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Pizza Union

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5 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

Billing itself as a ‘superveloce Italiana’, this industrial-looking canteen really does serve pizza pronto. It’s busiest at lunch, luring City workers and business students from the adjacent UEA London. A flashing buzzer summoned us to the counter to collect ours less than four minutes after ordering.

The menu lists all the classics alongside a couple of more recent immigrants, such as the bianca, free of tomato and with great rosemary and garlic pungency. Baked in the large igloo-like oven, the pizza bases we tried were uniformly thin and light with a crisp crust. The creamy mascarpone on a Toscana was a great foil to spicy Calabrian 'nduja sausage spread and peppery rocket. The still-runny egg yolk of a capricciosa was seasoned nicely by the salty capers and olives that accompanied it, although perhaps it could have been improved with a twist of black pepper.

Desserts are limited to serve-yourself tubs of ice cream supplied by London gelateria Gelupo, and folded pizza alla cioccolata, stuffed with nutella and mascarpone.

Pizza Union isn’t ideal for intimate dates – the exposed breezeblock walls, ceiling vents, concrete floors, chipboard cladding and long wooden plank tables are a bear-hug embrace to industrial décor. But if you’re simply looking for good fast food, the pizza makes it a must if you’re nearby.

by Nick Amato



Address: 25 Sandy's Row
E1 7HW
Transport: Tube: Liverpool Street
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5 out of 5 stars

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Fast, fresh and fabulous. Pizza without a fuss. The menu offers a wide array of mix and match for fussy and adventurous eaters at a great price. The pizzas are filling and tasty and though it may take a while to get your order when buys it’s worth the wait.


If you are around Spitalfields area and you want a cheap pizza this is the right place for you. It's not a typical italian pizza but the toppings are good quality ones. 

I personally don't like it that much because is too thin and crispy.


I have tried a lot of pizza in London, and this by far exceeds all others as my favourite. It is simple, yet delicious. Really great for any number of people as you order at the bar, and collect your own pizza once its cooked (alerted via a vibrating disc). 

Above all, (if its your kind of thing) you must try the garlic sauce. There is a tonne of them near the till, just grab one or six before you pay and you will not regret it.

The pizza itself is great, its thin and crispy while still retaining a great crust and not being too sloppy. While I love other places for pizza in London, this has been the most consistently good place I have been to.

Pro Tip: If you are on a budget share a pizza and a garlic pizza bread - the garlic bread is super cheap but its the same size as the pizzas. 

Best pizza in London. Unpretentious, quick but most important incredibly delicious!! It's the one pizza joint you can't get sick of and keeps you coming back. On top of that they sell Odonno's gelato which is incredible and it's actually cheap!! The King's X one does do better pizzas than the Spitalfields one though.


Fresh pizza very close to Liverpool station, serves a number of simple yet delicious pizzas. Often here during a lunch or a quick after work catch up with friends and don't fancy spending a lot. Reasonable portion sizes, and if you still have space for dessert try the cannoli pastry it's super YUM. 


My go-to lunch / dinner spot when I am in the City and on a budget. I even had my birthday dinner here and didn't need to book - there are always seats free, as the place is pretty big and offers indoor & outside seating. The queue is usually quite long (especially during lunch and dinner), but goes down really quick & in no time at all you'll be stuffing your face. 

Super casual place with nice staff. The most expensive pizza on the menu is £6.50, plus £1 for any extra toppings. The Pizza is thin, crispy and o so tasty. I recommend the garlic dip at the till. 



Thin, crispy, cheesy, yummy, greatness. This place is a revelation. One giant pizza oven takes centre stage and lets you know that the focus here is quick proper pizza. And by quick I mean we waited 5 mins late on a Friday night.

The pizza is delicious and simple, with a range of authentic Italian and American toppings. Yes I had pineapple on mine and it was delicious and even though I know an Italian would never put pineapple on a pizza it tasted like a proper Italian Pizza! The garlic dip also went down well.

You can have a beer, you can have a fancy soft drink. The price point is perfect. The atmosphere is young trendy European without feeling intimidating. People are just eating their pizza then moving on. What more could you want?


Great pizza although the options are pretty boring compared to other pizza places. Also dinking a star because I would be charged £1 for having the onions replaced by something else. Seriously, that is just gouging the customer as it costs you NO extra to just switch an ingredient. So I ended up just getting the Giordano sans onions. Very tasty, thin crust pizza with fresh tomato sauce and a healthy amount of yellow pepper topping. Also cheapppp!!! £5.95 for a 12-inch pizza is a steal.


If you're looking for a no-messing around pizza experience, look no further. Tucked away beside Spitalfields and Petticoat lane markets, this is a gastronomical treat. 

The atmosphere is 'hang-out' in feel and not too dissimilar from a trendy youth hostel with long benches to accommodate large groups of friends or a couple grabbing dinner on the way home.

The neon lights of Superveloce Italiana saturates diners in a pink glow and the accompanying sounds of pizza's being slid in and out of the oven mixed with contemporary beats, lifts the industrial decor and high, open plan restaurant.

There's a great range of pizzas at an unbelievably good value with most costing around £5. There are dips on offer as well and I'd highly recommend both the chilli and onion & garlic dip - at just 50p each, why not?

Aside from the crisp-based, generously topped pizza sensations, you can get your hands on snacks, soft drinks and a range of alcoholic tipples but let's not forget about dessert. In a fridge beside the counter are some super smooth and tasty gelatos. Flavours include pistachio, cookies and cream, peanut butter and vanilla. If you enjoy a sweet treat after the main event, I'd definitely recommend picking up a pot or two. Similarly, the Classico (warm dough ring with nutella and mascarpone) is an indulgent sensation and not to be missed.

Top tip: Go with an appetite and buy your gelato at the same time as making your pizza order - your hands and plastic spoon will thank you when it's time for dessert.


Quick, easy, cheap, delicious pizza! Won't disappoint! No table service – just stand in line, order your pizza and they'll give your a buzzer that will go off when your pizza is ready.

I highly recommend their Fiorentina and Fungi, Ooo and not forgetting their yummy chilli sauce! Delish!


After being bombarded with Instagram shots of all my friends going here I knew I had to take measures into my own hands!

Damn!!! Reasonably priced is an understatement... Cheap and cheerful is more like it. I don't think there's another spot in London serving up delicious pizza's at this price! Starting from £3.95 to no more than £5-6 ..

So so so delicious I'm breathing hard just thinking about it!

You don't wait long for your food either which is life saving !! Highly recommended


What a fantastic pizza joint near Spitalfields – eat in on long communal wood tables or takeaway!

No table service – just get in the queue, order your pizza (basic margarita is £3.95 and they go up to £6.50), add extra toppings if you like, pay and receive a device that buzzes when your pizza is ready. As you pay, you can see the pizzas being prepared and put in fire baked ovens. Quick, efficient service.

I loved the simple menu and opted for double pepperoni with extra spicy sausage and a san pellegrino, which came to £8.50 – bargain. Thin, crispy and flavoursome without being too greasy or stodgy, it was one of the best pizzas I have had in London. My colleague has a gluten free diet and said it was one of the best pizza’s she had ever had. Recommended!!


Pizza Union is way more than a cheap and cheerful fast food joint - yes it is cheap, and yes it is cheerful, but it's also really great tasting authentic pizza, from a good menu and in great location. Very fast, very tasty, and they don't scrimp on the toppings. 

The only thing I'd say is... there are no anchovies anywhere on the menu, which meant that I couldn't have my usual order of Fiorentina with anchovies (try it!!) and the menu is only displayed high above the counter, so my short sighted friend couldn't actually read it. Some printed menus on the table would help. But all in all, this place is great. Will be back again. And again. 


This place is an absolute bargain and speed station. The menu does not lie about the 'Superfast 12" Pizzas' they are quick and start from £3.95 for a maggie up to £6.50 for a meat feast. I had the funghi and it was delicious, especially after adding chilli flakes and oil. Expect thin and crispy fire-baked pizzas that hit the spot, nothing spectacular, but delicious nonetheless (how can you really go too wrong with pizza?!) Another reason we headed here was for their £16 bottles of prosecco - such a steal, especially around the area! Unfortunately, this excitement was short lived as all the prosecco and beers were served to us at room temperature! Not great! If they can sort out chilling their beverages, I would definitely up this rating!!  


I just love pizza Union. The vibe of the place, the speed at what you get your food, the service, the garlic dip, the prices, and, of course, the pizza! Great selection of pizzas, nothing extraordinary but simply delicious and £4-£6 each. The size is perfect for one person, you'll be more than pleased. Plus it's ready in just under 5 minutes! Amazing value for money, I keep coming here every now and then.

Horrible customer service. I ordered the "Bianca" basically garlic cheese bread, when I asked for a side of tomato sauce in a tiny cup the cashier stated that they would not do that. I proceeded to ask why and was told that if she did that for me then a line would extend outside and cause a problem. WHAT A JOKE! You are a restaurant, act like it. Needless to say, I would rather support Dominoes!


It offers a range of pizzas at exceptional value. Pizza's are very good, without being outstanding, but it is marked out by how cheap it is. If you are on a budget this is the place for you. You can get a pizza to eat in-restaurant for about £5-6 and they are good quality and a decent size.

Would thoroughly recommend.

On a quest for the best pizza in London I came across this place. Canteen style tables with stools line a large space with an industrial feel. Pizzas are ordered at the counter, and arrived quickly after. Thin, crispy and utterly delicious, they were fabulous and I would be happy to put this place as on of my top ones. Also, it is super cheap with the pizzas coming in at around £6-8. There are pots of gelato for pudding, which finished off the meal nicely. A great option if you're looking for tasty food on a budget. 


Pizza Union has long beckoned me in with its super-sharp branding and promising industrial-type space, but I'd never yet got around to it. On arrival the queue was daunting, but the menu was long enough to while away the wait. My Hawaiian took slightly longer than expected, but still under 10 minutes. The pizza... Was fine. Not the best (not up to Pilgrims' standard) but not the worst. And cheap! So definitely worth it for a quick lunch, but not the top pizza joint in town.


This is a fast food pizza joint in a modern and industrial chic space. You can go out, have a pizza and a glass of wine and come away with change from a tenner. AND the pizza is pretty damn good.

I went with a group of seven friends. The thin long table wasn’t conducive to having a group chat and nor was the buzzer which went off letting you know that your food was ready to be picked up meaning our party kept getting up and down. But this is why I got change from my tenner – they’re cutting their overheads to a minimum. No table service here.

The pizza itself was great. It’s thin and not overladen with toppings but still filling enough to make you feel pretty stuffed by the end. You can make your own pizza or choose one of theirs – I had the Calabria – a combination of spicy sausage and mascarpone cheese washed down with a decent glass of house red wine.

This place is great if you are in a rush, on a budget or like pizza. 


What a nice treat! Didn't really expect anything one way or the other. I was pleasantly surprised. The crust was excellent and there was a nice topping selection and reasonable prices! Definitely will go back!


Starting a new job means a lot of things: Making new friends, getting to know the new procedures and most importantly, finding the go to hot spots for lunch. Luckily for me and my hip happening new job they have a sort of whatsapp group for internal employees called ‘non chain lunch hot spots’. I had a hour, I’ll have an adventure like the KFC advert- maybe meet a guy, we’ll have an fun packed 45 minutes culminating in us getting hitched at the local town hall with stolen M&S flowers and a Haribo ring. Maybe not.

Taking a stroll past McDonalds, I walk aimlessly towards food that I cannot smell, menus that I have not yet read but people are rushing past me nonetheless. This isn’t the morning rush hour guys, I got an hour to kill- I am taking my sweet time. 2 minutes later I realise they’re all rushing towards the same place, turning left into the abyss- Is it Narnia? Is it a fortress of solitude? Food heaven or food hell? I turn left too and I’m faced with pizza. I wasn’t even craving it till I walked into Pizza Union. The seats look like a school canteen, the décor looks unfinished- I think that’s the aim. The ‘shabby chic’ generation. 

Union is full of suits and the 9-5 drones, stuffing their faces trying to beat the hour to get back to their desk. Yes I know I am one of them right now and I shall embrace it wholeheartedly. I pay for my food and as I receive my change I also received a square electronic coaster. The woman smiles and gets the next customers order. What is this contraption? Am I to rest my diet coke on it? Do I bite into it? No instructions? No nothing?

Fine. I’ll take my seat and act as if I know what I’m doing and that I’ve been here many times before. I whip out my book and open my diet coke and in less than 5 minutes the electronic coaster buzzes into life. Ah! PIZZA TIME. I walk to the till where a beautiful man points me towards another beautiful man (there are a lot of hot men working here)

The kind gentleman takes my buzzing coaster and hands me my pizza. I feel like a child, at lunch time getting plate, walking nervously back to my seat. Excited yet apprehensive.  Could I eat a 12 inch in the space of an hour? Challenge accepted.

I did it, with 10 minutes to spare, the dough was soft and flavoursome, the toppings were lovely. 12 inch is just the right size, the quality of pizza within the short amount of time it took to make it is great. I will definitely be going there again. 


Looking at the long menu of 12 inch stone baked pizzas at Pizza Union, I opted for a Margherita with pineapple and mushrooms (my veggie version of a Hawaiian). My dining companion who is also vegetarian went for the Formaggi which combined mozzarella, mascarpone, gorgonzola and parmesan. On a side note, parmesan is not technically vegetarian but as Pizza Union have listed this pizza as a veggie option it would suggest that they have used a vegetarian alternative to parmesan.

We also ordered a bottle of white wine and bought some of the spicy dried corn bites from the counter. We found some seats and took our buzzer expecting a wait but the red light flashed before we knew it and we went to the counter to collect our pizzas. I was truly impressed with the quality of the pizzas. I felt that my companion’s was better than mine but I should have guessed since cheese makes everything better. However the flavours and the base were delicious and we had no complaints at all.

For dessert, Pizza Union offer Dolce which is a warm dough ring with various options for additions. We tried the Classico which consisted of Nutella and mascarpone and as a lover of Nutella it was scrumptious! They also offer a variety of Cannolis at the pay station which looked ideal for a lighter dessert.


Popping in straight from work and starved, I was pleasantly surprised by how quick the service was at Pizza Union. Five to ten minutes after ordering I was stuffing a steaming Funghi pizza into my face, and it really was delicious. A thin base with plenty of mozzarella, mushrooms and thyme, not only did it make my stomach happy, but my bank account too – it was a steal at £4.95! Next time I’m going all out with one of their warm Nutella dough rings – that sounds heavenly.


Big fan of pizza union - which completely turns my usual dinner plans on their head. This cheap, fast style joint makes delicious pizzas - you sit on haphazard long tables, and you get a buzzer to know when your pizza is ready. It's not especially glamorous and everybody gets their food when it's ready - not at the same time. It's surprisingly easy to host a group here (we were about 12 people) - and we pre booked a table. 

So let me just recap - it's:

a) cheap (like a fiver) 

b) you can book 

c) the food is top dollar 

d) stress free 

e) a nice atmosphere

f) they serve drinks like beer and prosecco (hurrah) 

Love it here. I will be back.


Great pizzas at great prices.... Extremely fast service. The idea place to go for a quick work lunch! 

I just discovered this place a few weeks ago - been back already 3 times. Haven't seen anything like it - hits the spot in every way - excellent pizzas, super-quick, unbelievable value, and really cool vibe. Your own 12" thin crust pizza roman-style with awesome toppings like N'duja. I especially recommend the dessert Pizza Cioccolata with Nutella and mascarpone - addictive!

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