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Heloise Bergman Ottolenghi

Time Out says

Celeb chef, author and world-food crusader Yotam Ottolenghi has moved upmarket with destination restaurants such as Rovi and Nopi, but his trailblazing café-deli chain is still a Mecca for fans of his cookbooks and colourfully eclectic cuisine. The Islington flagship shows how it should be done, with inviting window displays and a long counter piled with bowls and platters of food that look so darned healthy. From zingy salads to cooked dishes such as chargrilled salmon with smoked paprika and lemon aïoli or sweet potato kebabs with pickled vegetables, everything is a masterclass of vibrant flavours, contrasts and textures. Breakfast means DIY toast and a host of other items; cakes and pastries are perfect for an afternoon takeaway, and evenings are for smart bookable dinners with fusion overtones. The only downsides are small portions and a not-so-small bill.



Address: 287 Upper Street
N1 2TZ
Transport: Tube: Highbury & Islington
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4 out of 5 stars

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The salads are amazing and I could dine purely on these for dinner. However we also ordered a few of the larger plates, all with interesting flavour combinations that were pulled off perfectly. My only negative is that the service was very slow, we were at the restaurant for 2.5hrs! Whilst I didn't have dessert this time, I have been known to walk past and pick up a cake to go. They are beautifully presented and taste delicious! 

Visited the Angel branch for lunch yesterday, the food was all very tasty. There was a good selection of salads to choose from and the cakes all look amazing. Our lunch was very delicious however slightly overpriced.

Ottolenghi is a trendy delicatessen located on Motcomb Street in Knightsbridge that serves Mediterranean cuisine.

Yotam Ottolenghi, the author of three bestselling cookbooks has three other delis in London as well as a restaurant.

As I arrived, the place was very busy. With just one shared table at the back full of people having lunch I decided to have a take away salad box.

With an array of beautiful salads and cakes in front of me, it was a real feast for the eyes. I opted for the Roasted Aubergine with Saffron Yoghurt, Walnuts, Pomegranate and Basil as well as the Green Beans with Hazelnuts, Orange and Taragon. The salads were well flavoured, tasty and of good quality for a salad on the go.

They also had a selection of mains to choose from including beef, salmon, tuna, turkey and chicken.

I felt that this place has been way over hyped. The salads are very decent but not mouth watering. However, staff are professional and very efficient. Take away salads are priced by weight at 100g. Prices are on the high side. You could go home feeling hungry.


The pastry display alone is enough to lure me in to this epic restaurant/café by famous Yotam Ottoleghi. You end up wanting to try everything once you're in. He has made Middle Eastern food more approachable, as an everyday food you can enjoy for lunch/snack at his restaurants and this branch just proves it. 

Amazing food for breakfast, lunch or dinner! My favourite restaurant in London. For the cooked breakfast or dinner they have fantastic flavour twists on old classics. The cold salsa for lunch are perfect to eat in or on the go though slightly pricey. Tasty and healthy! However it is hard to leave without one of their amazing baked goods

Amazing complexity of flavours. Superb salads, cakes out of this word. Some of the best food around.


Get your tastebuds ready, they're going to have a dance at Ottolenghi! Yes, it is wonderfully tasty, and looks as good as it tastes. Food is healthy and unusual, you'll like it so much that you'll end up buying his cookbooks to cook it at home. If you're vegetarian, there's plenty of choice. Their bakes and cakes are to die for. There are a few branches around London, make sure you visit one of them.


This place lives up to the hype! Filled with whole food super food goodness. This is one of my favourite places for Sunday brunch, but he prepared to queue at the branch. Staff are welcoming and friendly and there are plug points handing form the wall, in case you need a power socket for your toaster or phone! Top tip- Go early on a Sunday Get the sashuka


I’ve loved Ottolenghi recipes for years. His ‘Plenty More’ cook book is the best I’ve ever had, but it was the first time I’ve visited one of his four restaurants. The interior is modern and very simple, sandy walls with minimalist decorations, which I guess is to not to take your attention away from the food which, in most cases, is outstanding.

My Chalk Stream trout with green pickled tomato, gem lettuce and coriander sprouts was beautifully cooked, while the salads (all of which sound so delicious that it’s super hard to choose): roasted aubergine with coconut yogurt and chilli along with tri-colour grilled cauliflower only elevated the lunch to perfection. The only problem is that the fish is served hot, while the rest cold, I would much prefer everything to be warm.

The great thing is that many of the dishes are set out in the deli part of the restaurant, so you can see them before ordering. I highly recommend doing so, especially before the dessert, as the menu doesn’t reflect the abundance of choice.

My pumpkin cheesecake was good, but nowhere as amazing as the Christmas date cake with pecans and brittle It is quite big and rich, but one of the best things I tried there.

If you’re not lucky with table booking, you can always order food for takeaway and buy a few products for your kitchen from the deli counter. 

There is so much hype around Ottolenghi that I thought it was just hype - but it is honestly some of the best food I have ever tasted. A lovely atmosphere too, eating on long sharing tables and spying on your neighbours' food. A lovely place for a real treat.

Always exciting new salads providing wholesome goodness that feels like super indulgence for the body and spirit - and I am no health groupie!


Ottolenghi. He’s something of a wholegrain legend whose four London restaurants are the stuff of legend to the devotees who regularly attend to worship in them. I’ve lived in Angel for three years and have never in all that time seen the Upper St branch anything less than jam-packed to the rafters with hip young things and cool young families feasting on all manner of delicious and healthful things. Platters of leafy, jewelled salads and mountains of heaping nut & seed speckled grains jostle alongside fat dusky salmon fillets and toasty loaves of darkly seductive rye bread but for me, this is a place best visited for breakfast and I’ll tell you why...t’s home to the best Shakshuka in London.

Yep. Argue away all you like. I’m right. The very definition of comfort food, this is a dish that’s incredibly warm and full of cumin, saffron & cayenne flavours that run deep and rich and true. It’s generously packed with tomatoes & peppers that cosy up around perfectly poached eggs who ooze sunny yolks all over pieces of crispy, herby focaccia. Thick & velvety & served in a coppery burnished pan, it’s everything you could ever want at the start of the day. Or the middle. Or the end.

Other hits on the brunch menu include the Welsh Rarebit which is impeccably, stodgily satisfying and Cinnamon French Toast which is an absolute doorstop of brioche wearing a golden fairy dust sprinkling of orange licked sugar. Ottolenghi is also the best sort of place in which to try something new – if it’s not going to be cooked well here, it doesn’t stand a chance anywhere else and it was this line of thinking that saw me getting seriously involved with Scrambled Rose Harissa Tofu & Avocado Sourdough Toast with one of my favourite kids from the vegetable garden, Jerusalem artichoke. Silky and soft with a punch of bright spice, this dish is everything modern cooking should be – bold, respectful and seasonal.

There are long tables for communal dining but there are also several smaller tables for two and décor is minimal and modern; the focus here is on the food which sits loftily in the window seducing helpless passer-by’s with an understated Clooney-esque nonchalance. It gets very busy very quickly – we arrived at 9.20am and were seated immediately but when we left at nearly 11am, the queue was long and the hungry waiting faces were expectant. Service is lovely with waiters materializing quietly and calmly and if you can’t find a table, load up a box or two with take out and gorge yourself on it in the comfort of your pj’s and your sofa.

Like St. Pauls, the Beaufort Bar or the V&A, Ottolenghi is one of the very best things about London and, unlike other, newer, trendier spots, neither he nor his restaurants ever try too hard to be anything they’re not but instead, delight in being what they are…a simple wholesome class act you’d be crazy not to take advantage of.

Delicious and inventive (and innovative) food, lots of veggie options, lots of great cakes. Please open an outlet at my workplace.

Insider tip - if you live nearby go for the takeaway. All their cold items are available for carry out if you can't score a table.


The food here is great. The salad bar tends to hit the spot, but the dishes are a little too confused for me. There are a few too many flavors therefore you don't really want to fill your salad box with all the options in front of you. The prices aren't very good, considering a salad and a drink will be £10, and working by Liverpool Street means I can get many more affordable salads nearby. I think the fact that Ottolenghi is so creative with food can be a really good thing, and that is definitely visible in Nopi's menu. I just wish I could afford to taste one of their salad bar options every lunch time. Then all my worries would be gone.  


I've cooked two recipes from Ottolenghi's cook book, 'Plenty' and both have taken a very long time to make and involved several ingredients. They did turn out rather well, however, I would be more inclined to jump on my local bus and visit his wonderful restaurant instead and order straight from the counter. Now that saves a bit of time and effort!

I've eaten a fancy dinner (pre-booked) before and visited for lunch and mid-afternoon as a walk-in a couple of times. Whilst the dinner was extremely delicious, it really was expensive and to be honest my friend and I could've eaten more to be full. So I can't rave about it, though if money wasn't an option, I guess I'd return and simply order more, so don't be put off if you've a full purse.

As for the day-time menu, well that's a different story. You can chose a selection of several dishes, which you can see on the front counter if you want to know what you're getting. Fantastic choice for vegetarians and well anyone who loves vegetables that taste magical.

Ottolenghi is renowned for doing special things with his veg, adding all sorts of wonderful herbs and spices to give them a real kick. Everything tastes like it just came off the farm and it all feels virtuous and healthy - in a good way. The food is put together with interesting combinations of veg, grain, roots and diary so you get a well-rounded meal.

If you're aiming to get a table on the weekend at brunch or lunch, prepare to queue. But if you are prepared to eat slightly out of the normal meal times, you're more likely to get a seat. We went at 3pm on a Saturday and walked right in, for example. 

Upon entrance this place is a feast for the eyes and doesn’t disappoint upon taste! Absolutely stunning selection of cakes, tarts, salads and general yumminess. I haven’t had the joy of going to Ottolenghi for dinner, but I’ve heard great things – pay a visit if you can, you’ll be in for a treat!


Booked for my mum's birthday dinner when she was visiting and could not have been happier.  The staff were cheerful and helpful - we ordered one of everything on the menu, and when they found out it was my mum's birthday they added plenty of extra plates and desserts.

There were vegetarians in our party that were able to leave the table satisfied - every single salad was worth having (some we had twice).

We ended up getting a signed menu from the day (the menu changes seasonally) and my mum had a night she thoroughly enjoyed - Will definitely be going back for much more!


Since it opened, I've been dying to visit Ottolenghi but living South means that it's always been just that bit too out of the way. However, after running ParkRun at Highbury Fields on Saturday, a stroll down upper street meant that the day had finally arrived! We were seated straight away at one of the instagram-famous white shiny tables and each ordered breakfast of greek yoghurt, granola and fresh fruit and waiter-recommended some cinnamon french toast with creme fraiche and berry compote to share. In the nicest way, don't trust the waiters! The cinnamon toast was not 'small' as described but a huge (albeit delicious) plate of great hunks of sugary, eggy brioche perfect with the fresh, tangy creme fraiche. Although granola can be a bit of a cop out option in lots of places, that's not the case here. It's a crunchy, nutty bowl of goodness which I highly recommend. Paired with two very satisfying lattes, a fresh mint tea (for free!) and a beautiful display of goodies to purchase on the way out - croissants and pastries, chutneys and jams, deli salads and artisan breads - it was all in all a pretty perfect start to a Saturday morning. Yotam Ottolenghi himself, who was sitting on the next door table with his partner and sons, obviously agrees!


This is my favourite Ottolenghi location, especially for breakfast! With a combination of tables for two and a long shared table in the centre with toasters dangling from the ceiling, it's both exciting and reasonably priced. By a mile the shakshuka is the best, served in the pan with ricotta dotted on top, it's brilliant. Also try the lunch and amazing cakes here, although you should always expect a queue. Toilets are a strong 7/10! (with Aesop!)


Brunch review only!! 

I've been to Ottolenghi's a few times now, and with some friends visiting from outside of town I wanted to share with them the famous Shakshuka from this amazing restaurant. If you go here for this - you will NOT be disappointed! It's fantastically cooked, with a rich tomato stew and will satisfy even the carnivores amongst you

However, some items on their menu are just not even worth ordering. The smoked salmon and scrambled eggs has to be one of the most terrible dishes I've had in a restaurant for a while for a fewof reasons. 1 - you get 2 slices of salmon for around £10, and yes, it's good smoked salmon...not THAT good. 2 - the eggs are horrendously under seasoned and sub-par for the many brunch places in Islington

All in all, Ottolenghi's is still a great go to for me if I'm craving a shakshuka - but there are many other cafes/restaurants that offer similar dishes as well as other high quality brunch dishes that I'll now be heading to in the future. Still - amazing cakes! 


Superb. Reserved for 4 people for dinner, staff are fab - attentive without interrupting, they know the menus and are friendly and chatty too. We ordered 3 dishes per person, hot and cold and shared everything. Put simply, there were foods I have not previous enjoyed that were just divine and we were all converted to liking a new dish come the end of the night! Choosing dessert is a mammoth task - the window is overflowing with them and every looks and sounds so wonderful, choosing really is so hard. £40 each to leave full and happy, knowing it was a healthy balanced meal. One of our dishes was forgotten, but when we raised this a side was bought out on the house alongside the late dish which was greatly appreciated. Would not hesitate to return. Good for vegetarians too - not limited to just one dish based around mushrooms - as so often happens in places!

Great food, nice vibes and nice setting but upon the twice i've eaten in and several times opted to take out the staff are incredibly slow and not all that friendly.


I have visited once for dinner and once for lunch and loved it both times. It´s definitely safer to book for dinner but breakfast and lunch is walk-in only. There are a few individual tables for 2 but most seats are on larger sharing tables.

Everything on the menu is the best possible quality and delicious. There are lots of vegetarian dishes, so a dream for any veggie! My favorite is probably the aubergine which is usually always on the menu in slightly different variations. There are also amazing desserts and a handful of spices and recipe books to purchase for trying your luck at home.


This is truly a top-notch restaurant. I had already visited for breakfast and lunch, but my most recent visit was for dinner. We chose a selection of hot and cold dishes from the menu. Out of the cold dishes we ordered, the nectarine, blue cheese and walnut salad was a stand out. From the hot menu, the courgette flowers were fabulous. Anyone who has walked past Ottolenghi will know about the incredible selection of desserts they have on display in the window; the best one we had on this visit was the baked cheesecake with caramel and macadamias. I would highly recommend this restaurant - dinner is more expensive than breakfast or lunch, but really it's fantastic whatever time you go.

I visited the Islington branch one Friday night not knowing much about the place. I was with some vegetarian friends so just came across it on TripAdvisor. We were seated pretty much immediately (which apparently isn't that likely) and ordered every vegetarian option off the menu. Hands down the best vegetarian food I've ever tried. The combination of unusual and unique spices and flavours was amazing, and it kept me wanting more. The atmosphere that evening was great, busy yet not over crowded. The desserts were equally as mouth watering. I would highly recommend and will definitely be going back!

Staff Writer

Ottolenghi a stalwart of supper street. The window display of cakes and enormous chewy clouds of meringue tempt you in. Once in and queuing it’s a health kick of bold salad platters that show themselves off.

It’s an informal setting which I imagine replicates that rustic dining experience of the med. I love this place.

moderatorStaff Writer

I went here with really high expectations having heard all the rave reviews and enjoyed a dish or two out of the burgeoning Ottolenghi cookery book money machine. Maybe I was expecting too much, whereas in fact I got too little - yes most of the dishes we tried were very tasty (not amazing) but the portions were very much on the small side. Which essentially meant we kept on ordering and the bill kept mounting! I'm not sure i'd hurry back but it's one of those places which is good to have experienced. Just remember to have had a good breakfast that day!

I went with a friend to Ottolenghi. I've tried to go there before, but it is highly recommended to book it, specially during Summer. The wait was worth it. They have the best vegetables I've eaten in my life, tasteful, really well seasoned, cooked to its perfection. I had the Salmon, because the tuna wasn't available anymore, and it was good. My friend had the chicken leg, and she said it was good. But the vegetables, unforgettable. Wine was excellent and I also had one of the best deserts I had in London: A passion fruit pie with merengue, accompanied by an excellent expresso. Take care with the glass door! I saw in two different occasions people hit their faces on the door - and it makes a huge noise inside the restaurant, besides it is dangerous. They should put a stick there. The price is affordable and fair. The quality and amount of food is excellent.

The tantakising window display is enoiugh to draw you in as you may pass on the 43 bus, or are taking a stroll along upper street. The spread is what some would say, a mouth watering, jaw dropping drool moment! The concept of this unique food served in a cute and fresh location is mesmorising! The food was delish and interesting, something new and different flavour you may have never tasted before (especially not on a high street). The culture of the restaurant (if you choose to eat here, if not you can get it take tempting for a cheeky weekend treat) is superb, long tables so you may be seated next to people who love to have a chat or sit alone on smaller tables. everyone in the place is also in drool mode, just being in awe of the spread out front, not to mention the hot selection from the kitchen. Breakfast is a must here! and don't be alarmed by the line, it truly is worth it! you have to eat here!

Food delicious - as always. I eat here often for brunch or in the evenings, but usually avoid the lunch time queues. Made an exception today as an out of town friend was very keen to eat here and was very impressed with the service. We were told there was a 20 min wait, but were seated within about 10 mins with regular updates. Friendly service and the prices, while not cheap, are much the same as my nearest (gentrified) pub.

Well. The food is fine. That's about all I can say. It's not great. The hummus that they are famed for was obviously not tasted by the chef as it obviously desperately needed lemon juice. The poppy seed cornbread was heaven though. The chairs are ridiculously low for the tables which means everyone is straining to use their cutlery. Style over substance! It's the first restaurant that I have been to where they don't ask you how your meal was. It seems they have been carried away with their early success,

One of the best places to eat in Islington. Highly recommended for breakfast or lunch, especially in the week when less busy... And the cakes are great to take away for special gifts.

We went to Ottolenghi's one evening at the suggestion of my wife who had read his books and is unlike me really into vegetarian cuisine. We had a lovely intimate candle lit table in the corner and the service from our young American waiter was,efficient,attentive, engaging and personable. Much of the seating is in long tables beautifully lit by silver candelabra..Our friends said they met a really interesting couple as a result, but if you want intimacy I suggest you book well in advance. The food, which was very fresh with some of it on display, is offered in a series of tapas sized dishes with both cold (from the counter) and hot(from the kitchen and taking longer to serve ) choices. These include.both meat and fish options as well as vegetarian. All the dishes were imaginative and superbly cooked/presented. I found my palate being delighted with taste combinations unique in my experience and they really worked! A real culinary adventure! They accidentally served us with one wrong dish(which proved to be very tasty) and when we casually pointed this out gave us an additional one on the house.without us even asking.My favourite vegetarian dish of the four was the Figs with pecorino,spicy macademia, mixed leaves and orange blossom dressing. My choice of our meat and fish dishes would be the Urfu chilli marinated lamb rump with aubergine garlic confit, nigella seeds and pickled apricot and carrot. Cold dishes varied in price from £8- £9.80 and hot from £10-12. the food was light enough for us choose and enjoy from an enticing range of sweets. The only downside was the wine list which was seriously overpriced. i was offered the almost same bottle of wine(albeit two years younger) the following night elsewhere at half the price. nevertheless this was a very enjoyable evening and we will definitely return next time we are in London. Judging from some of the faces seen in the restaurant it is gaining a first class reputation and based on our experience deservedly so!

What a rip off. Cooking is beautiful - no doubt about it - inventive and delicious - but no where on the website did it ever tell you that these prices are attached to tiny tapas size portions. It was truly shocking. I don't know if it is less expensive to order take away, but why punish the diners who decide to stay? The waitress cheerily told us that she always recommends that people get 5 dishes each (OK, if you don't mind paying close to £60 for salad and some warm dishes - good on you) but the rest of us will have to try to recreate these in normal size portions at home - buy the cookbook and don't bother with the restaurant.

The food is good, full-stop! We have the cookbooks at home and I've given them as gifts to international guests. I've bought cakes and salads as take-away's before and been for a 'table booked in advance' dinner service a few times and the food was always excellent. My upset is not with the quality of food, but with the poor and arrogant service who think nothing of keeping customers waiting (standing) for OVER an hour on a Sunday for lunch. Otto Lenghi don't take bookings for lunch, so people wait for as long as it takes. We were told we would be seated within 20min-30min. Nobody came to give us an update, asked us if we wanted to drink something, have a look at the menu etc. After what seemed like an eternity people left, it should have been our turn to be seated- finally, but the staff seemed in no rush to clear the table so we waited another 10min. Finally we were lead the table. I would have left ages ago but my friend wanted to stay and so I decided to make the most of it. What followed was the most unfriendly service I have experienced in a long time. On top of that we sat near the Air-Conditioning and I had freezing cold air blowing on my head. In short, the whole experience was a nightmare! Otto Lenghi seems to be falling short off their previous greatness. Maybe business is so good that they no longer care about customer service and experience? As more and more people pile into the place and happily spend their precious weekend waiting I wonder, am I the only one who expects a bit more for my money? A smile. A friendly waitress? Fast service? Someone who asks ' is everything to your satisfaction'? Good food alone is just not good enough, I'm sorry. To be fair I should say that when we complained whilst paying our bill (all I wanted was to get out of there asap - new customers in the waiting docks only too happy to take our seats) the manager did handle the complaint well, being very professional and offering us a free cake for desert which we agreed to take with us. That was at last a glimpse of customer service but as far as I am concerned 'too little, too late'. I will NEVER go back for lunch-service unless Otto Lenghi start taking bookings, handle the waiting system better and generally train their staff better. The staff in Pret a Manger are better trained and friendlier for Christ sake.

I went there on Monday night to celebrate my friend's birthday. I was surprised at how crowded it was for a Monday night, and we had to vacate our 7pm booking by 9pm to make way for the next sitting. We were totally gobsmacked at how expensive it was. The food, whilst delicious, averaged around £12 for a small, starter sized portion. To have a decent meal you would need three or four portions per head - which would have come to far more we had expected to pay. The cheapest bottle of wine (also delicious) was £19. The service was OK but nothing special. I really recommend Le Mercury across the road - equally delicious food and about a third of the price.

I will strictly limit this review to those items (among those I tasted) for which objective standards of execution and presentation exist: a quiche and a pain au chocolat. One of the basic requirements of a quiche is that it should not be soggy; and soggy, unfortunately, was exactly what the quiche at Ottolenghi was: water from the vegetables had soaked the pastry. There are a number of ways to ensure this does not happen; it would not make sense to go into them here, except to state that all are easily accessible even to beginner cooks. That the kitchen staff at Ottolenghi should not have been taught them–or should not have not bothered to put them into practice–is really unfortunate. The pain au chocolat was excellent: it had evidently been cooked with superior-quality ingredients, and you could most definitely taste it. It was of course more expensive than what you can get in an ordinary bakery, but the product was, simply, incomparable. Unluckily it–like the quiche and all the food in the shop–was served at room temperature (I did ask for it to be warmed up, and was told this could not be arranged). As anybody can attest, the temperature at which a food is served affects the taste, flavour and texture of the food, and thus the overall experience, in a very considerable way. Of course, Ottolenghi can maintain that all the dishes he invented are meant to be enjoyed at exactly the temperature of his shop, which is indeed kept at that level expressly to bring out their unique personalities (however, in that case, it is quite surprising that in his books he should so often remind the reader to serve the food hot); however, serving quiches and pains au chocolat at room temperature is a serious solecism. I can imagine that it would be inconvenient for the staff at busy times to have to warm up all the food that is to be eaten warm (and the workflow–as well as parts of the shop–would probably have to be redesigned to make this possible) but that is what happens in eating places, from the humblest of charcuteries to the best-reviewed restaurants, all over the world (indeed, from the time fire was discovered, making it possible to eat warm food, our species has never looked back!) . And it happens for a reason. Creativity is one thing, rewriting universal rules to suit one's own convenience is quite another. People do not flock to Ottolenghi to have a quick lunch: what they are led to expect is a superior food experience; I found this evident disregard for the customer's enjoyment deeply disappointing.

What is all this slamming at the customer service? I went there last week and was treated very very lovely. Our waiter was very kind, expained the menue and also kept on filling up our water glasses without further ado. The food was excellent!

We had been before and enjoyed our meal but on this particular evening we were treated very rudely. We just wanted a quick bite to eat before a theatre trip but were spoken to very rudely by the front of house chap. My daughter said I should have answered back but this was supposed to be a nice evening out. In the end we walked out and had a lovely meal at the Italian reataurant over the road. The staff there were delightful and could teach the people at Ottolenghi's some manners!

I have been to Ottolenghis several times - when it has been good, it has been excellent, but when it has been bad, it has been downright horrible. My first few visits resulted in uniformly great experiences. I went there for lunch, found it to be very good value for money and recommended it to all my vegetarian friends because the quality of many of the augergine-based dishes in particular was exceptional. But I have to offer some rather big caveats. Service has been variable, with staff occasionally seeming harried or uncaring. That said, the lady in charge during our last two visits, who also seated us, was extremely friendly and professional. The real bugbears though involve the high cost of a visit for an evening meal - TimeOut should not be suggesting that it is cheap - and the fact that we have been left with dodgy stomachs from the cakes on two occasions now. Where the latter is concerned, to the restaurant's credit, they gave us a gift certificate when we complained but the same thing has happened again. I really think that they must protect the cakes from exposure and I suspect that cakes are left out all day. Despite these experiences, I would still recommend the restaurant but I would stick to lunches and avoid everything else.

I agree with this review of Ottolenghi almost completely. I must admit that this is my favourite restaurant in London, but there is a big inaccuracy in this feature. Ottolenghi is not cheap. Breakfasts and lunches are affordable and the rating for those is correct. But dinners are expensive. It is true that the price for main courses is £8-£10, but one needs at least 3 of these per person. If you add up wine, the bill will increase. I would recommend to go there and dine even if this is not cheap. It is absolutely worth it.

After many, many months of drooling over Yottam's Guardian recipies, we finally got to eat here ( we live far, far away, in distant sticks) - and the whole experience was divine. I applaud Chris ( previous reviewer) and see exactly why he left such comments - some people you couldn't please if you gave them money. Well done, Yottam and staff, we'll be back !

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