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MOD Pizza

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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
(28user reviews)

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

The first London branch of a US pizza chain.

Imagine if Subway had a baby with Nando's, and that baby made really delicious pizza. Meet MOD. Already massive in America (like, 200 restaurants massive), MOD might actually achieve the impossible and make eating pizza even more fun.

Here’s how it works at their first London branch. You queue up at the counter, pick between three sizes – mini (£4.87), mod (£6.87) and mega (£10.87) – and then you make all your filthy pizza dreams come true at once by adding unlimited toppings. Unlimited. Toppings. There are 38 on offer. So you could technically add 38 toppings to your pizza. For no extra charge. Plus – here’s the Nando’s part – there’s a soda fountain, with unlimited refills. Are you having fun yet?

Don’t go overboard though, because this slice is too nice to smother. Stone-baked in an 800°C oven for just three minutes, MOD is fast pizza but not as you know it: super thin, super classy and boasting a wonderfully crunchy crust. Of the pre-designed ‘Top 10’ menu, the best of all (unexpectedly) was the vegetarian one, called Tristan: drizzled with quality pesto, and topped with soft mushrooms and strong asiago cheese, it was a perfect mix of garlicky funk and clean, crisp crunch.

Also excellent was the meaty, fennel-infused Mad Dog and the blue cheese, chicken and hot sauce Calexico – basically hot wings, but on a pizza. It’s this kind of inventiveness that puts MOD in a different class of fast food. That, and the kind of counter service that makes Subway look like a shitshow. In fact, apart from the price point, the only chain-y thing about MOD is the décor: spread across three floors off Leicester Square, the place has zero atmosphere. Do yourself a favour and go for a takeaway. But then again, there’s unlimited soda! A win-win situation.


Address: 17-18 Irving St
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square
Price: Dinner for two with drinks: around £35.
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4 out of 5 stars

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Like many of the attractions around Leicester Square, it's often the case that you want something cheap and cheerful to keep you going, especially on a long day of sightseeing. MOD Pizza ticks this box (and will you fill you up!) perfectly. From just £8, you can create your own pizza, with a whole host of toppings set out buffet style for you to try. Fun for adults and kids alike, this isn't the best pizza you are ever going to try but it's definitely the most fun. 


The moment I walked into the restaurant I fell in love with the concept - who hasn't experienced the struggle of deciding which Pizza to choose or how to modify the topics. MOD gives you the free range and your inner child the chance to create the pizza of your dreams. 

The place itself is welcoming and the staff really nice and helpful. It's not your rustic Italian, but a good choice if you are looking for an affordable, tasty and quick dinner. 


Big and nice space with lots of seats in a central and handy area and, oh my, lots to choose from! As mentioned before, they have an all inclusive topping buffet that can cater for wheat free and dairy free, red and white sauce lovers, meat aficionados and veggies alike. You name it, they have it to top of one of their round bases! Plus fizzy, wine, a selection of milk shakes and a killer brownie as dessert. I guess what you have to think is what are you looking for? It won't be your premium pizza with tomatoes from the Vesuvio, but it will be a pretty decent fix for a fair price that can accommodate just about any need. For large groups in a pre theatre rush meal? Brilliant. For Neapolitan style pizza lovers? You might want to give it a miss. All in life is expectation, and I can quite see this being a hit with the touristic crowds at Leicester Square.


'Personal pizza' takes on a whole new meaning at MOD, where personalisation really is their key concept! Fast, fresh and very tasty, this place is much more elevated than your typical Subway. 

It's a bit of a steal at £8 for a classic base, and then take your pick from pretty much an unlimited amount of toppings, or you can play it safe and trust their suggested topping blends ;) I went for the Dominic pizza with a white sauce base and mild sausage but then was unable to help myself as I walked through the different stations!  What I also loved about MOD was the service – they write your name on your plate before you walk through the stations and each station leader greets you by name. THAT is a very rare standard of service and I hope it continues!

From start to end, I had a great experience here and – though it's not authentic Italian pizza, or even classically American – it is great, affordable comfort food that leaves you full and in a happy place! 


I love pizza, fact. Good pizza to be exact and boy is Mod Pizza goood pizza!

The concept is just great, the topping stations are very similar to subways which means the whole process is seamless. Did I mention as many toppings as you want?

The food was delicious, the staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was great. I will definitely be returning!

Great pizza. What’s not to like, you get to choose whatever topping you like and as many as you like. I had ham, cheese, pineapple and olives on a red sauce base it was divine. The base its self is delicious and light, and you don’t feel like you have eaten something “naughty”. The pizza is made in front of you and they are super quick. My new go to place to go to pre-theatre, very well priced, will return very soon. Yum.

Great concept of being able to create your own pizza. Gluten free pizza bases (albeit frozen) are available which is an added bonus. Definitely better pizzas places out there, but Mod is well priced, quick and pretty tasty!


I think the key to enjoying a meal at MOD pizza is to go knowing what to expect. This is not an authentic Italian pizza which is why it'd be unfair of me to be judging it like one. Their pizza is more American and very fast-foody - much like the concept and the feel of the place itself. It's cheap, easy, and will fill you up - you queue, select an option (they've got a good selection on their menu) or just choose your base and topics yourself. The selection of toppings is endless so you can definitely mix whatever your heart fancies. You can also go for a salad and not leave feeling hungry as the portion is massive! Not my cup of tea but appreciate it's many other peoples' so if fast, reasonably priced American pizza that will definitely not leave you feeling hungry sounds like something for you, you've got an option right of Leicester Square.


Mad about Mod Pizza. I think the pizza concept is cool, it gave me a Vapiano kinda feel with choosing the base, sauce and selecting the various toppings as you fancy. It is definitely the perfect place to swing by after work for a bite to eat. I would recommend the Strawberry lemonade. (Which is also refillable) There is plenty of seating - whether you fancy alfresco dining or indoors whether downstairs or upstairs, They will be happy to accommodate you and your squad. Mod Pizza is an inexpensive joint which boasts a friendly atmosphere in the heart of Leicester Square. Kylie Jenner is also a fan! 


Great informal dining concept!! Mod is basically a Sub-way for pizzas where you can choose your base, sauce, and all your toppings YUM. I piled my pizza high with all the vegetables on offer (and there was a fair few!) and added some ‘dollops’ of pizza sauce on top. We then paid whilst they cooked the pizza and bring it to your table once cooked. The pizza was good and I loved that I could chose whatever toppings I wanted. They have a variety of refillable drinks and everything isn’t too expensive especially considering the Leicester Square location. In fact, I was quite surprised at how cheap it was!

It’s also quick (if there’s no queue in front of you!) so definitely a perfect place to go to before a show or a quick bite after work. 


Whether you pick something from the menu or build your own, Mod Pizza in Leicester Square is sure to be a hit! I went BIG on the toppings and it was delicious! The portions were good - you could easily share one between two people - plus, the price is pretty reasonable too. I highly recommend the Mod shakes which were delicious and filling, but maybe a bit too much with a heavily topped pizza though! My only bugbear was the queues - I think they might need a few more staff to speed up the ordering process.


Perfectly located in the heart of the London theatre district. Mod Pizza is the perfect place to stop for a quick bite to eat. The gluten free pizza base is good (and bigger than the traditional base - a rarity in the world of gluten free dining). There are plenty of great vegetarian options and the staff are incredibly friendly. Mix and match your own or order from the menu (although that would be cheating!)


A bit like going to subway. Pick your own toppings and have pizza just the way you want it. Was a fair price, with lots of choice! The flavoured lemonades are amazing, but their shake fell short.

Lines were long and the staff seemed run into the ground. There’s a huge room upstairs with loads of space if you want a pizza party!!


Located in the bustling area of Leicester Square,MOD Pizza is a great place to go to grab a quick bite to eat before watching a film at the many cinemas in the area. You can either go for one of the pizzas off the menu or create your own. There are so many toppings to choose from that it could be easy to go overboard. I went for one of the pizzas off the menu and added a couple of extra toppings. My friend (who was being slightly more health conscious)  went for the MOD Pizza salad which had a generous helping of different salads in the middle of the pizza. Both pizzas were cooked really well and tasted great. 

The decor is stylish and modern and has a great fun vibe to it. I will most definitely be visiting MOD pizza again!


A very interesting concept.

We visited here during it's opening, and as such it was a little busy and there was a bit of a queue.

The choice was a little overwhelming, and as some other reviewers have mentioned, I went a little overboard. Entirely my own fault, and I'm sure next time I would make a better pizza.

I thought the bases were inferior in comparison to the likes of Franca Manca and the other sour dour competitors, but tasty none the less.

It's excellent value, especially within the central London area and I'd recommend if you wanted something quick and tasty but the atmosphere was a little rushed and you wouldn't spend a huge amount of time here.


MOD pizza is an awesome concept! I loved choosing my own toppings, although I think I got a little carried away mixing too many things, which is a bit of a danger here. The problem with the build your own pizza method is that it took too long and lines to wait were long. However, once the pizza came, I did really enjoy it! The milkshakes were just ok, but they did have some great lemonades to choose from!


This is one of those places that makes you wonder why no one did it sooner.  Set in a great location, MOD is a make your own pizza place and it is a great dining experience.  To inspire those who need it, there are some set pizzas and adaptions can be made to those.  The trick is to be selective and to not put everything on your pizza!  It was busy when we went so it did take a while to go through the ordering process but, other than that, the service was great.  I thought my base was a little too well done.  This place should do well as it is a little different, but the pizzas are cheap and good - why wouldn't they be as you make them!


Nice cheap'n'cheerful subway-type pizzeria where you can make your own pizza....or choose one of their tasty ready-made one. You can pick as much fresh toppings as you like to make your perfect pizza - and the price stays the same.

My friend and I went for the make your own pizza option. They were delicious but sightly over cooked. Perfect for small budgets, it's cheap, quick and yummy! 


Prime location in the heart of Leicester Square and overall a nicely set up venue. We received a very warm service at the front door, with all staff upbeat and friendly. The music and atmosphere is fun and stylish, and even the pricing is extremely reasonable. 

The price for creating your own pizza (as many toppings as you like) is the same as choosing from the menu. Set up like a subway, you pick your sauce and toppings as you go. I can quite honestly say this was the best pizza I have had in a very long time. There were bottomless soft drinks including the standard stuff as well as some more retro options like old fashioned lemonade. They also served a good mix of beers and wine.

They’ve really thought of everything here with napkins and cutlery in boxes on the tables and little takeaway boxes ready to go. You order at the bench and take a little automated tracking number to your table. The servers can tell where you sit and bring your food to you. The little chocolate cakes were complimentary with any pizza and tasted delicious, light and fluffy with a crisp chocolate coating.

There isn’t a single thing I can fault and highly recommend a visit to anyone in the area.


There is always one guy who has to go against the grain and unfortunately with my visit to MOD Pizza, I am going to be that one guy. Conceptually, MOD pizza is revolutionary. As everyone else has already mentioned, it's the Subway of the pizza world, where you get to choose exactly what you like on your pizza. However, in practice, it didn't quite work for me.

The vast variety of ingredients meant that the queue from start to finish too way too long. Admittedly the restaurant was  quite busy, but if I was visiting for dinner, I would imagine it would always be busy. 

Given that we picked our own toppings, the pizza was delicious, however it was badly overcooked, with the base cooked to a charcoal crisp. I think it may be because of the rush-hour, the usual care and attention was compromised. 

In summary, while it is a great concept, it needs a bit of fine tuning before it can become the go-to pizza joint for Londoners. 


I really, really enjoyed my speedy meal at MOD Pizza last night as part of the Tastemaker event held there. Imagine a neat and tidy canteen, where you pop in and order a customised pizza (yep, you can choose from hundreds of toppings and there is no limit on how many). Not so good at choosing? Me too. It's no problem, you can order from their menu of favourites just as easily. Pizzas are on a thin base, and I found mine delicious. The dips served with the pizzas are scrumptious too, I highly recommend the sriracha or ranch options. 

Service is speedy and friendly, and the bill at the end will make you smile from cheek to cheek - because it's cheap, genuinely, it really is a bargain. Certainly it's the best offering in Leicester Square and I will always think to pop back here pre theatre from now on.

Bravo, MOD. Welcome to England! 


It's basically a Subway but for pizza! The staff are all really friendly but i feel like the wait could be crazy at peak times.

That said the prices are very very reasonable for a restaurant in the heart of Leicester Square! The pizza is nice and tastes even better knowing it's your own unique creation. Ingredients are fresh with a very varied choice, some unique toppings like Asparagus and Blue Cheese make the cut.

Order at the counter and watch them bring together your creation and then they drop off your pizza at your table once it's ready. Very speedy in case you get hangry.

There's also unlimited refillable soda drinks/and some other unique combinations, we had a mango and orange soft drink which was yummy.

Overall a very nice(and quick meal) in a great location.


MOD pizza is a great addition to the very touristy Leicester Square.  Subway but with pizza is definitely the best way to describe this and it is a great idea! The ordering process is a little slow, because everyone customises their pizza it can take a while to actually order but the pizzas are then cooked quickly and served to you in record time. The toppings are great, so many options and all included in the price.  I was a bit overwhelmed with choice but the top 10 suggestions were a great help and I ended up with one of those.  The pizza itself was ok, I would say it is far from the best in London but was better than a pizza express or prezzo type.  At less than £8 per pizza they are great value and perfect when meeting up with fussy friends for a quick bite to eat! 


MOD Pizza has arrived from Seattle and what a great idea it is! Fully customisable pizza! Unlimited toppings! Choose what you like, watch them add the toppings, ask for more if you want, then go find your seat and 5 minutes later they bring you your pizza. Good quality, tasty and good value. We loved it. I almost forgot to say that there are three different soda fountains and they're unlimited too. What's not to love!


I love the cheerful staff and the friendly server Paris we had, as well as the cheap prices (unlimited toppings for no extra cost, amazing) and option of a minipizza.... but the pizza itself is SO bland. I really pity those on here who call the pizza delicious bc they have sadly never eaten New York pizza or even at some great pizza establishments in London like Pizza East, Pizza Union and Yard Sale. I got the Tristan with extra veg: broccoli, spinach, rocket, chickpeas and my husband got the same with lots of meat additions. Though they looked great, both were so... tasteless save for the pesto atop. I blame it on the dough: no good sourdough base just a very thin, plain dough.


Super easy to order- I ordered online and collected - super quick and super cheap considering the quality and freshness! I was greeted by an almost overwhelming number of 'Hello!'s and directed straight to the pick up point. The pizza itself was really nice, and what surprised me was that they didn't seem to put a limit on the number of toppings you can ask for or ask you to pay extra for certain toppings either. Would definitely return to this place!


We have a group meetup over there yesterday, and we all really enjoyed ourselves.
The bonuses: You can book a table. Unlimited fizzy refills. Vegan and gluten free pizza bases. Fair prices (especially in such a central location!), unlimited options to customize your pizza, without any extra change. 
The place is very big and has 2 floors. Good for big groups, great if you have any kind of food tolerance or if you're vegan, the staff was very friendly and kept checking how we're doing, very accommodating. We will come back for sure.
* In the picture, a delicious vegan pizza.

Staff Writer

Such a good concept. The totally customizable pizza concept is absolutely genius and it's great to not only have that level of preference but to see the pizzas made fresh. And even though the toppings are unlimited, they don't skimp on quality. The drinks are great too with unlimited fountain drinks including iced tea, flavoured lemonades and traditional drinks. Plus the milkshakes are insane! The only downside is that it's veering on being over-priced and though the location is great for foot traffic, it's not ideal for a lunch time.

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