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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

This stylish ex-pop-up from the group behind Bone Daddies and Flesh & Buns, serving East-West fusion food, has now reopened as a permanent restaurant.

If there was a restaurant version of ‘The Apprentice’, an episode might go like this. A sweaty-browed candidate would be standing in front of Suralan, pitching his idea: ‘We’ll call it a pop-up, so people get all excited about it, and if it’s a big hit, then we’ll just make it permanent.’ ‘So it’s not really a pop-up at all?’ ‘No, Suralan. If people don’t like it, we can simply shut up shop and no one will be any the wiser.’ ‘Brilliant, I love it… You’re hired.’

Shakfuyu, from the team behind rock ’n’ roll ramen bar Bone Daddies, is just that kind of genius plan. Billed originally as a ‘long-term pop-up’ (a phrase to raise a cynical eyebrow if ever there was one), it turned into a runaway success. So they’ve done the decent thing and made a long-term commitment to 14a Old Compton Street.

Because, cynicism aside, it’s great. Not perfect, but still everything a hip Londoner would look for in a meal: a sexy setting (shiny tiles, bare bricks and the trademark grungy soundtrack – on our visit, they were playing Pearl Jam); young, cheery staff with obligatory arm-and-everywhere-else tats; and ‘with-a-twist’ dishes. In this case, Japanese. There are large plates too, but everyone comes for the small ones, in particular the soft prawn toast/okonomiyaki (omelette) mash-up, with its sweet, smoky sauce and the sweet-and-sticky battered-then-slathered Korean-style chicken wings. The hard shell taku tacos (which on our visit came filled with tender marinated octopus and creamy avocado, plus lightly pickled cucumber) are a must-order, as is buttery kinako ‘french toast’, which comes with green tea ‘soft serve’ (Mr Whippy-style) ice cream. It’s all reasonably priced, too.

It seems that you can’t keep a good pop-up down, and we’re right glad of it.


Address: 14a Old Compton St
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square or Tottenham Court Rd
Price: Meal for two with drinks and service: around £60.
Opening hours: Mon noon-3pm & 5.30-10pm; Tue-Fri noon-3pm & 5.30-11pm; Sat noon-11pm; Sun and Bank Holidays noon-9pm
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4 out of 5 stars

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Great spot in Soho. An original take on Japanese cuisine and overall agree with everything in the time out review except that the characters on the wall aren't "oddly Chinese". They are Japanese Kanji - which originates from Chinese:

  1. Kanji (漢字; Japanese pronunciation: [kandʑi] listen), or kan'ji, are the adopted logographic Chinese characters (hànzì) that are used in the modern Japanese writing system along with hiragana and katakana."

Not the best Western-styled Japanese tapas. I find that there is a lot of hype behind Shackfuyu but I didn't find the food to match. I came with my friends for dinner last week and among us three, we shared the following dishes:

1. Korean Fried Chicken - The only authentic and tasty dish we ordered. It was a generous portion in terms of how big each chicken wing was, as it included the wing and the mini drumstick. They were well seasoned with the chili paste and flavourful!

2. Calamari - This was rather ordinary but I did like that the pieces were varied in size. A few of the pieces at the bottom were too greasy and the batter was soggy. 

3. Crispy Duck Bao Bun - This was an interesting choice of meat to put into a bao bun, which surprisingly worked well. The duck was cooked well - it was tender and pulled apart very easily. However, the sauce was too citrus-y for my liking, it tasted more like marmalade than a Hoisin or plum sauce. 

4. Prawn Toast - An interesting rendition of the Chinese starter of Prawn Toast. It was topped with the traditional Japanese Okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flakes. It was tasty but I thought the prawn toast was too greasy. 

5. Soft Shell Crab - Although these came in the perfect number for us three, they were once again soggy. The batter was too greasy in certain areas and took away from the fun of biting into a crunchy shell. 

Overall, I thought the prices were too high for the average quality of food. The servings were small considering the prices, with the Korean Fried Chicken being the only reasonably priced dish we ordered (hence my 3-star rating). I think that this place is a little overrated and I won't be coming back, as there are definitely better fusion restaurants out there. The service was good, as I was seated at my reserved table immediately but it was hard at times to grab the waiter's attention to order food and to pay at the end of our meal. 


Probably my least favourite restaurant of the 'Bone Daddies' group, but still decent fare. The bimbibap was quite good as was the fried soft-shell crab. I wouldn't return anytime soon, but thats only because Flesh & Buns is so close by and so much better. 


A mixed review for me. I love Japanese and Korean food but found some of the savoury dishes too salty. I will definitely go back and try more. However, if you're in the area and short on time; skip the mains and go straight for the Kazuto French toast with matcha icecream - just WOW! Comfort food at it's best. Accompany with the suzu Margarita and you're in love!


Another bonedaddies establishment that puts a spin on Japanese and Korean cuisine.

What we had:

  • tako tacos with octopus, shiso avocado, gochujang
  • fried softshell crab
  • duck gyoza dumplings
  • aubergine with 4 miso, bubu arare
  • grilled mushrooms with spicy miso butter
  • hot stone rice beef bibimbap with sesame, chilli, and sweetcorn

We may have been quite ambitious in our ordering for two, though we can’t be blamed as we were famished. The tako tacos, duck gyoza and the soft shell crab weren’t all that inspiring, however the aubergine and the grilled mushrooms were very flavoursome; albeit presentation wasn’t really a strong point. The hot stone rice was good; however I felt it was (as were all the other dishes) a little greasy. Overall, the food I felt was fairly average given the pricing, but the service is absolutely faultless and friendly. I would recommend the express menu (£22) and tasting menu (£30) instead which works out cheaper than ordering a la carte.

Tip: a rice main and 3 side dishes would really be adequate for two people

Good For: date night, something different, small groups, catching up with friends, casual dinner/ lunch.


I will declare that I am not a huge fan of asian cuisine but I am open to try new restaurants. The service was polite and prompt, the drinks were quick to arrive and, if not a tad on the small size, original and refreshing. The food was well prepared and was certainly tasty but I think that this restaurant is a tad over hyped. Good but nothing special.


This has been on my list of places to visit for a while and I finally managed to get here last week. My friend and I were running late but the staff couldn't be more helpful when we finally arrived. The service is impeccable and very quick, although this is needed as they have plenty of customers trying to last minute tables. We started off with pork neck skewers which were rich and tender and duck gyoza served on what I think was a type of pancake. Instead of mains my friend and I decided to share a few small plates; one of which was the Korean fried chicken. The portion (and the wings themselves) were huge and the sauce was sticky with just the right amount of spice. Even though we were both stuffed, we decided to share the infamous french toast and matcha ice cream which was out of this world! Drinks were also great; we both had the frozen margarita and were very quick to arrive at our table. I'll definitely be returning soon!

We love coming here for the aubergine dish, the kinako toast which i think is best shared and the yuzu margarita, salt rimmed for sure! I also love that the floor manager is super flexible and is happy to accommodate us everytime (we don't mind standing)!

Thought to pop here for a quick lunch as recommended to do so my colleagues. Lovely venue and was surprised to see how busy it was for a mid-week lunch time. Managed to get a spot in the window seats and noticed was a constant stream of people who knew better than me and booked in advance. Even though it was busy, it didn’t feel crowded or rushed.

We tried the buns and they were good. Could have eaten more of them without thinking. The buttermilk chicken had a lovely spicy kick to it, suitable messy to mop up with bun. My colleague raved about the beef short rib. Also tried some tasty prawn toast…not so sure about the crispy fishy topping it came with but a delicious treat awaits underneath.

Will be going back…will remember to book in advance next time.


Kinako French toast with soft whipped matcha ice cream, oh how I've longed for you... We went for the tasting menu because... Well, why not? The Korean fried wings were saucy and meaty but the rest of the dishes didn't really stand out for me. I was only after dessert anyway, saving the best for last.

Even though we were stuffed, I always seem to find room for this. The French toast is not heavy and is complemented perfectly with the fluffy ice cream.

Our waitress was great and seemed to pop up as and when we needed her. Great timing, especially since it was a busy night.

Wheelchair access: There is a step to get in and no accessible toilet, but I was told when I called so expected it. Even though it wasn't accessible, it was still worth the visit to satisfy my craving. Staff were on hand to help me up and down the step.


I have huge love for pretty much everything that Bone Daddies come up with, so it was inevitable that I'd eventually end up at Shackfuyu. I love everything experimental, so I was quite excited to see what these incredibly mixed dishes would have to offer.

Overall, Shackfuyu is a good experience, but I feel like I've missed out on some of it unfortunately. Our waitress recommended we order food to share, but we are greedy animals, so we all got three small dishes for ourselves. And while these were certainly very tasty, in hindsight I really wish I had also tried one of their mixed rice dishes, because they look heavenly.

None the less, the renowned barbeque octopus tacos are crispy and spicy (and definitely make a mess), and the guacamole goes surprisingly well with the diced meat. It is as if you're eating an exotic Mexican dish. The also famous prawn toast was outstanding - nothing like your greasy takewaway prawn toast (not that there's anything wrong with that either); the toast is crispy and soft on the inside, with a thin layer of prawn on top with a crispy finish, there's nothing to be said against this dish. The grilled mushrooms, which I couldn't resist, were delicate and perfectly cooked, with a sweet sauce serving as bedding. The flavours mixed perfectly and an overall Asian feeling certainly came through.

I don't know about 'reasonably priced' - the small dishes are more or less within the right price range, but it hurt to pay out £5 for a pint of Asahi. Overall, I paid about £40 for a dinner that, let's be honest, left a little space in my stomach (and the dessert was shared between the three of us!) But then, you are in the heart of Soho.

However, the dessert is alone worth a visit. A huge slice of cripsy, heavenly maple syrup-drenched French toast with a generous serving of soft matcha ice cream seriously blows you out of the water. No kidding - we all knew this was the dish that turned three stars into four. I mean, oh my goodness.

Overall, to be perfectly honest, this is not my favourite BD branch. There remains some slight confusion as to the cuisine, and due to price vs dish size, I don't think I'll be returning. But I am happy I gave it a go!

The tastiest food and so reasonably priced! I highly recommend the miso cooked aubergine, definitely worth a visit! Thank you also to the very helpful staff for such a lovely lunch x 


oh man, this place packs a punch when it comes to flavour. There are so many amazing things on the menu that my friend and I couldn't resist ordering a whole load of things (and then going back for pud!) We started with a round of the french toast which I had heard great things about, and luckily wasn't disappointed. These aren't like your standard takeaway greasy prawn toasts, they're crisp and drizzled with a creamy sauce similar to (if not the same as) Japanese mayo. They were also topped with flakes of something which could possibly be potato or parsnip... I couldn't quite tell, but I loved how they wriggled with the heat beneath.

We also ordered a few of their buns: the pork and the duck. The buns were soft and delicious, and between the two, the pork was the better, with a sweet, sticky sauce. The Korean wings were loaded with heat and fell from the bone; juicy and succulent, though the flavour was almost too strong that we didn't finish the bowl. We did however scrape the rice bowl clean which was mixed at our table. I love these rice bowls - there's so many wonderful ingredients packed in and I love the textures, especially as the rice crisps up as it cooks in the piping hot bowl.

There is only one thing on the dessert menu; their infamous brioche french toast with soft serve matcha ice cream! I adore matcha (my favourite thing to take off in 2016) and this ice cream was beautiful and creamy, and went so perfectly with the fluffy brioche french toast which was almost gooey on the inside. Its an incredibly sweet dessert though and more than enough for 2 people.

Our bill came to £60, and that included two Old Fashioneds, which were deliciously smooth, and great service. Apparently this place is usually pretty hard to get into and has a 2 hour table time, but luckily the post Christmas lull meant there were plenty of tables available for us to take our time. I'll definitely be heading back again this year!

Staff Writer

I honestly didn't know what to expect from Shackfuyu. Bone Daddies restaurants are always hit or miss with me, but this one was definitely a hit. Super rich, incredibly moreish, so tasty. You're not going to walk out feeling light or virtuous but you will leave wanting to return for their Korean Fried Chicken. I will 100% going back and very soon.


Shackfuyu is one of those institutions that will let you reserve. The menu isn't exhaustive and the small selection all sounds incredible. Asian flavours, predominantly Japanese, run amok throughout the dishes. The prawn toast masquerading as okonomiyaki epitomises the flavours of Japanese street food with the mayo, tonkatsu sauce and bonito flakes. The main dishes are all delicious, but the french toast and matcha soft serve need particular focus. The soft serve is slightly thicker than a Mr Whippy but has great texture and the matcha works well with the sweet crispy bread. I'm certainly glad Shackfuyu is stayed around and didn't pop off. 


easy location to find and the decor is warm and inviting. I came here for an early dinner and was not disappointed by what took place! 

I ordered the korean fried wings with a side of emo fries... so so sooooo good! the wings were coated in a sticky sweet sauce which just uplifted my spirits! the emo fries were some of the best fries I've had in london honestly.

after all that deliciousness I squeezed in the infamous dessert! Kinako french toast with a soft serve matcha ice-cream. WOW! I mean I had read things and heard tales about this but man oh man it was good! soooooo good I forced it down! I had no room but I made the room lol. I waddled out of there with an extreme food coma but it was all worth it and everything didnt surpass £23 so it was a bargain.

I had a great time at Shakfuyu. Good atmosphere, lovely staff and a long list of interesting dishes to try. Wagyu beef tartare, tako tacos and lamb neck fillet with kimchi tare were stand-outs for me (although the rabbit curry doughnuts did remind me a little of Findus crispy pancakes). My biggest problem was deciding on the dishes to miss out. I only have so much capacity! All the more reason to go back and try the rest though.


What a disappointment. I am not a fan of this place at all, this same goes for their ramen. This food chain owner makes Asian food that caters to non-Asians, they are usually very creamy and sugary. Those two characteristics are what most Asian cuisines do not represent. This is meant to be Korean inspired joint, but tasted maybe 20% like Korean food. Their price is too expensive for what you get. I wasn't a fan of Bone Daddies either. This is what happens when you go there on a late night drunk and being dragged in there by someone that doesn't know much about Korean food.  Surprisingly I like their mac n cheese burger from sister restaurant, Dirty Bones (at least they didn't try to make it seem like Korean or Japanese), so I was fine with that. 


It was my first time back at Shackfuyu since the refurb. It's looking great and lots of delicious new things on the menu since I was last there, including curry pan (think savoury donuts stuffed with rabbit curry), tako tacos (tender octopus with octopus & gochujang sauce - loved these) and a great beef sukiyaki dish. Also, can never resist the classic stars of the Shackfuyu menu - the yuzu margarita and that *incredible* kinako French toast with green tea ice cream. Another great thing about Shackfuyu is the excellent sake list.Oh, and also the music! Always a fun night out at Shackfuyu.

moderatorStaff Writer

I went here on date night with my husband and it was alright - nothing wild or memorable. We chose most of the recommended dishes from the review and a couple more and about 70% were really good. I had an excellent frozen margherita, though other than that the drinks menu was pretty limited. Not the extensive selection of craft beer that seems so mandatory in this kind of place.

It was also a little too informal for a date - we were seated side by side even though we had our own table, which kind of ruins the ambience. Also the thing I love about Bone Daddies is the music but they seem to have turned down in my last couple of trips. Since I fell in love with their original restaurant I hope it's not going to be diminishing returns with every new branch.


I finaaaaally have ticked off Shackfuyu from my must try list. And the conclusion of my experience: you MUST try.

The place itself is decorated nicely with good lighting over the tables. On entry you are greeted and shown to your table (you can book tables and I would recommend doing so!). At the front of the restaurant is the bar, in the middle there are plenty of round tables in booths for 6 people, then at the back there are a few high benches with backless chairs and then tables of 2. These tables are a little odd however as you sit next to the person rather than opposite. 
The waiter came over and explained the concept - Japanese tapas so all dishes are made to share - and then gave us time to peruse the menu, which isn't big but has plenty of choice. We knew we were going to get some plates which I had read about from other reviews however we also had some questions as to what some dishes were. The waiters are all very friendly, patient, attentive and had no problem explaining some of the dishes I wasn't sure about and then also offering his opinion when asked. In the end we went for the Gini Hendrix cocktail and nagaiita beer (quite sweet but a little different) and then 5 dishes. They recommend 4-5 between 2 with the idea you can always order more but we were starving so went straight in for 5! The dishes come out as and when they're ready so first up the rabbit doughnuts arrived which I thought were fantastic however bf wasn't so keen and I agree they weren't really in keeping with the rest of the menu. Out next came the sweet potato fries and prawn toast - again both yuuuuummy. Next up was my absolute fav and the most expensive dish we ordered: wagyu beef which came in a hot stone bowl with caramelised onions and mushrooms. It cooked itself in front of you and the smell was divine. The taste was equally good - a must if you're willing to splash out. Finally the aubergine came out which was a massive dish for the price and you'd never believe you could make aubergine taste so good. It was covered in a sticky bbq sauce with small crisp balls on top adding another awesome texture - another definite must. If you like fish (which I don't) there were some impressive looking dishes which came out. And still there are more meat dishes which we didn't get which I am dying to go back and try - lamb ribs, pork cheeks and rice & beef to name a few. 
For dessert we got the famous one and only dessert on the menu: French toast with matcha soft serve ice cream. It was amazing! And of course I got a photo for Instagram!
Overall we had a fantastic meal with good service and came away so so full. I would probably give it a 9*/10 as the bill did come to a rather pricey amount but am definitely going back and recommend you do too!
moderatorStaff Writer

Soho is an absolute 'mare on Thursday evenings if you don't have a booking and you aren't prepared to wait in a queue. Luckily, after being told that the wait for Flat Iron was an hour and a half, I spotted a couple of stools in the window of Shackfuyu and managed to get straight in. I wouldn't normally go for a seat that means you're eye to eye with passers by, including some leathered after-workers, but have to admit it was good fun.

Two dishes you absolutely have to try are the aubergine in a sticky sauce and the lamb ribs in an equally viscous coating. Both were so good I still glaze over thinking about them now. It's good value here too: we stuffed ourselves and had a bottle of malbec for just over £60. The service is spot on too. Excellent all-round.


Shackfuyu has been on my list of places to try for a looong time, and this weekend I finally got there! We went at 6pm, determined to beat the queues. It turns out they take reservations (good to know for the future) so most of the restaurant was full, so we perched on stools in the window and watched Saturday night unfold in Soho. As it was the end of the month neither of us were feeling particularly flush, so we opted for small plates. Luckily they were surprisingly substantial- deep friend rabbit (yum!), miso aubergine and sweet potato fries. Pudding was really the main event I had been waiting for, after seeing hundreds of Instagrams of the luminous green matcha ice cream with French toast. It was good, but the kinako crumb powder it is covered in wasn’t to my taste- especially as I inhaled it and had a coughing fit, and the ice cream wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I would definitely go back again however, as the savoury items are so good- and I would even order the pudding again- though this time I might ask for the powder to be left off!


I had been to Shackfuyu when they first opened in Old Compton Street last year and more recently when they did a pop-up with The Cornwall Project in Bermondsey. I found out that this was because there was a fire at the regular restaurant so they had been doing pop-ups whilst the restoration works were happening but the Soho restaurant has since reopened!

Menu differed a bit from the first time I went but I presume that was due to the partnership with The Cornwall Project, we had the octopus tacos, lamb ribs, wagyu beef and oysters with granita – the wagyu beef being the clear winner out of all the dishes, inexplicably good! Washed down with a lovely bottle of warm sake.

We were also recommended to try the kinako french toast with matcha ice cream by our neighbouring diners but couldn’t find the space, will definitely give it a try next time though!


I ate at Shackfuyu recently after a friend had recommended it. I wasn’t sure what to expect though, as I’m vegetarian and the menu seemed to be mostly meat. My boyfriend and I ended up ordering every vegetarian item on the menu and couldn’t even finish it, there was so much. 
Some highlights were the aubergine in a miso sauce and the kale cucumber salad which was so light and delicious in a sesame dressing. Also, the hot stone rice can be made vegetarian by asking for the beef on the side.
Even though we were too full to finish our lunch, we knew we needed to order the legendary kinako french toast. It’s an incredible combination of baked brioche french toast covered in caramelized sugar, served with a large helping of green tea soft serve ice cream. Needless to say, we finished it all off in under five minutes. 
The only drawback to note is that Shackfuyu does not have a license for you to takeaway any leftovers. Other than that, the service was friendly and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, not matter what you order from the menu.


It was a pop Up earlier this year, this restaurant now has a permanent residence on old Compton street. The decor is nice and the staff are friendly. The food is amazing and each dish is tastes very different. It's based on Japanese tapas. I definitely recommend the Korean wings and the rice dish. The buns are yummy too!


When I heard that Shakfuyu were having a pop-up with The Cornwall Project in Bermondsey, I was intrigued as to how the difference would be to the normal Shakfuyu in Soho. The menu hasn't changed much, it's actually shorter than the regular menu, but I think the ingredients are sourced from The Cornwall Project. We started with the Tako tacos (octopus tacos), prawn toast masquerading as okonomiyaki and miso aubergine. The Tako Tacos were (I think raw) octopus pieces with avocado on a crisp taco shell, lots of texture, good flavours and very un-Japanese! The prawn okomiyaki had a beautifully fried base and prawn paste which wasn't as exciting as the fried base. I thoroughly enjoyed the aubergine, with a bit of schimi pepper and some funny crispy balls about the size of caviar.For our mains, we tackled the sticky fatty lamb ribs, which had lots of miso glaze, after a while the sauce and lamb fat started to get a bit congealed, so best to eat these really quickly whilst it's hot. Following which we had the iberico pork pluma - don't be worried that the pork is pink, it's the way it's supposed to be! The flavour of the pork is lovely and added to that the black pepper miso, there's so much depth! I'm not really a pork lover, but I could eat this with a bowl of rice, endlessly! Finally, we have the kinako french toast with soft serve matcha ice cream, we nearly didn't order this as we were too full, but so, so glad that we did. It was my favourite dish, with the crisp, caramelled fried brioche bread, and the bitterness of the matcha ice cream. You should definitely go to Shakfuyu, even it's just for dessert!


Delicious food for sure. The sizzling rice and lamb was mouth-wateringly delicious. Whatever you do save room for the dessert! It's fantastic!


I visited Shackfuyu back in March in it's first few weeks of opening meaning no queues which always inclines me to review a Soho eatery with more positivity. However, Shackfuyu doesn't need that extra positivity as it's great anyway. Japanese comfort food cooked in a pizza oven is definitely a recipe for success. The format is small plates and sharing so take those who won't care if you devour the whole of the sweet and sticky miso aubergine with babu arare (puffed rice which crackles in your mouth), my hands down favourite dish of the meal. The Okonomiyaki (prawn toast) is a little show on a plate and delicious to match, drizzled with Japanese mayo and sticky brown otofuku sauce. The beef picanha was cooked perfectly, pink and tender with a kimchee butter. The macaroni and cheese with signature Bone Daddies cock scratchings was also great. We washed all this down with very cutely bottled sake cocktails and of course THAT dessert - kinako french toast and soft serve matcha tea ice cream. Save room for it, it's everything you are hoping for. Make sure you get here before March 2016. I'd even say it's worth the queues!


I went here for the Kinako French Toast. Probably the best dessert in town! The food, the hot rice bowl with beef  and the steak, the yuzu sauce are also very tasty.

Shackfuyu won’t offer you the classical ramen-only menu as his big brother does, but a concise menu where the focus sits heavily on the on starters tapas concept with a Japanese twist together with a few main options.

The Edamame with a marinade of sweet chilli soy was outstanding and the same goes for the Okonomiyaki style prawn toast.  My main - hot rice bowl with beef -  took a bit more effort to eat, not because it was not tasty or well made (which it was!) but because it comes on a piping hot bowl which will surely burn your tongue if you are not patient enough.  The venue is nicely decorated and centrally located. Service was attentive and chatty and the vibe is vibrant. The only problem you might have there is the background music which was quite loud hard rock. I absolutely loved it being the metal-head I am, but eating while somebody’s husky voice shouts on the background won’t probably be to everybody’s taste. 

moderatorStaff Writer

This is by far one of my favourite restaurants in London! Each dish is unique, delicate and incredibly tasty. My absolute favourite is the Aubergine cooked in miso sauce and the unbeatable desert: French toast and green tea ice cream, a thick slice of crunchy on the outside and most on the inside, divine.


A busy, bustling fun restaurant with some great original dishes. Must trys are the beef in kimchi butter which is incredibly tender, and this year's instagram talking point - the green tea ice cream with french toast! Very moreish and filling so make sure you save room for it!

Love this place, small sharing dishes, friendly staff and booze-heavy cocktails. Also home to the best KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) I've had in London. 

Staff Writer

I've wandered past Flesh and Buns many times, with its 90s rock music blasting out the front door and perilous steps down into what I assumed was some sort of dungeon for naughty children, but had never actually gone inside until the other day.

Went for lunch with some work colleagues and was very pleasantly surprised! The decor downstairs is simple but very quirky and the food is out of this world. 

The buns (snigger) are great and coupled with the crispy pork belly or aubergine, literally melt in your mouth. They could do with expanding their beer selection a bit. Though I'm a fan of Asahi, it would be great to see a wider selection that would better complement the great choice of really well thought out and beautifully presented dishes. 


Great food and really reasonably priced. Perfect for a pre-theatre feed as food arrives really quickly (we were in and out inside 40 minutes) and service is slick, too. The classic rock soundtrack won't be to everyone's taste, but the hot stone rice (like a Korean bibimbap) most definitely will.

Great place to start your night out! Loved the idea of Japanese-American style small dishes! 

The staff was welcoming and helpful. We had to wait at the downstairs bar for a few minutes until a table became available, but this was probably the shortest time I had to wait on a friday night!

We tried every dish on the menu and nothing disappointed. My favourite is definitely the beef picanha and the aubergine.

The Cocktails are great and I would definitely recommend their only dessert. Probably one of the best puddings I had.


Brilliant venue but found the food somewhat disappointing. Cocktails were excellent and I think it would be better enjoyed by those looking for cocktails and tapas than those primarily interested in Japanese food.

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