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Red Dog Saloon

Restaurants, American Hoxton
3 out of 5 stars
(34user reviews)

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Red Dog is a barbecue restaurant featuring pulled pork, brisket and ribs. There are also sandwiches and a large selection of burgers, and a few 'whole joints' for sharing by  groups of 6-9. 




Address: 37 Hoxton Square
N1 6NN
Transport: Tube: Old St tube/rail
Price: Meal for two with drinks and service: around £50.
Opening hours: Mon-Wed noon-11pm; Thur, Fri noon-midnight; Sat 10am-midnight; Sun noon-10.30pm
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Users say (34)

3 out of 5 stars

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2.8 / 5

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Casual Burger restaurant with very tasty food!

I fancy myself as a burger fanatic. I've been living in London for a very long time and love to try as many establishments/pop ups/street stall burgers. I live quite close to this restaurant so I've been 3 times in as many months. This is one of 2 restaurants in London that I frequent, along with the Meat Liquor/Meat Mission restaurants.

Like a number of people I went here as It's in Hoxton Square and i'd walked past it nearly 50 times before going inside.

The appearance is a standard 'American Burger Shack' design. Basically it looks quite wooden. But that means that it's already a relaxing environment to eat in. Now- DOWN TO THE FOOD:

The chips are pretty standard BUT one of the few reasons why I've been back 3 times is for the Texas Chilli Cheese Fries. Imagine fries smothered in nacho & stringy cheese with pulled pork and jalapenos. It's simply delicious. It's food you want to eat, it's cheesy, sexy ad beautiful! I don't mind losing a notch on my belt for this!

THE BURGERS: They're pretty good! 7.5/10

The bread is soft, not stale, and fits well with the size of the burger patties that slot in between.

The burger patties are seasoned and thick, so if you're looking to pig out the burger size won't let you down.

The topping are very good. If you can pick a burger that is topped with pulled pork you can doe happy

The pulled pork at this place is soft and divine. Simple.


Black and blue is a classic burger with blue cheese, just enough to really give your burger a great kick and send your taste buds wild.

The Double Trouble- 12oz of beef with cheese, onions and Chipotle mayo- 'Nuff said'!

Service has always been very good for me

Variety of wine and beers available at a standard price for the Hoxton/Shoreditch area.

If you like a big old fashioned sexy burger- Definitely worth a visit


A group of 4 of us visited here on Saturday evening without a booking, as you can imagine the whole of Shoreditch was buzzing after England winning the football, however there was plenty of space in this restaurant. I ordered the chicken burger which tasted good, along with fries which were very average. One of our party was desperate to try the brisket (it was the third time he'd had brisket that week) and generally he wasn't that impressed. The staff were friendly but service fairly slow, prices are above average for burgers and chips in London. If you're popping in for a quick bite to eat for a burger i'd go to Byron. As has been said before this place is good - average. its not great and I wouldn't go out of my way to revisit. 


I've been to so many good BBQ places in London recently I'm actually finding it hard to distinguish between them. What I do remember is whether they are good or not. This one is good but not great.

We shared some thick crispy oozy mozzarella sticks that came with a super fresh tomato sauce and some small but pretty crispy Korean wings to start. Both hit the spot.

It was pulled pork all round for mains - I was happy with the big soft chunks of meat although needed a lot more BBQ sauce, which luckily comes on the table. The meat was tender with no chewy fat to be found but not particularly smoky ( maybe it wasn't meant to be). We went simple with sides of fries and coleslaw, I've learnt the hard way to prioritise meat at the BBQ. The portions weren't as over the top as some places and I managed to eat most of my meal without needing to be rolled out. But even with just a single portion of meat it was still really expensive. I felt like I mainly paid for sides. There are plenty of bigger dishes on the menus though if you're looking for and opportunity to gorge - just be prepared to pay. The burgers passing by looked epic so will definitely be trying one on my next visit.

It was busy on a Friday night and we were told we just had a small window to eat before they were fully booked. There were plenty of tables all night so felt that rushing us was a bit off but if you want to be safe book in advance and come hungry.


I've been coming here for several years. However, on this occasion would be for serious business, namely attempting the Devastator challenge. This involves bolting down a burger containing three beef patties, six bacon rashers, six slices of cheese and pulled pork along with fries and a shake in under ten minutes. I found a willing accomplice who was willing to (temporarily) forgo their hitherto healthy start to the year. 

Despite reserving the table a week in advance and mentioning the Devastator challenge, only one oversized burger turned up. This error was put down to a new till system being introduced. This only  prolonged the sense of anticipation and dread. We had to wait ten minutes before we could start our first ever official eating challenge.

With regards to the 'normal' menu, we found that the wings were dry, cold and lacked flavour. They had to be sent back.

Suffice to say, you won't find our faces on the Hall of Fame for completing the challenge. Overall, the menu is overpriced and you can certainly find better food in Hoxton. However, we were here for our eating challenge and there's usually around three fearless volunteers each day. Special mention must go to Kris, who did his best to rectify the errors and Adrian, who acted as a cheerleader during our ultimately doomed attempt. 

What we lost in face, we gained in calories (3,000) and a smart Red Dog Saloon T-Shirt. 


People always talk about the main Red Dog Saloon and their amazing grilled food, not much attention is being paid to the small adjacent diner, often entirely empty and not very encouraging, but I really recommend giving it a try as they serve some decentsandwiches, in a typically American style, they are huge! My favourite is the Po’ Boy with freshly fried catfish in a fantastic crispy corn flour batter, lovely pickles and tasty remoulade sauce. Perfect lunch if you don’t care about calories this January. You can go all the way and order sweet potato fries and a thick shake (option include strawberry shortcake and Jab doughnuts ones). They also serve nice American IPAs which may remind you of surfing in California the previous summer.


Red Dog Saloon is an authentic American BBQ dig that also does brunches and takeaways. They have branches around London but I have the impression this one one in Hoxton is the one everyone visits.

It’s much bigger than it looks. Aside from the outdoor seating area and ground floor which is decked out to look like just like a saloon complete with buffalo skulls (not real, I hope) and other paraphernalia hanging from the walls, there’s a fancy downstairs bar area too.

I’m no foodie but I’d say the food was decent. I attempted the Devastator Challenge and from my vague recollection as I slipped into a food coma, I thought the patties were thick, juicy and tasty. If that burger is reflective of all the other burgers on the menu, then as decent as it was, I think there are other burger joints around London that serve burgers just as good, if not, better. It was also on the more expensive side of the spectrum which is a bummer.

Service wasn’t the greatest either sadly. There was a slight mix-up in the kitchen when my friend’s order wasn’t properly processed meaning we had order and wait a while longer until we were all served. Despite the mistake, the staff were apologetic and gave us a discount by knocking off one the dishes from our bill. Redemption.

It was very quiet on the Thursday night I visited. I do not know if this is a regular occurrence or if it was the awful weather that preceded my visit. Regardless, it always a good idea to book in advance before your visit like any other restaurant.

I had slightly higher hopes for the Saloon. Sadly it didn’t quite live up to the hype and unless you’re up looking for a food challenge (which is freaking tough), then I’d probably look elsewhere for a burger.

Fantastic ribs, chips, burgers are the best in London, especially the Devastator. The pull pork is authentic and delicious, the only let down are the wings which are sloppy and drowning in sauce (not my personal taste) and possibly the price, coming in at a fair bit more than other similar joints.

If you're up for a challenge (or a heart attack) there is the Devastator challenge, not for the faint (or weak) hearted...


Of all the BBQ/American chains in London, Red Dog Saloon for me, is one of the worst. By a long way. Aside from its high prices for food, the dishes are just distinctively average. From the meat to sides to starters, everything that we ate was just average to poor. 

Best dishes were probably the fried chicken or wing sampler. Chicken because it was like KFC (though not as good), and wing sampler because the teriyaki flavour is actually half decent.

Everything else though? Hmmmm no thanks.  Ribs = no flavour and WAY too expensive. Brisket - average but not worth noting. Mac Cheese - didn't taste a huge amount like cheese. Onion rings - had to send them back as they were undercooked and not very nice. Fries - oven chips taste better. Tender Broccoli - wasn't tender and wasn't nice. Desserts were similarly underwhelming - nothing great, and also looked extremely messy! 

And finally, the service was really slow. Our beers came after the food, which itself was already delayed. The serving staff were really friendly and helpful though, especially in helping us sort any problems etc. 

Overall, don't come to Red Dog Saloon. It's not good food and there are plenty of other worthy restaurants in London that provide better service/food, and are more deserving of your money! 


I cannot believe how long it's taken me to try out Red Dog Saloon! Finally I made my way there a few weeks ago and boy have I been missing out. We ordered a platter to start and this was kind of an error. Not because it wasn't tasty but because it was so good, I ate too much of it and couldn't finish my main :( 

We got the platter with catfish, mozzarella dippers and chicken wings. The wings were actually really disappointing. They were dry and tough - even the sauce wasn't great. But the catfish, oh my! It was so good! I've never actually had catfish (or been catfished) before but this has converted me (to loving the food not the online practice of cat fishing. Though I do love the movie...). The mozzarella dippers were also really good, though I guess it's hard to get those wrong. 

By the time my main arrived (chicken and brisket...because they ran out of ribs!! How is that possible?!) I was pretty stuffed. I think the pitcher of Mai Tai we shared may have added to that. The chicken was good - well seasoned and juicy, not at all like the wings - and the brisket was gorgeous. Sweet potato fries were good but again, hard to get wrong and the coleslaw complimented the meal perfectly. Unfortunately, I was too full to finish it and we were going out afterwards so I could bag it up :( a sad, sad day. 

Overall, I enjoyed my meal here and would definitely go back, mainly because I want to try the ribs! However, I wouldn't get a starter or at least not a platter, and certainly wouldn't order the wings again. Also, with the platter and two cocktail jugs it ended up being quite pricey for what you get, so again I would stick to non-platter starters and generally just order less food because the portions are pretty big!


I have an intense love of all things chili.  It is for this reason alone, that I am giving red dog a higher score.  Their wings challenge is not for the faint hearted... and if my 65 year old mum can do it, so can you!

Warning, you'll need to sign a waiver just to try the sauce.

If you're going their for the food, probably avoid and go to byron or bill's around the corner for a more reasonably priced meal.  Alternatively, if you have to get your BBQ americano fix - they have a small take-away sandwich shop right next door that do sandwiches and hotdogs for less than a £10er! Worth it 


Red dog was....ok. That's it. I cant get super excited it, as I think will be abundantly clear by the following. I have been wanting to try it, I have wandered past and thought yep - need to get my arse in there and fill my face with BBQ. And that's just it, it's very very mediocre BBQ. I ordered the pulled pork, and I think if I went again, stick with the ribs, probably the nicest thing on the menu. For £16 you can get a combo - so essentially you get meat, plus two sides. That's alright. The quality - just middlin'. Nothing to get pumped about. It was packed out about 7pm, the service was efficient and the decor, like the food, nondescript. You got enough, fair do's but really - I think there has to be much more special BBQ places in this city. If you find one - pass on the good news.


So so so very disappointing.  I had read so many great reviews (not on here clearly as they very much go the other way) that I was excited to finally visit Red Dog!  I should have managed my own expectations.  The service was painfully slow, the staff seemed to spend more time flirting with each other than seeing to customers, and when we finally got our main course the ribs were dry and the fries were cold.  Maybe we were there on an off day.....reading the reviews below it seems not! 

Red Dog continues to serve the most reliably good burgers in London. Juicy, flavoursome and not at all bad value at around £10, they consistently outperform the other various burger joints in London, for me. Maybe Patty & Bun would give it a run for its money (on a good day), and Honest Burger has the best rosemary fries around, but Red Dog wins overall for me. Which is not bad considering its more famous for its BBQ and wings...10/10 from me!

Really excellent burgers, bbq and wings. Friendly and helpful staff who look like they are happy to be working there and always smiling, plus a great blues/country playlist. Will definitely be back!


Red Dog is one of the favourites, amazing pulled pork, wings and burgers, local microbrewery ales on tap, friendly staff and great venue, plus they've opened a smaller take away style diner next door, as if you haven't reserved a table at their main you may be left waiting some time (weekends). Hoxton Square's always fun to visit too and for those that can stomach it, there's a spicy wings challenge to get stuck into!

I feel compelled to write a review as the below are older and I think this place has gotten it together. We went on a Tuesday night and it was pumping, great atmosphere, a super waiter and awesome food. Price was really reasonable for the food we ate - and we definitely left full! We sampled buffalo wings, a burger, fried chicken and some ribs and all were awesome, along with a giant pitcher of margarita. Definitely recommend it - not the disaster of a place time out described a long time ago!!


I went with my boyfriend on a Saturday nigh because we were in the mood for wings and it was amazing. We can't recommend this place enough, the staff was friendly and helpful and the food was delicious. A lively patio too! We'll be back in no time!

The trendy locations is the only reason why this place still getting customers through it's doors. Staff needs much more training to come close to London standards, website menu offer sandwiches and dogs, but in the restaurant you have only choice of burgers!? Fairly good quality of food, but hey how hard is to do decent burgers these days. For what you get for your money - somewhere in the middle. Visit only if you are out of choice!

Was greeted at the a guy throwing up - no apologies from staff who just matched my slightly surprised look - took the edge off a good burger

If it wasn't for the Spare Ribs, I would bother with this place, but it has to be said that they are good. Unfortunately that where it ends for this restaurant. Terrible service (no pleasentries, no interest, no acknowlegement to be fair). Bodeans have been knocking out decent BBQ food in London for years and are probably under acknowledged in the current 'trend'. The main difference between The Red Dog Saloon and Bodeans, is that Bodeans also exports the American service ethic, which is no bad thing in this instance. It's a shame that Bodeans sometimes over smoke their Spare Ribs, which can make them a little tough, but when they get it right, it's perfection, everything else on the Menu is probably better at Bodeans as standard, including the portion sizes. A note to Red Dog Saloon, when your restaurant first opened I tried to book on a saturday night and was told there would be a 4 week waiting list, I went last night and was seated in 10 minutes. Bodeans has been open for 10 years and there is a 1.5 hour wait for a table every weekend (thank god for the Barrio Central a couple of doors down to keep you entertained during the wait). London has voted with it's feet, in no small part because of the terrible service at Red Dog Saloon.

Appalling service. About as much atmosphere as a pizza chain restaurant in a shopping mall. Lacklustre food - my burger tasted of microwaved Burger King takeaway. Did I mention the service? Do yourself a favour and grab a kebab on the corner rather than wasting your money here. If you really want a burger or barbecue then there are at least 10 other options that do it 100 times better than this place.

A genuinely terrible attempt at a barbecue restaurant. Unauthentic, no atmosphere, and poor service to add to the overpriced, small portions provided. Bodeans is genuinely a million times better. Don't waste your time or money on this place.

Last night I had the worst burger that I've had in a very long time. I don't normally write reviews but this place really takes the piss. The staff were indifferent and rude, the food was worse than average and a pint of beer costs £5. I guess the management rely on the constant foot traffic to fill the place with first timers because I can't imagine anyone going back for a second time. Truly awful.

After booking a table and then being told we could only have it for 1 hour before the next group arrived, we were quickly made to order. The burgers arrived within 5 minutes of placing the order. I ordered the Devestator, mash and firery beans. Everything was cold. The bun appeared to have been microwaved or something... I sent it back and it arrived again Luke warm. Average taste, wouldnt bother going here again. Also, make sure you dont need to use the toilets whilst here.. they are disgusting!

Having tried the best that London has to offer in BBQ and being in the food business myself, initially I found the website appealing and the menu tempting, however, the meal was very disappointing. It took ages for anyone to serve us, finally we were approached by an 18 year old female waitress who was stumped when we asked her about the variation of wings and she said she has to ask somone else, I noticed she then delivered two orders to the wrong tables, basically the management have not got a clue. Luckily Red Saloon receive a steady flow of business, but I am not sure how much repeat business they get, the food was tasteless and the worst burger I have had in a long time. Overall I couldn't wait to get out of there, it cannot be that hard to get it right, can it?

If your after good food, good service and good prices DONT go to red saloon. Read the reviews here, its a very poor experience. Much better at Meat Liquor or Dukes.

Worst meal out in a long time... took 20 minutes for anyone to even notice that we were sat at our table waiting. When a server finally acknowledged us he complained about how he "had been been better, what with working two doubles in a row". Made us feel slightly guilty for even being sat there. Food took an hour to arrive, when it did, one order was wrong, and everything was cold. The pulled pork was dry, and the ribs tough and tasteless. The manager didn't seem particularly bothered when we told him we'd like to leave our food, so we paid the bill for our drinks. Upon leaving a member from the stag do next to us had to be rescued from being sick on our table, we decided to finish our drinks outside. Whilst stood outside, the stag from said party was dragged out by his two friends completely annihilated with trousers round his ankles leaving little to the imagination... a funny story to tell but not my idea of a nice meal out.

Overall the experience was good. It's a great location in a part of London I like to visit. The premises themselves are well decorated, cool (upstairs and downstairs) even on a warm evening, and there are plenty of staff. The atmosphere in the place is good with a lot of chatter and music - you have to almost raise your voice to have a conversation but not so much that you're shouting! We were greeted by the very friendly Maître D, who had a great sense of humour and made jokes about our missing dining partner (3 attended a booking for 4 which was not an issue), and all of the staff were cheerful, attentive and in good humour. Our waiter cocked up the order - first he showed up with no notepad, and was cocky enough to take the order anyway - any good waiter should be able to do this, however the BBQ Wings came out as Buffalo wings - we decided not send them back as we enjoy buffalo wings, and they were damn good wings! Not sure about "best wings in London" but they were almost worthy of the title. Two of us had a rib dinner (5 St Louis cut ribs - seperated, with two sides - choices including beans, meaty beans, mac n cheese, fries, onion rings). One of the rib dinners came out without Fries but with coleslaw instead. Due to immense hunger at this point we decided not to kick up a fuss, and the coleslaw was really good. The ribs were OK - certainly not "award winning", they were tender in places, tough in others, but the flavour was very good. Main criticism was that they were over charred - too much carbon! I'm just not a fan of the st louis cut of Rib, much prefer baby back - so maybe I am biased. Our other dining companion had the "Devastator" burger which is basically 1.5lbs of meat, loads of cheese, sauce all between steamed brioche - I have to say that this looked absolutely incredible. They clearly understand the burger. Overall it was a good experience. We'd go back but we wouldn't have the Ribs again. The burger and wings were superb. Alex.

Rudest hostess ever, made us feel so unwelcome we didn't even stay to find out about the food! Don't go without a reservation.

This place is a victim from success. Too packed! But I do understand why : Food is really good (I have tried few burgers - fries - milkshakes) price is very attractive, while portions are ok. After that you may have to wait a bit to get a seat, and your orders, trust me it worth it! Don't go there if you are in rush

I wish I could say what I thought about the food but after waiting for over an hour for our order we left. Staff were initially apologetic, although disingenuously so, and service deteriorated from there. Atmosphere was lacking. Toilets were pretty grotty. And it felt like there was a complete absence of any management. Plenty of other choices for good American style barbecue in London thankfully.

The food was actually quite good, we thought we would try this place following our old favorite "The Big Easy" going a little downhill. We were excited, we had a guest over from the states, but after getting there, we waited 50mins for drinks, our starters came with our main came out 15mins after the rest. When service is bad it makes you over critical of the food (underseasoned burgers and cooked medium well not med-rare). Pulled pork was great tho! I think the reason for this was our waitress, I'm not sure if she was new or just inept, but she couldn't deal with the complaint, and said they were very busy. I expect they were, it was a Saturday night...not an excuse! The manager apologised, and knocked some money off, which we were not looking for, but eased the experience. I am all about second chances, and will visit again, if I'm over that way, but will not travel from Windsor again for a special occasion! I was really hoping it would be great...maybe next time! I'm sure this was just one of those things.

Things must have changed between your reviewer and my visits. I had buffalo wings and then ribs and it was amazing. Portions were good, large selection of imported beers, great waiting staff and a cool atmosphere. Less cramped and manic than my experience in Bodeans . Great place for a dinner with mates or a celebration. Would recommend, and I'll be back for sure.

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