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Needoo Grill

Restaurants, Indian Whitechapel
3 out of 5 stars
(39user reviews)
Jonathan Perugia Needoo Grill

Time Out says

In the great battle of the Whitechapel lamb chop – an unofficial war being waged between Needoo and its nearby neighbours Tayyabs and Lahore Kebab House – it’s hard to pick a winner. The sizzling plates of succulent lamb that you get here aren’t cooked to pink excellence like at Lahore, and aren’t as pungent as at Tayyabs, but they are spiced to absolute perfection. Opened in 2009 by a former Tayyabs manager, this squashed space doesn’t suffer from the same problem of endless queues (though you will usually have a wait), but it is just as gaudy. Bright red walls, leather benches and blaring flatscreen TVs are the order of the day, yet with curries this good, the decor just fades into the background. What you get are succulent karahi dishes and specials that include nihari (lamb on the bone) and a very passable biriani. Pakoras and other pre-prepared snacks can often be disappointingly stale, but service is swift and friendly, and it’s hard to argue with the appeal of BYOB and curries of such high standard.




Address: 87 New Road
E1 1HH
Transport: Tube: Aldgate East or Whitechapel tube
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Users say (39)

3 out of 5 stars

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3.3 / 5

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Good curry is not hard to find, but great curry, that's a different story. When I was a local to Whitechapel, Needoos (and Tayyab's) was a cheap and cheerful go-to for a solid meal and a great alternative to Tayyab’s to avoid the long queues. The food is heavy, no doubt about it - but who doesn't like a curry night out?

What I had: 

  • Needoos mixed grill
  • Grilled Lamb chops
  • Karahi Gosht (Lamb curry)
  • Bhindi Bhagi (Okra curry)
  • Chicken Biryani with rice
  • Tandoori naan
  • Garlic naan

The lamb chops here I like better than Tayyabs - they’re full of flavour and spices and a really good entrée to start. The papadam that they serve to your table are always moreish and crisp. For those who don’t take spice well, beware of the very innocent looking yoghurt dip as it will catch up to you. The curries were both good; albeit some people may find it spicy if you’re not hugely into spicy food; though I would say it is quite mild. The Okra was a little over done for my liking, I usually like them to be a firmer; however both the Tandoori and Garlic naan more than make up for it. The Chicken Biryani lacks the charcoal flavour and juiciness that I usually see when it is served on the bone; however it is still not bad and may come down to your preference in how you like your biryani.

Tip: The ‘large’ sizes for the curries are quite large, so I would recommend ordering the small sizes so you can get a variety of dishes to try. The Lamb chops are a must and if it’s all too spicy, you can always order a lassi to cool it all down! Also, FYI, this place is BYO.

Good For: relaxed dates, big groups, catchups with friends, casual lunch/dinners, something quick, cheap and cheerful.

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9 of us dined on Tuesday at 7pm. Starters were ok, mixed grill was quite nice, but the whole night was spoilt by what can only be described as a Mace like invisible fog which filled the whole of the upstairs restaurant. There was no air circulating so all customers were coughing chilli all night (very unpleasant) we received a number of wrong dishes, much of which was swimming in oil. We ordered the chicken ticks biriyani. The meat in this dish was so spicy it was inedible - this is supposed to be a MILD dish! And two days later, my insides are still on fire and let's just say that the food has been memorable for all the wrong reasons! Won't be returning

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This is not a restaurant. I would like to call this as a Fish and Chips shop. Last week i went to dine with my friend, we have been given a small table, which was really squeezy. Then we decided not to order much as we used to.  We just ordered the Thursday Special Chicken Biryani. When they brought the food it was really difficult to put them on the table as they have to move plates and other things. Well..we were okay until there. We were eating the guy came with the "Bill" which we didn't even requested. They keep a piece of half tomato and a provide separate chicken curry with biryani, i was thinking to eat those at the end but the guy didn't even asked if i finished. He just took away my food. I was very upset and embarrassed and they thought as we may leave without paying or dont have money..what ever. 

We too wanted to order some drinks at the end but since they gave us a bill we thought not to stay anymore. 

This was our last visit, i will never ever go there. They were so rude, how could someone bring the bill and take your food while you are eating. I too recommended my friends not to use this restaurant any more. 


I really enjoyed this Indian spot and can't wait to go back. We hadn't booked but we were quickly seated at a table for 7. The service was prompt and friendly, and the food came out so fast I couldn't believe it. The lamb chops were amazing, and so was the dry rubbed chicken. I was so content at the end of the meal, which was improved when we saw the bill wasn't even that excessive for 7 people and the amount we ate! It was BYO too which was perfect. Great meal and a great night!

Absolute rubbish! Generic Indian food not even done that well. Avoid and go to Tayyabs!


Whenever we take friends their first Needoo, I always say I wish this is my first Needoo too- why? Because everyone, without fail - always have the same look whenever they bite into their first mouthful of the grilled lamb chops - a combination of shock and pure enjoyment, I wish I can be 'good-food-shocked' again! 

Mixed grill + Karahi Gosht + chilli / garlic naan are a must, everytime!


It's no Tayyabs, but is still one of the best in the areas. Lamb chops were spicy but not as good as you'll find in Tayyabs (or Lahore Kebab House). The Karachi lamb was decently flavoured and the lamb tender, and the Naans were perfectly buttery. It is very noisy and the service is hit and miss (in that way much like Tayyabs...) but a definitely above average curry in the area.

Every-single-time it is a delicious treat! There is not one time I went there or ordered for take-away and they didn't deliver. My all-time favorite is the Mix grill starter


I went here for a friend's birthday, not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. I was encouraged to try the lamb chops which were absolutely delicious and my favourite part of the meal. My main was also really tasty but what was so nice was that it was BYOB! This not only meant that I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for prosecco but the food bill was also incredibly reasonable for what we all ate. It was really busy when we were there and I guess the service was quite slow but because there was a big group of us, we didn't notice too much. The staff weren't rude by any means but just quite impersonal, however, they did honour any special requests we had. I would definitely go back here again! 

One word for the food served here - revolting! And yes, there is smoke and its really not very clean. Steer clear.

We had a wonderful meal in the Needoo Grill. The food was absolutely stunning. We had a variety of dishes, all excellent. The waiter was very friendly and helpful and it was excellent value for money..

Easily some of the best authentic Asian cooking we've had. A delightful restaurant with attentive staff, equally good for a quick delicious meal or dress up and make it a special occasion. A real find.

This place is massive and always busy. The food is amazing and the choice is endless. Highly recommended

Excellent food, excellent service & excellent atmosphere. A great place to spend quality time with family and friends. One should book the table before going there to avoid waiting in queue.

If u want a good cheap curry with no frills this is the best place to go. The guys are gun fun who will have a laugh and joke with u. Good value for money. Highly recommended


The food here is absolutely gorgeous. Our waiter was a bit scatty, but the lamp chops, curries and lassi absolutely made up for it. Perfect when it´s less busy, like on a Sunday evening or during the week.

Really really poor quality.

Food swimming in oil, complained the manager agreed, said no charge, but that is not the point I wanted to eat a nice meal not leave hungry because food was inedible.

The place was buzzing with very drunk people.

Such a shame I used to eat here almost monthly, then quarterly, then yearly, now never again! why? because the place is bigger and bigger in size and the quality has declined to such a level its inedible.

The breads are dry.

The meat very chewy.

The portions tiny and the wait staff very rude.

Have eaten here before a few times and the food has been great, with a nice buzzy atmosphere. Went tonight though and the place had filled up with large drunk party groups and the service had ground to a halt. Waited 30 mins for a table (located right next to a toilet) and a further 45 mins for starters. Gave up waiting for main course.... Staff did not seem too bothered and did not appear to want to resolve the situation.

Had a Xmas party there and food was delicious and really authentic Punjabi food. Everybody enjoyed the party as food arrived in time with good waiter service.

Went to this restaurant last week with my friends. The place was very quite at the time only 3 table where full. It took us 20mins to get the waiters attention, he took our order and left for another half hour or so, he then comes back to take our order again. I had to calm down my friend when the guy took the order again, so after that little drama we ordered our usual stuff like grill chicken and Briyani and naan bread etc. Only that the order took another 1hr 30mins. while were waiting the place got quite pack out. However the annoying part was that the customers that came in 45mins or so after us, got some high class service, with not one but two waiters for 3 people and the food came before ours. which really ticked everyone off.  

After a long wait, we finally got our food (yay). We tried bits of everything. But the half grill chicken is something, which we will never forget. I nearly choked to my death upon the table, I started having ideas that the waiters tried to poison me or something, or they forgot what a chicken was. The chicken was sooo dry, it was as if they marinated a sand block, I chewed and chewed but it wasn't having it. The piece of chicken seemed like it was rebelling against me, fighting for its freedom. I then finally managed to gulp it down only to have it stuck to my throat. I got up moving around jumping up and down, the waiter just looked at me for a sec then looked away like nothing happened. Then all my friends jumped up and slapped my back red. Then the piece of chicken flew out of my mouth screaming "freedom!".

Straight after that incident I couldn't eat anymore, contemplating on how I would have missed my mom, if I were to be chocked to death by a piece of chicken. And how they would have announced my death on the obituary. The bit that i knew that they don't care about customer service is when I pulled out my money they cleaned up our table faster than the service it's self, smiling at us like nothing happened.

I don't recommend this place to anyone at all. It seems like they know what they are doing but all they care about is money and not customer service.  

Live 5 minutes away and have been visiting for last 4 years. After tonight, don;t think I will go again. Charged £1.90 for 2 poppadoms already on table, 4.95 for a large rice that was of regular size, asked my curry to have a kick. Was in fact served the usual, bland generic curry sauce dripping in ghee/oil scooped from a school canteen style container and quickly heated. Not fresh or made to order. Service was indifferent and that is being generous. I finished my curry in about 5 minutes as the portions were very small. Don't bother. 

Advice: do not get complacent, London is a fickle place and trends can change very quickly.

I really don't see any good in this place any more, the food are over spiced- I mean really over spiced. Every single item on the menus is sooooo oily, the kebabs don't taste like meat, the Tikkas are under cooked. What really burns me is, people think it's great. Ok if you want to be diabetic or want heart desease - WELCOME. Ok finally what makes food taste delicious, ITS BUTTER, and what makes it taste even more better ITS MORE BUTTER and in Needoos and Tayabs there's plenty of it.

If I had to rate the indian / asian restaurants that I have been to in London so far (not only east London) , Needoo would get the lowest score among them all. 1. Service: Condescending and incompetent 2. Food: Didn't taste much and it was challenging to eat and digest it. The only edible dish was the grilled cheese squares. 3. Atmosphere: Tacky and no taste 4. Mango lassi: should be called sugar-overload mango coloured lassi. 5. Price: One should be paid to eat such foot. Not recommended. At all.

It was a trip with my (ten) office colleagues, since we pre-booked so no long wait in a queue. It was my frist visit to this place so looked all nice, until we started ordering. I speak Urdu/Hindi fluently so I asked few things about the dish (Nargasi Koftay) I was ordering since it was not a regular dish & it was a speciality cooked on certain days of week and thursday evening was the day when its served, I felt lucky, Oh God I was so wrong. When food started to come, they messed up all starters, and majority just accepted what they didnt order, apart from four lucky ones (including me) who actually got what they ordered. One guy didnt even get the lamb chops (Starter) at all & we had to cancel it. Same practice was repeated with main dishes, eight orders out of ten were correct two were onl accepted because there was no point waiting, but since I am a little fussy about food, I told them I am waiting for "Nargasi Koftay", then I was told "Sir we have to check if they are being served today or not". I was like, hey its thursday evening and your menu says they are served & the guy who took the order also said and took the order of "Nargasi Koftay" an hour ago. So he said sure, came back saying, 15 more minutes & your dish will be here. I thought yep, worth the wait. After about 10 minutes they placed a dish infront of me, "Two small mini meat balls, One over boiled egg cut in half & plate full of Potatoes", and I was "SHOCKED" I called the person who took the order & asked him, "What dish is it?" His reply was, "What did you order sir?" I said "Nargasi Koftay" and he said, Yes Sir, these are Nargasi Koftay. I am of Indo-Pak origin, professionally trained cook and he told me it was Nargasi Koftay so my obvious reply was, "Do you know how to do cooking?" This is "Koftay Aloo" not even near Nargasi Koftay. But he insisted no these are Nagasi koftay. Their friendliness vanished after I complained, most of them ran away from our table and We Ordered 14 Naan (bread) we only got 11 and in the end we got a Bill of £165 that I was unable to make sense of because no itemised bill was given, it was just a paper with £165 written on it. (We didn't order any drinks from restaurant). Some dishes were good as I tasted my colleagues dishes, but being a chef myself I would say, they can Rob the people who are not Asian by feeding them Indian like dishes but its definitely not an authentic indian/pakistani food. I will not recommend it to any Asian at least since they will mostly come out disappointed like me, however it may be good for other European nationalities since they wont know the difference. But I am not going there again

Brilliant. I love this place, and come at least once every two weeks. Occasionally I still visit Tayyabs, but the staff here are more pleasant and the queues less painful. The food is great. Is it as good as Tayyabs?...Probably, yes, and sometimes better - though Tayyabs may just still be king of the lamb chop, and the food at Needoo is potentially slightly spicier - but I wouldn't keep coming back if I thought I could have a better experience round the corner. I see that some are complaining about the service - seriously?! It's a super busy, packed restaurant, and I think they're pretty good. They maybe curt, or impatient, but you'll eat like a king and pay very little. If you want a waiter to fawn over you, tell you his name and ask how your day was go to TGI Fridays, and free up a table for someone else.

This place has lost it. Used to be a regular, and when I say that I mean free dishes everything kind of regular. But then after a couple of shameful experiences where I took guests there and the food was disgusting and I did not complain because I did not want to make a fuss with a guest with me. i decided to give it one more try on my own and all I can say is I never paid the bill. Really don't bother, unless it goes back to its past standards of large portions, low prices and about 2 thirds less ghee

Food is pretty much the same as Tayyabs (I believe Needoo was opened by a previous chef) but without the ridiculous queues. There is a reason for those queues though - the food is amazing and Needoo is no different - infinitely better than the Brick Lane restaurants which have now all lowered in quality to fight for tourists and groups from outside London, with 'free drinks and 30% off'. I agree that the standard slipped in Tayyabs a little (It would have to slip along way to not be good though) and I personally think Needoo is as good as Tayyabs used to be. People moaning about the service - I think it is quick and attentive. Obviously if you are being quick sometimes the friendliness suffers but I would much prefer my dinner than small talk. Lamb chops are a must. Mmmmm hungry now.

We went to Needo's yesterday -Friday 9 Nov- .We hadnt been for a year or so & thought the standard had gone down; the service was quick, waiters pleasant but my fish masala was swimming in oil, my husband's mutton masala was tough & very hot without fragrance.Next time we'll try another place.

Experienced curry lover here...went to Needoo after seeing it was in the top five curry houses in london (The Guardian). Arrived and didn't land a good table but the waiter was friendly and service seemed quick. Popadom's came without asking, although we would later be charged...the starters came, , samosas were stale, mutton tikka was tougher than expected and was knocked onto my lap by a clumsy waiter half way through...jeans ruined and i had to fight to get it taken off the bill. Now for the mains...both mains came 3 minutes into the starters and were at a low takeaway standard at best, seriously! Portions were small and large rice was a in fact a normal amount not really for two people. The service was fast and although the waiters floated a little and my jeans are stained with turmeric, I cant say they were much different from the norm.....Food was a big let down end of story.

Please don't think this is just another review from somebody who has not visited Needoos Grill before and Tayyabs, Lahore, Mirch Masala, Miran Masala, I am not! Moreover I was a regular here until this place went the way of all the rest of the 'discovered' restaurants: 1) Smaller portions, 2) Grossly increased prices, 3) Decline in quality of meat used, 4) Lack of finesse in spicing to reflect the the change of clientele, 5) Sinful decline in service, and I could go on but let me suggest you go there and make your own mind up. I for one am totally disappointed and frustrated that this restaurant has 'fallen'.

Amazing restaurant - looking forward to another visit soon! Food is reasonable and tasty - so tasty we had to take our leftovers home in a takeaway box, which the waiter whisked out as though it was a regular request. Despite it being a busy evening, staff were incredibly friendly and obliging and we didn't have to wait long for food. Try the dry meat curry, yum - and of course a mango lassi ; )

Excellent place to eat! There lamb chops were 100% better then Tayyabs and so was their fish. Their quality of food was wonderful and so much better then Tayyabs. I think Tayyabs are losing their quality because they are so busy, so they are lacking this, but Needo' food is so fresh and totally awesome! I will be going there now and I will be letting my family know that this is a better place to go.

Brilliant Place! Jugs of water on every table without having to ask. I always just have a starter in there as the Needoo Mixed Grill (£10) on the starter menu contains 2 kebabs, 4 Lamb Chops and 5 pieces of chicken - all beautifully prepared and spiced. And do try a jug of Mango Lassi which is so light and tasty. The Kulfi comes on sticks which are actually chopsticks - how clever. Hot towels and mints are standard and where else can you get a Cappucino for £1.30?

Amazing food, great service, superb value for money. The staff could not do enough for us. From the outside it does look a bit like a chicken shop but inside you are treated to delicious food and great service. Well worth a visit....I'll be going back very soon!

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