a cheese toastie should be like experiencing a hug from within. And whilst a cheese toastie is not ever not nice, the Melt Room doesn't live up to the standards that are being toted about by the likes of Kappacasein in Borough Market. The toasties are served in bags once they are grilled which cause them to lose a little of their precious crispness and the ones with the addition of any meat tend to feel more like a pulled pork or pastrami sandwich, rather than a cheese toastie. If you're in Soho and in need of comfort food, you'll definitely get it at the Melt Room but if you're in London and want an amazing cheese toastie, you've plenty of other options!

The restaurant area is pretty small and I'm not sure I'd eat in but for take away it's great. Had a delicious pastrami toasty which I'd definitely go back again for. Think they've tried to be a bit too clever with some of the melt options - beans in a tuna melt, why?

I love toasted cheese sandwiches and have been a couple of times now in the hope that I'll get a toasty which isn't completely flattened from the grill!!  Not this time unfortunately..................but maybe just maybe next time?!

Nice decor, nice staff, but extremely overpriced for the toasts my boyfriend and I had today (7 pounds each). Really disappointing after those mouth- watering photos we saw on Time Out London. We chose de Lamb e Pulled Pork. Mine was supposed to have apple chutney, which I did not find. It took us half of the toast to actually find some meat.

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