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This spacious Mayfair venue was Arkady Novikov's first foray into the London restaurant scene. A prolific restaurateur, Novikov now has three others in the capital - Rextail, Brompton Asian Brasserie and Bocconcino - to go alongside the 50 or so back in Russia.  

The venue features a lounge, an Italian restaurant and an Asian restaurant. There are European and Asian dishes available from the lounge's food menu, served alongside a drinks list featuring a range of champagnes from the big-name houses, wines with an old world slant and a selection of cocktails including the venue's own signature martini made with Stolichnoya Elit vodka, Noilly Prat dry vermouth and caviar bitter crafted in house.

The venue's Asian room features soups, salads, sushi and snacks alongside dim sum, rice, wok and noodle dishes and options from the charcoal grill. The Italian menu ranges from antipasti (misti di mare, Wagyu bresaola and seasonal truffle dishes) to primi (risotto with ceps and girolles, gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnuts and fresh penne with venison ragu) and secondis such as beef fillet tagliata and a capretto arrosto - wood roasted whole kid goat. 

There's a private jet menu too, should you need dinner delivered straight to the runway. 


Venue name: Novikov
Address: 50A Berkeley Street
Opening hours: Asian restaurant 7.30am-11.30pm daily Italian restaurant 11.30am-11.30pm daily Lounge Bar 11.30am-1am daily
Transport: Tube: Green Park tube
Price: Meal for two with wine and service: around £140
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Horrendous. I chose this restaurant for a special occasion, having been lured on social media by the prospect of having tonnarelli prepared in a parmesan wheel and also an exciting wine/food menu.

I was very upset at how disappointing the experience was. The individual preparing our tonnarelli briefly tumbled the pasta around the cheese wheel then threw it straight onto the serving dishes with some cracked pepper. Judging by the commotion of three waiters around the cheese wheel trolley, it looked like they were pointing out how most of the vodka had already been combusted on the stove before it even made it onto the cheese wheel (to melt the cheese). Having watched the waiter briefly trying and failing to scrape the cheese off the wheel (as there wasn’t enough flaming vodka to melt off the cheese) the tonnarelli was served to us with, what I can only describe as, vaguely cheesed water.

I would normally write this off as a bad experience and left it. What prompted me to review is the price point of this dish and the reaction of the serving staff to the feedback I politely provided when I was asked for it. We paid £52 (plus service) for two starter portions of what was essentially only pasta, cheese and pepper. I felt that getting the dish right was the least the restaurant could have done. The location, ambience and (for some patrons whom I would never understand) the caché of ‘being seen there’ were secondary.

I provided feedback when prompted by one of the waiters. The waiter’s instant verbatim reaction was “well why didn’t you say anything at the beginning?” which was perceived as defensive and it felt as if I was being told my dissatisfaction was my fault. After this unpleasant experience with the starter we decided not to proceed with the main course and dessert.

We also ordered a bottle of wine when we were seated. Whilst I generally do not have a problem with glassware, I felt that given we ordered a bottle of ‘fine wine’ it should have at least been served in a red wine glass (which has a larger bowl) to enable the wine to open up and also allow us to fully enjoy the aromas of a very nice bottle of wine. We were instead given generic wine glasses, the same ones used on the table next to ours for serving white wine. Whilst I am not expecting a sommelier grade Zalto glass, I felt that providing patrons with appropriate glassware for a fine bottle of wine was very basic.

I emailed management a few weeks ago with my feedback. No response. Per blow, they really meant ‘Nowf*ckoff’.

Who knew Novikov meant 'Nowf**koff'! As soon as you enter there's a feeling of being rushed, bad for me as I need to totally chill before, during and after eating. Food would have been great if I had time to not just eat it but enjoy it too. 


Never had food there, but i have been to the bar and had few drinks. The atmosphere is really nice, dimmed lights, great service, it is very pricey. Would love to go for food one day, but it looked nice!

I have had many happy experiences at Novikov but this Saturdays visit will mean I shall not return and will not be recommending the restaurant again.  The biggest shame of all is that it's not the food which lets it down.  

We visited on Saturday to the Italian restaurant  as a party of 9 for a pre wedding get together.  I have to admit that we were running 15 minutes late but another friend had gotten to the table on time and ordered the drinks - thus saving some time for ordering on our arrival.  You are only allocated 2 hours for a sitting - not an ideal time for more then 5 diners in my opinion.

Having such a large table to cater for and trying to fit 3 courses for 9 people into a 2 hour slot you would think that the staff would be much more attentive to the table.

I had to get the attention of out waitress to order.  I ordered starters to share for the table pretty swiftly upon arriving, again to save some time with everyone then each ordering a main.  

No ones main was particularly complicated or had a lengthy cooking time but the length of time between the starter and the main was simply unacceptable, was a good half an hour.

We were then told before we'd even finished our main that there would be no time for us to order desert.

The food was so wonderful but to be told whilst still trying to enjoy it that the full meal (3 courses) wouldn't be possible is disappointing, rude and once again simply unacceptable.

I discussed with our waitress that we would like to order dessert and and reasoned that this was simply unfair, she did agree and discussed with her front of house.  We were told we could sit at a table in the lounge not ideal but we said this would be fine.

I thought upon paying the bill we would be escorted to a table downstairs, instead we were left and the staff in the lounge had no idea what were were talking about.  I went back upstairs this time understandably frustrated and asked what exactly was going on.  The front of house in the Italian restaurant told me that unless there was a table free then nothing could be done.  By this point I'd had enough and demanded we be allowed to finish with desert, finally a staff member cleared a table for us and said we had 45 mins.  

I then saw the maitre de a short while after this, he must have decided that being so dismissive earlier was indeed not ideal and asked me if all was ok and that he had a table coming free and we could use if we wanted. Completely absurd 30 mins later and once we're already in the lounge with music having moved on and wanting to enjoy the rest of the evening.

The cherry on the top was him explaining to me that it was all about the money and the quicker they clear a table the quicker they can get one in....way to mention the unmentionable.

Frustratingly giving half an hour more would have meant they would have gotten more money from us and probably taken exactly the same from the next sitting.    Mostly I now feel for the fantastic kitchen staff whom I have nothing but praise for as the food was so wonderful but the attention sadly shifted from what the evening should have been about, food and experience! 

I visited Novikov a few weeks ago with a friend of mine to celebrate my birthday. We had made a booking a few days ago because it was a restaurant suggested by friends and having visited Rextail the week prior, I expected to have a delightful experience. Before I start, I will say the food was delicious, despite the portions being absolutely tiny and not quite enough to fill a grown man.

On arriving, we were taken to a seat with our coats still on; no one had offered to take our coats to the cloakroom and I actually had to ask if the restaurant even had a cloakroom. 

Secondly, I would like to mention that when we were booking, we mentioned that we had specific dietary requirements and the person on the phone assured us that they requirements would be met. On arriving, we decided to double check just to be sure and this time, we were told that our dietary requirements could not be catered to, essentially restricting us to two meat options on the entire menu.

Anyway, we did decide to go ahead and order what we could, despite having thoughts of walking out at that point. The waitress who was serving us seemed extremely grumpy and did not seem like someone who wanted to be at the job. 

There were tiny details as well that were ignored. For example, upon arriving, no one took the effort to pull the chairs out or place the napkin in place or even smile. Throughout the entire meal, we had to fill our glasses ourselves and when the jug was empty, no one came to refill it. The one point we were asked if the meal was okay was once we had finished everything and the waitress arrived to take the meal away. I understand a lot of these details are tiny, but for a restaurant in Mayfair, the bar is set extremely high and the prices we pay for the food and service need to be justified too.

On finishing our meal, although my friend mentioned during the reservation that the meal is for a birthday, there was no sign of the staff knowing anything about this.

It was an extremely disappointing experience for me and it is such a letdown for a birthday experience and on the way back, my friend who was treating me felt extremely embarrassed having taken me to what she proclaimed was one of the worst restaurant experiences in her life.

On e-mailing the manager with a complaint, after one e-mail, she has also not bothered to reply back, which shows that on principle, this is not a restaurant worth visiting.

Massively disappointing. The food was bland and un-exciting, especially considering how expensive it is. It all arrived so quickly after ordering and so can't have been made fresh, it must have all been prepared in advance and re-heated. For some baffling reason, they were desperate to get us in and out, so where we probably would have put away several bottles of wine, we only had one as we simply weren't offered any more (our empty wine glasses were just taken away). Not worth it.

We went to Asian Novikov for birthday of my friend on 12th of Sep. We were 10 people. I would like to say firstly about quality of the food there. The Black cod was awful , prepared very bad,it was off and taste was horoble. Tuna sashimi was defenetly not fresh, it was quite sticky. salmon tartare was made with a too much vinegar , apparently to close some smell or something. Crab legs usually don t do with so much mayonese. exactly those people who had eaten those dishes had extremely bad food poison, inclusive me. About service is also no one good word. I was in Novikov not first time and in Asian and in Italian, and for sure my advice for everybody the Italian is very good there, but Asian become very bad quality day by day.

We went to Novikov (Asian) for our anniversary on Saturday 29th June. We were stuck in awful traffic on Park Lane, so we called to advise the restaurant that we were on our way, but would be a little late. The receptionist rudely told me that if we were not on time they would not be holding our table, and when we arrive, if they could seat us they would but the booking would be effectively lost if we were not there be 7:15. (our booking was for 7) We got there at about 18 past 7, i jumped out of the car while my husband looked for parking and i ran in hoping we would be seated, but also fuming at the way we were treated. Our table was there as were about 5 other empty tables, of which at least 3 remained empty for some time. Our waiter was very confusing and didn't give us a good run down of the chefs specials, in fact he told us he was better than the chef and we should go with what he suggested as he knew best.... his suggestion was awful! The side dishes were fantastic however, as was the (nobu inspired) yellow tail tuna w chili. We found the whole evening rather disappointing until the end when we did make a complaint about the service and Hine, the Manager. He did apologise for the rude front of house staff and also did not charge us for the awful main that the waiter has suggested as well as not charging the service charge. He also offered us a comp. glass of wine and seated us at the lounge area downstairs. So at least we felt a little happier when we left as they did try to make up for the disappointment and the rude staff. I may try Novikov again, as a friend had a great experience at one of the master classes in the Italian section, and the manager did seem to be upset that we ere not happy.

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. I visited the Asian restaurant with my sister on 26th May. The service was sub standard to start with and we had to ask multiple times for soya sauce and cutlery. The starters and sushi I have to say were decent, however the main course, which included tiger prawns and chilean sea bass, were terrible. However worse over, I contracted awful food poisoning, and after making a complaint the following day and being assured my matter would be looked into and I would be appropriately compensated, I have heard nothing since. This is despite multiple phone calls and repeat emails to the managers. Each time I am sympathetically spoken to and reassured someone will revert back to me within 24 hours, however it has now been 2 weeks since. I think this is appalling customer service for what was a very expensive and below average meal. I will not be visiting this restaurant ever again.

Copy og the email I sent Nivikov on January 7th which they refuse to answer: to jbarta, "We are in utter disbelief at the twist you have given to the damages suffered on my Saga fur coat, Dolce and Gabbana dress, Walter Steiger shoes and Wolford stockings when I found myself showered by a full tray of alcoholic beverages at the Novikov Restaurant on Saturday, December 29th, 2012 at approximately 11:00pm. Judith Barta from your company assisted me and accompanied me to the ladies' room to dry out my face, hair, clothes, and assess the damages. Judith assured me that the costs of cleaning would be covered by Novikov and requested me to provide Novikov with the corresponding dry cleaning invoices to process reimbursement. Novikov further acknowledged that this episode was caused by one of its employees and therefore was Novikov Group's responsibility by offering us a complimentary glass of champagne after the incident. Your refusal to reimburse me as promised, only after realizing the cost of cleaning the dress and the fur coat (GBP585), is unacceptable. Note that I am only requesting the cost of cleaning the dress and fur coat which does not cover all the costs, expenses and other damages caused by you. Your personnel can all attest to the fact that this happened without anyone pushing the waiter from behind. I consider your later argument to be in bad faith and in utter disregard of the truth. I demand the Novikov Group to immediately reimburse GBP585 to cover the cost of cleaning the dress and the fur coat, as evidenced by the invoices I provided to Rudolph from your company on Jan. 2, 2013, which will only partially compensate the damages caused by you. Otherwise, I reserve my rights to recover full compensation of the damages you caused. "

I have eaten at both novikovs, me and other friends that I have introduced novikov to can guaranty that it is one of the best restaurants around it has the best quality food especially the meat, I rarely eat meat but going to Novikov has made me a meat lover, now the problem is that after I have eaten Novikov's veal I can never seem to cook it the same and its not as tender as novikovs veal highly recommend and most definitely will be returning again soon

Ate at the Asian bar last night. Good cevice and shitake dumplings; very mediocre sushi; Singapore fried noodles that were up to par with an average Chinese restaurant anywhere in Chinatown but at twice the price; two dishes - fried aubergine and wok-tossed fillet - that were so salty as to be inedible. Very pushy waitress - tried to make sure we ordered as much as possible and as expensively as possible. My philosophy is: mediocre (at best) food for nineteen pounds is mediocre; mediocre food for ninety pounds is very very bad. This was the latter.


Me and by buisness partners had a meal on tuesday 5th June 12 at novikov italian we come here on a regular basis we ordered a mixed meat grill prepared for us by the chef, I do not understand what has happened, the meat was a disgrace, it was extremely tough and was not worth the money we paid. A couple of weeks ago we had the same meat grill and it was amazing the meat had flavour and was extremely tender, I must say that something is not right the meat is not the same if Mr Novikov thinks that he should cut down on the quality of the meat WHY DOSEN'T HE CUT DOWN ON THE PRICES WE PAY? I am extremely sorry to say but we defenetly won't be returning to Novikov after this very bad experiance

Shocking. You have to admire the scale of it and judging by the fact people actually queue to get in this place, some people must this kind of thing. Personally it's not my bag. Imagine the worst bits of Cipriani, Sketch and Tiger Tiger and you get the idea.

great desserts, salad has too much sauce (but that's for my taste), great atmosphere and amazing service! visit Lounge Bar, they make outstanding cocktails!

Great food. Tried the Asian restaurant (black cod rolls with mango sauce and dim sum with truffle - amazing) and the only thing I have to complain about is the fist table they seated us at which was right next to the waiting station. Great views of the fresh sea food and vegetables on ice but not the best spot for a date. This is a place you should go to with a group of friends; the atmosphere is lively. They have a Sake sommelier - which is great. Do have some sake with your meal. The cocktails are very good. The sushi was great as well as the sizzling beef. The only thing we didn't like was the miso sauce that came with the black cod (though the black cod itself was very good). The chocolate fondant was on the runny side but still very tasty. The waiting staff was very warm and kind (and helped us move to a different table since we didn't like the first one) but service could be a bit slow since the restaurant was packed. I like the fact that it incorporated several different types of asian food - the best of everything in one place. I would choose this place over Nobu across the street any day.

Great food (Italian restaurant), probably one of the best dinner experience I have ever had.

FANTASTIC PLACE, thinking of having my wedding here (Italian Restaurant)! Great atmosphere, attentive service and simply exquisite food!!! I loved the spinach and ricotta dumplings and my fiance loved his squid ink tagliolini. I never thought it possible but I really enjoyed the oxtail, something that I would never eat in the past..... the chef managed to convert me! Although after our mains we were both full (very generous portions) we both had to try the desserts and they were delicious!!!