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Royal China

Restaurants, Chinese Bayswater
2 out of 5 stars
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Royal China (Britta Jaschinski / Time Out)
Britta Jaschinski / Time Out

Time Out says

A stalwart of London’s dim sum parlours, perennially popular for its authentic, perfectly prepared dim sum and fantastic Cantonese/regional Chinese dishes.

This stalwart of London’s dim sum parlours is always a pleasure to visit. Its perennial popularity ensures a lively atmosphere, and its authentic, perfectly prepared little dishes are head and shoulders above most of Chinatown’s lazy offerings. The long dining room at this original Queensway branch is lined in mirrors and black lacquered walls, with depictions of curling waves and geese soaring above.

Some of the capital’s best little packages of Cantonese treats are served here. Beef balls feature wonderfully light ground beef enlivened with strong accents of ginger and water chestnuts. Delicious wun tun soup has light dumplings floating in a rich broth with an undertone of five-spice, adding a depth rarely found in this classic soup. Peruse the special dim sum menu for more innovative dishes: crab and spinach steamed dumplings, and prawn and chive packages in batter were both a delight.

We could happily eat solely from the dim sum list, but the main menu offers fantastic Cantonese and regional Chinese dishes. The shaolin monk vegetarian clay pot contained an outstandingly fresh assortment of Chinese vegetables: bamboo, lotus root, mini pak choi and tofu, all on cellophane noodles.




Address: 13 Queensway
W2 4QJ
Transport: Tube: Bayswater or Queensway
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2 out of 5 stars

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Horrible customer service. Staff were plain rude. Went in the restaurant, told there were no seats and had to wait 15min, that's fine, we waited. I had my parent stay in the restaurant while I look around. When I got back, a family of four people who just came in got seated (we were a group of three, and the only people waiting other then the other family). We asked the restaurant why, the answer we got was that they reserved seats, which is total bs since I saw that exact same family checking out other restaurants before they came in. Anyways, their staff were totally rude and disrespectful to customers.


For the last meal in London with my parents, I picked Royal China because three is a perfect number to have dim sum, and because I was craving some Asian food.

We had lunch at their Queensway branch and shared the following dishes:

  1. Steamed Prawn & Chive Dumpling – A classic steamed dumpling combination and one of my favourites to have in the clear, glutinous skin. I was impressed with how big the pieces of prawns were and how tasty it was. This went great with the chili oil and chili sauce they provided on the side.
  2. Steamed BBQ Pork Buns – My ultimate favourite savoury item from dim sum! I always have to order this or my dim sum meal is incomplete. These were a nice size, filled with large pieces of BBQ pork and had the perfect balance of sweet and savoury in the sauce.
  3. Steamed Sweet Custard Bun – This was a bit of a disappointment because I realised that it didn’t have any salted egg yolk in it, it was just plain sweet custard so the filling was pretty solid. Now I know that I much prefer the steamed bun with salted egg yolk and custard because it has a lovely sweet and savoury flavour and the filling is much more viscous.
  4. Fried Turnip Cake – My mum really liked this and I have to agree! The exterior had a great crisp from being pan-fried, there were large chunks of turnip and pork, and it was delicious overall!
  5. Fried Yam & Pork Dumpling – Another classic that I grew up eating. These were particularly good because the yam skin was thicker than usual, which allowed the dumpling to hold more filling. It came out super crunchy on the outside, still steaming on the inside and was well flavoured.
  6. Chicken Feet – Again, these were rather good because the sauce wasn’t as thick as usual. It was packed with flavour, the red chili slices were actually spicy, and there was just enough black bean taste.
  7. Mini Egg Tarts – I recently started liking these again in the last 1-2 years after tasting some really good ones in Singapore. The ones here were well sized, had a good filling – it set well, I could taste the egg and custard, and it wasn’t overly sweet. The pastry was good too – crumbly but strong enough to hold the filling.
  8. BBQ Pork Cheung Fun – I liked this dish because the pieces of BBQ pork were cut to a good size (enough to give each bite a good chunk), the skin wasn’t too thick, and there was a perfect amount of sauce poured over. I liked the sauce because it has that characteristically sweet and savoury flavour found in Chinese cuisine.

  9. Overall, it was a rather enjoyable experience in terms of the food. I was pretty satisfied with the flavours, the authenticity, and the quantities of all the dishes. The ambiance was nice too, as it really reminded me of Chinese restaurants back in Singapore. It had the characteristically black walls with gold trimmings and yellow lights, a dim interior, and the staff all wore black uniforms. The service was quick, as everything came out within 5 to 10 minutes of us ordering and makes for a great speedy meal if you’re in the area or a leisurely one like I had with my parents.

Outrageous staff, walking around without a care in the world. My wife tried to get one of the staff's attention who's walking towards her and she just have her the hand and without saying a word. A friend of ours also got the hand from the same woman. Never witnessed anything in my life!  All the staff that we've encountered apart from the manager were either rude or dazed!  It's such a shame because the food was tasty but with a service that we experienced it left a bad taste in our mouth. In the end we asked for the service charge to be remove from our bill. Given the situation you'd think that they'll ask why?? Did they £$@*.... Management has some serious staff assessment to do in this place. "Shaking my head while writing this"

Staff Writer

Love this place! Authentic amazing Chinese food! I used to frequent this restaurant quite a bit over the 7 years i lived in the area. Probably the best of the chain. Can be pricy but the food is AMAZING! 

I think the food is good but the portions are small for the price you pay. The staff is rude especially one of the managers that defended his staff's action of kicking the door that leads to the loos and kitchen and hitting my 4-yr old on the face. He said that every restaurant do that (kicking doors open) after I complained. I sent also a complaint by email but never got a response. Needless to say we never went back there again.

Food is not bad shame about the service. Break my heart when |I see restaurant cannot provide a good service.

The Dim Sum was nothing special. The service is poor. Can ge better service and better food elsewhere.

Rude really rude service. Therefore I was rude back. Will never go here again. Food is good though.

Food is ok. But staff seriously need to learn customer service, a simple hello, goodbye and a smile goes a very long way. Puts me off going back.

Good Fresh Dim Sum, One of the worse service I ever received in a restaurant, waiters and waitresses are plain rude. Will not go back, just as well as the attitude of the staff clearly says "We don't need your Business" £60.00 for one person, not exactly cheap.

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I agreed. Nothing special about this restaurant. Poor quality and poor service.

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Shit service. Never going back again. The look on the waiters faces were priceless. It was as if we owed them a living. Poor, poor, experience. Food was so-so.

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I can't review the food because we didn't get in, but the couple in front of us were greeted and sat, then we were not acknowledged and the large group behind us were greeted and sat, and I'm not sure with reservations. The lady greeting people never acknowledged us and then the lady who I think was in charge when we looked shocked just barked 'Fully Booked' at us without actually asking if we had a reservation or not. I felt as though they just didn't like the look of us, sooooo rude, would never go to any of their restaurants, and don't seem to be alone in the opinion.

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