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Tara Tari World Buffet

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Tara Tari is an exciting new world buffet restaurant, in the Swiss Cottage, Camden area. Offering good quality food at an affordable price.

The restaurant offers a large selection of dishes from seven countries around the world such as Mexican dishes, Indian, Italian, Thai and Japanese. All foods are made fresh on the premises and some of the sides and desserts are cooked fresh from order. Tara Tari is child friendly and also caters for vegetarians with many options for a healthy balanced diet.


Venue name: Tara Tari World Buffet
Address: 117 Finchley Road
Price: £25 and under
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Hell’s Buffet

Worst ever eating experience of my life!  Tara Tari translates to “Quickly Quickly”….. follow the meaning, leave quickly, very quickly.  Website deceiving…… you think you are in for a banquet from around the world, unfortunately couldn’t be further from the truth.  Website quotes that the chefs have a wealth of experience in their chosen cuisine…..Really!!! One chef related to the owner who clearly doesn’t have the experience of cooking world class cuisine.  Food was an insult to the countries they are promoting.  Dried up, lukewarm, unrecognisable, insipid mush that had been sitting there all night.  Sweetcorn Soup was watered down with a few sweetcorn kernels.  As I filled the ladle I thought chicken had been added, to my horror it was a poached egg swimming in murky water.  Since when is Sweetcorn Soup made with eggs?  Desserts, all three of them, left uncovered for the flies to feast on….even they seemed to leave disappointed!

Staff are rude and unprofessional.  No attention paid to the customers, nobody came to the table to see if everything was ok other than to bring one round of warm diet cokes.  Save your money, DO NOT eat at this restaurant.  No food hygiene certificates, checked the website and they only received a 1 star rating, lowest you could possibly get! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID

Mums 67th birthday 1 to forget maybe, oh definitely !!!! but will share with the world only to show that we are not the only hapless hopefuls of what we thought was going to be a memorable night.

Starting of with the starters well let's just say this is going to be watered down as was the food, I was seduced by the succulent looking prawns that looked and smelt like prawns, but to my dismay tasted like a anchovies crutch and slowly followed by a pathetic excuse of sushi that was falsely decorated and coupled with a rubbery and velvety rug like wrap that should of been a Japanese piece of artistry, shamelessly it turns out like something being created on ART ATTACK Tom aged 5, laughable but not inexcusable, just for verification politely asked the waiting staff and he replied what sounded like English "I think it's sushi" so deemed suitable for this jumped up world buffet eatrie , in the defence of this well celebrated cultural delicacy it was far from it in fact by god sunny Jesus it was more like a raw fish with its ass been plucked out, another raw deal, one of the many.

Now to the main course, of course it's main but seriously think again guys this one should be left out, chicken tasted like cardboard infact the aftermath, a cardboard box dropped out of my buttocks should you be brave enough to try, then try cardboard first highly recommended. As for the lamb, poor bloody lamb a little improvement but the fizzy gravy coming from my rectum this morning doesn't justify it too much, so possibly out of sympathy to the dead animal it was due able.

Could go on, but overall despondent, disappointed and in disarray, will not and cannot rate or berate as the previous reviews do suggest that this place should have a government warning, and if not ask the rats that roam around leaving there fece's everywhere they too sadly are affected by such vile foods of the world, in fact rats would be dropping their standards coming into a farce of a place they claim to be exquisite world food buffet, a complete mockery of the food world, a insult to the food world. Please people think ahead this is by far a million light years away from being what they so proudly claim to be a food experience of a lifetime. SLAP me sideways please with a whales willy is this a figment of MY imagination no it's real people, regrettably a BIRTHDAY SURPRISE FOR OUR Mum but a birthday that was shadowed by this deplorable outlet that is truly a "RESTAURANT FROM HELL"

Rename Tara Tari to Tata Tati (Indian for Testicles Poo)

In 44 years eating on this planet, this is the worst eating and dining experience in my life. Before I get personal, here are the facts:

They claim to provide world buffet. Rubbish!

Some remnant of a crab stick rolled in horrible rice is not Japanese food.

Water thin sweetcorn soup, water thin sauces, and carrots (acting as a fillers) in sweet and sour chicken, in fact carrots and courgettes in most of their oriental selection of abominations of oriental cuisine.

Starter selection included a selection of shrivelled and droopy leaves dotted with what looked like couscous. Talking of shrivelled and droopy, I will comment on their staff later.

Starters are a dried up, greasy mess as must be the Chef’s thought process.

I asked a waiter for fresh wraps for the Fajitas dish and he suggested Nan bread! I should have launched the last remaining wrap as a flying saucer at his thick head (the wrap was hard enough and his head dense enough to absorb the impact).

To represent North Africa we have a labelled Chef’s special Moroccan dish. Special needs more like! In a world rich with diverse language, poetry, simile and metaphors; the words to be used here can only be “looks like excrement!” Not sampled as I am not into that particular deviant fetish.

On to India. As an Indian I say shame on you that you represent our beautiful cuisine in such an abhorrent fashion. Lentils are thinner than the diarrhoea shooting from my bottom this morning. I tried all their curries and they are the worst I have ever eaten (Manchester curry mile, Southall, Green Street, Brick Lane, India and Pakistan). Dried up, cardboard tasting floating chicken and meat bits that had given up all hope of being saved from puddles of brown, dismal polluted excuses for sauces.


Bits of cake, jelly that had melted like the hopes of this place ever having success, Indian red (not normal colour) galab jaman Indian dough desserts that had been left abandoned and had dried of shame. You would think cut water melon cannot be ruined but the occasional flies soon ended that (perhaps they were the back-up boys referred to by the waiter later on, see below).


I complained to the early evening Manager who was pleasant and empathetic. He left later on perhaps to end his shift or search his inner being to question how he ended up working in a living nightmare. He did not defend the indefensible and brought out the Chef (see photos). Chef’s response: “… different tastes… can’t make everyone happy… doing my best…”

Thank God this Chef is not a mechanic as his best would leave you with wheels missing and a car without clue or direction. I discovered later he is related to the owner; 2 observations: an answer to how he got the job and please, oh please stop the breeding!

Now the waiters. Positive: One white waiter (also in photos) asked at one point if all was OK and was told “No” apart from his kind question. I feel his question really meant “help me I am on less than minimum wage and don’t get to keep my tips.” Here is a tip: RUN! Don’t look back. RUN!

Other staff were at best indifferent zombies wandering aimlessly in a barren wasteland of buffet hell apocalypse. When marginally active they contaminated the washed cutlery by drying them with a rag of a dish cloth with their grubby hands (no gloves) that they cleared used plates with.

On leaving my deeply, disappointed 71 year old Father tried to give constructive advice that was resisted. Frustrated he called it as it is and told the scrawny, weasel of a late night manager that his place was rubbish. He and the other waiter became aggressive at which point I guided my Father out. I am a 19 stone trained Martial Artist and body builder and was threatened that they will call their boys (see flies feeding on water melon above). Heads up maggots, do the maths… really? You would need many more 5 foot nothing, skinny and shrivelled reprobates to come close to achieve that fantasy. In this instance the pen is mightier than the sword.

On coming home and settling my Mum who finds it difficult to walk and whose 67 Birthday was ruined; we as a family researched this hell hole and discovered people of the world are united in condemnation of this world buffet: “…no words…stay away… awful… give it a miss… rat excrement...nasty… beware the staff… boring and dull… let down… rubbish food… forced to pay beforehand…” there are many, many more. As for the good ones: nonsense, they wrote them themselves!!!

Food hygiene rating is the lowest one could get: “1”

We are reporting you to Camden Council.

We are reporting you to Group on.

We will spread the word to prevent potential customers being duped by their web site: “... an exciting new world buffet restaurant … offering good quality food at an affordable price, but with a far greater variety of food on offer”. You sad liars!

Gordon Ramsay would blow this place up. We got Group on vouchers and paid £6.25 per head instead of £14. Get what you pay for? To summarise rename Tara Tari to Tata Tati (Indian for Testicles Poo) and I would not pay for that either.

Shakespeare said “If music be the food of love, play on...” I say shoot the entire orchestra, burn them and bury them in blessed soil… bury them deep.

the pictures advertised on wowcher aren't compatible to what they really serve. food quality is very poor.