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Tea House Theatre

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3 out of 5 stars
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Tea House Theatre

Time Out says

Café set in an old Victorian pub, serving English breakfasts, cakes and loose-leaf tea (but not coffee)

Café set in an old Victorian pub, serving English breakfasts, cakes and loose-leaf tea (but not coffee)



Address: 139 Vauxhall Walk
SE11 5HL
Transport: Tube: Vauxhall
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Users say (33)

3 out of 5 stars

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3 / 5

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I am still awaiting a response to a complaint I made back in January of this year. My brother and sister were visiting and I suggested we visit the tea house to eat as I had visited before on a couple occasions. My brother and me ordered the breakfast and tea. My sister ordered a jacket potato meal. When our food arrived, the breakfasts were fine but then my sister said here jacket potato was hard and not cooked. I called the waitress who said she would change it. My brother and me had finished our food and still no jacket for my sister. Time was going on and 15 minutes later I enquired only to find they had forgotten!! My sister decided not to bother now and I paid. But before I left I wanted to speak to the manager or manageress. I was directed to a lady who had been sitting at a laptop all the time we were there and I mentioned it to her. She took my details and said she would be in touch - this never happened. We left very disappointed - how can a jacket potato be so difficult to get right and why forget the customers. It seemed very poor service and food. One other matter was a person arrived to tune the piano and throughout our time all we could here was loud one notes banging on the piano - all in all a very bad experience

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Absolutely awful. Do not ever go here. Booking at table for 5, we arrived to 3 chairs at the table and had to go and get our own menus. Once we decided what we wanted we had to ask someone to take our order. We ordered lemonades, tea, the Sunday roasts and some breakfasts. There was no lemonade so we ordered pineapple juice instead. Our waitress came back 20 minutes later to tell us there was no roast dinners left and we had to pick something off the breakfast menu which we then had to ask to actually see... Our drinks eventually arrived but the tea had no milk. We waited and waited for milk for our tea and finally went to ask for some and the reply from the waitress was "I'll do it as soon as I have time". Not good enough. The tea was already cold. The breakfasts came with no black pudding as was on the menu, when my friend asked about it they said "oh we don't have any left" without offering a replacement. My friend also asked where the 3 racks off toast were that were supposed to come with the breakfast and was told "the toast always comes later" she then bought out 1 rack of cold toast that we all had to share. We had no cutlery and no butter for the toast. The poached eggs were hard boiled! When I went to ask for the bill (because yet again we had been ignored) I spoke to the owner who only had to say "oh we're very busy today" and the waitress said "FOR FUCKS SAKE" as I walked away. We paid our bill (all of it may I add ad there was no discount offered) and left to the smug sarcastic remarks of the owner saying "oh byeeee" "see you again! Take care!!!". Do not waste your money eating here.

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I joined my friends at this tea house yesterday afternoon for a birthday celebration. We ate lots of food - breakfasts, cakes and other dishes (which was basic but ok), but then around 3pm a waiter told us that if we wanted to stay longer we MUST order a Sunday roast. We were full but didn't want to leave so annoyingly had to order a roast beef meal that went uneaten. We were also charged a corkage fee to drink our own wine (the place does not serve alcohol). Very annoying as we had to go an incredibly long way to find somewhere to buy it. When I tried discuss these issues with the owner he became aggressive and said: 'We're loaded, so we don't care'. His rude behaviour soured my friend's birthday. I wouldn't recommend this place.

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So weird, same experience, lovely tea but my cake was totally gone off, even the icing tasted sour and my friends scones were so stale they were like a rock. How does this place not realise their food is stale? Shame because the concept is really lovely.

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One pot of tea for two and two average slices of cake cost £18.00 .... yes eighteen pounds!!!! Visited the Tea House this afternoon to be met by preoccupied and disinterested staff, eventually the brusque 'head' waitress informed us there was nowhere to sit, when there plainly were empty spaces, so we suggested maybe we could sit in the two 'empty chairs' right next to us on the magazine table and were told "if you want" (no effort to accommodate whatsoever), she then left us waiting to be served  for over 15 minutes until my girlfriend went off and collared a young lad who seemed about to fall asleep and not very with it. Our pot of Earl Grey for two arrived but no milk or sugar so after another wait my girlfriend lost her patience and went off to ask same lad. We ordered two slices of cake the Victoria sponge was awful and tasted like production cake, carrot cake fared little better. 

I'm biased, the local yummy mummies who had filled the place up with their kids and buggys no doubt love it. 

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Lovely venue, have visited twice, but the food and cakes are disappointing. On the first occasion the cake was borderline flavourless and my friend's pie slice was tiny. On the second visit I ordered crumpets and they were cold and rubbery, and there was a hair on the plate... I'll visit again for the location and tea but won't be tempted by the cakes again!

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Went to the Tea House Theatre today, may 20th with my family. I wish we hadnt. My 4 year old daughter wanted soft boiled eggs with soldiers. they arrived after almost half an hour -hard boiled. A chef who cant boil eggs, thats what you get . My omelette was awfull, dry, crumbly and no cheese. The side salad was a joke - one leaf of brown lollo rosso and one slice of cucumber. The omelettes took about 40 minutes to arrive. No lemonade. All the food arrived at different times. Awfull chef, pretty bad waitress. Avoid at all costs.

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I have visited the Tea House Theatre on a number of occasions and I thought it was about time I wrote a review. The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxing and the decor eclectically artistic, chess boards, art on the walls, bookcase and fresh flowers. There is a wide range of teas, I particularly like their Assam. The sandwiches are nice and big and full of fresh meat, cheese and salad. It is hard not to have a cake every time, they are delicious. They have a lot of evening events and when I went to SE11 Sessions I had a great evening. The band were fantastic, saxophone, guitar, bass and some sort of really big xylophone. If you want a nice place to enjoy good food and a relaxing atmosphere I would really recommend this place.

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During the day Tea House is toddler-friendly and comfortable! A great place to have meetings or relax with your little one. At night, an even better place to have a glass of wine and enjoy a show. I love it!

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Tea House Theatre is a unique venue in London, located on the Vahxhall Pleasure Gardens, a two minute walk from Vauxhll station. The service is incredible and accomodating and the venue itself is comfortable and quaint with big chairs, large old tables, and tea pots everywhere. After visiting London for a few months, this is one of the places I enjoy coming to at least once a week, whether for fresh tea or an event. I personally chose this venue to produce a theatrical performance, coming up November 29th and I know the audience will enjoy the surroundings as much as the performance.

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Great event line up!!! Always really excited to see what's going on here, and of course can't resist getting a full English and pot of tea at the same time!!

Despite the mixed reviews, I think this place is cute as a button. I can't comment on the food, but my wife and I went for tea and scones one gloriously sunny afternoon and loved it. It has a very European feel to it, with chairs propped outside and extremely relaxed attitude to speed of service. If you're going, make sure you have the time to mooch around because they take their time even to bring you out a cup of tea and a scone, but it's all part of the experience. 

Have been here several times and, while there are some plus points (close to where I work, rustic environment and Gladstone and Maggie - the two beautiful cats), I'm afraid neither I nor my colleagues will be visiting again. I went there last week for the final time. I had booked a table for 10 for a colleague’s birthday lunch. I rang in the morning to check the table booking and a very disinterested staff member told me she couldn't read the writing on the reservations, so couldn't confirm the booking, but didn't think there would be another large party at lunchtime. When we arrived, our table was already taken. It wasn't busy though, so I suggested a solution to the same disinterested waitress I had spoken to on the phone, suggesting she ask a couple who hadn't started eating yet to move to another free table and to push 3 tables together. Instead, the incredibly rude waitress kept us waiting while she deliberated and discussed with another colleague then started shouting at me when I said we would go somewhere else if it was too much trouble. We DID go next door to the Black Dog, where we had a wonderful lunch and the waiter couldn't have been more polite or attentive (the Welsh Rarebit is much better there too). In case the owner reads these reviews and gives a flying fig, this was on March 21st, so you know who the waitress in question was – the one with the sour face and thick false eyelashes.

The previous time we came we had to choose our orders again as they had run out of several basic ingredients - veggie sausages, oranges etc. They weren't exactly busy, so I can only assume that nobody knows how to order stock. In fact, one of the staff said they would 'nip out to the supermarket and buy some orange juice'. Apart from only having an hour for lunch and not being able to wait while they went shopping, when I asked if they meant oranges, not orange juice (I had ordered freshly squeezed orange juice from the menu), they said no - a carton of orange juice.  Not the same thing, but I bet they would have charged me the same price. Water is very expensive here too – it’s £6 for a pot of tea. All ten of us said we wouldn't be frequenting the Tea House Theatre again and it's down to average food, plain disorganisation and downright rudeness. Good customer service goes a long way and the Tea House Theatre needs to wake up and realise that (I would have said ‘smell the coffee’, but they only serve tea). Do yourselves a favour and go to the nearby Black Dog or City Farm instead - both a much better experience.  

Went after a trip to the Vauxhall city farm with my boy of 8 and girl of 10, had read nice reviews and was just after a relaxing spot for tea and cake. In short :- It is by no means a horrible place, but I won't personally plan to come back. We were there early afternoon so there was a breakfast/lunch menu on and several cakes. My daughter was suddenly 'properly hungry' so I ordered her the bangers and mash for £8 with a lemon and ginger ice tea, my son had a ginger beer and a piece of salted caramel cake, and I had a small pot of tea. In total it came to £27, and service was charming so i left a £3 tip. The sausages and mash were equivalent to what one would consider a 'cheap pub version' - something like you might get at a Wetherspoons - inoffensive and hearty - and the piece of cake was massive, about 3 times the size of a normal bakery type 'slice'. The cake was not a salted caramel flavour noticeably, plain vanilla sponge cake with a light caramel icing basically. The drinks and tea were nice, but nothing special - the ginger beer was store bought pop. The decor gives the atmosphere of being in a run down charity shop, a bit dusty. Of the board games my kids pulled out, all were missing pieces, meaning we first played 2 player Frustration with mixed color pieces on each team and then Battleships where one side had an aircraft carrier but no battleship while the other had no aircraft carrier. I noted that here was a jingoistic Vote Leave poster (from that ridiculous referendum that David Cameron somehow thought it would be a good idea to call) on the wall. An apropriate bill imo would have been closer to £20 than £30, but I didn't feel it was a massive rip-off, just that the glowing reviews scattered around are overegged. A pity.

Been here twice now as I was in search of a hearty fry up and they have both a Scottish and Irish full breakfast on the menu along with other british classics. You can't really go far from with a fry up and they offer a unpretentious and generous serving of the classic Ulster fry.  I love having a large pot of tea and the jars of marmalade and jam on the table. What they serve up is great in a homely atmosphere. The downfall comes from the staff. Every time I have been they seem unhappy to be there and unhelpful. Our food came at different times with some bits missing with no apology or explanation. They seem annoyed when you query them. This is a shame as the place really does seem to try and have a community, homely vibe. 


I've found this a great quiet and charming spot for a cup of tea. I've always found the service to be a tad slow, but generally very friendly. The slices of cake are massive, and agree, they are quite pricey, so I'd recommend sharing between two. Have visited this place about four times in the last year and have always had a great experience. They seem to do much more than just tea and cake - there are listings for interesting and unusual events, and there are a good selection of board games to while away the afternoon... 

I don’t know what it is like of an evening when it is a Theatre, but as place to eat food it is terrible.

You pay through the nose for the ambience which is quite pleasant. But unfortunately for me and my colleagues that was spoilt by poor food and tea and perhaps more worryingly, the poor hygiene of a cat running around the eating area and jumping on tables, and staff humping piles of rubbish past us the whole time we were there, including dusty old boxes and large, dirty plastic containers.

This place boasts the ‘best Full English Breakfast in London’. I genuinely thought it was amongst the worst I have ever eaten. The bacon was cold, the egg was so over cooked it was rubbery and difficult to cut and the whole mess was covered in cold beans, clearly intended to fill the plate. The toast arrived when the food was nearly finished and was cold. At £9.00 a go, I really expect something better from a breakfast than I have eaten at a greasy spoon, not worse. And this was definitely worse.

They specialise in teas here hence the name. So I tried a Gun Mint Chocolate Tea. It was £3.00 for a cup. It arrived and looked like unstirred cocoa or hot chocolate. I asked for a spoon (it didn’t come with one) and after stirring I had a taste.  It tasted like weak mint hot chocolate. I was not at all impressed. Looking at the residue at the bottom of the cup, it looked like a couple of spoons of powder had been dumped in the bottom of the cup and hot water poured over it. It clearly had not been stirred until I asked for a spoon and stirred it myself. At £3.00 a cup I expect better than that.

Eventually the cat was scooped up by staff and worryingly, taken back through the same door the food had appeared from, but not before it had jumped up and clawed a colleagues clothes, getting hung up on her jumper.

So all in all, poor ambiance, food, tea and most worryingly hygiene. I recommend you steer well clear of this place for food and tea.

I had the loveliest time at the Tea house with my family. My son is 3 and there was a box of interesting toys and games to play with and he loved the Welsh rarebit and delicious cakes. We'd been outside at Vauxhall City Farm and so we warmed up over a cuppa and relaxed together in the friendly atmosphere. We liked it so much we ordered dinner. Shepherds Pie and Steak. We couldn't decide which was nicer. Our son asked the waitress if he could have a sleep over..... which says it all! Thank you for having us and making us feel so welcome and looked after.

This is a great place to spend an evening enjoying a cup of tea and a piece of cake or a glass of wine. It's also a terrific venue for live performances. A few weeks ago I attended a well-done reading of Beowulf and am looking forward to the upcoming Tennessee Williams drama.

The service is incredible. The venue is unique and sits on the site of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Highly recommend sitting here for tea or a performance or both!

I love this place, good food and well priced. Pot of tea and cake for £6!! In the heart of London, you can here Big Ben!!! Best full English in London.

We went to see the free silent movie, Seduction, which was the best serious silent movie I have seen, and far more interesting then The Artist. The owner was friendly and helpful , as we got there a bit too early.We got a home made tomato soup (although the kitchen was oficially closed) and a Pimms while we waited, and a not bad at all home made creme caramel, and the bill was reasonable.

I love this place. The teas are amazing and the cakes are to die for. Best thing to happen in Vauxhall since the marmite factory. When they're busy its hard to get a table, when they're not its like an oasis away from the din of the city. Catch them when they're quiet and you'll get the best service in London. Well worth a try.

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