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3 out of 5 stars
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Tramshed (Alys Tomlinson / Time Out)
Alys Tomlinson / Time Out
Tramshed (Alys Tomlinson / Time Out)
Alys Tomlinson / Time Out
Tramshed (Alys Tomlinson / Time Out)
Alys Tomlinson / Time Out
Tramshed (Alys Tomlinson / Time Out)
Alys Tomlinson / Time Out
Tramshed (Alys Tomlinson / Time Out)
Alys Tomlinson / Time Out
Tramshed (Alys Tomlinson / Time Out)
Alys Tomlinson / Time Out
Tramshed (Alys Tomlinson / Time Out)
Alys Tomlinson / Time Out

Time Out says

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After a promising start, Mark Hix’s chicken and steak restaurant has lost some allure. The room remains a winning combination of fun, glamour and heritage: a Damien Hirst cow and chicken in formaldehyde suspended over the main dining room makes a striking first impression set against the backdrop of a building that once generated the power for east London’s trams.

The child’s meal deal is generous, and the house wines are very drinkable. But the overly keen table-turning (we were moved on long before our slot was supposedly up) and variable food soon strip away any stardust. The short menu has steak (rib, sirloin or salad) or chicken as mains. Steak salad passed muster, though we’re unconvinced by the topping of battered onion rings. Whole roast chicken (barn-reared these days, rather than the free-range birds initially used) arrives at the table up-ended on a spike, and surrounded by fries; at £25 it easily serves two and can stretch to three, helped by seasonal sides such as (delicious) wild garlic mushrooms.

Starters (just-so yorkshire pudding with whipped chicken livers) and desserts (super-sweet salted caramel fondue with marshmallows and doughnuts, £12.50 to share) had more wow factor. Staff are friendly yet stretched, leaving diners feeling more than a little processed.




Address: 32 Rivington Street
Transport: Tube: Old Street or Shoreditch High Street rail
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3 out of 5 stars

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Did Tramshed forget they’re supposed to be a restaurant?

Okay, the décor is awesome with the cow and chicken swimming in their fish tank and staff is extremely friendly (if a bit slow).

But the food, which should definitely be the star, falls short. With a menu that simple, one would expect subtlety of flavours and dishes prepared to perfection. Well, it’s not like that. My friends and I all ordered medium-rare steaks but all got pieces cooked differently. Still tasty, but shows a lack of skills. Fries were good, but they’re only fries, they couldn’t save the meal. The mini chocolate dessert was great though. Not too filling and a nice sweet note to finish off the meal.

Overall, a good dining experience, but for the price I expected more… I think it’ll only be a one time visit.

I went to Tramshed as my birthday meal out and it was ok...but nothing made it particularly memorable.  The highlight was the one of the 'snax' options (tempura sprouting broccoli with garlic sauce) which speaks for itself really!

We shared a snax, starter and pudding then had our own mains (steak and half a chicken).  At the end I was absolutely stuffed and in a food coma for the rest of the night, so it's certainly decent portions.  But nothing that makes it stand out above other 'high end' steak/chicken restaurants I've been to.

I've seen other people mention the table turnover and we witnessed this happen to the couple next to us. It got really busy around 8pm and the staff were rushed off their feet.  There's clearly no problem getting people through the door (along with the art, it really is quite a cool space) but for me the food wasn't as good as I expected it to be. 

I agree with the style over substance comments. The steak is good but not exceptional (which I would expect at £65 for two to share). I think I enjoyed the mac and cheese side more, it's the best Iv'e had in a restaurant, as well as the chocolate mousse topped with honeycomb, perfect to share, would be too rich for one person. Service was a bit confused and it was hard to get the servers' attentions, having the steak carved at our table was a nice touch. 

I went to Tramshed for a bit of a celebrations dinner / date. 

Our original budget was around £100 for 2 and the final bill was around £115. Pretty ideal! £30 went on a delicious wine that I would definitely recommend (called Chateau Pontarèche, so smooth!). We both had a starter, a big piece of meat and a desert and everything was tasty and delightful. 

My favourite par of the meal was the Cock'n'balls (they're only croquettes, no panic!). Absolutely fantastic.
From the moment we stepped in the restaurant a member of the staff took care of us and directed us to a table within few seconds. All the waiters were adorable: really friendly and extremely helpful when we couldn't decide on our starters and deserts. We haven't felt rushed at all and the restaurant's interior design must be appreciated! 

Not gonna lie. A little disappointed by this place. Style over substance is what springs to mind when thinking about this place. Don’t get me wrong, it makes for a really pleasant dining experience; great decor, friendly and flirty staff, a buzz of activity...if you’re with more than 4 other people. A date place this is not. The cavernous nature of he building makes for a slightly loud and electric experience so if you’re looking for something more intimate I wouldn’t recommend the place. But alas, for all they’ve done to make this an awe dropping and totally instagramable setting, it’s a restaurant at the end of the day and the food just didn’t cut it for me. Delicious and absolutely edible, but a very limited menu that hardly got me drooling. Of course, being served a roast chicken vertically had its charms, but once again proved that this place was more style and show, than the substance of what it ought to be; a restaurant.

I love coming here - great decor, really tasty food and amazing service! I visited again last week with 2 friends and ordered a few starters to share - every single one of them were extremely delicious - the beef meatballs, pork crackling and the chargrilled courgettes with feta. I'm still dreaming of those meatballs - wow (you must order this dish!). For main I had the whole chicken to share with chips and stuffing which was accompanied by a really nice gravy. Sadly I was too full to enjoy any of their desserts but i'll most def be back again soon.


Tramshed has everything it needs to succeed in drawing in the hipsters - cool pop art (a cow and chicken in formaldehyde by none other than Damien Hirst), being situated in a former tram power station, an underground art gallery, and of course, being in East London. Make sure to get a booking because it's packed to the brim with young, cool types.

Tramshed specializes in what else but beef and chicken, but unfortunately, the hip decor betrays the taste of the food. We ordered the Cock n Bull croquettes, fried chicken and a few slabs of steak. The fried chicken was delicious, served with spicy mayonnaise and on crispy, easy to hit lollipops. The steak however, was a little on the tough side (sirloin), and tasted disappointingly average. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but it really doesn't justify the steep price tag. 

Thankfully, service-wise, the staff are extremely friendly and come with a smile on their face, and are generally very attentive. The sides that came with the steak were also surprisingly good, such as their bowl of wild mushrooms (which significantly enhanced the taste of the meat) and their chips. We also ended off the meal on a good note, ordering the chocolate mousse, which was thick and creamy and came served with honeycomb for a sweet finish. Overall, this restaurant ends up more for style than substance, but if you want instagram worthy interiors, you've found your place. Just prepare yourselves for the fact that you're probably paying more for the interior than the food. 


I went with some old colleagues a while back to Tramshed. I'd heard pretty good things from other colleagues and friends. It didn't disappoint. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a simple menu of steak and chicken, combined with a ridiculous huge centrepiece of a cow and a chicken floating around in formaldehyde. It gets busy around 8, so either book a table or get in a bit earlier to secure your spot.

Food was good, just straight up meatlovers heaven really. Well cooked, well seasoned and just really tasty. I recommend the porterhouse steak to share if you're in a group of 3 or 4. Cocktails were also good but really strong (I felt pretty crazy after one- note to self- get a grip). 

Service was attentive but not invasive- they have a particularly nice sommelier who talked us through various wine options. I would go again. I know the men in my family would love this place especially.

6 of us dined and were all really really disappointed. The food was not good at all, croquets for starters tasted frozen and dry, definitely not fresh and the waiter could have warned us they were large as 4 of us ordered them and we definitely only needed 2 or 3, however the Yorkshire pudding very nice. My chicken for main was dry, my boyfriend went for the rib eye steak which was a really bad piece of meat and for £25 you would it to be really good. The bill was £60 a head, that is not a cheap meal and we left feeling totally robbed. We were only drinking the house wine too.


Tramshed is a little expensive, but when you get over the prices its pretty good. The staff is really nice and friendly. They even kept our flowers safe while we were dining as not to crowd the space around us. The Damien Hirst is a good eye catching piece, and a great conversation starter if the ambiance gets a little awkward. The tap water is brought out in a silver carafe which makes the table look just little bit nicer. The beef burgers are amazing, the patty is slightly salted but it definitely brings out the flavor in the whole dish. They serve it to you with onion, tomato and pickles on the side so you can decide whether you want to add them or not. They also serve their fries with their own sauce which is a great addition to the burger. Next time I'll make sure to try the chicken!

They were a little stingy on orange juice, but hey, it can't all be perfect. 


Let me get the awkward part out of the way first; the price. Yes, us Brits aren't great about talking about the bill, and if it hadn't been for the three figure shock which awaited me after the meal, Tramshed, would be getting a big fat 5 stars from me. But unfortunately, despite the food being delicious, the atmosphere suitably trendy and cool for its East London postcode, it wasn't quite worth the hefty chunk of my paycheque which I parted with. 

I took my boyfriend for his birthday, and as predicted, it was a hit with the meat-mad other half. My steak was juicy, caramelised and cooked to utter medium rare perfection. My boyfriend's burger was 'the best he'd ever had'; yet this was expected from a restaurant whose focus is on the meat. What was a pleasant surprise was the fluffy Yorkshire pudding (I'm from York, so my standards are pretty high!) with creamy chicken livers; absolutely superb.

The meal was excellent, washed down with tasty, refreshing cocktails, followed by a hearty bottle of Montepulcciano, and after the clocking on that it was my boyfriend's birthday, the waitress gave us a free chocolate brownie to end the night on a sweet note. 

Be prepared to flash the cash for a night at Tramshed, but with Damien Hirsts hanging from the ceiling, a DJ playing edgey Shoreditch beats and side- free mains, it's what is expected. The meat was out of this world, and that is the real reason you would ever visit; you won't be disappointed. 


It’s a simple concept. Chicken or steak. So you’d be forgiven in thinking unless you bring your veggie chum here, nothing can go wrong – right? WRONG.

Mark Hix’s restaurant has all the ‘cool’ check-boxes ticked on paper. Cool name – yes. Equally cool east-end postcode to go with said cool name – sure. Super quirky art installation that’s now expected as standard at a place to dine with said hipster address? Of course.

All of the above makes proposing the following question really difficult: WHAT WENT WRONG?

As a strong decagon-sized pack, we were quick to be seated with a menu in our laps and our drinks found our hands pretty swiftly too. But sadly, that’s where the prompt façade ended.

When it came to ordering, our waitress seemed perplexed when asked whether certain dishes contained gluten – slightly concerning when it’s normally a question that’s answered with confidence.

The food then took its sweet time to find it’s way to our table. Hard to believe with a party of ten, as we did stick out like a sore thumb. What’s more, one guest was only greeted with their plate when most of us were seeing away the last of our chips. Even with a couple of prompts from various friends that were getting the hunger stares from our starving mate, the waitress didn’t seem to rectify the matter with haste. When you consider the dish in question was a steak salad cooked medium-rare, it’s not really acceptable.

When it came to coughing up the cash, we hardly felt the poor service and average food we’d received was reflected in the digits. My friend received no gesture for #latemealgate, we were over-charged for sides and there were double measure prices when we’d been knocking back singles.

With a restaurant that’s home to a cow with a chicken on it’s back, it really didn’t meet our expectations. And if I were Hirst, I’d definitely reconsider where leaving my Cock and Bull.


We ordered the chicken with stuffing and chips to share for main and it was hands down the best roast chicken i have ever experienced from the way its presented to how it tasted. Tramsheds unique way of serving the chicken, bottoms up and surrounded by chips soaking up all that yummy chicken juice along with the feel and vibe of the place is why i'd go back. It can get a little pricey with drinks but its defiantly worth a trip. 

Staff WriterStaff Comp

took my teenage daughter and her friend for dinner. Great chicken and chips, super ice cream and a great spectacle that we all enjoyed! super friendly staff and a great evening.

Staff Writer

I have been waiting to visit here for a while and I cant help thinking I might have missed it at its peak. The space was great but the wall art seemed a little odd - just a small thing. The staff were fine but didn't really show any personality, which is what I would say about the whole experience really, not sure what they were going for vibe wise. The food was ok, by no means the best steak I have had, but fine. I guess the point is, why have a restaurant where the main thing that can be said about it is that its fine. Needs to inject the wow factor again - if indeed it existed before.

I thought Tramshed was rather overrated. The chicken was on the dry side (possibly because of the cutesy way they have of serving it standing on its head, allowing all of those yummy juices to just slide out of the cavity instead of settling in the meat), the fries were overly salted and the noise levels were high because of the cavernous space which creates a ping pong of a hundred conversations bouncing off the walls. With so few items on the menu, each one should be perfection. Bad Tramshed, bad, bad Tramshed. You're basically just a museum with one piece of art surrounded by a high-priced cafe.

Went in with a party of 3 at around 3pm on a Saturday and the place was pretty quiet, although it did take several minutes of waiting for the hostess to get off the phone and seat us, which was a bit annoying. The waiter was attentive and regularly checked up on us. The place itself is very trendy, with the great artworks and an inviting bar running along the entire length. Had Yorkshire pudding with whipped chicken livers to start, between 3 it was a good appetiser and it tasted phenomenal. For mains, we shared an entire chicken (£25), which was perhaps not as moist as the price commanded and a 400g steak (£40), which was really excellent. These both came with plenty of chips, and the lettuce heart salad side was surprsinginly flavourful. Two of us finished with the credit crunch ice cream which was really special, highly recommended. All in all, the wait at the start and the chicken were small let downs in an otherwise great experience. The total cost including service charge was £97.

Went to The Tramshed last night and was disappointed by the quality of the steak, fries and sides. I cannot understand the hype around this place as the sirloins we had lacked flavour, were served rare rather than the requested medium, and were surprisingly tough, very fatty and chewy. Portions were also on the small side, and we came away dissatisfied overall. Staff were OK, but not amazing either. The discretionary 12.5% service charge is a bit cheeky and staff certainly didn't make any real effort to earn it. The best feature is the actual venue itself: an amazing space with great atmosphere, just let down by the food....

Saturday lunchtime (late) - met by the scream of kids, who apparently eat free. Wood effect table tops and booth seating. Staff not overly attentive and did little to reassure us that we weren't being neglected. However, mixed starters went down well, but followed by tepid sirloin & rib (how long to relax the meat?) - "rare" cooking instruction ignored. Thankfully hot/salty fries, but served with average sides. Eye watering mark up on the Malbec. Plenty of viable aternatives offer better vfm.

Best restaurant in London by a mile. I was a vegetarian for 10 years and work in restaurants, but this was the most melt-in-your mouth beef ever. really impressed with the selection of wines. it's so much more than JUST chicken and steak. i even forget that this is all it does cos you never need anything more. Great atmospher, helpful, friendly, interesting staff. Thumbs up.

I love the beef and i love the chicken. i'll always come back. First time i've eaten beef in a few years. even made my mum try some. and she loved it. i keep on bringing friends and family from around the world who are visiting me and they love it. what's not to love?

Great steak, not cheap but great steak. Best steak in London with my limited experience. Also enjoyed the shared starter very much. Will definitely go back for special occasion.

Having a typical Jewish mother who likes to stuff her family on a Friday night, I have high expectations when it comes to roast chicken. Yet Tramshed delivered an awesome chook: moist meat, salty, crispy skin. And those chips - OMG! Service friendly, efficient. It's made my happy and ready to face the rest of the week at work.

We had such high expectations of Tramshed, but were left very disappointed. The food was ok - but definitely not value for money. The service was poor and the atmosphere was non-existant. If you're looking for a great steak in London, head to Hawksmoor instead.

Very poor value for money, I am not against paying for my food but at least try to get it right!. Two articles on the menu and have to say overall very disapointing. With an average service on top of it we asked for the "discretionary" service charge to be removed . I won't recommend.

I took the children for an early dinner last night after the cinema. The food, the service and the atmosphere were all excellent. All in all a delightful evening which we will definiely repeat.

great building, but the chicken £25 no joking it was dry and to be honest in par with nandos, never again. despite the above good attentive service and great place to sit and be looked at.

I went here one or two months ago with my partner, with the simple aim of having a really good steak. Now while there are other restaurants serving brilliant steak nearby (see Rivington Bar & Grill), we thought we would give Tramshed a go, particularly since it's menu is limited to a few starters, chicken and steak. There were exactly three starters on the menu, which need to be ordered together - why? This may be an attempt at being original, we however found this unpractical and annoying. The starters were incredibly small in size and horribly tasteless, the worst being a bland, almost freezing cold yorkshire pudding with cauliflower cream that was horrible in texture, unseasoned and unpleasant to eat. Moving on from that, we both ordered a 200gram steak with some sides. Again the sides were tiny considering they charge around £4 per portion, however this could have been forgiven if they got steaks right. I had ordered mine rare and my partner had ordered his medium rare - both came medium well, so completely overcooked, were chewy and full of sinew. Our waitress was appauling, hardly paid any attention to our table and was very frosty, but worse - during the entire meal we were unable to catch her attention in order to send the steaks back. She didn't ask us whether we enjoyed our meal when she cleared the plates so that I had to bring up that our steaks had been disgusting. She then brought a manager over, who was very very friendly and professional and offered us a free dessert. We chose the marshmallow and chocolate fondue, which was ok, but not brilliant - nice gesture, but didn't make up for the uninspiring starters and main courses or the bad service. We spent £80, which would have been good value if everything had tasted great, instead this was 80 pounds out of the window - i could have spent £15 at Tesco's and I'm sure me and my partner would have had a more delicious meal and a nicer evening. I hope this restaurant disappears and makes room for a restaurant that actually deserves the beautiful space....

Never normally write reviews, but felt I needed to after having a brilliant birthday at Tramshed on Tuesday. I was a bit apprehensive after reading the reviews but thought there must be something in the place for Timeout to rate it so highly. So booked a table for 12 of us and the food, service and drinks couldn't have been better. Our waitress spent time helping us decide the size of beef needed for the table and the steak and chicken were great. We were also drinking red wine throughout the meal and the final bill came to £40 per person, so not super cheap but not overly expensive either and definitely worth the money... I will be back again...

went last night, apprehensive after reading all the reviews just after making the booking and very nearly cancelled but thought i should see for myself.. have to agree by and large with most of the bad reviews; it's not terrible, but it's not great, the 2 stars are credit to the venue which does have a sense of occasion about it. the venue: is quite special, it is a nice space to be in, we arrived early & had a drink at the bar - it was a good chance to take in the scale & proportion of what is a lovely dining hall (had to wait rather long to be served despite the minimal number of people sitting at the huge bar). it really is draughty though which quickly became uncomfortable as the dining room emptied of bodies (we had a late booking) & did cause the food to cool very quickly making it rapidly unappetising...(cold chicken & chips & congealed gravy...mmmm) drinks: not cheap. i had a cocktail at the bar (tenner) which was good, my friend had a beer which at a fiver just tasted like very average fizzy lager. we had a bottle of house red with dinner which again was just alright for the £18 price. food: we had the chicken between 2 & it was certainly enough for 3, the chips were good but the chicken was just ok - a bit on the dry side & honestly i have cooked a better roast chicken myself & eaten better in both restaurants and peoples houses. sorbet for desert - a scoop of each of the 2 flavours (lemon and blackberry) which were nice, very smooth, just right after all the salt & savoury flavours of the main but really tiny scoops. service: not good at all. not exactly rude but certainly not warm or even especially helpful. food was slapped onto the table unceremoniously & the main came about 2 minutes after ordering which doesnt feel right in such a grand setting - it's not a diner & part of this restaurant's appeal is the experience which is slightly diminished if you're not given time to enjoy it. it was very difficult to get the attention of the staff, it felt as though they were making a point of not acknowledging customers so they wouldn't be interrupted from chatting amongst themselves which they were doing pretty much constantly in a very obviously disdainful manner. they did not seem especially competent either & there is absolutely no way the 'discretionary' service charge is deserved. so: i did really enjoy being in the dining room until i started to feel cold. it's impressive & it has nice buzz. i think the space is the main thing going for this place (maybe i should mention im an architect) so i am glad i went and didnt cancel, if im honest i might at a push go again, maybe once & that's why i have given 2 stars - it is worth experiencing but the food, drink & service while not awful are not of the standard i would expect in any restaurant in london that prices like this and purports to focus on quality. i would even go as far to say that this restaurant is definitely damaging to the Hix brand.

Was looking forward to this meal out for a while as had to book a good month in advance to get a decent time on a Friday night. The venue is good, as you walk in it smells like roast chicken which instantly ups the hunger levels. The cocktails were original. The first annoyance was that the whole room was cold. I realise that it is a big space to heat, but this did have the knock on effect of making the food cold, and for those prices I would expect more. The second annoyance was how rushed we were. About two minutes after ordering the starters were there. I know that there are only three of them so they must be waiting to go, but again, at those prices it should be made to feel a bit more special than it really is. Same with the main. Starters were whipped away the moment we finished and the main out a couple of minutes later. Overall, kind of glad we went, but won't go again. Can do a lot better for the same or less money.

Awful, the worst £50 i have ever spent at a restaurant. The staff were bone idle, we were a party of 12 and they asked us to sort out a list of what everyone wanted rather taking the order themselves even though the menu is limited and it would not have been difficult to do. Some of the group where served wine, i declined and said id like a different drink but the waitress walked of f and i had to call another over which was a bit of challenge, All through the evening they were unattentive and not worth the 12.5% added to the bill. Now for the food, the starters where pointless, who wants to eat a dry Yorkshire pudding with a tasteless FRIDGE COLD cauliflower purée!? Not me!!! the other to lacked seasoning and any kind of imagination. I tried the chicken which was overcooked and tasteless and i had the steak which was ok, but when thats you forte it should have been amazing. Im sure this restaurant will stay open and make money purely down to a novelty value, which saddens me. I can't imagine anyone returning or at least i hope not. Just terrible, go to Nando's for a better meal and service at a fraction of the price.

Oh Dear Mr Hix – you have got it wrong this time! The venue is quite trendy with the cow and chicken as the centrepiece but this can't save you from the very poor quality of the food itself and not to mention the cold draft running through the building. I already expected the limited choice and was fine with that as I was looking forward to impeccable taste and presentation, thinking each dish would be well thought out and cooked to perfection – I was very wrong. The starters were bland, did not go together, yorkshire pudding was slightly warm and overcooked. The steak was ok but nothing special considering the price. The chicken was presented in this slighly macabre way with its feet stuck up in the air – I can't say this enhanced my appetite. One of my party removed the offending legs for the squemish on the table and the waitress proceeded to cut into the chicken , I guess to make it easier for us to help ourselves but she basically just ‘mullered’ it. Some stuffing would have helped the poor dry chicken as the very salty gravy did not. Chips ‘a la Mcdonalds’ were exactly that and side dishes did not go well, especially the overcooked veggies. I took solace in my vodka cranberry that was not stirred and no stirrer provided – when requested I was told they don't have any, so I used my fork! Some of the staff were friendly but mostly inefficient, they were completely fazed by criticism and did not respond appropriately. I'm afraid the association with Damien Hirst could not save this most disappointing experience!

Awful. Do not waste your money. I took my boyfriend and his family out for what I thought would be a nice meal and was left feeling embarrassed for having gone there. If you are only going to do 2 things on your menu - Chicken and beef (only sirloin) there should be no excuse as to why it isn't at least average. The chicken tasted mediocre I could have easily prepared myself and the beef was one of the worst we had tried - absolutely no flavour. I feel Tramshed is just running on the Hix brand and Damien Hirst's work. Service is slow and once you have taken in your surroundings there really isn't much else to admire. Will not be going back.

Very disappointing, below average presentation of food,inflated prices for what you get,appalling service,we were kept waiting for the food 1.5 hours! Will definitely not be going back there .

Such a disappointing experience! There's nothing I enjoy more than a good steak and chips so we were really looking forward to this meal. The place offers two mains, steak or chicken, there's not much to get wrong yet they managed to do so. We opted not to get entrees as the choice of three looked somewhat underwhelming (yorkshire pudding and pâté seemed like the most promising choice but after seeing it served at the table next to us we decided against it) Our waitress recommended our group of 4 order 1 chicken to share and 1 500 gram steak. As we all wanted steak, her advise was to get 2 500gram steaks to share for the thicker, juicier cut of meat. We opted for this, 1 med and 1 med rare. Upon reflection, maybe they were trying to get rid of the old cuts of meat because there was nothing impressive about our steaks. Both steaks had a large inedible strip of fat on the edge at least an inch thick. I'm not afraid to eat a bit of fat on a steak but there was nothing tasty about this piece of rubber. Our friends ordered their steak medium and it came out more bloody than our medium rare. They returned this to the kitchen and when it came back the new steak was practically grey. Out of pure hunger they ate it anyway. Steak itself was flavourless and tasted like a cheap cut of meat. Our wine was topped up regularly but they forgot to bring out one of the sides. Waitress was disinterested but at least they offered a 10% discount on our bill. I would have been happy with this meal if it cost £10 in the local pub but nothing about this screamed quality food. Plenty of other places in London to get a decent steak and more inspiring starters. If you go there expecting to pay £10 for steak and £10 to look at the sculpture you won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately have to agree with the majority here, the main reason for going to this restaurant is for the funky decor and perhaps the lively ambience. The food, the service, all pretty amateur. Considering they had such a limited menu you would have expected for them to get their dishes to a phenominal standard ,but alas no, very disappointing to see the dishes both on presentation and taste being lower than average. A very run of the mill experience and will not be going back there in a hurry. Wine list was a shocker.

ordered spring chicken. 20 pounds . no meat; this place is an absolute joke. i so wanted to like it. the wine was good.

A disappointing experience. At our table we were told that if we got the larger steak for 4 it would have been better - juicier ... and it turned out more like a Sunday road (dry and over cooked) ...and it took over 1.5 hours to arrive! We have been told repeatedly that the food was coming - and it kept on not showing! How about some little snacks as an apology?! And after that long wait to be brought a poor main course, was just the ultimate disappointment. Given the fact that the restaurant focuses on just 2 main dishes, you would expect them to be perfect. Service was also mediocre, we complained about the steak about being too dry and nothing like we expected, and yet the staff - although nice enough - did nothing to recover the situation. A mediocre restaurant, that just happens to be in a nice venue. Will never ever go back and will definitely not recommend.

We went for a late dinner mid week, the food and service were great. Initially there was no one to greet us when we arrived, they were too busy table setting (in anticipation of our arrival, it turns out) so I was a little wary. We declined the first table offered (near the entrance) as it felt like we would be in a thoroughfare and requested to be moved to one of the large tables on the mezzanine and they were happy to accommodate us. The limited menu showcased the very good skills from the kitchen. The steak and chicken with fries ordered for four people were excellent, as were the duck salad, and chicken liver starters. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable and couldn't do more for us, especially when we were trying to decide on wines. He brought two taster glasses of the wines we were trying to decide on to help in the decision making. We had a great night and will definitely return.

we had a great evening, great steak and delicious apple pie. the staff was kind although a bit unexperienced. we would definitely go back again!

Tramshed is just so-so and feels like a glorified and expensive Nando's. The hype doesn't justify the food, service or the environment. First of all, we were seated about half an hour late even though we had made reservations. At the end, we had to chase our table to get it. Once seated, the service staff didn't take our orders for another 30 mins. Basically, the service staff looked confused the whole time in general. So you can guess we were hungry and annoyed at this point. Anyways, let's move on to other observations. The place is extremely loud to begin with. The high ceiling of this space only exaggerates the sound. The steak was great and well-priced, but the sides were too small for their cost. Overall, I don't think Tramshed does any favours for the Hix brand. It feels phony and tries to capture some of the Shoreditch glory. Frankly, I don't think I'll be back.

The steak is just alright. Personally they are not as good as those in Gaucho or Hawmooks. Nice cocktail thou.

Things I liked about the Tramshed was the interesting space, the show-piece art and the wine. What I was less keen on was the cold steak, stingey portion sizes of the unimaginative starters and the lack of friendly customer service. We had a particularly surly Scottish waitress who dropped a tray of drinks over our table, charged us for her mistake and failed to crack a smile from start to finish! Also pretty pricey in my opinion.....I wouldn't personally recommend it, but that said I hear some people have had a good experience, so might be worth a visit if you're curious.

We picked Tramshed for its alluring picture in a recent magazine review - the Damien Hirst fixture alone provided enough wow factor for us to give it an enthusiastic try. We were informed upon arrival we had to "vacate our table" by 9 pm. Notwithstanding this was not told to us when we made our reservation, we were agreeable enough as the evening was early, the place seemed to have a pleasant buzz, and we were enthusiastic about the food. However being shunted to the side of the room in one of the booth tables was unexpected - do not fall for the marketing/ advertisement shots of the great open space underneath and around the Hirst installation, if you call to make a reservation without specifying where you would like your table (as we did), you will most likely find yourself uncomfortably attempting to shout across to your dinner partners because of the awkward table arrangement. Upon informing the front of staff that this was not what we had in mind when we saw the nice pictures of the restaurant, we were told in a rather patronizing manner the restaurant was booked full (despite two tables in the main area looking very much unoccupied) and "of course we will let you have a table in the main area, though it will probably not happen". Ignoring all these tell-tale signs of shabby treatment from a restaurant that considers itself too-cool-for-school, we endeavoured to make the most of our evening. Just when we were starting to enjoy ourselves, we were presented with the bill by our server who (the only saving grace of the evening) at least apologetically informed us we had to vacate. So fine, we paid the bill with another server. After making payment, I asked if she would be so kind as to help us take a group picture with the Hirst installation as a background. Imagine my surprise (given the extra hype surrounding the installation as an advertisement point) when she said the restaurant discourages people from taking pictures with the installation, as it is "policy", she was forbidden from taking pictures, but "if we wanted, we could go ahead". At which point, I informed her this review would be going up online, setting out factually the reasons why we were definitely not impressed with Tramshed, and how lacklustre its performance is, given all the hype. Hype is not enough fuel for a new restaurant - food and service, and really how good a dining experience it provides, makes or breaks it. We most definitely did not have a good dining experience, for the reasons above. Foodwise, the steak was alright for the price, though not exceptional. The cocktails we had were passable. Which begs the question, would we go back? Well, not in A Thousand Years!

It's chicken and chips or steak and chips and neither were particularly good on our visit. The chicken, especially, was very dry and the steak was not cooked as requested. The fries were full of roast chicken flavours you'd expect from a bag of said crisps which you will either love or hate. With chicken I enjoyed but I don't want my fries with my steak to taste of chicken and rosemary... The service was very slow and uninformed and when we went to order desserts (having being given the menu and sitting with them for 15 minutes) we were told the kitchen had closed and we had to pay and leave! Had we been slow this could be forgiven but the service was shambolic at times to the point we were sat 30 mins after our reservation, our starters arrived before the wine (which were both ordered at the same time) and we were sitting with empty plates for up to 10 minutes after starters and mains. To then be told we couldn't even have a coffee because of license issues was just rubbing salt in what turned out to be a fairly expensive underwhelming experience. Would I go back? I've eaten the entire menu (minus desserts and coffee) so probably not. There really is far better in the area. My advice, try The Rivington or Princess of Shoredtich instead.

Its chicken and chips. Or steak and chips. And neither are very good. When we went the chicken was dry, the steak lacked flavour, the service was uninformed and a bit rude (we where given the bill at 11.30pm and told we had to leave NOW). The decor looks a bit like IKEA. I will never come back, because there is nothing there for me to go back for. I have had everything on the menu - and neither was very good.

This is the most boring food I've had at any restaurant for a long long time. there is absolutely nothing exceptional about it in anyway. the chicken was boring and fairly tasteless the chips were not really much better than McDonalds and the onion rings were completely average. To be honest you'd be disappointed with this food in a normal pub, let alone a Hix restaurant. I've been to other Hix places on several occasions and have been very impressed, so was really looking forward to trying the new place. It's such a pity it was so unbelievably underwhelming. The one and only excellent thing is the interior. It is undoubtedly a great setting.

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